NewsmaxTV Breaks Cone of Silence, Millions Hear Story There First

The Cone of Silence was smashed today by NewsmaxTV. That itself will be a source of discuss sometime in the future. In the meantime, enjoy.

Let the record show that numerous other journalists have had this story, with numerous points of confirmation from documents and outside sources, for somewhere between 6 weeks, and several, over a year. None would run with the story. Given Ms. Powell’s and Mr. Giuliani’s revelations in the last 24 hours, someone final found their jump-balls, and jumped. So instead of asking me why I took it to NewsmaxTV, ask others why they had information like this and much connected information, with various levels of confirmation, and failed to run it.

    1. Early a/m 4 nov. 2020
      I knew there was no freakin way Biden had the majority ..
      I am livid that our election was hijacked, the level of complicity from government officials on both sides doesn’t surprise me.
      What does surprise me is that no official at all had the integrity and honor to stop this madness …
      Thank you Mr Byrne

  1. I just shared this article on Zero Hedge in the comments under 2 articles about the election.

    Patrick,I hope you will consider posting an article/thread on DeepCapture where we all can discuss and share ideas on solutions and actions We The People can take to counter corruption and protect and promote freedom and integrity.

    We have endless examples of corruption,bribery,intimidation,censorship,surveillance and worse by politicians,government agents,big tech/media/pharma/finance etc.

    So what are We The People going to do about it?
    Does anyone have ideas for solutions that We The People can implement WITHOUT the help of politicians?

    I will start by offering an immediate and longer term idea for solutions in the links below which are the best ideas I can think of to counter such problems in a peaceful,productive way and make the world a better place.

    This link is an Action Plan For Immediate Change which contains mostly simple steps anyone can choose to take and share with others:

    This link was an idea for Overstock/Medici to work with We The People to change the world which I suggested a while ago but have failed in convincing them to take up:

    So what are We The People who value basic principles like truth/freedom/goodwill/integrity/Non Aggression principle/Golden Rule going to do about all the corruption in government and big tech/media/pharma/finance?The best way I can think of to counter that is for people to unite behind these principles and become an economic force.Money talks and it could be used to say GOOD things in contrast to all the bad things it is also used for.

    Most politicians won’t care about these principles until We The People show them We care about
    these principles.

    All political parties are easily co-opted & corrupted.

    No matter how many political parties exist,there will always be the temptations and pitfalls of bribery,intimidation and corruption.

    Most politicians who claim to serve the public are really serving themselves and their cronies.

    Therefore,We The People should unite behind principles and become an economic force to make change.

  2. Patrick
    Make this data public. Making accusations and saying you know it all and that you are credible will only go so far. You need to post this data where others can use it as it should be used. Thanks for your work.

    1. There are people piping everything to the appropriate lawyers. You will be reading it all in court filings this week.

      1. Par for the course for you. Refuse to show evidence of anything happening and tell people to wait. Seems the total lack of evidence route isn’t working well for Trump in the courts so far.

        1. I’m not interested in your reputation, any more than I am interested in Bill Gates’ belief that he should be giving us medical advice – or Tony Blair’s opinion on how everyone should be vaccinated.

          What I *am* interested in, however, is hard evidence. I’ve seen none of that, and without evidence, I don’t care what you’re saying – your opinion (and that’s what this is) is not credible without it.

          I have no time for the leftists constantly trying to dictate terms to us, based on what they call “the science” (but what is actually just political opinion, with contrary opinions simply removed from the debate.) If we are going to deal with this in a respectable way, you need to put up or shut up. It’s that simple.

          Sorry, but until we start behaving like the facts matter (which means sharing them for all to see), we deserve to lose.

      2. Like the evidence we saw today where the Trump legal team said there were irregularities because they thought the state abbreviation MI was Minnesota instead of Michigan?

