Felix Sater Says He Was Not Source of Russian OC Threats to Kill Me. I Believe Him or Like Him Enough not to Care.

This may seem like a funny time to be doing this, but it is the right thing to do.

Buried in the past of this site (click around and you will find the areas) are accounts of a strange period in my life, 2007-2008. That is when my digging into various forms of Wall Street hooliganism started causing me to cross paths with things that looked increasingly “Mobbed-up”. Further digging started taking things to Europe, Austria, and points east. I began writing talking and writing about it to a degree, and immediately strange things began occurring (again, read The Story of DeepCapture for details). A Forbes reporter named Nathan Vardi, himself an excellent journalist who explored the role of Russian Organized Crime in our stock market (Sewer Pipes, Nathan Vardi, Forbes) even said to me once after a lunch with the editors there, “You know, Patrick, even in the United States there are lines for reporters when it comes to writing about Organized Crime. I am right there at the very, very edge myself. You, Patrick, are so far over the line , you are not even in sight of it.”

Somewhere in that period, threats began to be communicated to me in a variety of ways, verbal and physical, from what purported to be organized crime, and eventually, Russian Organized Crime. Some of that ended up documented by the hands of authorities, who responded with alacrity and decisiveness, for which I remain grateful. Still, it  caused me to live for over 2 years with extensive security precautions, and scrambled a lot of things in my life. 

One of those threats included information that a Russian immigrant to America named Felix Sater was involved in the threats  (though not the source).  That information appears on this site (along with other mentions of Felix). 

Some years ago, at a time when I was hospitalized quite a bit, Felix wrote me, initially through a lawyer, then personally, to let me know he had had nothing to do with the threat. I was impressed with the gentlemanly manner in which he contacted me, and what he he had to say. I pledged to put up his denial of his involvement. However, that pledge was made while I was in the intensive care unit of a cardiac ward, and and the truth is, it slipped my mind.

Given the rather significant attention this site is now getting, Felix and an investigative journalist named Seth Hettena have been in touch on the subject. They are correct, that I certainly owe Felix a duty to print his denial that he was involved. So here it is:

Felix Sater denies being involved in any threat from Russian OC against me. He also denies that he has ever known Semion Mogilevich or had any connection to him in any way.

But I will go farther than that. I will note that I have reviewed some material provided by Seth, and it looks to me like Felix is a great American. Yes, he did some dodgy things in his youth, and paid for it, but it seems as though he made up for it in other things he did for his country (per these federal papers). I would be proud to take Felix to lunch someday and catch up, if he would do it.

On the question of whether or not I was justified in including Felix’s name in the first place, I leave the final word to investigative journalist and Lefty (but intellectually honest Lefty), Seth Hettena, “Time to Put a Lie About Felix Sater to Rest” (which once contained snarky comments suggesting I was fabricating these things):

Editor’s note: I am striking my snarky comments because I was wrong. Patrick Byrne has shown me evidence that this conversation did take place. In a recorded 2007 phone call, a transcript of which is in my possession….I was also played the recording of this call. A clear threat was relayed to Mr. Byrne, who did not make this story up. I owe him an apology.

That was a classy thing to do, Seth. When I have to next say something like that, I will use you as a model. On top of Felix’s gentlemanliness, I think its time this all gets put to rest. I am 100% confident (and was informed) that there were legitimate threats against me in those years, but I accept Felix’s word that he was not involved. 

  1. Fascinating how all the same names are coming up from your past, Sater’s pat (Weissman?!) …. Just read your 2005 lawsuit conference call and it was fascinating …. Elliot Spitzer name dropped before he blew up. I bet you know so much more than you’ve ever said publically…..Go Patriot, Godspeed.

    1. I did not feel comfortable with myself without coming forward. If I had not, people would have had every right to say someday (if and when the truthe came out), “Patrick, how could you have possibly stayed silent during that whole period?”

      On the other hand, I do not want to get in the way of legitimate federal authorities unraveling what was, in fact, soft coup.

      I feel I have split the difference just right. So far I have only revealed the equivalent of a speeding ticket. There is a far more serious crime, several of them in fact, that are going to come to light. It is my intention to sit back and watch the department of justice do that part of things. As they go, I might provide a little running commentary or X position. But do not want to me to be coming forward with any more grand reveals. That is for others.

      1. Patrick,

        If you would be so kind to answer this question. It is extremely important to me. Will these new developments include any unfinished business related to the 2008 financial crisis (naked shorting in particular)?

