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Emails show journalist rigged Wikipedia's naked shorts

Writing from the pages of a makeshift website known as, Bagley has accused Gary Weiss of not only rigging Wikipedia but flooding countless blogs and stock message boards with anonymous vitriol meant to undermine Patrick Byrne and his views on naked shorting. And he says that Weiss has worked in tandem with several others, including a man named Floyd Schneider.

Gary Weiss: his DTCC ties and lies

We knew Gary Weiss's aim was to discredit and marginalize high profile opponents of illegal naked short selling. Yet his book, which seemed to be the launch pad of Weiss’s campaign, was quite critical of both hedge fund and prime broker culture: the two obvious sides of the naked shorting equation.So who was paying Weiss to spend all day, most every day, publishing his attacks via his blog, message boards, and Wikipedia? Nobody had ever considered the DTCC.

DTCC caught covering-up

There has been much speculation as to the root of Gary Weiss’s abiding interest in the personalities voicing their objections to the practice of illegal naked short securities trading. In February of 2007, some felt that question was answered in the form of a minor yet tremendously significant incident from which it could be fairly deduced that Weiss was, on the morning of January 19, 2007, using a computer on the network of the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC).