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Roger Stone & Me

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Roger Stone recently gave an interview where he discussed me. He says that he believes that in October 2017 I engineered meeting him and “grilling” him about matters Russian. He is a 67 year old man being sent to prison, so one cannot blame him for putting some pieces together incorrectly, as he has done. I will lay out the truth here. The bottom line of it is: We all have experienced chains of events that seem too coincidental to be true but are anyway. This is one of them.

Though I try in general to keep my own politics out of DeepCapture, since they are relevant to the following story I will explain that (as Milton Friedman described himself) I am a small “l” libertarian and a small “r” republican. This often leads me to brush up against Libertarians, whose company I enjoy.

In August-September 2017 the Libertarian Party of Utah asked if they could hold an evening soirée in our then recently-completed Peace Coliseum. I wanted to say “yes,” but consulted my colleagues, asking them to agree that we were not going to open the doors to Democrats and Republicans. That is because, though I agree it would be wrong for a CEO of a public firm to extend such a courtesy to either of the major parties, I feel that when it comes to Libertarians, or Greens, or Constitutional Parties, or other fringe parties… well, it seems unlikely to tip the balance and give one of them the White House, so is therefore less objectionable. My colleagues assented, and so I gave permission to my fabulous assistant of many years, Kirstie, to inform the Libertarian Party of Utah they were free to use to central “Nucleus” of the building for their reception in October.

Around about the same time, Netflix or iTunes started recommending to me a then recently-released documentary, “Get Me Roger Stone”. I had heard the name years before, as some kind of high-level Republican fixer, and knew that in the Trump campaign he and Steve Bannon had emerged as the guys who had pulled off the victory. I did not watch the movie when it was recommended, but made a mental note that I should someday.

About a week before the Libertarian Party event, Kirstie came to me and said, “Have you heard of a documentary, ‘Get Me Roger Stone’? You should watch it. That is who is coming to speak at the Libertarian Party event coming up next week, and he wants to take you to dinner afterwards.”

If this sound strange, please understand that from time to time such things happen to me. DNC Chairman Howard Dean once came through Utah and sent a message asking if I would meet him and ride in a car with him for 30 minutes as he was driven someplace, just so we could get to know each other. Another year, Utah Democratic Party leader Dominick Dunn showed up for lunch, asking if I would run for Congress as a Democrat. Various Republicans candidates and pooh-bahs coming through Utah have shown up on my doorstep for similar reasons. Someone close to Bernie Sanders has repeatedly told to me that if he won he was considering me to serve as his SEC Chairman. So an invitation such as Kirstie was conveying is not such a strange thing to me. In any case, I told Kirstie to let Roger Stone’s people know that I would keep my evening free, and I watched the documentary “Get Me Roger Stone” that night in preparation.

 A week later, the Libertarian Party had a reception in our headquarters. Roger Stone showed up and spoke. Afterwards, he and I went out and had a long dinner.

Here is my best recollection of the dinner, in three parts:

  1. We spent some time just getting to know each other. I told him I had heard of him years earlier, seen the documentary about him, etc. I congratulated him on his upset victory in the election a year previously (he knew that I had not voted for Candidate Trump, but for Gary Johnson, Libertarian).
  2. He brought up what was on his mind, and the reason he had asked to take me to dinner: He wanted me to run for office. I don’t want to go into what he proposed and how he suggested it might come about, but I heard him out. I told him, “I need to run for office like I need a hole in my head.” He asked me not to say “No” outright, but to think about it, and I promised him I would.
  3. We spoke of the Russia matters that were then gaining steam.
    • My frame of mind was:
      • As explained my three essays on Maria Butina (cf. Maria & Me Parts I, II, III), since July 2015 I had detected from the Men In Black an abject lack of curiosity regarding the subject of Russian penetration of the US political process. That is because since July 2015 I had let them know (as is explained in those preceding pieces) that there was a Russian grad student in DC who said she wished to be a bridge for peace, she was inviting me to Russia to meet oligarchs and politicians and speak on Bitcoin, but she was also swimming around in our political class in DC, especially among Republicans…. But since July 2015 the USG had been communicating to me that it meant nothing to them.  And in March 2016 they told me they had studied Maria for two weeks, decided that she was just an ordinary graduate student, and not to worry about her.
      • Because by October 2017 the headlines were all Russia all the time, and because I had not yet fully grasped how crooked were the people who had sent me my instructions, I was still largely expecting an Anna Chapman-like network of Russian spies to be discovered and exposed. The one that was making all the headlines, the one that had distorted our election, the one that was gumming up Washington, DC. I was thinking to myself, “No wonder they miss things like this damn network of Russian spies, given how incurious I found them to be about Maria.”
      • I was curious to find out what connection, if any, my grad student pal in DC (Maria Butina) might have to the network of Russian spies that Comey & Mueller & Co. were going to bring down. I thought it most likely that Maria would turn out not to have been part of it, but thought the Men In Black might end up acknowledging: “Yes we sure were asleep at the switch on the subject.”
      • As I have revealed elsewhere, I knew that I knew important things, but did not know what they were. Thus I was taking it as my duty, to the best of my ability, to keep my nose out of the stories about the Russian matters. If I read too much of it, then my own memories and what I read in the papers would start getting blurred, and just in case someone showed up some day and asked me what I knew, I wanted to keep my memories pristine.
  • So that was my frame of mind. What did I say of it?
    • Zero. Nada. I told Roger Stone precisely nothing of any of the above, Maria, my involvement, etc.
    • When he brought up the Russian matters that were then starting to turn white-hot, given that I really had been trying to keep my head down and as ignorant of it as possible from the press, I could not resist asking Roger, What the hell is this all about? Again, I knew I should not be talking about it with anyone, but I also knew that I knew something, but could not figure out what it was that I knew. So I welcomed Roger opening up and telling me what he knew: he said it was a crock of shit. I knew vaguely of the whole WikiLeaks angle and his purported role, and he got adamant: The feds after me are saying that the truth is X but it really is Y. That’s all I remember.

