Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Journalists Tried to Be Players But Became Pawns

Anti-Investigative Reporter Joe Nocera and The Newspaper of Non-Record (New York Times)

Joe Nocera has a problem. Nocera’s problem is not what Apple CEO Steve Jobs thinks of him (“Steve Jobs Doesn’t Have Cancer, Calls NYT Columnist a ‘Slime Bucket’“). No, Joe’s problem is that the naked short...
Patrick Byrne
18 min read

Why Are Fortune Magazine and the New York Financial Media Suddenly Pimping Sam Antar the Crook?

I will briefly recount the sordid history of Sam Antar the Crook. Then, and only then, will the reader grasp the import of the question, “Whose interests are being served by the recent promotion...
Patrick Byrne
3 min read

Slow Learner

The second time I heard the joke I was standing on a hilltop in the middle of the night overlooking Kabul, Afghanistan in February, 2004. I finally got the joke that second time I...
Patrick Byrne
5 min read