No Stone Left Unturned

A concerned citizen, a patriot with a presage, and now, a nascent nomad. It all began at The Miscreants’ Ball in 2005 - a shocking call where Patrick Byrne analytically lifted a boulder to reveal a soiree of hedge funds, journalists and investigators - waltzing to the tune of “phantom” stocks. When the light cast upon the covetous creatures beneath - some of them fled, some even attacked - but most of them just dug themselves a deeper hole. Byrne had overcome cancer, founded an internet giant, and built an empire - but it was the unearthing of that rock that became the proudest day of his life. A recession, a decentralized currency, and an upset election later, Byrne has re-emerged. At the gates of a garden party full of oligarchs and hedge fund hoagies, he has shown up as an uninvited guest - intent to stay until no stone is left unturned. In his trials, Patrick has faced short sellers, billion-dollar bribes and even a honeypot foreign agent. He’s helped the FBI, reported to the DOJ, and been betrayed by the SEC. A necessary sacrifice at the Overstock table of his making - Byrne has come to tell his truths and lambast the lies. This service to his principles has forced Byrne to leave his country in pursuit of safety abroad. Hedged with crypto, gold, and more wisdom and experience to impart, he only asks of one thing - that we hear what he has to say, and perhaps meet him at the gates once again.

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