We left things that I would think about his request that I run for office, and give him my decision when I had made one. For the next 8-10 months, Roger texted me every couple of weeks, sending me an article or two, and asking me my thoughts about the offer he had made me of running for office. Once (or maybe twice) in those months when I was in New York, he came over to my hotel suite and we had a meal to discuss the idea some more.

Eventually I sent him a text telling him the truth: I was flattered by the invitation but I was just not interested in running for office.


Meanwhile, on the back-end, this is what was going on with Men In Black.

As I indicated elsewhere on DeepCapture, as of March 2017 we had gone our separate ways. I was not speaking to them through that long period. There was an exception, however, around January of 2017 2018, when we got together on an unrelated matter. In the course of that meeting I mentioned the story about Roger Stone: the Libertarian Party of Utah had held an evening event at our headquarters, Roger Stone had been the invited speaker, he had taken me out for dinner afterwards, and asked me to run for higher office. They wanted to know what my answer had been, and I told them that I had said, I am not inclined to do so but I will give it some thought.  The Russian matter came up only in passing, at the end: I confirmed to them that I had told Roger nothing, and what Roger had told me about WikiLeaks: Feds were claiming that the truth was X but actually the truth was Y. I also mentioned that around Christmas 2017 I had been in the White House, had lunch with HR McMaster, and when he had brought up the Russian investigation I had also said nothing, because I knew I was in a White House under federal investigation and figured I probably should not muddy up the investigation by saying anything (not saying anything to HRM was a big mistake, obviously: we are friendly and I should have trusted him).

For January-April I continued on my path of trying not to follow anything in the news about the Russian scandal. I figured it would reach me when it reached me. When it did, I would likely find myself sitting in front of a panel of Senators explaining how indolent and incurious the USG had been about the possibility of Russian penetration of the USA’s political processes (as I had seen when I told reported about Maria swanking around with all those Republicans, and meeting Don Jr. clandestinely, etc.), and that is why they had missed that Anna Chapman-like network of Russian spies that was just making all the headlines.

By late April of 2018 it was becoming impossible to filter out of my knowledge the fact that the Russian scandal was turning from white-hot into a nuclear meltdown. I began reading about it, and started to see how little actual substance seemed to be involved, so that by May a terrible thought kept occurring to me: What if this entire “Anna Chapman-like network of Russian spies” that gets “discovered” and “exposed” turns out to be….. nothing but a Russian grad student named Maria Butina? About whom they actually knew (from me) since July 2015, whose every move and meeting they had known about (again, through me) for much of the time since then (often before those meetings occurred)? And in the case of one significant meeting that I have never revealed, the meeting occurred because of me, because they had told me to grease it into place?  What if this whole “Russian spying scandal” turns out to be is Maria Butina, whom in March 2017 they told me they had studied for two weeks and decided that she was simply a grad student in DC? And if that was true, then it meant that this crazy hunch I had had in September 2015 was true: the Men In Black were lying to me, they were putting on a show about being disinterested in Maria, but were up on her the whole time…. But then why had they allowed it all to continue? Because (as first crossed my mind in September-December 2015), maybe they are letting Maria Butina do this because they were creating a beautiful Can-O-Scandal to shake  up and crack open and spray all over the Republican Party any day they wanted?

