How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 1: All the President’s Teams (11/3 – 12/17)

I will refrain from saying too much about my relationship with Sidney Powell. For one thing, it started off with me walking in with information, but over time it became something like I was working for her, helping her get answers to her questions. Then, if I recall correctly, she became my lawyer. Whichever it was, in time the relationship became something for which privilege surely applies. One cannot selectively waive privilege, and just share things one wants to share while claiming “privilege” on the others. I know that. But I can say is that our relationship started with me walking in off the street as a volunteer with information, and so I can talk about that phase of the relationship, but in time it became formal enough I will not be able to say more.

Mayor Giuliani, however, never became my lawyer, and I will not be so constrained in my accounts. My ultimate purpose (my only real purpose) is to deliver to the public as honest a rendering as I may construct of the events between November 3 and January 20. It seems like a historically worthy thing to do.

For my part, though they thought of me as an entrepreneur, I introduced myself to them as the proprietor of this website, I pointed out that back in 2008 it had won numerous awards for its business investigative journalism, and had also been voted the best journalism regarding corruption within the United States.  I may have done other things in life, but in addition I’m a journalist, and I have the rights any journalist has. This means I can investigate what I want to investigate, I don’t have to reveal how I learn things, and if I feel like sharing some of my findings with lawyers like Sidney and Rudy, it is no different than the dozens of other times this website has investigated things and shared its findings with lawyers, or even with law enforcement.

That first meeting I had with Sidney lasted perhaps 45 minutes. When I arrived at the office space, a strange hum hung in the air, as it does when people have just had words. I found Sidney sitting nearly by herself, perhaps an assistant and junior lawyer with her, in a nearly-empty space on one side of the office building. We quickly got to business, and it became clear that Sidney was well-informed, open-minded, and she on top of things. In sum, we had an intelligent conversation.

Sidney was in touch with people from the earliest days of the creation of these systems, and soon she showed that her information covered a portion of the narrative about which we had some knowledge but not much (mostly concerning the origin of the machines and their reason for certain design flaws). On the other hand, as we ran through what my side of the table had already teased out of the data in the days since the election, Sidney showed she understood what we were saying, and we quickly tied together what we each knew.  It was a highly-productive first conversation, and she ended it by telling me that I needed to go to the other side of the office, find Rudy Giuliani, and tell him everything I had just shared with her.

So my cyberbuddy and I went to the other side of the office building, to Rudy’s side, which I understood to be the center of gravity of the operation.

I should explain what I expected to find. I expected to find something like what we were creating (as I have described in previous chapters). A command post staffed by quants and cyber-ninjas and lawyers. The quants would be doing the statistical work, driving answers that would feed lawyers being notified of the research into such irregularities as I have walked through previously, and would be availing themselves of whatever remedies the law surely provided.  I figured there would be a war-board, with the states in question having boxed out all relevant data, progress, and to-do’s. There would be an information loop, obviously, such that the campaign headquarters in each state would be on a daily conference call to receive updates on progress. Thinking that may be a fair bit for one 76-year-old gentleman to manage, I imagined Rudy might have some strong COO, perhaps a lawyer, or perhaps an executive, who might be keeping assignments on track.

What I found is this:

The place was 20% empty, and another 30% were packing out their desks.

One conference room held a large number of lawyers around a table. At least 3 of them were solid. These lawyers were each assigned one or more states. Yet there were things going on at the state level and below, local lawyers were jumping in with actions of their own. and it was bubbling up organically. I came to learn that between Rudy’s legal team and the campaign staff there was 0 communication (even though they jointly occupied 2/3 of an office story). And between Rudy’s legal team and the campaign stuff and those local groups and their lawyers, there was also 0 communication. I did not know if that was for a legal reason or just the way they operated.  In time, I came to realize it was the latter.

The Mediocrity – I am not going to be mean about it. For example, I am not going to reveal the gender or other details about this person (other than to say, imagine a person who is a lawyer and who had once made a career at one of the better-known government agencies). But given how Mediocrity deliberately was horrible to work with, and because of how destructive Mediocrity’s behavior was, I will refer to the person as, “Mediocrity”.

The Commish – Think of Mike, from Breaking Bad. The quintessential cop. Tough, correct, and courteous, but stays poker-faced and dead-eyed at all times. Sits in meetings with his hand casually covering his mouth, saying nothing. When asked something, might open his mouth, and if he does he invariably has something highly intelligent to say. Making one wonder, “Why does he work so hard to keep his opinion to himself?”

The Mayor – Rudy Giuliani. I spent the late 1980’s in a hospital in New York City, and remember occasional Mafia killings outside Brooklyn joints or a mid-town steakhouse (it was always good for business, they’d say). Rudy was US Attorney there and then, breaking up the Mob. I always felt an affinity for him because of that overlap in time and place. And of course, on 9/11, Rudy became “America’s Mayor”.  In the years after that we intersected a few times, but when we crossed paths he never indicated he remembered me. His security company handled an issue for me when I was fighting Wall Street. I doubt he remembers, but when he ran for President a dozen years ago and came through Utah, local Republicans called me and asked to introduce Rudy at a gathering in a large Utah home being used for the gathering. I studied up on him, drove over, and gave a short introduction on Rudy Giuliani to the crowd, lasting about 30 seconds. Rudy took over, we shook hands, and that was the sum of my contact with Rudy Giuliani in his political days.

I do remember something from the Q&A that day that impressed me. A question on abortion came from the staunchly pro-life crowd. Rudy answered the questioner’s thrust, “No, I’ll never support a law that criminalizes abortion for the woman. Laws on abortion have always been directed at the activities of the doctors, not the mothers. I’ll never put a woman in jail for having an abortion. If that is what you folks are looking for, I’m not your man.” He lost 2/3 of the audience in that moment, but gained the respect of 1/3, among them, myself, out of respect for such rare directness from a politician.


So 12 years later, on a Friday afternoon at about 3 PM,  I walked into the office space that was being shared by the Trump campaign and the law firm that was forming up around Rudy Giuliani to investigate, address, and challenge, the election irregularities surfacing from the 2020 election. 

