The Return of the Magi

Patrick Byrne is the Magi of Market Reform. He has tried valiantly for almost 20 years to save our financial system. To appreciate the good guy (Magi) we must know his opponents. Well, start with the mafia, crooked brokers, terrorist and muckraking journalist and you are off to a pretty good start. The Miscreants have wealth, connections and authorities on their side. The Magi had the common people on his. This epic battle is ongoing. Why has the Magi and his faithful persevered? Simply because it's the right thing to do. Patrick speaks often about his love of country. As one of the faithful I find this inspiring. The words of Edmund Burke ring loud and true today “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
So how do we sum up the last 6 months when the Magi once again, put his life on the line? Same old same old. He is trashed by the media, ignored by the general population and laughed at by the Miscreants. However, our day will come and I believe it is coming soon. For the Magi has a master plan. One to be revealed soon. Once revealed, the population of the Earth will see good does triumph over evil. Why? Because truth will out. It is the order in God's Universe. No matter how much people try to bury the truth it can't be hidden. It waits to be unearthed. The Magi has a steam shovel and a will that can't be beat. So be ready Miscreants, the Magi is coming for you. Good things come to those who wait. I'm proud to be on your side Magi. Winning the bitcoin who do wonders for me. The Miscreants have stolen all my money. The bitcoin will allow me to keep Alpo off my menu. At least for a while. Thank you for all you have done Magi.

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