I know it sounds ridiculously stupid now, but I put all that together, then dismissed it. No, that cannot possibly be. You’ve seen too many movies. But by late May 2018 I was having trouble dismissing it.

As I explained in Maria & Me Part III: Betraying Maria, around June 1, 2018  I was in Washington, Maria sought me out, and came to my hotel. I heard what she had to say, and it reinforced the picture I outlined above.  Our meeting ended with me telling her that she was what in English we called a “loose end” in some big scheme I could not entirely fathom, but either FSB goons were going to show up and whack her, or she was going to be arrested. I still could only put the pieces together vaguely, but if my hypothesis was correct, that much seemed certain. I told her I wish she would walk over that very moment to the FBI building a few blocks away, knock on the door and ask to speak to someone, saying, “I’m sure you’ve read about me and are concerned: are there any questions I could answer?” She refused, telling me that as a loyal Russian she could never do that.

That is when I sought out a bigshot Republican lawyer in DC and asked him to take me to someone who was providing adult supervision. He listened to five minutes of my story (he is a terrible listener) and told me I was out of my mind, and refused to help me. I told him that I was thinking of walking into the DOJ and asking for Robert Mueller: he replied that the Mueller investigation was unprecedented in American history, the guy was a hang-‘em-high guy, and if I went to see him Mueller would crush me.

I still had trouble believing the picture that I was putting together in my head, so again I spun in circles for another 2-3 weeks, trying to figure out what to do. In early July, 2018 I was in Atlantic City giving a talk, and that evening Youtube served me clips of a Congressional hearing that had been held that week with an FBI agent named “Peter Strzock”. Suddenly everything snapped into place: my outlandish hunch was correct. And (because of other events I knew about but have not yet made public), I suddenly I realized that I was the loose end.

At any previous period in my life, what I would have done then was write a letter and then through Overstock send it to 50 million of my closest friends while going on TV the same day. AThat would have been the Hollywood ending. However, in my 2005-2008 battle with Wall Street, when I figured out how the corrupt settlement system was being manipulated by cheats (who all seemed tied to Stevie Cohen) and that it would bring the entire system crashing down (as Greenspan later testified to Congress in 2008), I had tried an approach like that, and it worked poorly. As I have written elsewhere, I learned that the world is not as depicted in The Pelican Brief: instead of honest journalists and investigators rushing to my aid, the System came crashing down on me. So I decided that this time, I was not going to be an Irish hothead, I was going to be strategic.

For reasons that will become clear at some future date, my first thought was to go to the Senate Judiciary Committee, but I looked at its composition and saw reasons to believe it might be a really bad idea. I thought of going to the relevant IG’s, but a little research confirmed that was an even worse idea (in fact, I figured it would get me killed). I went to a federal judge whom I know socially, and left him a handwritten note outlining the situation: the answer I got back was, You cannot come to me with this but you need to go to someone. Finally, I realized: the Constitution gives the power to declare war to the House (“the chamber closest to the people”), and that since I had been used in a soft-coup, and a coup is a national security matter, I should find someone there to talk to. Which I did.

If I had it to do over again, knowing everything I know now, I should have been an Irish hothead. I should have skipped all that and flown from Atlantic City directly to New York City, walked into Fox, CNN, or PBS, and told my story. The whole story (not just the 15% I told that evening last August). But I did not. I had lots of reasons for not doing so: I thought it could lead to civil violence, I thought it might cause a conflagration, I thought it would marr me as a witness, I thought if might hurt the company… But in the end, it is ironic: the one time in my life I absolutely should have done the hotheaded thing, I decided, This time, I’m going to work within the System.


In any case, getting back to Roger Stone: No, what he said in his interview was incorrect, he has made some faulty connections (67 year old men going to jail get to do that). I did not engineer his visit to Utah, the Libertarian Party invited him, I knew nothing of it, a week before his visit I barely knew who he was when I was informed he was coming and wanted to take me to dinner, and I was not in touch with Men In Black during that period anyway. It is simply a coincidence that the guy whom Roger chose to approach with a request to run for higher office, is in fact the same guy who was in on the Russian and Clinton Investigations and knows the secrets that have been hidden (in a nation of 335 million, I agree that’s a strange coincidence). If over dinner I “grilled” him too hard about the Russian scandal it was because I was trying to piece together what I knew with what he knew, without the confusion of trying to piece it all together from a clearly-corrupt press. No one had asked me to ask him anything, and when a few months later I mentioned to the feds that Roger Stone and I had met and had dinner, all I mentioned was that he told me he was telling the truth about what he was saying publicly (the details of which are too obscure for me even to remember). And that he had asked me to run for higher office, about which the Men In Black were more curious (though they did not try to influence me either way, and I let them know the same time I let Roger Stone know when I decided that it was not for me).

