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The SEC has turned a blind eye, allowing hedgefunds to loot the pension systems from the bottom, through naked short selling of select stocks, through help of a 3 day settlement system of musical chairs. The proceeds from these action are used to bank roll TV personalities, bloggers, buy-off regulators, and even politicians. You’ve mentioned the Trillion dollar law suit. Your “bringing the house down” is exposing the system to show that OSTKO is perhaps the most manipulated stock in the history of the stock market. They (SEC) tried to act like they were okay finding a solution to naked short selling, the same thing that caused the lockup back in 2009ish, but you came to find out otherwise, that its the same SEC. They were on board with the digital dividend, then not on board because they realized that It was greatly expose and having other companies do the same thing would cause the system to crash something so grave that we’ve ever yet to see. Regulators then attempted to bribe you to not go forward with It. When you continued to leaked info, and like you said the pulled bazoomba to stop It all. The litmus test as you say, and they fell for It

did not check for typos, but you get It.

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