It was nothing like the outfit that I expected to find (explained above), with data-gathering feeding decision-making feeding information loops to keep a large and geographically distributed workforce operating successfully. Law firms are notoriously poorly-managed businesses in any case, they truly are, but the law firm-campaign space that had taken shape within that office was a particular shit-show. People wandered vaguely from meeting to meeting. The meetings I saw were run like bull sessions, with no agenda, no format, and no apparent sense of urgency.

Within about 45 minutes I was ushered to a room where I was to have 30 minutes with Rudy. Physically he was more of a grandfather than I had remembered, a bit less robust, a bit more hunched, and a bit more irascible. I explained to him carefully the outline of what we understood at that point, an outline such as the reader might have after watching this presentation by the MIT Math Ph.D. Dr. Shiva, or the exposition by Seth Keshel, as well as the cascade of stories regarding porous security in election systems cited above. I feared overwhelming him, so I tried to simplify. As I spoke he occasionally grunted stoically, so it was difficult to judge what was sinking in. After about 10 minutes Rudy started checking his multiple phones for texts, right in front of me, as we sat together. Or conversing with one of his assistants, sending someone on a side errand, or receiving a report back. It felt strange to be talking to a man who was paying so little attention, but the Commish, sitting on the side, motioned for me to continue. After 30 minutes I was ushered out of the office, but told to hang around.

Eventually, I was brought back into a smaller room with Mayor Giuliani, and again asked to explain what I think happened. Realizing I may have overwhelmed him with my earlier explanation, and gotten him lost in the forest for the trees, I broke it down simply and slowly, like one would for one’s 76-year-old Grandfather. Again within 5-10 minutes he was fidgeting, grunting on occasion, sending people on unrelated side errands, checking his multiple phones for texts, and typing responses…. Meanwhile, I tried to stay on track. Yet there was a moment 15 minutes in when I got a whiff of something in that small office…. Medicine? Booze? Just as I was taking a sniff to determine, someone rushed in with some unrelated issue, and I was escorted from the office.

Again I wandered around among the staff, most of whom were professing to know nothing about what was going on, and many others of whom were packing up their desks into bankers’ boxes. Given what I already knew about the Rig by that point, I was perplexed and found myself drifting around the convoluted office space. 30 minutes later I was strolling outside some other conference room down the hall when I heard Rudy’s familiar voice saying, “…don’t understand a goddamn thing this guy’s saying…” drifting out of a doorway. Startled, I looked around the corner, and there was Rudy talking to whatever group of staffers happened to be sitting in that conference room to which he had moved.

Several staffers pulled me aside in a hallway. What Mayor Giuliani  is going to need, one told me, is a one page summary. Very simplified.. A one-pager.

Another piped up, And bulletpoints! The Mayor likes bulletpoints!

Another added, but with graphs and data.  

But no more than one page! Repeated the first.

At the risk of sounding snobbish, I was insulted by Mediocrity and these 20-something staffers giving me writing advice, and such asinine advice at that. I told them I would get them something in 48 hours. I requested one favor: any other requests that came from them should be orchestrated through one of their people, who would call one person whom I would designate among my colleagues, and that way we would have structure, and keep track of deliverables as we sought to accommodate their needs so that it would not all turn into a shit-show.

I left and drove back to DC. Within a few hours, I learned that there were three open requests from three different people on Rudy’s team forvarious of my colleagues. One of Rudy’s people was only going to handle passing requests of this type, one only wanted to handle passing on requests of that type… And the shit-show began.

I do not want to claim that everybody in that large but melting office space was incompetent. As I said, there were three smart, competent, skillful lawyers (a fourth if one counted a Constitutional law scholar who was in-and-out).  And there was a supermodel pretty 21-year-old acting as an assistant (at first I thought, “That’s not a good look on you, Rudy”, but it turned out she was extremely competent and professional). Yet the atmosphere was one of despair, staffers were wondering around in the dark, and the meetings seemed like sophomore bull sessions rather than anything organized and disciplined.

From occasional contacts with several of those staffers over the weeks that followed, I learned what had happened just before I arrived that first day. Rudy had declared, “You can never prove election fraud in a courtroom!” and had insisted that it was not going to be part of their legal strategy. The strategy was going to be to challenge the election in various states on procedural grounds: “This county in this state had one set of rules, this other county in that same state used a different set of rules, that violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14 Amendment.”

So I was correct: just before I arrived there had been a blow-up between Rudy Giuliani and and Sidney Powell, ending with Rudy shouting at Sidney and sending her away in front of an office of dozens of people. And declaring that none of this was going to be about election fraud, and putting his staff of lawyers to work on procedural filings.

Later, a member of Rudy’s team told me that initially, Rudy had not even wanted to do that much. He had wanted to make three more-or-less token challenges in three states, then call it a day. Sidney’s insistence that he was missing the Big Picture had caused Rudy to relent and allow a slightly more aggressive posture to be taken. But still, nothing was to be about election fraud or the possibility of a mass rigging of the election. Rudy could tolerate hearing about a couple of hundred dead people in Philadelphia voting, but he did not want to hear about anything more sophisticated than that.

That afternoon in early November, the first time I arrived in their office at most a week after the election, I had stumbled in on Sidney just as she was recovering from that exchange. And Sidney had sent me to talk to Rudy because she needed someone else to explain what she was herself just realizing: a new form of election fraud had emerged that was not about hundreds of dead people voting in acity but was about the possibility of several hundreds of thousands of votes being injected into each of several locations.  Rudy had just not been processing any of it from her, and probably did no better from me, and that was why he kept trying to talk with me about how Joe Frazier (1944- 2011) was still voting in Philadelphia.

Over that weekend, Sidney sent a brilliant female junior attorney over to sit with me and a few of the dolphin-speakers . That junior lawyer had anticipated staying 30 minutes, but after an hour and a half she went into the next room and called Sidney. She let us know that she had told Sidney that we had the goods, or at least a well-developed understanding of what had gone on in various states, and even specific counties.

From that point forward our relationship with Sidney was perfect. As we researched and discovered things, we brought them to her and her staff, and they would listen closely, patiently, and ask intelligent questions. And they began incorporating the material into their pleadings.

That being the case, I will say no more about how Sidney and I worked.


