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Great Teachers & A Grand Unified Political Theory

Some months ago, while scraping the bottom of the barrel of possible speakers, the esteemed Rutgers Philosophy Department invited me to give a talk....
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Professor William Black Flunks Bethany McLean for Giving Hall Passes to Goldman Sachs and Wall Street

I first heard of William K. Black over 20 years ago as the regulator who had stood up to the “Keating 5” and come out...
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Barron’s Gary Weiss Caught Plagiarizing Matt Taibbi, Find-Replaces Style With Spin

Barron's published an essay cribbed from a previously-published essay by a competing magazine's journalist in a plagiarization so bald it would not pass muster...
51 4 min read

Apparently, The Turtles Run Only to Neil Barofsky

A story is told that Bertrand Russell, while teaching for a year in India, was once interrupted from a lecture on modern cosmology by...
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From “the corner of Wall and Broad with pitchforks and nooses”: My April, 2006 letter to the Wall Street Journal

Here’s the Naked Truth About Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you. Then you win.”...
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A Respectful Invitation to All Hoodlums, Cutpurses, Thugs and Assorted Miscreants Named Herein

Mark Mitchell’s writings seem to be striking a nerve, at last. After months of no response but silence, in the last few weeks DeepCapture...
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The Miscreants’ Global Bust-Out: Preface

In some respects the financial crisis is what the Mafia calls a "bust-out", but on a gigantic scale.
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Barry Minkow’s Lawyer Seeks Divorce, Cites “Irreconcilable Differences” with Barry

On March 10, 2011, Alvin E. Entin, Esquire, counsel to one Barry Minkow, filed with a Florida court a “Motion to Withdraw” as Barry...
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A New Party Heard From: Clyde Eltzroth, Bloomberg (UPDATED)

The sounds of squealing could be heard over the low hum of the air recirculation machinery in the drab, windowless federal interview room.  “Please!”...
45 3 min read

Paragon of Integrity Whitney Tilson Gets Laryngitis, Too

In the summer of 2006  Whitney Tilson took me to lunch, and invited me to speak at his then-upcoming 2nd Annual Value Investing Congress...
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