Patrick Byrnes Jihad against the Deep State and the Wall Street Oligarchy

Byrne had become instrumentalized by the FBI while fishing for a Russian “Spy” Maria Butina. When being offered a Billion Dollar Bribe to play ball weird things were matching up. Byrne had gotten to the bottom of who was fabricating what became the “Russian Collusion” - Peter Strzok, FBI Chief of Counterespionage, among others - in an orchestrated plot to bring down Donald Trump should he be elected. What Byrne reported on finally is breaking mainstream news. The Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz FISA report due December 9th will be confirmation and an eye opener for the world to see.

Prior to all of this unfolding Byrne uncovered financial oligarchs and their modus operandi in essence a trillion dollar security fraud draining US corporations through stock manipulation, creation of phantom shares and naked short selling practices. The lack of transparency and the SEC turning a blind eye enables financial entities to engage in what has become the largest financial crime of all time.

While the FBI Chief of Counterespionage sets up a coup d'etat against the US Presidency Melissa Hodgeman, Peter Strzoks own wife, was being named Associate Director in the SEC Enforcement Division.

Can corruption become more intricate, more interconnected, more profound, more dangerous?
Patrick Byrne had to leave the country and abandon his company

We wait for Attorney General Bill Barr to prosecute, reestablish Democracy and free the republic from being deep captured.

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