NEWSFLASH – A Secret Revealed

There is something that I have permission to divulge, but have refrained from doing so. As you will see, there are reasons I must do so now.

There are among the Bad Guys some with conscience. Months ago, one from within the network of Bad Guys got in touch with me and turned over 8,000 emails from a set of message board bashers, convicted stock swindlers, and financial journalists in their cahoots. Shysters all. (Wouldn’t it be funny if there were also some in there from hedge funds and the law firms they use to sanitize their communications, but the law firms did not know enough about hygiene?) They run up through sometime well into 2007.

I am breaking the news of these emails here, in the hopes that this will transfer the legal risk from a certain journalist who wishes to cover this, to myself.  I know that I have them legally, and that the person who gave them to me had them legally as well (I’d just start posting the 8,000 emails and let the world decide, but I want this journalist to get the scoop).

What makes for fun reading are the several thousand emails of those well-known New York financial journalists. Understanding how they operate, and with whom, will be the stuff of textbooks someday.

Among those communications are 1,841 emails from a bent reporter named Gary Weiss.  Among many other things, in several of those emails Gary Weiss freely discusses his editing of Wikipedia. What makes that interesting is that there is a civil war erupting within the Wikipedia community between those who believe Judd Bagley’s claims  (detailed on regarding how Gary has hijacked several Wikipedia pages using the sockpuppets “Mantanmoreland” and “Samiharris” (with the help of several super-users, such as SlimVirgin), versus those who steadfastly deny that Gary has been editing Wikipedia.

All the normal rules that govern the discourse for 2 million other pages within Wikipedia have been suspended for this discussion. This has all been documented by TheRegister (a highly-regarded British tech journal, something like Wired but on-line). Literally, knowledge of Judd Bagley and his site  (where he simply exposes these Wikipathologies) has became such a thought crime within the “open society” of Wikipedia that not only has mere mention of them become grounds for lifetime banishment, but Wikipedia ultimately blacked out 1,000 homes around Judd Bagely’s in an attempt to supress his evidence. (When I think of Wikipedia, I think of North Korea, where happy serfs toil in the sun weeding peas listening to endless “How Free We Are” propoganda blasted on loudspeakers hung from guard towers.)

Through heavily-documented stories on, Judd carefully backed Gary into a corner and exposed him, at which point Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales personally intervened to free Gary. However, it turns out (and we now also have incontrovertible proof of this also) that while Jimbo Wales has for months been publicly accusing Judd of being a “stalker” and such, Jimbo Wales has known all along that Gary Weiss  was indeed using the sockpuppets that Judd revealed. In other words, Jimbo knew that Judd was right, but he has been lying through his teeth to his own followers.

Again, I am stating this publicly here so that this evidence (including the emails of journalists), can be attributed to me, so that a good journalist can go ahead and publish without fear of legal repurcussion.

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