Prediction: Data in Lindell’s South Dakota Reveal NOT Shown Fake

Vouching for Lindell’s data in a scientific or technical sense is beyond my circle of competence. What I can do is tell you about the people vouching to me for the data, whose word does cause me to incline firmly towards believing the data Lindell is bringing forward is genuine, then leave you to make your own decision.

In the book The Deep Rig, I spoke of an amorphous  posse of “white hat hackers” with whom I rode trail from August 2020 until January 2021. They were volunteers with impressive backgrounds: one had quickly risen to an significant position at No Such Agency (its nickname before its existence was acknowledged publicly); several were CEOs or executives of tech and cyber firms; retired  military officers including a colonel; a FEMA-orbit federal specialist in biowarfare; working network engineers and technical guys with certifications in matters forensic and an understanding of chain-of-custody and other matters that makes them capable of court-worthy work, and who were actively managing significant projects for law enforcement…. I met them as they came and went, and there were no slouches.

Among them there was another by whom they all were impressed and several awed. A quiet person, with a background completely unlike any one would expect in that field. “Weaponized Autism” was the moniker. Someone who had demonstrated excellence in other fields before turning to matters cyber. Not only certified but trained by the best, and becoming, all others seemed to agree, a case apart. “Gifted” was a word that some of the other cyber people used.

As we came to the end of our adventure together in the first week of January, there were still many active leads, narratives, and investigations going on. I gently nudged a few projects into the hands of different parties.

One recent lead had not been resolved, and it was a weird but major one.  As weird as it was, it had been oddly difficult for the white hat hackers to disprove (and it should have been easy). It was so major that, if true, it would surely justify taking the kind of minimalist action explained in my book: under authorities previously signed by two Presidents (Obama & Trump), a group of federals would move in to conduct livestreamed recount and examination of ballots in six counties (the Problematic 6 where vote counting had stopped and which had been beset by other stark “irregularities”). Most would say that it would have justified more severe action than that, but that is the course that I would have maintained was proper. It had not been verified, however, and doing so would take some government help or it would take some time, but there were pieces of the story that could be checked and which did in fact hold together.

However (and this is a surprise to some), I had no way of getting the information to the President. Yes, on December 18 it is indeed true that I was part of a group of four that semi-crashed the White House, but It is not as though Trump and I were suddenly buddies. I had no way to get in touch with him (though I was besieged by people globally with messages for me to get him).

Weeks earlier I had met Mike Lindell once, in passing, if I recall correctly.  And I remembered that Mike had a way of reaching President Trump.

I sent two white hat hackers (one of them being Weaponized Autism) to Mike Lindell, to bring him that lately-developed and weird-but-difficult-to-disprove lead. Other leads and investigative lines were distributed to other parties, but that special one went with Weaponized Autism (and another dolphin-speaker ) to Lindell. They more or less appeared on his doorstep with a preliminary assessment completed. And that preliminary assessment was that too much of it checked out for it to be ignored.

Days later Mike Lindell went in to see President Trump. That resulted in front page photographs.

There has been little communication between Lindell and me since then. We crossed paths once or twice, an office here, a conference there. A couple calls or texts. When we cross paths he jokes that he is managing the air-war (cyber) while I manage the ground game, but we don’t really need to keep in synch to stay cooperating. We are just both cooperating with truth, and letting truth take care of keeping us synchronized with each other.

On occasion Weaponized Autism and I check in. And Weaponized Autism, that white hat hacker whom the others admire so much, has been working with the data since January, and has had months to get to know data and its provenance, to decrypt it and run fingers and toes through it, to squirm around in the data like Scrooge McDuck in a vault of gold coins. And Weaponized Autism informs me, “There’s no way this is fake. I have been able to cross-check too much of it, to verify it from too many different directions, I have learned an entirely new language for the files in which this was constructed, I have checked too many of the….” As the months have ticked by increasing confidence has been shown, and in the last few weeks, certainty.

Mike Lindell has hired other cyber-sleuths to examine the information, and all have come away saying they cannot find evidence of it being fake.

