New 15 Second Video Spoils New York Times’ Lotion Job for Ray Epps

Several days ago the New York Times jerked off Ray Epps on their own front page. There is no other way to put it: the New York Times portrayed Ray Epps as the victim of hostile right-wing forces trying to submerge him in their conspiracy theory that he was instrumental in getting the J6 attack to happen. Truly.

NEW YORK TIMES: A Trump Backer’s Downfall as the Target of a Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theory: Ray Epps became the unwitting face of an attempt by pro-Trump forces to promote the baseless idea that the F.B.I. was behind the attack on the Capitol.

Here is the unwitting Ray Epps being “swept along in a crowd”:

Received from a source in my capacity as publisher/journalist at DeepCapture

Note: An earlier version of this essay identified a man sauntering in the foreground of the first few seconds as being Ray Epps. Further analysis strongly suggests this is not the case. The publisher believes Ray Epps is the man on the balustrade for the last 10 seconds facing backwards to the crowd and yelling, “Yeah! Yeah!”

  1. NOT the same people. Look at the jacket and diagonal strap going across the front… completely different attire. Also, Ray Epps has on a red hat, but the other guy has a dark blue or black hat. Check the video for reference. That IS Ray Epps in the crowd, but the guy yelling is NOT Ray Epps.

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  3. Nobody is denying he was a participant in the attack. The question is whether he’s federal agent. Does this video prove he’s a federal agent, Patrick?

  4. Wow Patrick – if people are saying Epps is the guy early in the video, in the beige vest over a camo jacket with no black patch on his shoulder, a red hat, no hoodie or scarf, a camera or tote bag with a thin brown strap and a two strap brown back pack; then who is the lunatic yelling on the steps in an all brown jacket with no camo, a prominent black patch on the shoulder, a hoodie or scarf, a blue hat, no two strap back pack and one thick black strap across his chest?

    Your self-described journalism is getting shoddier and shoddier. Either that, or you think your audience it stupid. Well, according the comments so far, they are starting to get onto you.

  5. What? The video is still up? It would be kind of a joke if you weren’t contributing to destroying some guy’s life.
    Not the same guy.
    Journalism indeed. If you rated yourself honestly on the scale you apply to Emma Brown or PBS, it would be an F minus 30. Pretty sad for a guy I once respected.
    By the way – who sent you the video? Let me guess – Tore?

      1. Conspiracy theorists gonna be conspiracy theorists. Jan 6 apologists have been looking for provocateurs from day 1, hoping to shift the blame onto Democrats, the deep state, RINOs, antifa or whoever they can, anybody but themselves, and this guy was a gift. So of course they have to go with it, and build a case, no matter how shaky. “He’s the only guy who didn’t get arrested or charged!” Nonsense. Thousands of people didn’t get arrested or charged. “They took down his wanted poster!” Yeah, because he turned himself in. “New York TImes did a puff piece on him!” Yeah, because it’s a very interesting story of how bizarre the Jan 6 crowd is, turning on one of their own because they couldn’t find an outsider to blame.

        1. And in fact even Patrick can’t let go. Look at how he embarrassed himself by posting the fraudulent, amateurish video showing the not-Epps guy ranting on the steps, and then doubling down on his error when called out. There are pictures of Epps all over the place and they all show the meandering guy in the red hat with camo sleeves, and Patrick has chosen to lie and say “the publisher believes” the other guy is Epps, because he can’t admit to being wrong (and maybe thinks he is setting up a slander defence by saying “he believes” when he really doesn’t.)

  6. Oh, I see you’ve made a weak attempt at covering yourself, acknowledging they are two different guys and claiming the second guy is Epps.
    Fail. The first guy is unquestionably Epps.

  7. Patrick this can be a teachable moment for you. I hope you’ll pay attention. The whole stolen election movement is based on credulous, low information masses receiving inaccurate information from seemingly credible leaders (you are one of these) who in turn are getting bad information from other seemingly credible leaders, without stopping to ask, “wait, let me think about this critically for a second.”

    Rudy G admitted to publicly citing long since thoroughly discredited information because he “didn’t have time” to verify it himself.

    Now, let us recall that what put Ray Epps in the crosshairs of the credulous low info people who follow you was the idea that he was an FBI agitator. He admits to being part of the J6 crowd. What does this video do to implicate him?

    I hope you’ll answer. Your practice of lobbing grenades and then fleeing to avoid the occasional, “wait, let’s think about this critically for a second,” pushback makes you look terrible.

  8. We might be dealing with a Mr. Inside/Outside. The best way to discredit a movement seeking to discover a forbidden truth is from the inside. Pretend to be an ally, then inject easily refutable disinformation. Then the whole movement (both legitimate and illegitimate) is discredited as a kooky unhinged conspiracy theory. It’s like how they conflated the Obama birth certificate people with the “dual citizen is not a natural born citizen” people to make a legitimate Constitutional question a fringe conspiracy theory that can be dismissed and need not be substantively addressed.

        1. Yes, there was a error in a pamphlet. Obama was born to an American mother Stanley Ann Dunham in Hawaii in 1961. There are birth notices in 2 Honolulu newspapers from that date. the long and short forms of the birth certificate were released. Multiple people who knew the family attested to it. When asked at lunch by a journalist if anything interesting had happened that week, one of the obstetricians at the hospital said “Stanley had a baby” and the journalist wrote home to her father (Stanley) about it. And had he been born outside the country he would still be eligible due to his American mother.
          And people only care about it because he’s black. Nobody has made a fuss about former presidential candidate Ted Cruz being born in Canada to a Cuban father who supported Fidel Castro, because he’s (more or less) white.

    1. @tommyloto Are you saying Patrick is discrediting the stolen election movement from the inside or that he’s being manipulated by someone on the outside?

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