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Hedge funds and the global economic meltdown

I originally published this video last on the first anniversary of the destruction of Bear Stearns, though its lessons seem even more timely today,...
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The Register weighs in on our crusade

Recently, I revealed a few details of a security flaw I had discovered on the Yahoo! message boards, which made it possible to determine...
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Patrick Byrne was right all along

We've long maintained here at Deep Capture that Charlie Gasparino is possibly the most insightful figure at CNBC. Today, Mr. Gasparino underscored that status.
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The climate on Planet Money

I highly recommend making a habit of listening to NPR's Planet Money podcast.
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Goldman pillages, Goldman steals, Goldman Sachs

I think we can all agree that the middle of last September was as strange a time as our financial markets have ever experienced.
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A new category: Deep Capture the Book

As many of you already know, I’m currently writing a book dedicated to a much deeper examination of the subjects addressed in this blog....
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Gary Weiss busted. Again.

If you fail to find entertainment value in seeing illegal naked short selling proponent Gary Weiss publicly caught telling irresponsible lies, then you may...
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Blue Kryptonite and naked short selling

Within minutes of my introduction to the world of short selling hedge funds, I encountered the analogy that remains the best suited to describe...
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The Pendulum Swings

On balance, 2006 was a very dark time for the market reform movement, as every charge was followed by a blistering counter-charge, and every...
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Gary Weiss discards own identity, reborn “Tom Sykes” the bumbling sockpuppet

Apparently aware of the ruin that is his own reputation, Gary Weiss has taken to battling in favor of illegal stock market manipulation as...
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