The Boy Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest

In Stieg Larsson’s trilogy, protagonist Lisbeth Salander ,on the Autism spectrum, goes about meting justice by using mad computer skills and her willingness to give back in like measure. Larsson however does not weave these tales in first person, otherwise we would have gotten the kind of disjointed story we have had from Patrick Byrne ,self described Asberger, these last few months of 2019. Byrne, founder of Overstock, takes on the SEC, the deep state, and Wall Street . There are side and past intrigues galore : Overstock innerworkings , broker cheats, a love interest , American politics, a reverse honeypot, and a couple of serious health scares. This hopeless mess of posts , comments, and downright inconsistencies manage to entertain as only a blog can. The ending, in which the wrongdoers are in a prison cell of dimensions his lover endured, has yet to happen as Byrne has left things to the regular channels of justice. Lisbeth would have created one in her own basement. The health scares have both been beaten, so twentyfirst century medicine comes out pretty good. Also the tZero dividend did not happen and so didn’t hit unseen foes in the wallet to the tune of a billion; however it NOT happening did expose the deep state in a delicious plot twist. In real life the epilogue isn’t tidy for though Byrne is sailing off into the sunset, cashed out, the sheriff still hasn’t come to town .

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