Patrick Byrne vs SECretaries of Deep State

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne made several TV appearances in August 2019 describing how he may have been used in a soft coup attempt on President Trump.

Byrne suggested the complicity of Peter Strzok, who is married to SEC official Melissa Hodgman.

Byrne said that he was encouraged to go public with his information by his mentor,Warren Buffett.

Byrne said that he may have been offered a billion dollar bribe to keep quiet on this issue.

Byrne said he thought he was cooperating with U.S. intelligence officials for the purpose of law enforcement but later realized he was being used for political espionage conducted against Donald Trump,Hillary Clinton,Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Byrne had a relationship with Russian citizen Maria Butina,who had sought contacts with the campaigns of Trump,Clinton,Rubio and Cruz.Butina was imprisoned and is now released.

Byrne explained that he had contacted FBI officials to get clearance to continue his relationship with Butina after he met her and was given the “green light” to do so.Byrne said that he believes Butina is a sincere advocate for freedom and peace.

Patrick Byrne had been an FBI informant in two prior cases.
The first case was to help identify the killer of his friend who was murdered.
The second case was to provide information regarding stock market corruption.

Byrne and Overstock have been the subject of multiple SEC investigations which Byrne suspects might be a result of his public complaints against stock market corruption.

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