Patrick Byrne A concerned citizen who has been hunting the oligarchy and Deep State since 2004. My actions forced me to abandon recently my 2,000 colleagues at Help them out by going to and making a purchase.


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Prizes Awarded = 2 Bitcoin

After leaving Overstock in August 2019 I wrote a series of blogs clarifying: Overstock decisions that previously I could not have explained; Deep State...
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20 Years Lashed to the Mast

I took to these pages upon departure because I felt I should immediately clear up mysteries surrounding your firm. I hoped that through these...
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Essay Contest (Prize = 1 Bitcoin ): Final Round

Voting ends on 12/31/2019 at 11:59pm Utah (MST) Time. Only one vote per IP address is allowed per day. Multiple votes for a single...
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Vote in the Essay Contest

Voting is open until 12/31/2019 11:59p.m. Utah (MST Time) Entries will be narrowed down to TOP 7 at noon 12/26/2019 Utah (MST Time)
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On Paradigms, Politics, & Preet Bharara

The thrust of the news between now and Christmas is something I already know. It may be a good time to talk some “philosophy...
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Step Right Up & Win a Bitcoin: Synopsize Last 3 Months of Essays

Vote in Contest Here I will pay a prize of 1 bitcoin (worth ≈ $8,200 as I type) to the person who creates the...
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Reflections on Overstock Q3 Quarterly Earnings

A number of people have asked for comment. I listened to the full recording. I will be brief. That keiretsu of blockchain companies is...
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The SEC & Me, Part Deux

On April 12, 2016 my relationship with the SEC began anew. I know the date because that day in Washington, DC  I gave a...
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Why I Settled the Lawsuit Against the Prime Brokers

Over the years numerous people have asked me or posted on this message board one version or another of a question regarding my decision...
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The SEC & Me, Part I: #MeToo

1) “Pariah for Life on Wall Street” In 2002 Overstock went public using the Hambrecht Dutch Auction method. How did that come about? The...
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