Mark Twain once ended a long letter to a friend by writing, “If I’d had more time I would have written you a shorter letter.”  In those two days after meeting the Mayor, I took the time, and 48 hours later I was putting the finishing touches on the most simplified one-page account I could possibly create. My aim was to pare the story down until the Mayor could not lose the forest for the trees, and the Mayor would grasp the entire narrative in one succinct one-page bullet point read. At that point, once he understood the Big Picture, we could begin diving in on each of the sub-claims: data would be gathered, affidavits taken, and so on.

But to begin with, Rudy needed to read and absorb a one-page briefing (in fact it was about 80% of a page), into which I had distilled the research of about a half-dozen different people who had been sniffing down a half-dozen different alleys.  It was as pure a distillate as could be achieved, if I say so myself. I included a second page of one graph, concerning one state, backing up a claim made in that one-page narrative: once Rudy grasped it, I thought, once we agreed where we were, I would supplement with additional graphs for the other relevant states. Affidavits that were being gathered would be adduced to document each of the other claims made. And so on and so forth. But this time we were going to crawl, walk, run.

Sunday evening I got a phone call at 11 PM, telling me Mayor Giuliani and his entourage were dining in such-and-such a Georgetown restaurant, and would I mind bringing what I had written over to them. I got dressed and went, but when I arrived his security told me to sit in the bar and wait. I did for  45 minutes until someone came out of the Mayor’s private dining room to tell me the Mayor asked that I not come back to his table (security was concerned about me, apparently), but asked me simply to send into the private dining room the paper I had written. I sent it in, then left.

Later, people in that room told me what happened when my paper arrived.

First, in the 90 minutes between 11:30 PM and 1 AM, Mayor Giuliani imbibed three triple scotches on ice. Those relating this story could not vouch for what he had drunk before 11:30.

Second, in front of everyone, Rudy took my paper and read it for perhaps 20 seconds, then put it aside saying, “I’ll get to this later.”

Third, the Mediocrity was at the table. The Mediocrity picked up the one-pager Rudy had set down, and holding it between thumb and forefinger like it was a turd, announced with a laugh, “Can you believe Byrne worked all weekend and this is all he wrote?”

Nine hours later, at 10 AM, Rudy Giuliani took the stage at a joint press conference held with Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellison. Rudy was meant to give a synopsis of where things stood, and then introduce Sidney Powell, who was going to discuss the possibility of mass election fraud on a scale no one was yet comprehending. That it was not about a couple hundred dead people voting here, or a few hundred illegal votes there, but about something deeper, systemic….. Unprecedented.

Instead of sticking to the plan, Rudy Giuliani got carried away, and huffed and puffed for 40 minutes about how many hundreds of dead people had voted here and how illegal people had voted there… And Joe Frazier still voted! As Grandpa worked himself up, repeating all the same points he had been making for days, hair die ran down both sides of his face, unnoticed.

Nine hours earlier, he had had nine shots of whiskey in under 90 minutes.


Another story that came to me from those times within Rudy’s offices: One Pennsylvania lawyer, a female, had taken on the job of a filing in Pennsylvania. She received a message from opposing Kirkland & Ellis counsel that was so threatening, so unprofessional, that Kirkland later had to withdraw from the case.

Shaken, the female Pennsylvania lawyer turned in a draft filing but withdrew her representation.

Rudy had had to find a firm, overnight, that would finish the Pennsylvania filing. He finally found a lawyer in Texas with election experience who finished it and got it filed in Pennsylvania. It made no mention of election fraud and was instead focused on the procedural Equal Protection arguments. Rudy only read it on his way traveling to the Pennsylvania court where he was to defend it: upon reading it, he apparently told his companions, This is the worst piece of shit filing I’ve ever had to stand up in a courtroom and defend.  He went into that Pennsylvania courtroom and was destroyed. Here is a partial transcript:

Matthew W. Brann, U.S. District Judge: So it’s correct to say then that you’re not alleging fraud in the amended complaint?

Rudy Giuliani: No, your honor, it does not, because we incorporate by reference in 150 all of the allegations that precede it, which include a long explanation of a fraudulent, fraudulent process, a planned fraudulent process.

Judge: I understand that. So the amended complaint, does the amended complaint plead fraud with particularity?

Rudy: No, your honor, and it doesn’t plead fraud. It pleads the, it pleads the plan, the scheme that we lay out in 132 to 149 without characterizing.”

SOURCE: audio clip


We got a call from Rudy’s team that we needed to have a set of computer forensic specialists down in Georgia the following morning. They would be provided access to a set of voting machines they could “exploit”. The licensed and certified computer forensic people in question demanded answers, such as, Where are the machines? What kinds of machines are they? Tampering and playing around with election equipment being a federal felony, under what legal authority will we be operating? Will there be law enforcement there to review and document all actions taken, for any chain-of-evidence questions that might later arise?

 The response from Rudy’s team was, “We’ve got all that covered. Get down to Georgia, stat!”

With misgivings, I caused the requisite people to fly into Georgia from various locations. They were driven to a precinct where, it turned out, someone had indeed vaguely promised that access would be given to machines…. But that person was not there that day. Or had changed his mind. The dolphin-speakers sat around then were driven to another precinct where, this time, they were told there would be someone with a court order granting them access to certain machines. No such person was there, but a group of hostile county employees was. Again they sat around waiting for Rudy’s lawyers to arrange paperwork, but nothing arrived. After hours of waiting in the parking lot, in the early evening, they drove away, and as they sat at a traffic light a half-mile down the street they saw 17 police cars, light-bars flashing, go rolling by on their way to the building my cyber-buddies had just left. My pals quickly and safely returned to their respective home states.


Over the next month and a half, a number of my colleagues interacted with Rudy from time to time, afternoons, evenings, and weekends. Nearly all mentioned two things: the amount of attention he was paying to his daily podcast, and his drinking. His own staffers joked with us about it. Those who were around him knew: almost every evening, Rudy was shit-faced. That, and his podcasts, were the only guarantees in Rudy’s life.


