Patrick Byrne: An American Icon

Love him or hate him, Patrick Byrne is an American icon. Since his early days, he has become a lightning rod of controversy which (some would say) is brought on by a virulent (unorthodox) approach to capital markets. Whether it was taking a $25 million-dollar easy money "pass" in his youth or balking at a billion-dollar bribe on the biggest political scandal of our collective lifetime, Patrick Byrne has remained true to his classic "Liberal" roots. Simply put, Patrick Byrne is an iconoclast, that is, one who bucks against "cherished beliefs and traditional norms". None of this starker by contrast than his battle against the Wall Street robber barons and the "slack" that creates (unworthy) millionaires simply by virtue of their position. Anchored by a famous father (GEICO) and a bombastic mom (who has always sought the best for her son), Patrick has drawn upon his own life experiences (with a little help from his "rabbi", Warren Buffet) to navigate the tempests of life and remain true to the morals instilled from his youth. Through it all, Patrick is a battle tested warrior against a string of medical adversities (of which few can relate) but continues to fight on with an inexplicable grace as a visionary in search of a just paradigm and “fundamental fairness” for the masses. No one knows what lies ahead for Patrick, but one thing is for sure: the time for moving goal posts, the time for "Bazoomba", has long since passed.

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