Patrick Byrne I am a concerned citizen who has been hunting the oligarchy since 2004 and the Deep State since 2006.

Come on Folks, You’re Better Than That

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Much though I welcome comments, I am bothered by posts from a few readers who bring ethnicity into the equation. These comments seem hateful to me. I want to explain a deep financial crime that is harming our country, but sadly, some seem unable to comment on it without discussing the Jewish ethnicity of some of the Wall Street players who are involved. This makes about as much sense to me as someone who, in a discussion of the Mafia, feels it necessary to introduce Catholicism into the analysis. In addition, given that in my life at least half of my close friends and nearly all of my great teachers have been Jewish, I gently say to these haters, thanks anyway, but I think I can win this one without your support. Therefore, I am going to set this board’s filter so as to block posts containing the word “Jew” or its various cognates.


Patrick M. Byrne

Patrick Byrne I am a concerned citizen who has been hunting the oligarchy since 2004 and the Deep State since 2006.

2 Replies to “Come on Folks, You’re Better Than That”

  1. I am not an anti-Semite. Please remember that I exposed criminal activity by Gary Weiss and Sam E. Antar.
    For this Sam E. Antar has called me an anti-Semite. And as you have proven, Sam E. Antar is laundering money for hedge funds to Barry Minkow.
    By the way, did the SEC confiscate Minkow’s profits to pay judgments against him?
    For your information, Rudy Giuliani was labeled an anti-Semite because he convicted Marc Rich and Pincus Green. My source for this information was Gene Vorhand, whose daughter married a Reichman.
    Ed Manfredonia

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