Anthony Elgindy, R.I.P.

Anthony_Elgindy_RIPBy now astute readers of DeepCapture have gathered that over the years I have developed a soft spot in my heart for the assorted brigands, cutpurses, swindlers, and crooks who inhabit these pages. One must keep in mind that they have looted the savings of millions, of course, and some of them are terrorists who wish to harm to our country, but when I was an altar boy I learned that even when rage-stomping bullies and miscreants I would invariably feel a twinge of sympathy. So perhaps it is a legacy of that misspent youth, but when I learned last night that Anthony Elgindy (AKA “Amir Elgindy” AKA “Tony Pacific”) killed himself Thursday, I confess that my chuckle  had a certain sad edge to it. Call me sentimental.

Amir Elgindy was an Egyptian with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood who immigrated to America and, like some others from that neck of the woods, gave himself an Italian name upon arrival. Here he engaged in various forms of stock market mischief. In 2000 he was indicted on nine counts of insurance fraud, and pled guilty to a mail fraud count on which he served four months in federal pen. In 2003 the NASD fined his brokerage, Key West Securities, and expelled Elgindy because he “engaged in a manipulative scheme in 1997 to inflate artificially the share price of Saf T Lok, Inc. through the entering of fraudulent quotations in the Nasdaq system, selling the stock short at the artificially high prices, and then taking active steps to depress the share price of Saf T Lok through the dissemination of negative research comments” (i.e., what is known in the parlance as “a pump-and-dump”).

But Elgindy’s real genius manifested itself in the late 1990’s when he set up a cleverly-designed password protected website on which various criminals (about 60-70 in all), shielded from public scrutiny, coordinated illegal short-and-distort market manipulation schemes. I say, “cleverly designed” because it was rigged as a message board on which one could not scroll backwards. Day and night various criminals would openly discuss which firms to target next, what brokerages were giving loose locates to enable illegal naked short selling, and which toady journalists had been fed stories they had agreed to publish, and when.

Unfortunately for Anthony Elgindy, one of his closest friends was not, in fact, loyal to him. This friend hired assistants to sit at computer screens around the clock, 24/7/365, hitting “Print Screen” every couple of minutes and making physical record of all that was said in this chat room for nearly three years. Many years ago I obtained an attic full of bankers boxers filled with these print outs, which, incidentally, I caused to be scanned and stored with a law firm for posterity. Some future historian working to recreate the evolution of Wall Street criminality in the decade leading up to the Crash of ’08 could find no better place to start than working through these tens of thousands of pages of print-outs, which are available for the asking (come to think of it, maybe it is time I just cause it all to be posted online myself, probably on one of those Dutch servers that is immune from subpoenas and lawsuits). Therefore, unscrambling the various relationships among the miscreants I pursued on Wall Street was far easier than it may have appeared to outsiders. There they were, in black and white:

  • One hedge fund manager rejoices in the compliance of pseudo-journalist Herb Greenberg (of Jim Cramer’s, opining, “maybe when folds we can hire Herb to work exclusively for us” (NB: they did, and that describes Herb’s subsequent career at CNBC and ever after, until he faded into obscurity).
  • Dave Kansas, also of Jim Cramer’s Dave Kansas went on to edit the C Section of the Wall Street Journal, where I first crossed paths with him in 2002 when he degraded a story on Bill Hambrecht’s Dutch Auction IPO as a favor to the Wall Street firms he has spent his career dutifully servicing with all the verve and imagination of a lifer in a Tijuana hump-hump bar.
  • Carol Remond of DowJones.  Later I tangled with Carol Remond on occasion and she became the object of my journalistic attention: see one of my favorite pieces, “Carol Remond Tells a Joke She Doesn’t Get“, in which she engages in debasing apologetics for the failure of David Rocker’s hedge fund, which collapsed in October 2008 through no fault of its own (Carol maintains), but (no kidding, this was her position) simply because in September 2008 rules were adopted preventing Rocker Partners from breaking the law anymore.
  • Bloomberg’s Dave Evans, it is written,”gave us SPBR for free-been very profitable.”
  • Dan Loeb, now a well-known New York hedge fund manager, who got his start on Elgindy’s board using the pseudonym “Mr. Pink”, once wrote of Dave’s willingness to be spoon fed stories to regurgitate on cue in Bloomberg (stories in front of which this syndicate of hooligans could trade). For his services “Dave Evans is a made man,” wrote now-respectable hedge fund manager Dan Loeb.


