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Daniel Loeb is Mr. Pink and more

I. Daniel Loeb, manager of hedge fund Third Point Partners

The Silicon Investor stock message boards have Mr. Pink.

The Yahoo Finance stock message boards have Mr_Pink_esq.

In this legal filing, hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb admits that he is the Mr. Pink of Silicon Investor.

According to this Wall Street Journal story, Loeb insists that he is not Mr_Pink_esq of Yahoo Finance.

Loeb, as it turns out, is not telling the truth, and here’s how I know it:

On Yahoo Finance, Mr_Pink_esq manually signs all his posts, as either “Mr. P$nk” or “MP”.

Mr_Pink_esq is the only message board poster who signs his posts as Mr. P$nk…with two important exceptions: ricardo_ferberger and senor_pinche_wey.


On the fourth post of his short career, ricardo_ferberger signed this post to Yahoo’s MEDC stock message board “Mr. P$nk”.

Interestingly, the post expressed a point of view that ran 100% counter to the strawman arguments typical of each of ricardo_ferberger’s previous three contributions, but was entirely consistent with Mr_Pink_esq’s well-established hostility toward MEDC.

Almost immediately, another poster asked ricardo_ferberger why he had used Mr_Pink_esq’s signature. Ricardo_ferberger responded by claiming that he had copied and pasted the entire text of this post by Mr. Pink on Silicon Investor – signature included.

Unfortunately for ricardo_ferberger, the post he claimed to have copied from Silicon Investor was actually time-stamped 14 minutes later than the Yahoo post that supposedly drew from it.

Two conclusions can be drawn from this episode:

  1. Ricardo_ferberger and Mr_Pink_esq are two aliases belonging to the same person.
  2. That person is also Mr. Pink on Silicon investor.

Because we know Mr. Pink on Silicon Investor is hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb, it stands to reason that Loeb lied when he told the Wall Street Journal that he was not Mr_Pink_esq.


Though it went entirely ignored at the time, on one occasion, Yahoo Finance poster senor_pinche_wey also signed a post as “Mr. P$nk”.

Senor_pinche_wey@yahoo.com is the email address used by a former participant of several message boards dedicated to Ashtanga yoga – the style Loeb is known to practice.

Shockingly, even  enlightened Ashtanga yoga practitioners have their limits, and – like so many on Yahoo Finance – many lost patience with Senor Pinche Wey. So much so, that one brilliant poster took steps to capture Senor Pinche Wey’s IP address, only to discover that it traced back to Third Point Management.

Indeed, senor_pinche_wey is Daniel Loeb.

This is significant because, as explained in an earlier item, senor_pinche_wey is the (previously) anonymous Yahoo message board poster whose defamatory writings led to a lawsuit and, ultimately, unfortunate legal precedents affirming the rights of childish and abusive stock message board trolls.

Now, for a little running up of the score.

As proof that old habits die hard, in this post to the India Divine Ashtanga Yoga message board, we see Senor Pinche Wey engage in an impressive act of logical contortionism as he tries to explain why he occasionally signs his posts there as “MP” (which is, as mentioned above, how Mr_Pink_esq occasionally signed his posts on Yahoo Finance).

II.Robert Chapman, manager of Chapman Capital

In the same Wall Street Journal story mentioned earlier, it’s revealed that Robert Chapman, manager of hedge fund Chapman Capital, posts on Yahoo message boards as bobbingbargain.

Based on evidence referenced in the same story, it’s apparent that Chapman also posts on Yahoo Finance message boards as kidstockjoec and LaseriumQueen.

A lexical analysis and the dissembler sorting algorithm reveal that the person behind kidstockjoec is also behind disgustedinvestor, tautologicaltrader, notably_absent, herniatedgorilla, and ghaulty_lodgick.

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Gary Weiss and his Yahoo Gnomes

What brought me into this fight in a public way was the discovery that Gary Weiss was posting to the Yahoo Finance message board as “Lamborghini751”.

I figured this out, initially, by figuring out that Gary was commenting on his own blog as “Lamborghini751”.

In response, Weiss swore that indeed, he had posted Lamborghini751’s comments, but that it had been at Lambo’s request.

Apparently it was easier for Lambo to email the comments to Weiss than to actually post them himself.


At the time, Weiss took the additional step of swearing that he’d never actually posted anything to Yahoo Finance.

Well…let’s see what his email to Floyd Schneider has to say on the matter.

(Read this to learn how I came to posses email between Gary Weiss and Floyd Schneider).

On February 17, 2006, Floyd sent Gary Weiss a link to a story relating to securities fraud. For some reason, this prompted the following reply from Gary:

From: garyrweiss@verizon.net
To: Floyd3491@aol.com
Subject: Re: Each year, Americans lose an estimated $40 billion to securities fraud
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 11:16:24 -0500
Received: from unknown (HELO maincomputer) (garyrweiss@verizon.net@ with login) by smtp102.vzn.mail.dcn.yahoo.com with SMTP; 17 Feb 2006 16:16:28 -0000
Excellent! Reminds me to transfer my google alerts over to my new Verizon account.
One damn thing about Verizon is that it has prevented my gnomes from posting on the Yahoo boards! The link is sometimes down for hours on end.

Any guesses as to what Weiss means when he refers to his “gnomes”?

As it happens, I know precisely who Weiss’s gnomes were. But the point is, unless Weiss employs faerie-world creatures to do his dirty work for him, he was lying when he claimed that he never posted anything to Yahoo Finance.

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