On the other hand: knowing what I know, I confidently assert that the entire Russian investigation should be overturned, and (as my stories on Maria may make clear), some of those involved in pursuing it should be prosecuted. It is ridiculous that further judicial actions would be taken regarding anything that flows from that Russian investigation until the rest of the facts come out. The entire thing was a stitch up. By July, 2015 (and, I have some reason to suspect, perhaps as early as March 2015), it was being engineered. I know because I was (unwittingly) part of the engineering. I saw them lay the tracks, I helped them put the locomotive together,  I saw them fill it with coal and send it on its way. I saw the whole thing (without quite understanding at the time what I was watching), and it was a fix, from July, 2015. The fact that it rolled down the tracks and struck people like Roger is incidental, given that it was fugazi from the start. As I understand it, Roger was charged with, in a voluntary appearance in Congress, while not under oath, saying something on an immaterial matter that contradicted what someone else said about that matter, and he was convicted by a jury led by an activist who showed clear bias towards him both before and after the trial and who may have lied to get through the voire dire, all under the supervision of a judge (Amy Berman Jackson) who seems to have attended the Tanya S. Chutkan & Emmet Sullivan School of Judicial Impartiality. When all the facts are known, it is going to be another enormous embarrassment to the US judicial system.

I have committed to Powers That Be that I am not going saying any more than what I said on TV last August, until after this November’s election. After that, I am going to tell the whole story, but until then I am to “trust the process.” And this I will do. I have been convinced that it is the right thing to do if the forces of treachery and corruption are going to be defeated by Rule of Law.

On that point my Rabbi says I am wrong. We spoke from quarantine a few weeks ago, and he still thinks I should just come forward and tell the 85% of the story I omitted last August.  I told him that I think about doing it every day, just going back on Fox or CNN and telling the whole truth to the American people. I told him that I have written a letter to the DOJ that begins, “Dear General Barr: I am sorry I muddied up your federal investigation, but…” and then goes on for three pages about MLK’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail, my conscience, my duties as a citizen, etc. In a flash Buffett replied, “Don’t do that. Just write a letter that says, ‘Dear General Barr: I am sorry I muddied up your federal investigation, but I get to live with myself too.’ Then go on TV.”

I am not. I am trying to do the right thing, and that includes, not fucking up a federal investigation of historic magnitude and significance (any more than I already have).

As you can see, this puts me in a terrible quandary: I am to remain silent until November. I believe that when I do speak, what I have to say will make it obvious (if it is not obvious by then) that the entire thing was pure political espionage, a stitch-up from the start, and that any weird “process crime” convictions such as Roger is alleged to have committed  should be thrown out.  It all should be thrown out, and the people at the top of the orders should go to jail.

Yet Roger is going to prison in 30 days, this June, the prison is full of Covid-19, and Roger is 67.

I am reminded of a scene in that fabulous old movie Midnight Run, with Charles Grodin and Robert De Niro. There is a point where Grodin has to save De Niro (“Jack”) from drowning in a river by extending a branch to him, while De Niro is furiously shouting at him he’s going to cuff him and take him to jail. Grodin finally delivers a marvelous line, “You’re making it really hard for me to do the right thing here Jack.”

And to the Powers That Be I say, You are making it really hard for me to do the right thing here folks.

I get to live with myself, too.

Patrick Byrne A concerned citizen who has been hunting the oligarchy and Deep State since 2004. My actions forced me to abandon recently my 2,000 colleagues at Help them out by going to and making a purchase.

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  1. Do what Mr. Buffet says, so you can breathe again, Patrick. You refer to meeting Mr. Buffet as being one of the “great tailwinds” of your life. How many people can say that? Indeed, Mr. Buffet was meant to be here, guiding you through these murky waters right now. I sincerely believe we come into each other’s lives for a reason. Trust your rabbi, Patrick. Do what you know to do and let go of the outcome. It’s neither your fault nor your responsibility. Good luck, dear man.🦋

  2. You have the right idea, Patrick. As much as I’d love to know how much deeper the rabbit hole goes, best to let the investigation go on and reveal it all to the American people ( hopefully). It’s fundamental to let the law hear and decide first without bias, and be weighed on the scales, and I don’t have to explain that to you obviously.
    On the other hand, if it’s apparent that justice is not heard by November’s election, and truth is being covered still I advise you to spill the beans !

  3. Thanks for the article Patrick.That is a tough decision to make regarding when you tell the rest of your story.I probably would suggest you take your mentors advice but of course I don’t know what the rest of the story entails.