        Thank you brave warrior. Always on your side.


        For 20/20 vision: Byrne for President 2020

      2. I’ll be buying a few pillows too, maybe a pillow sham. Does it make you gay if you buy pillow shams? Godspeed patty

      3. I think that’s the right plan, Patrick. You came forward, now let the right folks within DOJ conduct an internal investigation and root out the bad apples.

      4. I think that’s the right plan, Patrick. You came forward, now let the right folks within DOJ conduct an internal investigation and root out the bad apples.

      5. Patrick, remarkable story and always thank you for speaking up when stakes were so high. Strangely November 1, 2016 Dr. Steve Pieczenik, former US State Department employee released an set of informational videos across multiple social media platforms.

        His message rings more true 3 years later. There was a soft coup in place to help Hillary and he details some of the things that had happened as part of the coup.

        Then Dr Peczenik informs the public a Counter Coup had been started by patriots.

        There are a number of videos but here is a link to see one.

        Thank you, el Jefé


  2. I was already a customer of Overstock. Bought my trampoline there. Bought some other stuff there that is classy. I must say, my mind has been blown watching Mr. Byrne on TV and then finding this website (after Byrne had to defend the website on CNN Fredo). I have so much respect for this man. Liberal in a classic sense, libertarian in practice, successful and patriotic. Avenged Brian William’s murder…a friend no less. Slept with Butina for Country. Probably not the worst deep cover work to do. Put a snorkle on.

    If you think about it: IRS Targeting, Fraudulent FISA warrants, use of 5 eyes to evade constitutional hurdles, Fast and Furious, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Paul Bremmer, Benghazi, Utterly incompetent Congress, McCain, Clintons and many others using non profits as bribe banks, smashing cell phones with hammers, shitty servers, bcc emails to Chinamen, Weissman, Comey, McCabe, Clapper perjury, Loretta taking the 5th, Biden and son galavanting on Air Force 2 with Ukranian energy cash and a LOC from Chinese SOE’s. John Podesta and his incredibly strange everything. Generals everywhere that are like an old Yankees team. Intimidating getting off bus…can’t hit a curve ball. The graft and corruption, the profligacy,deceit, corporatism, monopolies allowed to grow like mushrooms. Censorship. No justice for the middle class, forget the poor, they are cooked. The government now has direct involvement via law, rates, subsidies,pork, of 80 percent of GDP. And the DNC will clip and fix, superdelegates to the rescue, and the people will actually support that candidate. Again. We all need to find the courage Byrne displays. We need all the moxy we can muster to protect Trump from the sewer that is DC.

    1. He didn’t sleep with Butina for country. From what I understand, once that request was made, he remained honorable and didn’t do it. #PatriotByrnes

      1. Correct. He said on Fox twice that he didn’t even lay hands on her. He just played the charade. Very honourable.

        Byrne, please leave a dead man’s switch, or something.

  3. Hope you are enjoying “South America”. I have great contacts in Santiago if you’d like to stop by for fine wine y empanadas. Buenas noches. #Byrne2020

  4. Yo Patty, I got one for you, is QAnon real? or is he just LARP? Love your work by the way, I was just joking around up top, well not really I wanna know the whole story but I understand your patience on justice,

    Stay safe patty boy, godspeed

  5. What interests me beyond knowing the “who”(plural), once that is revealed to the public, and beyond what they did and what they wanted it to result in,
    What I would hope to learn is why. I mean why, not what their goal was. But what drives one to willingly take part in something like this, that’s not just criminal… but so complex…. It’s nuts. What was the benefit for each of them? You know, bc I imagine that each person (those guys, X,Y,and Z) would only do it if they each had something to gain out of it….
    And also- please excuse any badly worded attempts (above) to put my thoughts down in the form of text, as its very very late and I’ve been reading for so long now that my brain is trying to check out and take a break. 😬

  6. Oh crap, sorry, I just realized (my last comment) I commented under the wrong post. Well… I referred to X,Y, and Z… hopefully that’s enough to explain where I meant to place my comment.

    1. Nope. Never spoke to Solomon. Only spoke to Sara in early July of this year (though we shook hands at a mutual friend’s a decade ago, and again at his funeral a few years ago).

  7. Mr Byrne, thanks for making the mobile version, but it would be nice if we could request the desktop version. that doesn’t work. thanks

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