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Goldman Sachs Internal Memo (Yesterday): “Easy to Borrow List to be Discontinued”

Goldman Sachs internal memo discontinues its role in illegal practice.
7 2 min read

Grateful Dead “Fare Thee Well” Concert Their Greatest Prank Ever: A 60’s Style Acid Test

Americas Band, the Grateful Dead, is making history in their "Fare Thee Well" concert.
3 5 min read

How CNBC (Becky Quick, Jim Cramer, and Joe Kernan) Can Solve Its Collapsing Viewership Problem

One of the proudest moments of my life came the day that the CNBC producer called to tell me that the article I had...
21 1 min read

And Now a Message from Our Sponsor….

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Ex-Mafia Boss Mentions Mafia Activity on Wall Street (CNBC)

You can also watch the segment on the CNBC website here   “I did a lot of things at times with people on Wall...
14 14 sec read

Meanwhile, Euroclear (Europe’s DTCC) Warns That It, Too, Engages in Fractional Reserve Banking Without a Reserve Requirement

“The Euroclear operator advises as follows: under Belgian law, investors that are credited with securities on the records of the Euroclear operator have a...
24 46 sec read

While CNBC Searches for Its Courage, Glenn Beck and Patrick Byrne Discuss Oligarchy on The Blaze

This week I swung through Dallas to be interviewed by Glenn Beck. I was given a tour of TheBlaze, where I found they have...
24 1 min read

Robert Brazell: Shyster Extraordinaire

Learning that a Texas judge recently issued a capias arrest warrant for Rob Brazell (Kondos v Brazell Note Order for Capias) brings back memories...
36 18 min read

My Response to Becky Quick’s Proposal: I Do

CNBC's Becky Quick said on-air that she would like to have me on. I accept her invitation.
23 19 sec read

Guess What Folks, David S. Evans Does Not Know His Ass from a Hole in the Ground (Patrick Byrne’s reply to David Evans’ Bitcoin hit-piece, “Guess What Folks, Does Not T

On May 23, 2014 (“what’s next in payments and commerce”) published a piece (“Guess What Folks, Does Not Take Bitcoin”) by David...
29 1 min read