      3. Patrick,
        I have followed your work, interviews and writings for the last 16 years with constant wonder and appreciation for your willingness to take on NSS and the players behind it because you saw it for what it was… a systemic threat and although maligned by the media, through the courts you kicked their teeth out..
        Then you stepped up against the corrupt establishment involving discredited former intelligence officials..
        And now, you are right about the voting fraud and how it has been perpetuated…
        Seems like the corrupt financial media and establishment from NSS have morphed into a much larger playing field with the media and now social media covering…
        Much has been outed, much more needs to be outed..
        They all want bigger yachts and power…
        Thank You for your efforts at all of this.

        1. You seem to be unable to accept the American people were cheated by ruthless power hungry psychopaths. The Truth will cleanse the USA and that’s the best disinfectant you can get. This Article will go down in History.

          1. Thank you. I am adding your name to my prayer list for protection. Can you send this info to Attorney General Barr. You are a true Patriot.

      4. Great work you are doing as the data clearly shows interference. In fact it stares one in the face and I live abroad so am politically neutral. Americans need to trust their system of election.


  3. Truthfreedompeace ,
    As long as licenses to practice every thing from law and medicine, to owning a business can be summarily removed for speaking truth to the public, then no matter what you may start, it will be shut down.
    Only those allowed to succeed will succeed.
    If you have not followed the long brutal tale of the destruction of Overstock by any means possible then do so.
    Consider it a primer course.
    They just want Overstock and Byrne gone, the REALLY brutal stories are the ones about companies with innovations or discoveries THEY want.
    A trail of gutted corpses.
    This is so big only real action from the top can do anything now.

  4. But they own the top, so everything rolls down hill and crushes the “Little People” who represent 99 percent of Mother Earth, or less when you factor for one percenters like Byrne cares to make them level playing fields.

    You seem to expect non aggression will accomplish the goal. History has proven that doesn’t work for the kinds of changes you believe are necessary. Passive resistance by Ghandi and MLK…..didn’t work. How are you going to tell 99 percent of the people to boycott XYZ company at any snapshot in time to kill their “cash flows,” and ultimately their owners inside? You are a dreamer seeking a nearly impossible task.

    Then again, maybe MLK’s work did finally pay off 50 years or more later since “Black Lives Matter,” on the surface, right? I do not know enough of India’s history to express if Gandhi’s methods have made things better in that part of the world.

    The system is a CF run by Devils who are The Fockers giving it to the Fockees. Identify and publicly name who The Fockers at the top are, and deal with them head on in the same brutal fashion they deal with the rest, and that’s the starting point of a new revolution where “all lives matter.”

    Thanks for sharing your ideologies.

  5. Maybe Trump allowed the election to be rigged so he can bring all of them British agents to trial. This thing goes deep. Maybe with proof of election rigging, the swamp can be drained. I am hoping anyway.

    1. If you honestly believe anything you just wrote you should hit yourself in the head with a tack hammer because you are a moron.

        1. Soooo… What exactly have we seen? That Trump is just a crybaby, and is now OFFICIALLY the laughing stock of the US!! You all are delusional.

  6. The top needs to realize the ones ‘serving’ them have been lying to them and that captured and controlled or dead does NOT lead to a better world for them.
    It is a dead end, in the most literal sense. I think the ones ‘serving’ may be doing it on purpose.
    Doing EXACTLY the opposite of what brings on a better outcome, to get and retain power.
    Who can you trust ?

  7. Remember what Chuck Schumer said, “The intelligence agency has 6 ways to Sunday to get you.”
    They play dirty and for keeps.
    Most of America is soft and too nice.

  8. God bless you. Thank you. We’re ALL praying that it will stand up in a COURT of LAW.
    Keep up the good work
    Kim Allcorn, Alabama

  9. Funny how “anon” sounds suspiciously Un-American. Odd troll …. wonder how much this individual is paid per comment? I say someone denies way too much.

  10. Just discovered you, and want to express my amazement and appreciation for what you are doing. Maybe one man can make a difference.

  11. I hope you can prove hacking. However, I’m afraid you are starting with a flawed assumption about it being odd that Trump was leading by a lot on election night and Biden caught up and passed him. Given this atypical election, that alone is not odd. Trump encouraged his supporters to vote in person-and most did. Democrats were encouraged to vote by mail-and most did. Therefore, in states that counted their in person votes before their mail votes, Trump would initially be ahead—by a lot. Check each state to determine when the counting of mail votes was allowed to start. Some counted as they came in (like Florida). Some didn’t start counting until election day.

