Was the United States Attacked By Financial Terrorists?
   2.The “Money Weapon” and a Jihad Bigger than Bin Laden
   3.Michael Milken and the BCCI Criminal Enterprise
   4.Michael Milken, the Mafia, and Some Powerful Hedge Funds
   5.The Russians, their Friends, and Bernie Madoff’s Bear Markets
   6.Man Financial and Al Qaeda’s Wash Trades
   7.The Bernie Madoff Cover-Up, the Blind Sheikh, and the RLevi2 Algorithmic Market Manipulation Machine
   8.Al Qaeda, Iran, and Some Mafia-tied Agents of Economic Sabotage
   9.The Collapse of MJK Clearing, a Few Loose Nukes, and a Lot of Self-Destruct CDOs
   10.The Mafia, the Markets, and a Message from Russia
   11.Michael Milken’s Market Manipulation Club and Al Qaeda’s Big Bank
   12.Russian Spies, Rogue States, and the Manipulation of the American Markets
   13.The Collapse of Refco; the Take-down of National Heritage Life; and the Day the Mafia-Jihadi Nexus Discovered Penson Financial
   14.How the Russian Mafia Captured the DTCC — and the American Financial System
   15.Ali Nazerali in Aruba, and an Al Qaeda Financial Weapon Called PTech
   16.The Deep Capture of America, and Some Clues as to the Once and Future Cataclysm
   17.A Brief Note on the Unimaginable
   18.Penson Financial’s Strange Clientele
   19.How the Mafia-Jihadi Nexus Made Penson Financial the Biggest Brokerage on the Planet
   20.Uhm, Mr. President, We Might Have a Problem…
   21.How a Small Gang of Organized Criminals Wrecked the World
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