I have described how, in the days after the election people were getting in contact from all over the country. Often, there were networks of people in various states, self-organizing and diving in on various aspects of the Rig: what people had experienced in polling stations, what they had been told by precinct workers, what polling observers had experienced. These people sent delegations to find me. Soon there were witnesses to various events flying in, along with the “leaders” of networks who had found me. I was deluged with offers of assistance: volunteers from all over the country, many with backgrounds in law enforcement and military, were getting in touch through the grapevine and asking to be allowed to help in any way. It felt like anyone with half a brain could see the patterns in the Rig. None wanted to be paid, though at the expense of DeepCapture I would fly people to see other people and put them up in hotels to get debriefed.

So in that first week after the election, I was fashioning … exactly what I expected to find in Rudy’s office. An “operation,” of some kind. We had the cyber-guys already, and quants, before November 3. But by a few days after the election, we had so many witnesses and whistleblowers and people with relevant stories seeking us out, and so many were flying to DC to find me, that we had to set up operations in hotels scattered around the city. From our volunteers with a background as military officers, we found our debriefers, and created a system where they were privately and professionally meeting with the whistleblowers and witnesses, listening to their stories, and crafting summaries. These were being fed up into a chain of analysts, who were jockeying those pieces together with information coming together from our cyber guys, and other sources, and building a picture of increasing granularity of what had happened on November 3-4.

Somewhere in the months before the election General (ret.) Michael Flynn and I had met telephonically. We had known of each other for many years, as there is a strange connection between us, a deceased man who had played a role in both of our lives decades past. Conversing with Mike was like meeting and speaking with another entrepreneur: we finished each other’s sentences and saw what needed to be done almost without conversing. At some point, he arrived on the scene, and I told him in detail about this assemblage of talents that had come together in various ways: the cyber guys, the quants, the flow of witnesses and affiants into our circle, our structure of multiple debriefers, our information flow back up to a circle of analysts putting everything together.  I had rough-hewn the whole structure expecting Mike’s eventual arrival, with the understanding that when he arrived I would be handing the keys to it over to him. Mike seemed pleased with what we had accomplished within a week of the election.

I received a request from Mike Flynn to relocate the HQ of that structure to a location far away from DC, far away from any city, in fact. The information flow springing into existence was to come up those networks from around the country, through the capillaries of the debriefers and report writers, and into a central analytic station. I thought of that as “the liver”. Mere yards away, there would be an office full of lawyers acting as the legal intake for the information we were pulling up. In short, the structure we had spun up and were still spinning up, he wanted plugged into the lawyers who would be playing the legal chess. We agreed that both Sidney and Rudy would get all output from this structure. 

I moved the structure to the location he requested. There was a team of lawyers in place there. However, around them there were a variety of people with no discernible roles and who gave me the creeps. One ex-Agency female, a large, loud woman, and not a lawyer, suddenly became quite the unbidden organizer. Another participant, a cocky Englishman with a military background, suddenly announced that he was gatekeeper between this room and that. It all began giving me quite a nasty feeling. But after only two days I got word from Flynn: things having been stood up and roughed-out as we had agreed, Flynn wanted to fly in and take over, and have me go back to DC to start speaking to the public. We agreed we would cross paths for 30 minutes in a certain location as we switched places

I got ready to leave. I told the cocky British man that I needed him to pass on three key messages to someone I was not going to have a chance to see before leaving. He agreed. I said each one simply, and he nodded curtly after each. When I was done I asked him if he understood. He said casually, “Yep. Got ’em all.”

“OK, repeat them back to me,” I told him. He stared at me, unblinking. “You say you got them, so repeat them to me.” He could come up with nothing. He had not actually listened to a word. I told him to get a pen and paper and make three notes. He did so begrudgingly.

For some reason, I was supposed to take the ex-Agency woman back to DC with me. We drove to the location at which Mike Flynn was arriving. Once there, the female slipped off to the side and told someone that she had learned something that meant she had to stay behind. Flynn arrived, and we had 30 minutes on a tarmac together. We caught up, synched up. I told him that I had misgivings about a British guy who was at the camp, and about the ex-Agency woman who was hovering around me. Then I left.

The next day, back in DC, I received the word: the ex-Agency woman had made up a lie to get permission to stay, but it had all unraveled on her. It had something to do with something I had asked her to do or had asked her not to do, or some research, or something: whatever it was, it was a fabrication (barely a word had passed between us), designed to get herself turned around and reassigned to stay in that operation in the countryside. She was confronted, and spilled the beans, blubbering: she was actually working for someone else, and was supposed to stay down in that operation in the countryside, spying and reporting back. They also confronted the cocky British guy, and though I think he never broke, I am told he was implicated in the minds of everyone there. Security walked both characters off of the premises. After their departure, a device of some kind was found wired in one of the key rooms on the premises.


Now, this is not to say that all time was being wasted. The structure of information flow I described, the one that had self-organized (and perhaps I had rough-hewn), was taken over by a three-star General who had had a career in Military Intelligence, and he made it far better. Soon it was spitting out refined analyses that began informing and filling up the briefs Sidney Powell was writing.  We made sure that everything that was provided was also provided to Rudy.

That is the background to presentations such as the ones I have been referencing. Again, for an excellent example, watch Seth Keshel, here. Seth is a former Army Captain (Intelligence) and played a key role in that structure I just described. Seth is a quirky guy, a poly-sci junky, certainly on the spectrum, and just all about the precinct math. That link goes to a 21-minute video that provides an excellent example of the kinds of work that was being done within the structure that had self-organized around me. For a good understanding of the type of work that was being done, you should watch at least a portion of this.

If this video does not play click here:

Other good examples of the kind of work we were doing can be found replicated in the parallel work of others who went public. For example, the clear-speaking mathematician Edward Solomon gave two public presentations, one dissecting Georgia’s results, one Philadelphia’s (both below). The patterns and puzzles you see Solomon unraveling in this two videos were precisely what our own cyber-ninjas were doing inside our group (to give you a feel for their work).

Still, back in DC, rejoined with my cyber-colleagues, we became aware of a disconnect we could not seem to fix. The Mediocrity had evolved into our point of contact with Rudy’s team, and nothing seemed to flow well. On November 26, Thanksgiving Day, we were all sitting together in a restaurant in DC, and discussing their problems. Sitting there eating our turkey dinner, they gave me quite an earful. How the Mediocrity was super-controlling about information, plans, access. How the Mediocrity seemed to think they were peons, were telling them, “Go here, go there,” with no explanatory information, no sense of “Hey teammates, this is what is going on, and we are going to work on it together!” One key player on the team was warning that he would qquit if he had to have any interactions with her again.