This week Mike is running a cyber-symposium in South Dakota. He has invited cybersecurity professionals to come for the 3 day symposium. Mike is offer a $5 million bounty to anyone who can show that the data is fake.

I am sure that, given all the skeptics from the MSM, they are going to put their money where the big mouths are, and send teams of hackers up there to collect their $5 million.

Or not.

So now you know what I know. A bunch of smart former federal people of various flavors along with numerous certified white hat hackers were around me. Among them one was repeatedly pointed out to me “gifted” within the field of cyber. That person, having spent months working with and looking into every nook-and-corner of the Lindell data, tells me  the data is genuine. That is to say: the data that Lindell will be surfacing to the world this week has not been faked. So maintains Weaponized Autism, the best of the best. Along with others Mike Lindell has hired. And perhaps this week, there will be those who decide to go to South Dakota and take up Lindell’s challenge in an attempt to walk out with $5 million (or else thereafter hold their tongues).

So now you know what I know.

  1. What I don’t understand is the hint that Dr Frank dropped yesterday. That The Space Force grabbed the pcaps. I understand how they could grab them but not how they would give them to someone outside the government legally.

    1. This is confusing me as well. 1 it’s some of the biggest evidence I’ve heard to date and 2, did he say too much?

    2. I laugh at “legally”. You don’t think The Space Force has Patriots willing to risk their lives to save the Country?

    3. Someone asked Mike why they gave this information to him. He said they tried to give it to others. Then he said “I have the biggest mouth!”

  2. Pat, Dr Frank dropped some bombs as well yesterday regarding the source of the Data, space force and Trump. I posted it to your locals as a paid subscriber and just as it starting getting traction, it was deleted. I’m confused.

  3. I do wish someone could explain how Dennis Montgomery fits into this (or he doesn’t). Many of the criticisms have focused on this. Also, it is strange how Mike Lindell seemingly has not shown any of the real data yet, even though he has supplied screenshots and scrolling data on videos, which when analyzed is just some publicly available voter records, or similar

        1. That was my immediate first thought but I was able to actually ask him if this info was supposed to be shared and he said yes. So now I’m wondering with the symposium so close it’s calculated to start salting everyone with info? Now I’m also worried about chain of custody and evidence gathering rules in regards to entering evidence into court. Imagine if it’s verified/exposed have them dead to rights and it becomes tangled in another procedural issue……

  4. A few paragraphs from the bottom Weaponized Autism is referred to as a “white hate hacker”…hope that’s a typo

  5. If Lindell was conned, think of the depth of operation it would take to produce 37TB of data, billions of lines of code, verifiable IP address’s …all done in advance to bilk the Pillow Guy out of some money. That’s an inception level con game right there

  6. Also the original story that we heard was that Mary Fanning got the data from Dennis Montgomery, and then Brannon Howse got Mary in touch with Mike Lindell. So Patrick’s version seems different

        1. Dr Frank is a physicist who was working on the fraud from another angle and he was brought to Lindells attention. He has since been heavily featured with Lindell as well as being a speaker at Trumps rally in Ohio. He seems super humble and modest but ultra intelligent.

