Man vs. Swamp

The rule of law has returned to the USA under Attorney General Bill Barr prompting our protagonist to come forward with information regarding his role in the Russian collusion scandal. High-level figures in government, including former FBI Peter Strzok, gave him direct orders to pursue a romantic relationship with Russian journalist, Maria Butina. Uncovering the ploy that she was being allowed to contact several political parties in 2016 including Hillary and Trump, she could subsequently be used to taint their images as an insurance policy. CEO of a multimillion-dollar company targeted by malfeasance, he’s called attention to financial market corruption by major players operating outside normal investment channels. SEC, the very group created to combat such activities, secretly enable those participants willing to turn a blind eye. Silent vindication would come in the aftermath of 2008 witnessing wall street and banking arrests with FED chairman Alan Greenspan admitting to systematic settlement flaws warned of years prior. Libertarian at heart, and understanding blockchain potential, he devised a fully accredited crypto-stock dividend to expose “slop” created through naked short selling. Approved and scheduled for deployment, he’s blindsided by fake ultimatums coercing his resignation. Liquidating his stock to achieve distance and transparency, proceeds are converted into gold and cryptocurrency, assets beyond market manipulators reach. Meanwhile, the dividend gets postponed and an investigation ensues by the SEC lead by none other than Melissa Hodgman, the wife of Peter Strzok… welcome to the swamp. Meet Patrick Byrne, and follow his continuing saga at DEEPCAPTURE.COM

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