Elgindy furthered this stock picking “prowess” by bribing two FBI agents to feed him advance knowledge of federal investigations against companies, information in front of which, again, he and his gang of merry miscreants could trade.  He would have gotten away with it forever, I think, but on September 10, 2001, he called his Smith Barney broker and told him to liquidate his (Elgindy’s) stocks, saying that “tomorrow the Dow is going to 3,000” (it was 9,600 at the time). The next day when planes hit buildings the Smith Barney broker called the feds, who rolled up Elgindy and his stock discussion board. At trial the federal prosecutors decided to leave aside mention of their belief that Elgindy had prior knowledge of 9/11 on the grounds that it was too inflammatory: knowing he was losing the trial, however, Elgindy’s lawyer started bringing up such allegations, which opened things up for the feds to discuss them in court. That part of the trial transcript was later sealed by the judge, but in 2007 an enterprising Bloomberg journalist named Gary Matsumoto managed to obtain them from a Brooklyn court storage facility, and it is clear that the feds absolutely believed that Elgindy knew about 9/11 the day before it occurred.

Elgindy was convicted on those charges of bribing FBI agents. Between his conviction and his sentencing he was under house arrest in his home near San Diego. When he showed up to the court for sentencing, he came with only 9 fingers, the other having been lost “in a beach barbecuing accident,” he told the judge. When the prosecutor pointed out that Elgindy had been under house arrest and unable to access a beach, Elgindy changed to another improbable story. A person central to the case later told me that certain elements of Organized Crime had shown up at Elgindy’s house while he was awaiting sentencing, told him that if he talked while he was in prison they would skin Elgindy’s wife alive, took Elgindy to his basement, and at gunpoint forced him to saw his own finger off with a hacksaw, the better to remember the tutorial.

Elgindy was subsequently sentenced to 11 years in federal prison. While in prison he followed my activities closely, even obsessively.  As a result, I made arrangements for an associate of mine to befriend Elgindy (under pretense) through email, and he actually received permission to visit Elgindy in prison in 2006. Three days before my associate’s visit, the Federal Bureau of Prisons revoked my associate’s permission, moved Elgindy to isolation, and refused my colleague further communication with Elgindy. How odd.

Elgindy was released from prison in January, 2014, having served nine years in total. Evidently the strain of it all was too much for the poor fellow, however, and Elgindy killed himself three days ago (Thursday, July 23, 2015). Details of his demise and whether or not it was another “beach barbecuing accident” have not yet been made public.


  1. Dr Byrne:

    Maybe it’s never a bad thing that you were an altar boy…..

    The spirit of Christ is the spirit of ultimate RIGHTEOUSNESS and COMPASSION there is in the universe. It is the source that is supplying you all the strengths to fight on!

    Apostle Paul passionately said almost 2000 years ago: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places!”

    Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

    Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness.

    Above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. (Ephesians 5)

    For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds(2 Corinthians 10:8)

    The Messiah Jesus said: “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions,over all the power of the enemy,nothing will harm you……(Luke 10:19)

    I therefore pray that the presence of God is all over you, there will be an ever increasing move of the power of God in you so that the demonic forces would do nothing but flee from you…

    The living and miraculous power and the presence of God are real and tangible, Catholics are the only brand of Christians that ever understood it…

    I am a practicing Buddhist (Pure Land Sukhavati Sect)and A born-again holy spirit filled Pentecostal Christian. The two complement each other perfectly!