I had trouble believing the stories they were telling me. Among them were some horrible ones concerning the Mediocrity’s proclivity for hitting on people of the opposite gender, and possibly the same gender, in ways that were embarrassing to all present (the Mediocrity had asked one of my colleagues to meet one evening, and when the Mediocrity’s hotel door opened the Mediocrity was in underwear, waiting). But now it was boiling over, they said, because they had received an order that they were all to be in Antrim, Michigan in two days. Again, Mediocrity would answer no questions about where exactly they were going, exactly what machines they were expecting to find, under whose authority would they be opening machines and imaging hard drives, even how long would they be there, should they arrange their own rental cars, etc. None of it was explained. The Mediocrity had just sent word to be in such-and-such a place in Michigan, stat!

Then, life being life, we looked up, and there was Mediocrity strolling through the DC restaurant not far from our table. We caught each other’s eye, and Mediocrity came towards us. Thinking it was a nice opportunity to pour oil on troubled waters, I received Mediocrity gracefully, intending to converse in front of my colleagues civilly, and get things back on track.

Soon, the talk turned to Michigan, and I was asked would I be able to get the right people there at the appointed hour. Thinking I might use it as a moment of management development, I gently suggested, “You know, when we get requests like these, it would help us to be better informed. My colleagues would like to know things like, ‘Exactly where will they be going? Are the people there going to be cooperative? What kinds of machines might we be exploiting? What legal authority is enabling them to image one of these voting machine hard drives? Will there be rental cars provided?’ You know, just the basics before people get thrown on another mission like what happened in Georgia.”

“Look,” the Mediocrity said, standing over us at late Thanksgiving Dinner. “First, what is your corporate structure?”

We all looked at each other, male and female, 75, Weaponized Autism and others, not previously having given the matter much thought. We were just a bunch of people who had found each other and were trying to expose what looked like a world-historic election fraud together. Finally I said, “Our corporate structure is that we’re the Bad News Bears. I’m team coach.”

“Ok Patrick,” Mediocrity continued. “Here’s what’s going on. I’ve told you where your people need to be in Michigan on Saturday. Be there. Or tell us you cannot, and we’ll find someone who can.”

In my astonishment I began to respond, and to my further astonishment, the Mediocrity began speaking over me. “I’m telling  you where you need your team to be. If you can’t handle it-“

I used something I had not used in a couple decades, something I had seen an economist professor friend do to another professor, a Lefty, who had continuously interrupted him (as Lefties are want to do in place of having good arguments).  I just started speaking, “Well it may sound like I was finished speaking but I actually wasn’t and while you might think you are going to speak over me actually I am just going to continue talking like this until you shut up and I did not care if it takes all night because I know that it may have sounded like I was finished but actually I wasn’t and……” and so on and so forth. Without a break. For about 10 seconds until the Mediocrity got that I was serious, and was just going to continue speaking like that until the Mediocrity shut up. Which eventually the Mediocrity did, looking somewhat astonished, having evidently gotten away with such behavior in decades of federal employment.

At which point I politely said, “Where in the fuck do you get off? We don’t work for you. We are volunteers here offering to help you do things you have no clue how to do.  Go find someone else anytime you want. The way you people work in this city is astonishing. If you ever try to work at a modern company like Google, or Facebook, your ass will be fired in a New York minute. You suck.”

I surprised myself, because I do not normally speak that way to people, but I did that time. Perhaps it was three weeks of frustration boiling over. I told Mediocrity that conversations with Mediocrity were constant games of narcissist deflection, how amateurish Mediocrity was, how anyone walking around saying things like “Either you do this or I find someone who will!” and “Failure is not an option!” is a mediocrity who may have learned management within government but who if ever moved to the private sector would get fired by noon. When making such requests of my colleagues, any competent person would provide relevant information. Fill them in on the mission, let them brainstorm, they’ll be able to contribute….

I saw Mediocrity was crestfallen, and realizing I had overdone it, I gently escorted Mediocrity away from the table. I tried to soothe things over a bit, and put a nice façade on things, so sa not leave Mediocrity embarrassed. As we parted, Mediocrity turned to me and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll be with the President. I’ll make sure you get full credit for all of this.”

Exasperated, I returned to my seat and friends. Minutes later we saw that Mediocrity had, in fact, been part of a larger party, and walking out with that party was none other than Mayor Giuliani. I quickly sidled up to him. It was about 10:30 PM, his step seemed unsteady, and I went to his elbow like one would escorting Grandpa to his taxi. He was indistinct. Finally I told him, “Sir, this is not going well with your colleagues. May I respectfully request a way I might contact you directly, so we can keep things on better track?” The Mayor pulled out his cell phone and had me take his number.

In that weeks that followed I called and texted that number on at least a half-a-dozen occasions. Not once did Mayor Giuliani ever respond to me.


Over these weeks I got to know a number of excellent White House staffers. Smart young men and women in their late twenties, generally. Some (but not all) were Trump enthusiasts. They filled me in on details here and there, snippets of what was happening behind the scenes among the campaign, Rudy, and the White House. One evening, once we were close enough, I let down my hair and said, “This is a shit-show. Is this …. normal?” One of the staffers (and mind you, a pro-Trump one) said, “This is it. This is the Trump White House. This is how everything has run for four years.”


The Bad News Bears got where they needed to be in Michigan, when they needed to be there.  The Mediocrity was there, along with other lawyers and staff from Rudy’s team. They went to the precinct in which they were expected, and like Georgia, it was a bust. The machines were not what we had been led to expect. No real authorities were there, or law enforcement, or warrants: just a mildly cooperative 75 year old lady working in a public building that had acted as a voting precinct.

While the Mediocrity hung around chatting up county workers of the opposite sex, the dolphin-speakers went to work. It turned out the 75 year old lady who ran the place had a story about how, on the day after the election, some people from “County” had shown up and instructed her to insert her card and re-run her machine using some different inputs. What she was saying did not make sense, and it was clear that they had taken advantage of an elderly woman who probably does not send her own texts. Finally she mentioned that, unbeknownst to County, she had kept both the paper audit trail of the original run, and the re-run, and had stored them in a closet. Our geeks got excited, and had her bring them out: they unrolled them on a long carpet, and in a few minutes of study, they began finding things. Alarming things.

