Maricopa’s election results are not reliable and should not have been certified

On Friday September 24, at an admittedly dry-as-dust hearing in Arizona, CyberNinjas submitted to the AZ Senate a report demonstrating (among other things) that there had been 57,734 ballots with serious issues identified in the audit. These issues include improper voter registration, improper votes, and discrepancies in the registration. This is a conservative estimate, as there were other identified problems that were not quantified nor included in that total, likely resulting in a much larger number of flawed ballots. Additional issues that were identified include backdated registrations, multiple voter registrations linked to the same voter affidavit, voters without records in a commercial database, printing defects, a quarter-of-a-million ballots whose digital images are corrupted and hence cannot be verified, and another quarter-of-a-million ballots that just inexplicably appeared at one point in the system without coming through any precursor operations.

This, in a 2020 presidential election where in Arizona the margin of victory was only 10,457 votes, a small fraction of the 57,734 ballots that are demonstrably illegal. This is 5.5 times the margin of victory in the Presidential race and is far higher multiples of the margin of victory in other races. And these 57,734 illegal ballots are somewhere between 1/5 and 1/10 of all the known questionable-sourced and highly problematic ballots.

Based on these factual findings, I assert that the reported results for Arizona’s Election 2020 are not reliable, and thus the Arizona election should be decertified.

Stated more succinctly

  • The day before complying with the subpoena, Maricopa deleted > 1 million election files (each deletion carries 1 federal and state charge);
  • What remained did not reconcile;
  • 255,326 Early Votes have no provenance (they just “appeared”) and another 284,412 have digital images that have been corrupted (with no viable explanation for how that might have happened);
  • There are at least 57,734 ballots with sourcing that is illegal (they were mailed to somrone who actually moved out of state 10 years ago, but were voted anyway);
  • There are over 17,000 ballots which are simply photocopies (which is unambiguously illegal);
  • There were 15 other felonies whose impact on the ballots is impossible to quantify;
  • If we turn a blind eye to all that, Biden wins by 10,800 votes.

An excellent summary of revelations from the Maricopa report appears at CentipedeNation:

  1. Dr. Shiva explains how they found over 17,000 duplicate votes in a race decided by 10,000 votes, plus more:
    • Images of ballot envelopes with an approval stamp behind the basic graphics of the envelope, suggesting tampering;
    • Heat map showing signature legibility percentage flipped from 95% legible and 5% illegible four weeks before the election to an inverse relationship of 5% legible and 95% illegible four days after the election;
    • 34,448 duplicates from 17,126 voters. County reported 0
    • 25% surge in duplicates from November 4th to November 9th
    • 1,919 blank signatures stamped as approved. County Reported 1,455;
    • 587 bad signatures. County reported 0;
    • 934 late returns. County Reported 0;
    • 2,580 scribbles. County reported 0;
  2. Doug Logan From Cyber Ninjas explains how they’ve uncovered tens of thousands of additional issues, including:
    • 27, 807 ballots cast from individuals who had moved prior to the election;
    • 9,041 more mail ballots returned and recorded than the official number sent;
    • 3,432 more ballots cast than the list of people who show as having cast a vote;
    • 23,344 people voted via mail in ballot even though they showed as having moved and no one with that last name shows as living at that address;
    • 2,600 excess duplicate ballots;
    • 2,382 people voted in person after having moved out of the county;
    • 5,047 voted in more than one county for up to 5,295 votes;
    • At least one batch of 50 ballots were tabulated twice;
    • 255,326 Early Votes show in the VM55 that do not have a corresponding EV33 entry;
    • 282 votes from deceased;
    • 393 with incomplete names;
    • 2,861 voters have shared an AFFSEQ number with another voter.
    • They had days where 92% of ballots received were duplicates.
    • Pre-Meditated Fraud: Votes were “certified and approved” as they were printed.
  3. Ben Cotton described massive IT and Cybersecurity Issues.
    1. 865 directories and 85,673 Election related files were deleted between 10/20/2020 and 11/05/2020.
    2. 1,064,746 Election related files were deleted. Many of them contained scanned ballots.
    3. The files were deleted the DAY before the audit began.
    4. Cyber ninjas have screenshots of the people who deleted logs. Unnamed suspects illegally accessed the computer system just before the audit. They were identified by video capture recorded at the time of the breach.
    5. 284,412 Ballot images on the EMS were corrupt or missing.
    6. After election day, 95% of signatures are illegible (versus 5% in early voting).
    7. Hundreds of ballots had incomplete names.
    8. Hundreds of individuals that were flagged as deceased prior to October 5, 2020, voted in the election.
    9. Audit Interference: Runbeck Election Services is a private company that printed the ballots for Maricopa county. When asked questions by Cyber Ninjas, Runbeck responded and said that Maricopa County instructed them to not speak with Cyber Ninjas.
  4. HIGH BLEED-THROUGH RATES ON BALLOTS: A large number of the ballots from in-person voting experienced bleed-through where the marks from one-side of the ballot were clearly visible on the other side of the ballot. This does not happen when the manufacturer recommended paper is utilized under normal circumstances.
  5. IMPROPER PAPER UTILIZED: A large number of the ballots from in-person voting, utilized paper that is not recommended by the manufacturer of the tabulators for use in the systems.
  6. OUT OF CALIBRATION BALLOT PRINTERS: A large number of ballots appear to have been printed on printers not properly calibrated. This means that the front page of the ballot is not consistently aligned with the back page of the ballot. This is contrary to manufacturer guidelines and recommendations and could theoretically result in inconstant reading of votes across all the different tabulators.
  7. They have proven that the machines were connected to the internet.
  8. The machines connected to a Microsoft URL multiple times.
  9. Significant internet activity by Dominion Software including several entries to FOX News on January 2020.
  10. The machines could’ve been hacked in 10 minutes using Metasploit.
  11. Maricopa County voting systems did not follow CISA or industry standard cyber-security best practices.
  12. Ben Cotton also confirmed the Maricopa County election system was breached during the 2020 election.
  13. No security patches were done in 2 years since purchase.
  14. No anti-virus definitions were updated in 2 years since purchase.
  15. .exe files were found all over the server hard drives with modifications done.
  16. The same name and password with Administrator privileges was the same for ALL machines in the county.
  17. Logs produced by Maricopa County did not contain the Windows Security Logs.
  18. Security logs set to Maintain 20MB of Data.
  19. Oldest date in Windows Security Log on EMS was 2/5/21 (did not cover election time period).
  20. Clear intentional overwriting of the Security Logs by the EMSADMIN account.
    • 2/11/2021 – 462 log entries overwritten
    • 3/3/2021 – 37,686 log entries overwritten
    • 4/12/2021 – 330 log entries overwritten
  21. Hardware Configuration Issues
    • Dual Boot configuration discovered on Adjudication 02 Endpoint.
      • Tow hard drives internal to system
      • Both drives bootable to different configurations
    • Clearly not an approved configuration
    • 2nd hard drive contained non-Maricopa County Data — From South Carolina And Washington State.
    • Rejected provisional ballots
    • Unsecured mail ballots
    • Ballots returned to the County as undeliverable
    • Maricopa County does not want to cooperate with a breach in which they themselves confirmed voter data was stolen


Which our craven and literacy-challenged MSM reports as, “Maricopa audit shows Biden still won.”

Correction: This article was originally printed with the headline in quotes, and with certain assertions made as being expressed in the Maricopa report itself. It has since become clear that the language was from one of at least two leaked versions of the report. The official version and the two leaked versions can be found here. I have changed the claim that the facts that have come out to show that the Arizona election should never have been certified, as being my own opinion, which it is. All the rest of the reporting regarding the facts that came out of the report and hearing in Arizona, remain accurate.