    I do believe Trump won. Just please consider don’t treat Trump’s election night leads as an indication of cheating. Focus on your other indicators!!

    Thank you for working to expose fraud!

  12. I hope you can prove hacking. However, I’m afraid you are starting with a flawed assumption about it being odd that Trump was leading by a lot on election night and Biden caught up and passed him. Given this atypical election, that alone is not odd. Trump encouraged his supporters to vote in person-and most did. Democrats were encouraged to vote by mail-and most did. Therefore, in states that counted their in person votes before their mail votes, Trump would initially be ahead—by a lot. Check each state to determine when the counting of mail votes was allowed to start. Some counted as they came in (like Florida). Some didn’t start counting until election day.

    I do believe Trump won. Just please don’t treat Trump’s election night leads as an indication of cheating. Focus on your other indicators!!

    Thank you for working to expose fraud!

  13. Donald Trump must direct the fbi to start a criminal investigation, and use its search warrant powers to seize the voting machines for forensic analysis. There is enough evidence for probable cause at this point to take emergency action to preserve the evidence of the crimes, and Chinese in as heavy handed as they would do in any terrorist investigation.
    The Democrats did this to trump’s campaign with fast less evidence.

  14. I wish people weren’t so blind that they can’t see that the election was tampered with. Nancy P. was jumping through hoops to get mail in voting this time. I seriously believe all this was planned because they thought they could get away with it. Our postal service has many faults since government closed many post offices years ago. Mail used to get delivered in 3 days in my town, now it could take more than 30 days or not delivered at all. Local utility bills have trouble even getting delivered anymore. But yet Nancy wanted mail in voting. Lol!! All the evidence of fraud is right before their eyes yet even judges are in on the deal. Guess money still talks. President Trump is the best thing that ever happened for this country. He actually did remember he worked for the citizens of the US. He couldn’t be bought and they hated him for that. Still praying for justice to prevail over this horrible mess. May many more step forward and do the right thing by providing the most damaging evidence of the corruption that goes on at the hands of the political cesspool in Washington, that can’t be swept under the table or changed to the fake news that many report to us. Thank you to Newsmax and all reporters and journalists for reporting the true facts !! May God bless you all !!

  15. …and he did a much better job of articulating what went on in the flipped counties, this morning on the Glenn Beck show. He talked about surgically going into deep red counties and making them a bit paler red by removing votes — and taking those stolen votes and placing them in deep blue counties and making them deeper blue. The irregularities in these large counties don’t fit the mold that’s apparent in unmolested counties.

  16. I’m left to assume that this valuable information has been forwarded to Sidney, Rudy, and others that can make a good case a great case going forward.
    Thank you for all that you do Patrick, and it’s nice to see you back.

  17. Thank you for caring enough about the constitution to spend your time and resources to track down this information and imagine all this before the video surfaced of the thousands of ballots mysteriously tucked under a table and only taken out and counted after everyone was told to leave. Let’s all pray the courts step up and are willing to take this on.

  18. It wasn’t a slip of the tongue when Sleepy Joe said he had the best fraudsters – this guy is in the initial stages of senility. It wasn’t a slip of the tongue when he said, before a roomful of spectators, that he told Ukrainian officials that he would withhold one billion dollars of funding. Unless they fired Prosecutor Victor Shokin, investigating Hunter Biden’s connection with the rogue company, Burisma. “And, son of a bitch, they fired him.” Realizing that he had just shot his mouth off a tad too much, he followed up with, “And they put in place someone who was …solid.”