The Bad News Bears finally got Mediocrity to break away from Coffee-Klatch With The Deputies, and pointed out what they were finding in the paper audit rolls. Finally they suggested, “You are a lawyer, right? Don’t you think you should be getting some affidavits here?” Startled, “Oh yes, of course,” scrambled Mediocrity, and did so, getting affidavits from the 75 year old lady and one or two other employees who had useful information.

Those learnings and those affidavits were fed to a Michigan lawyer who was pursuing an own election fraud case in Michigan. Days later a judge read it, and found it alarming enough that he gave a court order for a formal exploitation of the Antrim County voting machines. The Bad News Bears returned to Antrim County and this time, with a proper court order in their pocket, they were able to image hard drives, and returned to base camp with those images. By working in staggered shifts around the clock, over the next four days they performed a month’s worth of work, first breaking the security on the imaged hard drives, then reconstructing the files, then analyzing them. That was all fed up through the system, and emerged about a week later as an eye-opening report that created a national stir, known as the Antrim County Computer Forensics Report.

Other telling things were happening nationally. Some concerned federal employees had been tracking events in a certain Western state, and were sure they knew how vote flipping was being done there. The problem is, the relevant judge (a Democrat), when asked to allow inspection, would insist on stalling for a couple days, thus giving time for the opposition to go in and do a “smash-down” (a hacker’s term for fixing evidence after-the-fact, in anticipation of an audit making sure everything ticks and ties correctly). But they made a mistake in one location, and their smash-down failed. The data that turned up was so telling, so indicative of fraud, that the lawyers went back to the judge arguing it provided grounds for a far more sweeping order that would let them examine machines across the state.  The judge agreed in principle, but suggested that the precinct needed to have its data verified again before he could use its discrepancies to justify such a sweeping order.  The concerned federal employees put the location in question under observation, and sure enough, that night there were three cars in the precinct parking lot. They were redoing their smash-down so that this time it would work. In the morning the data was fixed, and no further orders were coming out of that judge.

However, unbeknownst to all, the concerned federal employees in question had recovered enough material both to document the original, and the smash-down. They also got the license plates on those three cars: they tracked back to a left-wing union which shows up repeatedly in the background of events of recent months.


Meanwhile, back in DC, I was hearing things out of Rudy-World. I heard that he was getting paid $20,000/week, and there were those claiming he was just mailing things in for a paycheck. However, later I was told that Rudy was working for free, and the $20,000/day bill had been a billing error from an uninformed assistant. I do not know what the truth was.

More importantly, from others in Rudy-world I began hearing the number “$207 million”. The claim was that the Republican Party had raised $207 million to “stop the steal”. In one version it grew past $300 million. In one version of the staff rumor, the finger on the button for those millions was a high-level woman at the Republican National Committee. In another version, it was being jointly managed by that RNC woman and the Commish, and they were surely keeping an eye to the future. In everyone’s version of the story, $100 million had been set aside for future legal defense. But whoever was in charge, they were sitting on the money, and I never saw one penny of it being spent in any way to “stop the steal”.

So to whatever Republican loyalists around the country coughed up those hundreds of million, in donations of $10 and $20…. You were fleeced. It was a big joke: rank-and-file Republicans gave a pot of hundreds of millions of dollars to Republican Bigshots to unscramble what had happened on November 3, and from where I sat, nothing went to any activity related to doing so. It was all being held by people at the top licking their chops.


In Georgia, there was a faction that had been in touch with me from days after the election. This was an especially interesting network of people with law enforcement and quasi-law-enforcement backgrounds. Since November 4 they had been reverse-engineering the Rig there in Georgia. They had put people and locations under observation, had filmed a variety of activities through telephotos. They mapped and tracked numerous parties involved, and even tracked the organizers down to a small element, a Leninist cadre,  who were staying in a motel together and managing the Deep Rig around the state of Georgia.  For their own reasons this network needed to stay in the shadows, yet as the weeks rolled by they were providing good information helping us reconstruct what had happened in Georgia. What our cyber-ninjas and quants and analysts were getting out of their methods, always matched what was being reported by this network of people with many boots on the ground.

The fight in Georgia became surreal. There was an earnest young man who was both a staffer for a Senator, and dating the daughter of the governor. He got involved, then his car exploded in an accident (see “BIZARRE EXPLOSION CRASH IN GEORGIA – KILLS HARRISON DEAL” December 5, 2020). It was on a 4-lane highway, it got struck on the side by another car…then it blew up. The engine was thrown 75 yards. Videos of the accident (most of which seem to have been removed from the internet) show a car burning in a fireball: it was quite an ornery car accident.

Then the Georgia Bureau of Investigation got involved. Three days later, the officer conducting the investigation committed suicide.

A technologist and inventor named Jovan Pulitzer went public regarding his technologically-oriented investigations into the Georgia election. Jovan’s approach was to look past all the different theories as to how the election had been scrambled, and simply do a forensic audit on the ballots, determining which had actually been folded and mailed. Here is a short video of Jovan explaining his ideas here:


Over those weeks, Rudy managed to schedule a few hearings in a few states. His plan had evolved to getting enough evidence in front of state legislatures that they would go off automatic pilot and begin making hard decisions. Most of these hearings were unofficial, conducted out of rented hotel spaces. His star witness was the Colonel from military intelligence with whom I had been working since August, 2020, who was brought to these different states to report and synthesize the information that the Bad News Bears were surfacing.  He did an able and convincing job, but we all began to wonder: What’s the strategy here? Is there a strategy? Rudy’s strategy (if there is one) just seems to be a long march through the courts. Taking cases to the states and appellate levels. Imagining he is going to win by running the tables through the court system. Or getting state politicians to do something brave. But that was not going to work, as the courts are ponderous anywhere, especially disinclined to get involved in election matters, and were already setting court dates out past January 20. And politicians do not do brave things. Yet Rudy just kept plodding along with an occasional hearing, a daily podcast. It did not make any sense.