    What I do know is that both politicians and the people who vote them into office are becoming increasingly dangerous.It seems clear to me that there are a significant amount of citizens who are so brainwashed by their favorite political team that they don’t care about what truth is or the harm of bearing false witness against others.And this trend the DNC and their brainwashed masses seem to favor of bringing up phony charges so they can “get” their political rivals on “process crimes” is alarming to say the least.

    Twitter has shut down my account at least 10 times even though I never posted threats,insults,curse words or graphic images.Many of my posts explained why I believe that both political parties are corrupted and encouraged people to unite behind basic principles rather than corrupt political parties.IMO,all political parties are easily co-opted & corrupted and things won’t change much until citizens unite behind truth/freedom/goodwill/integrity/humility/Non-Aggression Principle/Golden Rule/voluntarily helping others and become an economic force.

    The twitter overlords who pander to the DNC didn’t like my opinions so they shut my account down over and over again.(Here is my MINDS page as an example of the type of stuff I posted.)
    I hope to soon see a growing number of people start to boycott companies like Twitter,Facebook.Apple,Amazon,Google and Microsoft.
    Seems to me that all these big tech companies are just pandering to the DNC.

    Patrick,while I do believe you would make a good candidate for political office, I believe you could do more good as President of a company which ran a PRINCIPLED “super website” that combines social media/networking with commerce/trade/finance as I have suggested before.

    Whenever you do decide to tell the rest of your story,I believe you will have the support of many.
    Have a good one.Peace

    1. Now if only there was a way to get more real life people with the integrity of characters like Mardukas,Walsh and Mosely interested in working together to make not just America great,but the whole world great…..
      That sure would be something to see.

      A famous guy once said “thy kingdom come,thy will be done,on earth as it is in heaven”.A very lofty goal,but I would say the most inspiring and worthwhile goal there is.

  4. CNN (CIA)? Fox (controlled opposition)? No, you should immediately contact Chanel Rion at One America News Network, and provide her with your entire amazing story, as an “insurance policy”. The Powers that Be are not out to “do the right thing”, I’m afraid. Institutional preservation is their main aim. And they will even murder to achieve that goal.

    Godspeed, my friend.

      1. Perfect!
        Beyond that Mr. Byrne (Patrick, if I may?), difficult as it is, do trust the system. I know we as a nation (and world as well) are currently on a chaotic and terrifying ride, but (IMHO) a necessary one. It is not enough that half of the public gets what the fraud that has been perpetrated on us, a substantial percentage of those who still believe in the “Mainstream” “Russian Collusion” and other assorted and fractured fairy tales (ghost stories?) must come to see for themselves that their goodheartedness and genuine passions for a fair and just society have been turned on them and that they have been used by the very 1% that they have been protesting against since Occupy Wall Street. Once they have clipped the strings that connect them to the Puppet Masters is when all can be revealed and the swift and solemn Sword of Justice can be brought down upon the Wrongdoers. We must have more than a 50-ish% concensus or we become the mob-ocracy the Founders so rightly warned us against.

  5. Wow!!!

    Just think you could be working a 5 figure job trying to support a family while every day getting closer to for the most part forced retirement with a $1200 government safety net and if your lucky a couple of years salary saved up.

    You have some tough decisions but if you looked at the lives of most humans on this planet as an alternative, would you rather change places?

    I honestly wish we had a few thousand more people with your principals making the decisions.

    Enjoyed the article.

    P.S. If Bernie really was going to ask you to head the SEC he should have announced it before the primaries, it would have benefited him greatly, IMHO

  6. WOW Patrick, this gets more mind blowing all the time (for those of us trying to learn and follow along). You have been through hell and so have many others. It should be a political earthquake when/if all gets sufficiently exposed and prosecuted. I can only wish all the best for you and for our country as this gets sorted out. Thank you for all of your info and observations. Be well.

  7. Patrick, possible date correction?? In this passage you say Jan. 2017 but I think you mean Jan. 2018?? Because it would be AFTER the Roger Stone visit to Utah in Oct. 2017:

    “There was an exception, however, around January of 2017, when we got together on an unrelated matter. In the course of that meeting I mentioned the story about Roger Stone….”

  8. Patrick, please sit tight and be patient. I know you must feel frustrated. Roger Stone will be fine. He won’t go to jail because they need those cells now for the rioters and looters!

    The FBI’s top lawyer Dana Boente resigned on Friday. “The decision to dismiss Boente came from high levels of the Justice Department rather than directly from FBI Dir. Christopher Wray.” I wonder if Wray will get the chop next.

    Why don’t you start a different project now? Not for Deep Capture but for your future (auto)biography? How about recording memories of your childhood from your mother and brother before that information is lost?