  19. Patrick, I read and watch he’d tour 3 part series on the Russian Girl and what the FBI made you do. I hope that woman is OK. I believe and trust you are a very smart man. We all as Human Beings are glad that you are involved to find/seek/tell the truth we all feel deep down in our Stomachs. We are now weeks away from the “LibTard” Democrats taking the WhiteHouse. It’s 12/20/20. More important than our election, is the future of the Human Race. Being locked down in Illinois since March, I have studied and researched very Troubling Matters. What I found was this:
    1. Covid-19 is man made. That’s how it can be patented. These Patents all were applied for 2014-2015.
    2. Obama Era funded with the government and Gates and Big Pharma and the NIH and FDA all researched this disease (created it!). Something happened either with a whistleblower, or someone at the NOH that grew a conscious was going to blow the whistle and the Disease was shipped to Whuhan China 2014ish with a $3.7 Million US Grant.
    3. We see videos of WEO, WHO, Gates, Klause, giving speeches anyone can see we need to control Cimate control by depopulation, making people Sterile, killing off 80-90% of the population thru vaccines. They all state they can achieve this thru a pandemic. Gates, Klause, other Rich asshole Globalists, and Big Tech (GlaxoSmith Kline) all have the patents on the virus, the vaccines, and the testing. No one can study any of this because of these patents.
    4. Gates, Rockefeller’s, Rothchilds, Bezos, Buffet, these people all behind a new currency. Cryptocurrency. Gates has a Patent.
    5. Nano Bytes, Particles, whatever, they have the patents, and Gates on videos tells us how great it’s going to be. Thru vaccines, these particles work there way to humans brains and can get signals and can send messages thru Super Beast Computers. Do what your told, you get money.
    6. Gates: how does a computer salesman now be the Authority on diseases and Vaccines? They guy bought a software program from someone else, his genius partner made it work, and when got sick, Gates screwed him and took the Company.
    7. Africa. Gates and Big Pharma has used Africans as a ginne pig of the world for testing vaccines. They now are killed if they come in stating they are there to cure Polio. They have had enough.
    8. Because of Trump, I believe the Globalists have played there hand for World Take over. Depopulate, kill off, one world order.
    9. Why are we lied to about Covid and locked down? CDC clearly shows Total death rates are same as 2019.
    10. Libtards Cares Act: Hospitals, Medical people, state death is Covid-19: get paid! Get hit by a bus: Covid!
    11. What do I tell my kids? Will my kids have a future? Anyone try’s to give a vaccine shot to my family and I’ll take it away and stab them in the eye with this poison! We are headed for Civil War!
    12. USA saying the vaccine is voluntary.
    13 Canada Parliment whistleblower showed Canada plan to wipe out there people’s debt. But take there land, and do what they are told.
    14. Pedophilles: Trump is arresting. Adrenochrome: stay young drug for the rich. Just torture children and kill them to get the drug with the drug they need! We know on the mill box while so many kids are gone now!
    15. The World rich CABAL! How do we get rid of them?

    You talked tonight about you know who stopped Dominion from stealing 2016! Who was it? We need to know! Patrick, I’m so afraid for All people of the World! Because your a Billionaire, you don’t have the right to say who lives or dies, this virus was a chess move to forward one rule order, depopulation, turning Human beings into robots, shutting down God, keeping Big Box stores and Strip Clubs open, and killing small business and the middle class! I just shut down my construction business. 70% of American families are about to be homeless! 30 Million January 1st are going to be foreclosed on! And renters will be evicted! Thank God my wife still has her career and we are ok! I have 2 extra Bedrooms to help families! I need you to tell us what you know? We Believe in Donald Trump! He’s done everything for the People! But he now is pushing this vaccine! Why? What the hell is going on! My Son Bradley is 18 and in college online. My daughter Jessica is at home with a degree trying to find a job! The Mainstream media are liars! Fox News is now dead too! I furnished with my office manager my 4 bedroom home in Tampa with all Overstock Bedding! It was all quality and we got what we paid for! I believe in you! Please help the Human Race! Tell us what’s going on! Stop the Steal! If Biden wins, we will have Civil War! We Educated Patriots will not take the Vaccine! God help the persons that try to get my family to take that Poison! We know we are being lied too! Please help us! I saw you were involved with Biden too with the FBI! Is that ever going to bear fruit? WTF is going on! Thanks Patrick! Sorry for the ranting!!!!

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