          1. And the data Dr.Frank presents is compelling. He determined the “key” used in each state (it is different for each state, but depends on plugging in the right 6 numbers to get the right 6th order polynomial). The “key” is a shape where the polynomial fit somewhat follows the state demographics, which mirrors (though usually less) the state voter rolls. Voter rolls typically are bloated (with excess voters who left, died were never there, are phony, etc.). What has been going on is that the gap between actual votes and the voting roll is used to capture phantom votes for a candidate of choice, by an algorithm or hack. It seems an algorithm does most of the work, the votes being “filled” fill in to the “key” along the demographics assigned by the key. He is able to determine (to a correlation coefficient of 0.99 – almost absolute certainty) the voter turnout based on the key. And within a state, county to county, the key demographic spread applies as does the .99 correlation on the predicted spread. But cross over the border to the next state, and within that next state (even though you just crossed over the river), that county’s voting demographics only ties into it’s state’s key (again at .99 correlation coefficient). WHICH MEANS FRAUD. While it seems like the fraudsters did a smart move on this system (it is a way to be able to match phony votes to the existing voting data base), the way they did it makes it easy (or in a normal democracy should make it easy) to prove and fix fraud. Sometimes the algorithm cannot turn enough votes (TRUMP AVALANCHE), then you need a massive adjudication pile (like Maricopa or Fulton county) and a massive hack of 6 critical counties (electorally) to pull it off. Please watch “Deep-Rig”, it explains this part well. The election was stolen in 6 critical counties, however this down-ballot algorithm hacking has been going on for some time. Lindell is right about Dominion, they are an abomination. And even if Republicans win in 2022, if the machines stay, it will be like having cancer that is not completely removed, it will metastasize and spread again.

          2. Frank isn’t a physicist. He’s a former high school teacher who has a profound inability to understand overfitting. He’s been doing this for quite some time. Check out his election predictions from back in 2007:


            Key quote:
            “Well, I’ve been on record now for several years that the 2008 election will also be a Republican win… but the winner will only serve one term…”

            Nailed it!

  7. President Trump knew Obama et al had infiltrated every Agency, so he made his own—The Space Force.

  8. If you don’t know who Dr Frank is, and Edward Solomon, and Draza Smith and Seth Keshel, then you need to do some research. Our election was stolen and these people are providing important pieces to the puzzle proving the fraud

    1. Don’t forget The man himself Patrick Bryne! He’s spent more money then most make in a lifetime on this and his work effects us all including our future grandchildren.

  9. I’m praying that Mike will be able to get the truth out b4 the EBS shuts down the INTERNET!!! Which is “supposed” to happen on Wed Aug 11th…

  10. Lindell’s only hope is to somehow get this into the courts, which seems like a long shot. The case presented by the data will be to complex for the public to understand, and the media will simply ignore it, or attack the messenger when they can’t refute it. Feckless republicans will stick their fingers in the air to see which way the wind is blowing, and stay as far as they can from this. It will never really be tried in the court of public opinion despite Lindell’s heroic efforts. A few of us will know the truth, but it won’t make much of a difference. Mood: pessimistic.

  11. Thank you Patrick for all your hard work in getting the truth out there! Much appreciated Sir!!

  12. I must confess I would have preferred if Mike Lindell had also had all the evidence collected by you (Patrick Byrne) and Sidney Powell. If nobody is able to return with the 5 million dollar prize, I hope that it will lead to more irregularities and anomalies being revealed next. It already is, but not for the public, and media has not written about it (other than to mock and laugh).

  13. So…not a single name, nor qualifications, nor anything other than your say so that this is “true”. About what I suspected. Just more BS without ANY sort of back up.

  14. Controlled Opposition: a strategy in which an individual, organization, or movement is covertly controlled or influenced by a 3rd party and the controlled entity’s true purpose is something other than its publicly stated purpose. The controlled entity serves a role of mass deception, surveillance or political/social manipulation. The controlled party is portrayed as being in opposition to the interests of the controlling party.

    The purposes of controlled opposition include:
    • Coopting or preempting a resistance movement to neutralize the threat that a grassroots movement would pose to an established power structure
    • Preempt or neutralize true but negative information by having it be championed in a skewed or stigmatized fashion by a person or group. The truth can be peppered with misinformation or the truth of the message can be neutralized by association due to the extreme, radical, or unpalatable positions held by the controlled entity (person or group) who is disclosing the information or “championing” a position. The stigmatize truth or adulterated truth in turn steers people away from truthful information which would normally cause criticism or a serious backlash against the controlling party
    • Hijack the goals and actions of an organization or movement for purposes other than those that were the original intentions of the grassroots movement
    • Give the public the false illusion of choice by presenting a political party or organization that superficially speaks to the desires or frustrations of the people but whose actions do not further the stated goals of the organization
    • Disinformation or deception of the masses. Steering the masses in the wrong direction or misdirect their energies, beliefs and actions
    • Unmask and monitor the true opposition
    • Create a chaotic and divisive environment in which the opposition cannot band together and there is general mistrust thereby ensuring that an organized opposition with clear goals and priorities never manifests
    • Act in such a way that superficially appears to benefit the opposition, but in truth furthers the ends of the controlling party

    The strategy of controlled opposition works best under circumstances in which the masses are gullible, credulous, lack critical thinking and are unable to connect the dots and see how the actions/inaction or manipulation of information from the controlled entity benefit the controlling entity.

