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The Honorable Gill Freeman Throws Book at Barry Minkow, Nicks Paymaster Sam Antar. Plus, A Question for Whitney Tilson, Minkow Paymaster #2

Barry Minkow spent last week in plea negotiations regarding a federal indictment on which he is hoping to receive only 5 years, says his lawyer. (LA Weekly: Barry Minkow to plead guilty to insider...
Patrick Byrne
13 min read

Today’s “If Only There Were a Pattern” Moment: Sam Antar Crony Barry Minkow Still a Crook. Who Knew?

Today was a red-letter day for Barry Minkow and Sam Antar, who have provided DeepCapture so many Rosencrantz and Guildenstern moments. To summarize: 1) Barry Minkow turned out to be, once again, a crook....
Patrick Byrne
3 min read

Truman Show Moments and Doublethink on the Road to Deep Capture

You may remember Peter Weir’s 1998 film, The Truman Show, in which the protagonist (Jim Carrey) is enjoying what he perceives as a picture-perfect life in the idyllic town of Seahaven, but which is...
Patrick Byrne
9 min read

Fortune Magazine Gets the Vapors Defending Goldman Sachs

“I am really going to enjoy watching Goldman Sachs try to justify its nefarious schemes to a jury box with 12 Americans in it,’ he said.” That was Fortune Magazine quoting me on January...
Patrick Byrne
2 min read

Deep Capture: The Elevator Pitch

Point #1: Agents in a marketplace first commit to a trade, and then exchange the property rights they committed to trade.  The financial jargon for the mechanism which permits this exchange of property rights...
Patrick Byrne
3 min read

Goldman Sachs Makes New Attempt at Humor With Old Canard

On Thursday Overstock, a company for which I work by day (and most evenings and weekends, too) issued the following press release: “Overstock Adding Racketeering Allegations to Ongoing Lawsuit vs. Goldman Sachs and Bank...
Patrick Byrne
42 sec read

On Grandmothers, Dog Food, and Wall Street Porsches (Bethany McLean, Fortune Magazine)

Readers may have noticed my relative absence of late. I assure you that the mission of DeepCapture is often front-of-mind, but to pay the hosting fees and other expenses of our investigative journalism I...
Patrick Byrne
1 min read

The Foreclosure Crisis: Punchline to a Michael Lewis Joke from 2008?

The foreclosure crisis is being written and spoken of as though it were exclusively a paperwork crisis. For example, an October 18, 2010 Associated Press  wire described the scandal as one concerning “questions on...
Patrick Byrne
3 min read

Moral Hazard at the SEC

When attempting to understand much of what happens at the Securities and Exchange Commission, I believe moral hazard is nearly as important a factor as the much more frequently-discussed matter of regulatory capture.
Judd Bagley
5 min read