    I love to share more with you about experiencing the healing power of Christ and win our Spiritual Warfare with the presence of God and holy spirit……

    Warmest regards,
    God bless.

  2. To: Jean-Philippe Chevalier who wrote (9248) 5/27/1999 12:58:00 PM
    From: Mr. Pink Read Replies (1) of 18944

    It’s official, David Evans of Bloomberg News wins the prestigious Pinky Award for outstanding journalism on the sHITT story. Mr. Evans has bravely reported on numerous frauds including BHUB, CLCX, LHSP, ABTX etc.

    On behalf of the associates, affiliates, operatives in the field and other allied members of Mr. P$nk’s conspiracy, Congratulations, Mr. Evans!

    Mr. P$nk

    To: Kimberly Lee who wrote (4551) 5/15/1999 8:08:00 AM
    From: Mr. Pink Read Replies (2) of 108040

    Kim, if you have access to Bloomberg, you ought to listen to David Evans interview with Mr. Wallace, spokesman for the fraudulent and totally bogus “Trust” that made a manipulative announcement about a supposed 100mm investment of “securities” in sHITT. This company is a fraud, no doubt. Now why would you invest in such a company?

    I makes no sense. Perhaps you should spend less time reading fashions magazines strutting around in your Manolas and more time studying financial statements and reading the wisdom imparted on Mr. Pin%’s thread.


    To: slaffe who wrote (633) 5/12/1999 5:59:00 AM
    From: Mr. Pink of 7056

    Yes, and JFK was killed by a conspiracy led by CIA, the Mafia and Fidel Castro. No, there was no conspiracy. This company was just af turd with flies waiting for someone to step on it.

    Now good men–even Made Men in Mr. Pin*’s select hit squad such as Pluvia and newly inducted member Mshater are laughing at the long fools all the way to the bank.

    Boy did it feel good taking those gains yesterday. Mr. Pink and His affiliates, operatives, goons, Associates etc. hope the crims run this back to the mid-teens so that they can short this stock again, with impunity.

    Thanks to the suckers and manipulators who ran this turd to a billion dollar valuation for creating such a fine oppportunity.

    And thanks to David Evans, the greatest journalist in America who has revealed yet another fly and maggot infested turd.

    Mr. Pi#k

    To: StockDung who wrote (5418) 4/18/2000 1:04:00 PM
    From: Mr. Pink Read Replies (1) of 7056

    David Evans is a great journalist and former winner of the coveted Pinky Prize for Investigative Journalism

    P$nkophiles everywhere owe Evans tribute and respect.

    MP, of the underworld

    article below

    Hitsgalore’s Largest Customer Defaults on $20 Mln in Payments
    4/17/0 20:0 (New York)

    Hitsgalore’s Largest Customer Defaults on $20 Mln in Payments

    Rancho Cucamonga, California, April 17 (Bloomberg) — Inc. said its largest customer, Life Foundation
    Trust, never paid for the services it received nor for its 4
    percent stake in the Internet marketing company.
    The trust provided 85 percent of the revenue Hitsgalore
    reported for the first nine months of 1999.
    Now, Hitsgalore said it’s preparing to liquidate the Aden
    stamp collection put up by the Life Foundation Trust as collateral
    for the $20 million in missed payments — $10 million for two
    million shares of Hitsgalore and $10 million for advertising on
    its Web Site.
    The Rancho Cucamonga-based Hitsgalore expects to take a year
    or more to sell the stamps, which it said has a catalogue value of
    $50 million and a wholesale value of $20 million. First, it will
    allow the trust a 20-day grace period.
    “You can’t just drop one of the world’s rarest stamp
    collections on the market all at once,’ said Dorian Reed,
    chairman of Hitsgalore, in a statement.
    In January, the company warned that “cash flow difficulties
    could arise’ unless the Scottsdale, Arizona-based trust made its
    first payment soon. Hitsgalore gave the trust liberal terms– no
    money down, and a year before its money was due on April 15,2000.
    Hitsgalore didn’t file its annual report with the Securities
    and Exchange Commission at the end of March, as required, saying
    its year-end audit wasn’t complete. This week, it said the report
    will be filed by the end of April.
    The company had $90,771 cash on hand on Sept. 31.
    Its stock fell 8 cents to 70 cents, giving its 50 million
    shares a market value of $35 million. The stock has declined 92
    percent over the past year.
    Jeanette Wilcher, trustee of the trust, wasn’t available for
    Life Foundation Trust, which is not a charity, says it has
    charitable goals that include “the provision of food to the
    hungry, clothes and shelter to the needy, education to the
    unlearned and to minister to the spiritual needs of all people.’
    Its stamp collection is stored in a Manhattan warehouse,
    according to Hitsgalore’s SEC filings.