    De-stress by listening to this:

  9. Patrick
    I am concerned that all this will come out AFTER the election.
    American’s need to know the story BEFORE the election so they can vote accordingly.

    1. Hi Bob. My name is Vincent and I also have concerns in that regard, but when I reign in those emotions and think the matter through intellectually I see the wisdom of the timing. This cannot appear political for one, that is that the biggest bombshells would come out at a moment they appear to impact the election (despite our instincts feeling that would be good), and two, a larger groundswell is needed to support the Machinery of Justice because a 50-50-ish split will only further tear the fabric of our Nation (and our World) and lead to a greater conflagration than what we have seen in the streets in recent weeks–It would ignite a Hot Civil War (yet another fortuitous distraction for those trying to avoid being held accountable for their seditious acts). Better that more people can realize the falsity that has been perpetrated against so that they support prosecutions rather than resist them. We need a 65-75% consensus!
      In the meantime, trust the election will be legitimate and secure and most importantly VOTE (locally), VOTE (statewide), VOTE (nationally)!

  10. You be safe. That is most important!
    if you do not know what you want to do. Do nothing.
    Take care of #1 yourself…. trust few.
    …..good will win me thinks…one day all the crazy shit will be in the past..

  11. Patrick,

    you have my highest respect and admiration for your good fight! Wish I could say the same. Lost everything to Wall Street (not just my family’s life savings but my family, both immediate an extended as well as 18 friends. Nearly ended my life over it but that didn’t turn out the way I wanted either)
    What ever happened to CMKX (CMKM diamonds)? If you know or have an opinion I would appreciate you sharing.
    God bless and stay safe…good men are few and far between.

    PS:I would have taken Buffet’s advise, but I never walked in your shoes.

  12. Shouldn’t you be spilling the beans *before* the election? I mean, how are voters supposed to make an informed decision if they don’t know all the facts?

    Although Bill Barr seems to be setting thing towards the right track, the fact that Roger Stone is on his way to jail for *maybe* fibbing while not under other, suggests the system still has a ways to go, especially when they are letting actual criminals off willy nilly for rioting and looting.

  13. Patrick,
    Thank you for sharing. I am surprised by the idea that the supposed ‘good guys’ do not want the truth to come out prior to the election and available to the American people when they make elect their representation. Almost invariably, the good guys support transparency and want the truth known far and wide. Meanwhile the forces of darkness want to do their dirt in the shadows.

    Without going into what you know and they’ve convinced you not to share, can you share anything about how they convinced you that continuing the cover up of wrongdoing until after the election was the ‘right’ thing to do? How did you get comfortable it wasn’t a snake in the grass (like Peter Strzok) being a bad guy while pretending to be a good guy?

    That seems very much like the swamp saying let us get back in full control, sweep this Trump character out of power and out of town, and then the truth can come out once we control the system and ensure we get away with it.

    1. They are not saying that it should be covered up until after the election. They are making it clear that coming forward alone will do no good, but they are handling it and to let them do so. “The wheels of justice grind slow but fine.”

      I agree that it should be out before the election so that voters get to make an informed choice. And not as an October Surprise, either. Or even September. Which means we are down to 2.5 months.

      1. Patrick, thank you for responding. I and many here greatly appreciate your openness and engagement.

        Given the slowness of the process, it will be going on throughout the election, even if started soon. It feels like we’ve already run out of time for it to be done without it being seen as a political hit as opposed to justice served. This timing seems political; that the administration wants it going through the election as opposed to dealt with prior.

  14. Hello Patrick,
    Just did my first deep dive into Hannibal by listening to Patrick Stewart’s version. A lot of lessons there such as the mercantile stance of the Carthaginian oligarchy that cost them the 1st Punic War, and arguably the 2nd. Not unlike the oligarchy in the USA that chases the dollar and has gutted our manufacturing and middle class over the last 30-years.
    And how dong the right thing, such as Hannibal did after the 2nd Punic War as a shophet by sticking up for the little guy against the tax dodging and embezzling oligarchs earns you a well deserved exile, if you’re prescient enough to plan for one.
    Did you know at the time, ~2006, when you adopted his moniker, that you would, at least partly, share his fate?

    Kind Regards,

  15. No I did not know it. I chose it for his being the little guy who took on an opponent who was 10-0.

  16. What else don’t we now know?

    Perhaps you will have his renown, for setting in motion

    What else will time reveal?

    Perhaps, though you don’t want it, you will have his renown, for planting the tree whose shade you won’t know and setting in motion what was impossible in the last 6000 years.