One activity that began bearing fruit was our investigations into foreign involvement in the election. This will be the subject of a piece of its own.


Along the way, the same Goons that had been normalizing political violence in our domestic discourse since June, 2020 began to feel emboldened. Here, a Wayne County election official named Monica Palmer initially refused to sign off on the results for which she was to certify, on the grounds of the kinds of affadavits, statistics, and forensic evidence then accumulating. Palmer was immediately denounced as (what else) “racist” and her children were threatened. Here is, “Abraham Aiyash doxxed Monica Palmers children, announcing names and school then called her a racist”:

If no video appears, click here:

Oddly, such pointed attempts at violent intimidation of elected officials pass almost without comment these days, if the violence is threatened or undertaken from the Left.

Here is a Michigan State Rep Cynthia Johnson menacing the lives of her political opponents. That seemed odd but, but grading on a curve for 2020, perhaps not too odd. Until one realizes it was not some off-hand remark, but a calculated comment she recorded and put up on YouTube. That she should think that even possibly appropriate tells you something about the times in which we live:

It is my contention that it only took a small number of such incidents to do grave damage to our nation. Political violence from the Left was normalized. We started seeing it in our whistleblowers, the people from around the country who were in contact through us who were giving or considering giving affidavits on their experiences. It certainly had a chilling effect, and several requested temporary protection. I know at least some received it.


Mike, Sidney, myself, and others developed a Solution-in-a-Can. It was really the solution we had started within in mid-November, but redone by a top-notch lawyer and a 3-star General. Under various orders signed previously by both Obama and by Trump, if an election had foreign entanglement, the President had a broad spectrum of powers. And the President on his own judgement could sign a “finding” saying that there had been adequate foreign entanglement. There was evidence of foreign involvement on numerous fronts, which arguably would have justified a vigorous response, but we had only a narrow, tailored on in mind; based on the information that had been turned up, the President should use his powers under the requisite Executive Orders to send US Marshalls and the National Guard into the five problematic counties, open up the paper ballot backups, and recount them on livestreamed TV. Ideally, they would also image the hard drives of (but leave in place) the election equipment in those counties, for forensic examination. If there were no big discrepancies, Trump would concede. If there were big discrepancies, such as half-a-million vote discrepancies that we suspected might fall out, then more aggressive courses of action could be countenanced, such as re-rerunning the election in those counties or states. The recount of the five counties could be easily done in under a week, and if it justified further action, the entire resolution could still be achieved on a Constitutional timeline.

It was either that, or an election whose integrity was doubted by 47% of the electorate had to be choked down.

General Flynn drafted a beautiful operational plan for such a mission. One signature from the President and the whole thing would be set in motion. The teams would have been created from the right military and National Guard Units, the precise directives to each… The most expansive version of the plan had recounting to be conducted in 17 counties around the nation, Democrat and Republican, so no one could claim that targets were cherry-picked (beyond the Problematic 6). That most expansive version of the plan envisioned paper ballot recounting, plus imaging of hard drives of these voting machines for further forensic analysis (but not “seizing” the machines: they were to be left in place, and just have their hard drives imaged). An uber-expansive version of the plan would have had the paper ballots not just recounted, but forensically audited (but we thought that was too much to ask for with the possible exception of Georgia). However, in a pinch, we could hit just the Problematic 6 counties, and even simply recount the boxes of paper ballots, and have a preliminary answer in 2-3 days, thus ending a great deal of national drama. And it need not be done by the National Guard: US Marshalls and DHS and/or FBI might make up the federal force. So along numerous dimensions there were weak and strong versions of the plan.

Mike and Sidney had the legal research, the draft finding, the general’s Execution Checklist that would, upon Presidential signature, make everything run like a Swiss watch.

And yet, things slid and slid. Rudy went off to organize a hearing in a hotel room and wanted one of our people there to speak…. Days spent waiting for warrants that never came…. Absolutely no sense that there was anyone with a plan, let alone executing one . We saw the Constitutional deadlines beginning to loom…

The days turned into weeks. December came, then mid-December. Yes we had matters spinning in various states, yes we had cyber-teams inspecting packet traffic and finding foreign interactions, yes we were finding that every new voter in Nevada had his or her registration transmitted to Pakistan ISI, yes we were finding vote counting machines with wireless cards in rooms with smart thermostats that had been breached from overseas, yes we were learning why voting rolls were kept live overseas….. But Mike Flynn and I had a sense that our side was chasing its tail. That the other side was just running out the clock. And Rudy’s approach would surely allow that.

At one point I learned how the President was staying involved. Periodically, Mayor Giuliani and Mediocrity were going over to the White House to brief him. Really, no kidding: the person who was so bad my colleagues had declared they would quit rather than work another moment with that person, and the 76 year old guy who had trouble sending an email and was spending his evenings sloshed, were the ones explaining to the President the cyber-crime of all time and what his options were. At first I thought it was a sick joke, but I confirmed it.  The Mayor and Mediocrity were the point-people on the mission of addressing this world-historic event.

Flynn and I felt sick. A frequent subject of mutter between us ran along the lines, “Why the fuck are we doing this?” The president’s children were off, uninvolved, pep-rallying, or planning retirements.  We could detect no discernible strategy out of the President’s team, no marching orders, just an organization wandering around in circles and melting as it did so. A Mediocrity who was so bad, we had had to make special arrangements such that the Mediocrity did not have contact with our Bad News Bears, or they were going to flee. And the whole mess was led by a 76 year old gentleman, a man beloved by all including myself, but who six weeks into what might be the most sophisticated cyber-theft in all of history, still could not have a coherent conversation beyond, Did you hear that 211 dead people in Philadelphia voted? Dead people?!?!? And they voted! Joe Frazier voted! He died in 2011 but he voted! Have you heard?!?

And then we would remember why were doing it: America’s brand is “elections”. It is what we do. We had a national election that appears to have been compromised in a remarkably precise yet strategic way, it shows the hand of foreign involvement, it may be part of a Chinese psyop to take over our country, and there might never be a free, non-goon election in America again. We;d often remind each other, That’s why we are not supposed to quit.

