When Being Honorable is Viewed as Disruptive Instead of Beneficial

Gaining notoriety for battling settlement process corruption on Wall Street, Byrne subsequently emerged at the forefront of Blockchain technology integration, garnering him attention from individuals in Russia seeing it as means to prevent a post-Putin power vacuum. Maria Butina, approached him on the behalf of Russian Oligarchs interested in him speaking in Russia and meeting with Putin. Byrne reported the contact to the FBI and received guidance contradictory to law enforcement objectives from top officials he referred to as “X,Y, and Z” (one of which was Peter Strzok). He realized that something unusual was going on. His company was launching TZero, and attempted to sell the retail portion to enable this. The SEC executed actions that made it difficult. This paired with a capricious buyer tanked the deal. Byrne was offered $1Billion incentivized in the form of making the SEC interference go away. He instead made a report to the DOJ, then gave a series of interviews. The CFO of Overstock convinced Byrne staying with the company made them uninsurable, and prevented the stock from reaching $50. Byrne agreed to leave the company despite learning of deception. He arranged to sell his stock at a pre-determined time with full disclosure to the board, and broke contact with them entirely to avoid insider trading. Byrne's shares of Overstock sells, the digital dividend is cancelled/delayed by the SEC, stock prices take a hard dive, and further SEC investigations/lawsuits ensue. Consequently, the head of the SEC investigations is Peter Strzok’s wife.

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