  17. It all sounds like a tempest in a teapot.

    I guess this is what rich fvcks do to pass the time; it’s all just a game to make you feel important in this universe.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us are busy building families and the infrastructure of our world.

    Have a blast Patrick. YOLO.

  18. Meanwhile, the Dept. of Justice is facing a bit of an insurrection as AG Barr tries to replace US Atty. Berman (Southern District of NY), and Berman announces he is refusing to leave office. Is this a blunder by Barr while trying to rein in biased prosecutors, or did Barr anticipate and prepare for this possibility? (President Trump has the legal authority to “fire” and remove Berman, but it has not yet been announced that way). Barr tried to give Berman a soft dignified landing but Berman refused to take that path. According to this excellent overview at CTH, it seems that much is aligned for Barr/Durham to begin making moves, indictments, etc. after July 3…. but is Barr really in control, or will the Deep State hacks succeed in their uprising???

  19. Interview with AG Barr indicates that without Grand Juries (due to Covid-19 pandemic) much has been pushed toward end of summer. Will Barr, Durham, et al. proceed with indictments as the 2020 election approaches??? There is legitimate reason (from all political perspectives) to avoid major DOJ actions as an election approaches (both perception and reality of someone trying to influence election rises. Sure, the whole “Russiagate” b.s. is massive political/electoral influence by the Democrats and the media, but to roll out a bunch of indictments in the weeks before an election would still “look” bad (and will be “spun” badly no matter how substantive and important the realities of individual cases). Risk increases that everything will get put off indefinitely, to maybe never….

  20. Interview with AG Barr indicates that without Grand Juries (due to Covid-19 pandemic) much has been pushed toward end of summer. Will Barr, Durham, et al. proceed with indictments as the 2020 election approaches??? There is legitimate reason (from all political perspectives) to avoid major DOJ actions as an election approaches (both perception and reality of someone trying to influence election rises). Sure, the whole “Russiagate” b.s. is massive political/electoral influence by the Democrats and the media, but to roll out a bunch of indictments in the weeks before an election would still “look” bad (and will be “spun” badly no matter how substantive and important the realities of individual cases). Risk increases that everything will get put off indefinitely, to maybe never….

  21. Peter Strzok strikes again!

    Will Judge Sullivan continue to push and support Deep State machinations even now?

    BREAKING: no details revealed yet, but this sounds huge……. “highly exculpatory” notes of FBI Agent Peter Strzok regarding the Michael Flynn case:

    “A source directly familiar with the discovery of the document told Just the News they include one paragraph of notes believed to be taken around Jan. 4, 2017, the date Strzok relayed a request from FBI leadership to the lead agent in the Flynn case asking him not to shut down the investigation as had been planned. The notes are “highly exculpatory,” the source said, declining to describe them more fully because they are under seal.”

  22. Wellll…. Roger Stone is supposed to be reporting to prison in a few days (June 30, I believe) unless there is a delay (possibly Covid-19 related given his advanced age vulnerability) or …. who knows…. a presidential pardon.

    Meanwhile, here is a good summary of some key points made by AG Wm. Barr recently…. somewhat encouraging that there are serious investigations ongoing, but many delays, Deep State resistance, plus lack of public info makes it difficult for onlookers to be fully confident about thorough investigations and prosecutions. We don’t know what Durham et al. are really doing but it is only speculation at this point to believe there will be a ton of prosecutions (certainly nothing remotely like the farcical 100,000+ “secret indictments” that the Qanon idiots claim have already existed for 2+ years). Certainly there will not be numerous prominent civilians shipped off to Gitmo for military tribunals, another of the farcical Qanon fantasies….

  23. re: latest Strzok notes released — OBAMA ordered Comey/FBI (Jan. 2017) to examine Flynn with the “right people” — BIDEN cited (totally spurious) Logan Act issue — Obama and Biden are in this garbage up to their eyebrows!!

    Strzok notes out 🔥🔥🔥

    —Obama, Biden, Yates, Rice, Comey all discussed Flynn/Kislyak calls: “unusual times”

    —Comey admitted they “appear legit”

    —OBAMA ordered: “make sure you look at things” with “the right people”

    —BIDEN appears to be one to raise “Logan Act v[iolation]?”

  24. Patrick,

    We miss you. Thank you for trying to do the right thing. Hopefully you can return to America soon.

    Thoughts and Prayers

  25. The rights of the individual have never been given to them.
    They have been had fought for.
    Think today of all who have died, for freedom.
    Give me liberty or give me death is not just a famous quote.
    It is why freedom exists.

