The Last Time the Media Told You to Ignore Me & I was Crazy

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  1. Patrick,

    The first time I ever heard of you was when you exposed the FBI Butina story. When mainstream media called you crazy, I felt they were being very unfair. You made perfect sense to me. Quirky, yes, but I like quirky!

    I just read your alarming tweet (I read but can’t post) to fast and pray. I don’t fast (I’m thin and fear fainting) but I do pray every night. “God, saints, gurus and spirit guides – please bless, protect, guide and heal President Trump, his family and all of his supporters. Let our combined energies and intentions vanquish our enemies, who will reap what they sow.” Quantum physics in action?

    You’re working very hard. By the way, the recent photo of you with Jovan Pulitzer (in his kitchen?), showed you looking quite svelte. The CocaCola, Adrenaline & No Sleep Diet? And you never go wrong matching your wardrobe to your eye color, Blue Boy.

  2. OMG! Why would anyone fast NOW??? This is NOT the time to deprive your body of much needed nutrition during a pandemic!!! We NEED to keep our bodies as healthy, fit, strong and resistant as possible!!!

    1. God morning my dear friend:
      Just for encouragement, fasting operates in two realms, spiritual and natural.
      Fast with just water brings the following results, internal cleaning, mental clarity, and great strength spiritually, mentally and physically.
      Now in order to obtain this kind of result you may have to go more than 7 to 40 days.
      One of the first things you must establish, what is your principal purpose for fasting?
      Now maybe the best time to fast if you have a relationship with the Creator of Celestial and Terrestrial.

  3. You misunderstand the spiritual nourishment that fasting brings. It does not deprive your body…it enriches and enhances it. Fasting can be from food, drink, entertainment, hobbies and a host of normal activities. The purpose is to focus and utilize the time you would normally be engaged in an activity and redirect it to prayer and concentration on the promises of God! Try it sometime…it’s a great habit to tell your bodily appetites to chill while you enter into God’s presence with specific prayer requests.

    1. Aren’t you just talking about giving things up for Lent? The only fasting I recall from my Catholic childhood was no breakfast Sunday morning before communion. Other days, when I was feeling virtuous, I sometimes rolled out Wonder Bread (crusts removed), as flat as possible and pretended it was communion.

    2. My beloved Brother Doctor Johnson:
      Indeed this is a wonderful advise to help those who maybe disappointed with current political situation.
      Because fasting will bring us to a place of calmness and peace, especially if one has a relationship with the Lord.
      My fasting is primarily spiritual because my desire is to draw closer to the Lord.
      Now when we draw close to Him, then He strengthens to overcome any and all the other weakness that we may be confronted by.
      Fasting is indeed wonderful and most beneficial for our spiritual maturity, especially in this corrupt world, which are living in today.

  4. Dear Little Boy Blue,

    No good deed goes unpunished. Twitter Twits think you have more power than you do. You’ve donated your energy, time and money to investigate fraud, which is a helluva lot more than they have! Do they expect you to make a citizen’s arrest?

    Juan O’Savin (not real name) is staying in your hotel. I don’t know his backstory but he seems to be close to Trump and has worked for the government. See if you can find him. At the very least, leave a note on the windshield of his Aston Martin in the parking garage. He did half an hour yesterday on Roseanne’s channel (watch it). This movie hasn’t ended yet. This is only intermission!

    Rest your brain, rest your eyes, listen to music, don’t make any major decisions now. Here’s an idea: Watch the film, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and it will put you in the right frame of mind. I have the DVD so need to watch it again myself.

  5. I heard the hounds from hell are after Parler next, so social media refugees are moving to Gab and Clouthub which are now being swamped with subscribers. I’m on Gab but seldom read or post. I might do more now that it is becoming popular. Wild topics, no censorship, family owned.

  6. Patrick I really admire and appreciate all you have done investigating the 2020 fraudulent election. I feel a lot of the work you did will be heard in a court in the near future. A court that is not compromised as we have seen in our biased court system. I think this court will or is already operating. A court has to have officers and some of these officers are investigators that will bring the evidence to light. This court does have authority and the Power to have it’s rulings enforced.
    We in for a rough first quarter of 2021 but as Patriots our first order of business is like you said NO VIOLENCE, if protest are organized they must watch for the Left’s insurgents who will be there to instigate violence this must not happen if u in a protest and things start getting out of hand like I read just sit, their main weapon is ammunition showing us to be Domestic Terrorists which we know they are projecting their mantra on us
    Thank You

  7. Patrick, Remember that there is no distance in Prayer. I have been fasting and praying for your entire Team and the Patriots fighting to take down the Deep State.
    I stay tuned to you on Telegram, following as Tribe Hollywood.

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