    –David Evans through the New York newsroom (212) 318-2300 or
    [email protected]/tm

  3. To: Anthony@Pacific who wrote (45025) 10/12/1999 12:58:00 PM
    From: Mr. Pink Read Replies (2) of 119819

    Anthony, the real reason that you are back is that you are a Made Man in Mr. P-nk’s army and one of His street soldiers made SI Bob an offer he couldn’t refuse.



    To: Pink Minion who wrote (8364) 5/11/1999 4:31:00 PM
    From: Mr. Pink Read Replies (2) of 18944

    Mshater: Sir step forward! Kneel and take the sacrificial wafer!

    On behalf of the the Affiliates, Operatives, Associates, Myrmidon, street soldiers, urchins, enforcers, etc. Mr. Pink is pleased to grant you the greatest honor known to man: Cast in 22k gold and suitable for placement on your mantle to impress your family and friends, you have received a Pinky Award. Mshater, Mr. Pink barely knows you, but you are now a Made Man in Mr. Pink’s select inner circle. May God bless you and your family for alerting Him to this incredible turd!

    You can now travel fearlessly throughout the cyberworld; all know you are a Made Man. They will quiver in your wake.

    You may now rise.

    Mr. Pink
    To: Anthony@Pacific who wrote (59929) 10/7/2000 1:05:08 PM
    From: Mr. Pink Read Replies (1) of 119819

    God Bless Anthony Elgindy. Mr. P$nk, will for the first time break out of His normal writing style to say:

    It is from the depths of my heart that I welcome you back, my friend and wish you great success and personal fullfillment.

    It is ironic that a man of your great stature had to pay such a severe price for a mistake you made in your youth while so many REAL CRIMINALS prey on our great financial system by perpetrating scams and frauds. Thank God you are here to point out their treachery and to help us all profit from their evil. If the SEC won’t put these crooks away, at least we, through market forces, can put a cap on their run-away stock frauds, and cause them to come back to earth, before they suck too many people into their perpetrations.

    Again, I welcome you back my friend and hope to see you soon. Best to the wife.

    And now back to regular broadcasting, He shall return to His mountain top and resume His Godly duties. Anybody seen His medication? How ’bout those doritos. They’re fine, only a couple of weeks old.

    Mr. P$nk

    To: Anthony@Pacific who wrote (50966) 2/1/2000 12:33:00 PM
    From: Mr. Pink of 119819

    Dear friend and made man, Anthony. It would be in your best interest to review the below investment opportunity.

    Message 12742897


  4. Ties to the Muslim brotherhood? What kind of BS lie is this? This guy was a partner that enjoyed fun and life and you say he had ties to MB? Are you Fn stupid with these lies? Have some ethics

  5. I knew this turd in grammar school. Palos east elementary school at palos east district 118. I have a chipped adult tooth because of him. He was both a bully and an honor student. We fought in 5th and 6th grade . I lost 3 1st two bit him in 8th grade and won.

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