    1. I keep thinking about how for ages all that fighting including all that war under the disguise of “individual freedoms” for the masses; continues to synergize the global population into indentured servitude by tacit agreement born through absolute ignorance but not by accident, and for the exclusive benefit of the additionally silent ruling class(one percent) no longer necessarily responsible to feed, clothe, house or tend to their medical needs during this process of reverting citizens to their earlier historical roots of bondage.

      The bill for these services in the modern era, of course, is delivered through a nation’s liability or debt account, directly attributable to all of its indentured slaves whether they like it or not, or until the mathematical impossibilities of ever paying it back becomes fait accompli in order that a collapse and reset must take place assuming that nation is not ransacked by a competing nation instead.

      This COVID-19 development is the best ruse of them all for proving what an obedient bunch of slaves we truly are while experiencing “security personnel” in stores following people around to ensure their MASKS are always on lest they can be expected to be ejected from that place of business at least inside of CommyCalifornia.

      What a waste of human resources seeking absolute compliance so that added expenses make prices to end users even more burdensome.

      And, the Y generation in America from all I have gleaned is ALL IN, and fully brainwashed unwilling to sacrifice life or limb to address the mass scale scams continually being levied against individual rights and freedoms to be cherished otherwise. In their favor, they are too smart to believe they might ever tip the scale of injustice against their individual rights, therefore; they play along in this game of one nation IN DEBT FOR ALL, better to live than die since death continues to contain too many unknowns.

      God only knows how weak and debilitated the Z generation, and newest Alpha generation they are producing has become. With sub par education courtesy of COVID-19, Alpha is in deep trouble.

      Yes, the Mandarin curse is ringing loud and clear here in America today: “May you live in interesting times.”

  26. Sundance at CTH alludes to a major issue and research project which he seems to imply is going to “hit the fan” in the public eye, one way or another, within a few weeks. It is related to Durham’s investigations. He does not give any specifics yet, but he has been a very thorough researcher for years, and when he says this kind of thing I take it as plausible if still vague, i.e., I will watch CTH more closely in coming weeks to see if some big issue(s) should begin to explode there:

    “How does the common man retain liberty within a system whose existence is contingent upon a foundation of pretense. While knowing the cornerstone of that system is dependent on ignoring the truth he/she carries?”

    1. hmmm…. now Sundance gets a bit more specific, points Senator Grassley toward examining the corruption and cover-ups related to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI)… of course the DOJ handling of the Wolf case stinks to high heaven, and there is so much more to the cesspool that is SSCI. Will Grassley really take on his fellow Senators? In any case, this tweet by Sundance is the tip of the iceberg for exposing wanton misdeeds by past DOJ, FBI, and SSCI officials….

  27. Mr. Byrne,

    You should listen to Buffett. Isn’t that why you call him your Rabbi? If you wait until after the election and the Democrats win, your story will be lost to history like it never happened. If you don’t wait, hopefully your full story would create enough public pressure that someone is actually held accountable.

    PS. I’d also really like to work on tZero. I’m a computer engineer in the finance industry looking for a new job.

  28. I figure out since you sold out THE stock is ripping I guess the street cannot deliver the special dividend and are all trapped To bad you lost what 200M

  29. Hi Patrick, I hope you are doing OK in these crazy times. I understand that you are laying low and I don’t know if you are following hints and events related to FISA, FBI, Strzoz, etc or not… all I would say is that Sundance says some stuff is about to come to a head, and if you have any reason(s) to say anything new, even privately (say perhaps you have contacts in DC you could spur to action, now may be a good time to add to the pressure for change in DC. The SSIC scandals, the FBI and DOJ scandals, FISA scandals, etc. there is so much garbage that needs to be exposed fully and cleansed.

    Roger Stone has to report to prison in a few days. He is elderly and in ill health, but so far he does not seem to be catching any break from the judge or the Bureau of Prisons… even as many prisoners have been released to reduce their Covid-19 risks. Will President Trump pardon Stone in the next few days? I have no idea, but the personal political cost might be high if he were to do so, especially during a presidential campaign.

    YET, the evidence is clear (ala General Flynn’s case) that the entire investigation was deeply corrupt and Stone’s statements were not “material” to any genuine probably cause investigation.

    In case you haven’t followed CTH, these recent posts describe some of what Sundance says is simmering beneath the surface. If you have anyone to contact who could influence/pressure for better investigations and public results, now might be the time to do it:

  30. *probable cause

    The stuff on the SSIC and also Special Counsel bias and corruption continues to be simply appalling. Are Barr and Durham et al. on the verge of getting it cleaned up??? Or will most stuff just be pushed further down the road into 2021???

    If major events do not occur in the next few weeks there will be an increasing probability that many/most perps will never be held to account. If nothing is happening by August, and then if the Democrats win in Nov., the prospects for genuine accountability may vanish.

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