Deep Capture named finalist for best business blog of 2008!

The 2008 Weblog AwardsYesterday we received an unexpected bit of good news: Deep Capture is a finalist in the competition for best business blog in the 2008 Weblog Awards.

Apparently, we were nominated by one of you (thanks, whoever you are!) and then selected by a panel of judges to advance to the final round, where, as I understand it, open voting will determine the winner.

Given the extreme popularity of these awards, the unusually high quality of our fellow finalists and the tremendous chance to reach new audiences, this represents a great honor and even greater opportunity for the market reform movement.

That’s my way of saying: we really need to win.

Voting starts this Monday (January 5th), and as soon as we know exactly how and where you can cast yours, we’ll post the information for you here.

  1. There is no point in discussing the merits of companies or their earnings as long as the market and our financial system are corrupt. First you clean up the market and main stream isn’t about to do it because they are part of the problem. The interconnectedness of the FED and the DTCC… no wonder we can’t get settlement.

    There are some good blogs. has some good writers… but they don’t have discovery.

    deepcapture is a whole case study in itself. , and

    The above links are full of technical details as well as point out the foibles of the crooks, and the cracks in the system

    Faulk went to New York in November and he concluded from talking to people that Goldman Sachs was behind a lot of the problems…. Bobo was spot on that as well as a whole bunch of corrupt practices.

    Maurice Greenberg is asking for an investigation into Paulson, Goldman and the obvious conflict of interest.

    Can you imagine if we actually got something like the Pecora Hearings and Paulson was exposed?

    Maybe we could send the present day creatures back to Jekyll Island.. permanently.. This is a link to a discussion about the Federal Reserve by the author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”

  2. My kids tell me “facebook is the bomb”. I keep reading there are millions of users on it. Apparently one can start a group (or something like that) and have lots of people join where information can be disseminated. My son showed me one of the groups where there were 1.5M people signed up for it called: “When I was your age, Pluto was a planet.”. Perhaps deepcapture could start a group there?

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