    Julian Assange was a controlled opposition agent. So was Snowden. So was Manning. So was qanon. So was Mike Lindell, Lynn Wood and Sydney Powell. So was Alex Jones. So was Project Veritas. So was “General” Flynn who was forced into retirement by the military he betrayed in August 2014. So was NESARA/GESARA/GCR/RV. Be smarter than this, please.

  15. So, what the hell happened with the data about which this incredibly gifted “Weaponized Autism” guy was so sure?

    1. So I guess this “Weaponized Autism” guy is a poser, who fleeced a bunch of gullible morons into thinking he’s competent because they’re too ignorant to know he’s full of it.

      What a bunch of pathetic clowns.

  16. I think they were all controlled opposition: Mike Lindell, Donald Trump, Patrick Byrne, Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay, John Paul II, the entire original lineup of Firehouse and Mr. Spock. I don’t think they are trying to impress the street level idiots at the symposium. They are searching for individuals in govt that have the juice to get something done about the election fraud emergency. You may be smarter than Patrick, or smarter than me, for that matter, but I seriously doubt it. The storm of shit that Mike Lindell has put in motion will reveal something or I’ll eat my hat.

  17. We are informed. We support America = Success. President Trump points the way for us. I get it. Patrick Byrne and President Trump live in different worlds. Nevertheless they both want We the People’s voice and votes to be heard and honored. Not stifled as DEMOCRAT desires.

    DEMOCRAT fashioned a Coup de tat. DEMOCRAT staged the Capitol breach. Folks came to Washington, DC on jan 6 because their vote was violated. American missed the boat by NOT insisting on six forensic audits. That’s what I’ve learned most from Patrick Byrne. I’m grateful I know. Sad the audits didn’t come to fruition. Knowing is far better than speculating. DEMOCRAT and Zuckerbucks and the connection MUST be exposed. Seems to me the Mueller Fishing Expedition looked at peanuts compared to the DEMOCRAT Zuckerbucks scam.

  18. My brothers namesake grandson just left the Army and moved from Cocoa Beach FL to Clinton Utah. He posted on my brothers Facebook that he is studying Cyber stuff. Will be sending him this book

  19. Hello….I’m glad I found this again. I read it before the symposium and was all jacked up on HOPIUM, but then to hear about the guy with the data, which I had presumed was your weaponozed autism guy, but now it sounds like a known entity – Dennis Montgomery. I presume that’s not who your WA guy was?

    So what gives…you came out boldly saying you put this good information in front of Lindell to give to the President – one could think that you placed a bad actor. I do t want to believe that, but if we’re all busy connecting the dots…dont you think you should respond to this article and help us process what happened…?

    1. I agree – time to put up or shut up -what happened to your statement that “we watched the votes being checked against the voters role and added” etc ? did you record it as pcaps – no it would be encrypted gibberish just like montgomeries trash – cellphone monitoring yes ,easy so let us know or was that statement wishful BS -you need to get something going or dominion will have you -merrit is nowhere near as smart as you think very obvious body language on the clements show -best of luck to you

  20. Thank you Patrick for always being sane and concise. You just tell the story like it is.. no flowery language or large amounts of hopium. Keep up the good work.. we are working here in the trenches too.. as you know, three things cannot long stay hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

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  23. The movie was a waste of time, with plenty of blahblahblah and little concrete evidence. We are almost now on September, and stil no smoking gun. At some point this becomes stupid.

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