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Gary Weiss discards own identity, reborn “Tom Sykes” the bumbling sockpuppet

Apparently aware of the ruin that is his own reputation, Gary Weiss has taken to battling in favor of illegal stock market manipulation as “Tom Sykes”.
Judd Bagley
3 min read

Patrick Byrne on New England Cable News

Patrick Byrne recently appeared on New England Cable News to discuss the state of the fight against illegal naked short selling.
Judd Bagley
0 sec read

Patrick Byrne gives Jim Chanos the Business, Episode I

Patrick Byrne responds to short seller Jim Chanos on Fox Business Network.
Judd Bagley
0 sec read

Deep Capture Forum is now live

The much-anticipated Deep Capture forum is now live and eagerly awaiting your participation.
Judd Bagley
38 sec read

Naked short selling – redefining systemic risk

There is some evidence suggesting the federal government might be spending tens of billions of dollars to deal with the accumulation of failed trades caused by illegal naked short selling. If that's true, we're...
Judd Bagley
16 sec read

With Media Absent, a Senator Reports the News

Last night, CNBC’s Jim Cramer interviewed Senator Ted Kaufman about the problem of abusive short selling.
Mark Mitchell
5 min read

SABEW Demands Ideological Purity, Membership Conducts Maoist “Self-Criticism” Ritual

I did not really have a burning desire to join SABEW. To steal a page from Groucho Marx, I wouldn't want to join any club that would have SABEW members as members.
Patrick Byrne
10 min read

Obama finds hedge fund greed troubling

When announcing that Chrysler would be reorganizing under Chapter 11 today, President Obama went out of his way to highlight the role un-named hedge funds played in pushing the auto-maker to bankruptcy.
Judd Bagley
22 sec read

Dendreon’s Cancer Researchers vs. Hedge Funds & The Bootlick Journalists (or, What’s 18 Million Fails Among Friends?)

One of the arguments made with metronomic regularity by those defending illegal stock manipulation then unthinkingly regurgitated by their lapdog financial reporters is this: Prove the harm caused by illegal naked short selling. Well,...
Patrick Byrne
2 min read

Welcome to the new Deep Capture

The Deep Capture team is very pleased to present the new and vastly improved deepcapture.com.
Judd Bagley
50 sec read