More Pepper: Short Freaks and Hot Takes.

Financial Justice Warrior Patrick Byrne makes the first cut against the Wall Street Gang grain with a Dutch Auction rather than joining the IPO racket, earns perpetual malice for not falling in line. Despite not being a Good Ole’ Boy Byrne builds a successful company pestered by subtle efforts to pancake progress by those who stand to lose to the truth: the rules aren’t there to protect the public, they are selectively enforced by friends in high places. Government agencies spend years doing bare minimum to not disrupt the status quo, using Byrne’s talent while retarding his efforts in a bath of red-tape and circumstance. In a delicate game of Goliath and mouse Byrne spends years coordinating the creation of a brilliant new system to eliminate the sloppy settlement that enables the fraud playground to proliferate unexposed; blockchain opens the book that the SEC asked him to translate while buying Wall Street time to bail water. Rich crooks chop at the OSTK tree trunk lest the fruit grows. Impairing the company with smear and phantom shares distracts from the overarching plan which is to reinvent truth in assets. Detractors are successful in shaking the easily distracted, Patrick is persona non grata. While cooking a souffle containing a jail-break chisel, his Sous-Chefs failed to follow the recipe. Now Café Bazoomba is full despite the GSR dine-and-dash, but the executive chef has three Michelin stars for a reason and the patrons are salivating at what he can put on a silver platter.

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