    1. People are talking about it right now, dullard. Did you think this website was an exercise in telepathy? And shooting random politicians whose failsafes you can’t even see in the hopes that it will magically make Americans more engaged, educated, or civil, accomplishes… what, exactly?

      Every single time Patrick talks about Wall Street, or pharmaceutical corruption, or MSM obfuscation, he gets properly and rightfully praised for communicating important information about bodies with political power acting wrongly. But every. Single. TIME, that he posts about issues that average Americans (i.e. 8th-grade reading level) care about or can understand – namely, Trump and the election – the comments are full of “HURR kill commies arrests and war will fix everything.” I take Internet comments as seriously as I take the experimental acid trips from my youth, so who knows if it’s false flags or ill-witted people or a mix of both.

      Constitutionalism was a stroke of world-moving genius, and the Founders did great work, but our move away from the old political systems of the U.S. (caucuses, party bosses, etc.) means that we’re as far away from having to honor a Constitution in politics as you are from having to stop RPing about blaring Fortunate Son out of your car while you shoot the evil bad guys. Now politics is all just majority rule, us-vs-them emotional ploys, and driving discourse through social media so it can be better controlled. The country’s been lost for ages, probably over a decade at this point – there’s nothing to “take back.” As /lit/ once put it, “Americans have no one but themselves to blame for thinking that listening to the idiot masses would ever lend itself to solid, stable rule.” Just focus on rebuilding and looking after your own, and quit bitching about muh treason, muh gallows, and other such delusions.

      1. Don’t disregard or be flippant with their point of view. The “world-moving genius” was purchased and defended by blood. Everything “We The People” supposedly hold sacrosanct in our civil government was obtained by violence. There are moral limits to what one must accept peaceably, and indeed duties to perform when peace is no longer possible. It’s incumbent upon us ALL that we ALL recognize that.

  1. So who’s gonna do time for this? I know that contemporary American society doesn’t have the balls to reinstate Trump no matter what, but we should see some heads rolling nevertheless, no?

  2. Patrick,I think it would be very productive and appreciated if you would dedicate an article/thread where we all can discuss solutions and an action plan to make positive change.Perhaps on both Deep Captrure and America Project websites.

    Achieving real change will probably require that people start making demands for the support of a list of policies that ANYONE including Trump need to endorse and publicly advocate for in order to earn the vote of the people.

    For example:
    1)Adopting an accurate,fair and transparent voting system
    2)Replacing the income tax with Fair Tax or National Sales Tax or nothing
    3)Securing the border,(Land,Air Sea)
    4)Ending the phony war on drugs
    5)Supporting a pardon for Assange,Snowden and other whistleblowers/truthtellers etc.

    And of course it would also require making sure elected officials back up words with action after stating support for certain policies.

    I don’t think the corrupt politicians of either party will pay attention to policy concerns of We The People until We The People unite behind basic principles and become an economic force.
    Money talks and it can be used to make positive change in contrast to all the bad things it is also used for.

  3. Hmmm. Just thinking about what Tore is doing with Writs of Mandamus relative to all things Covid. Might we hold elected politicians accountable for certifying electoral votes using a Writ of Mandamus? Certifying an election has to be based on facts, not opinions.

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  5. The AZ audit did solve one mystery. They had a physical ballot for every purported vote. So, that dispenses with all the flipped votes theories and computer algorithms theories. If they stole this election they did it the old fashion way, by dumping fraudulent physical ballots. The computer intrusions would still be necessary to determine how many votes were needed and which registered voters had not yet voted so that a fraudulent ballot could be assigned to them. However, the computers did not change the count.

    I never liked those theories. Seemed kinda whacky to me. During the early legal battles it seemed to me that Giuliani was hesitant to go there, whereas Powell bought the theory hook line and sinker. I don’t blame them for investigating the rumors, but they should not have gone public with the allegations until they had more proof. I suspect those theories were part of a disinformation campaign inserted into the legal team to make them look foolish. Mission Accomplished.

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