The truth cannot be hidden forever

Before the great financial crisis of 2008, Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne sounded the alarm against stock market corruption in Wall Street about their embezzlement through defective stock settlement system. The SEC turning a blind eye enabled the bad actors to engage in what has become the largest financial crime of all time. In the Spring of 2019, Patrick Byrne again sounded the alarm, this time about Deep State political espionage related to the 2016 Presidential election. Byrne gained knowledge of corruption after becoming involved with a Russian national Maria Butina. In 2016, Byrne saw that Butina, through her personal charm and charisma, was opening backdoor channels between powerful figures in Russia and the major US presidential candidates of both parties. Byrne informed the federal officials about Butina and asked for advice. In retrospect, the feds were tracking Butina with the intention of using her as either blackmail against any future president or as a means to remove an unwanted winner of the election. Patrick Byrne made several TV appearances in August 2019 describing how he may have been used in a quasi coup attempt on President Trump. In August of 2019, the CFO of Overstock convinced Byrne that Byrne staying involved with the company made Overstock uninsurable. Patrick Byrne had to abandon his company and leave the country. The sun cannot be covered with mud, and the truth cannot be hidden forever. Dum spiro, spero.

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