And that is why, a week before Christmas, General Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell, and I decided it was time to take a chance. By hook or by crook we were going to Jedi-Mind-Trick our way into the White House, maneuver our way to the Oval Office, and get the President’s attention ourselves. With no invitation.

Chapter 2: Was Foreign Interference in the Election? You Make the Call

  1. This is heart breaking to read, i can almost feel your anguish about the real Rudy. I love my grandpa but he’s past his prime. By a lot

          1. I think its Jenna Ellis. Mark Meadows stays pretty much at the WH and he’snot part of the legal team.

          2. I can agree that MM is also worthy of that title. However, the person he’s speaking about was working with Rudy on a daily basis. A former 3 letter agency employee and attorney. My money would be on Joe D., who’s clearly a fixer and handler for the GOP…and maybe even Rudy. Joe likes to talk a good game for the cameras, but his history and the facts don’t lie about his swamp involvement. Trump and most MAGA supporters were lulled into a sense of security thinking that the Red Team were somehow the good guys when they were even worse than anyone on “the squad” could ever be.

          3. Mediocrity is a man, so NOT Jenna Ellis. She was probably doing all she could but Guiliani wouldn’t allow her to take the lead.

          4. I’m guessing mediocrity is Jay Sekulow, but it could also be Meadows. I think Steve Bannon would have attacked this with the ferocity it required. From the day he allowed Flynn be offered as a sacrificial cow, his HR, retention and recruiting were nothing short of disastrous. I also can’t believe how hands off he was. Ultimately the most surprising thing about the Trump presidency was how bad a judge of people he is.

          5. Patrick chose not to identify Mediocrity for good reasons. The person was rude and incompetent. It was NOT Jenna Ellis. A lot of people don’t like Jenna Ellis, but she isn’t rude. She may be fake polite, but she speaks in a professional manner. She annoys people because she’s extremely religious, quotes the Bible a lot, and she’s young to be an advisor to the president (late 30s). She talked about the Constitution a lot. Jenna doesn’t fit the description at all. She was doing a lot of media appearances, she traveled with Rudy Guiliani, and she sounds like a law school instructor when she explains things.

          6. Mark Meadows is not an attorney and never worked for or with Rudy Guiliani. Meadows was the WH Chief of Staff.
            Jay Sekulow never worked for or with Rudy Guiliani. Sekulow was a consulting personal attorney for the President. He didn’t work in the WH.
            The Mediocrity person was someone who worked for Guilani or with him.

          7. Mediocrity is not a man. Read the text again carefully. Patrick inadvertently, or perhaps not, outs ‘her’.

          8. Things we know for sure about “Mediocrity”
            * An attorney
            * Someone who was frequently rude
            * Worked for or with Rudy Guiliani (not in the WH)
            * Appeared at a dinner with a group of people, including Rudy Guiliani, late in the evening on Thanksgiving Day

          9. The loud English man with military background I guess as Sebastian Gorka and Mediocrity as Boris Epstyne – he’s a guest on Gorka’s show often also. “Rock n Roll” 🙄 big ego

          10. Sebastian Gorka is not English or British of any variety. He’s from an Eastern European country (don’t remember which one). His accent is nowhere close to any variation of a British accent.
            “Mediocrity” is very likely a woman, someone unknown to the American public. Patrick describes her as someone wth extremely poor communication skills, so it’s unlikely that she ever had a public role. Most likely the person never appeared on TV. This would explain why Patrick appears to believe that no one will know who she is. The episode where she answered the door in underwear, seems more likely to be female behavior, although certainly it’s not definitive. Multiple readers are convinced that the person is female.

          11. Patrick Byrne posted today on his authentic telegram channel a statement that Jenna Ellis is NOT Mediocrity. He said he will not respond further regarding the identity of Mediocrity.
            He also posted in this blog that Victoria Toensing (not sure of correct spelling) is NOT Mediocrity.
            Patrick has written a scathing indictment of the person he calls Mediocrity. He needs to leave the identity of the person unknown, for many reasons, journalistic, and otherwise.

          12. I don’t think it is Jenna and I disagree with you all about your guesses. It’s male. Some lawyer who thinks he’s hot stuff and pushing his weight around. . And answering the door in his underwear I think is something some guy would do…like a Cuomo type …same kind of guy …who talks about lifting weights on TV etc… And that’s pretty unflattering to be compared to Cuomo.

          13. This is pretty simple. Mediocrity was with the team that went to Antrim County. Thats a small little county in Northern MI. Check with the deputies there. They’ll remember who was all chatty with them who wasnt doing any forensic audits on the hard drives. Mediocrity probably has he/her name on affidavits that were collected from there as well. Maybe I’ll do it next time I’m up that way… If I find out I’ll keep it to myself. Mr Byrne has gone to a lot of trouble to conceal Mediocrity’s identity so I wont be divulging it.

          14. Who really cares who Mediocrity is? They’re all mediocre. None of them ever wanted to get to the heart of the matter because 90% of politicians are most likely involved with Dominion. That’s how they get elected. Trumps people know that. I’m willing to bet that even Trump knows that, which is why he didn’t bring Sidney Powell on. People say his hands were tied because of the swamp people that surrounded him. Well, he brought in the swamp and he could’ve fired them, but he took their advice instead. I believe he knew that if he had gone the route Sidney Powell, Mike Flynn and Patrick Byrne were proposing, there would be no one left in Washington, which, imo, would have been an excellent,and perfect thing.

          15. Direct quote: “a person who is a lawyer and who had once made a career at one of the better-known government agencies”. I researched all of the guesses in these comments as well as some others. The only one
            who worked at a “better-known government agency” is Jay Sekulow, who worked for the IRS for 18 months.

          16. MM is not an attorney, by all indications, Patrick refers to “Mediocrity” as an attorney, so it cannot be MM.

          17. Only one name came to my mind when reading this, and the comments here do not change my mind at all. Lin Wood is Mediocrity. And I knew this even before this read, or the comments.

          1. Maybe not so much a Banana Republic as an Oligarchy-Democrat-Media-Complex-Farce. Which is maybe one variety of a Banana Republic?

          2. This is heart wrenching, so many people put their Hope trust and money on those sneaky evil crooks.

          1. Who’s in charge? It’s the World Economic Forum folks. Wall Street, the World Bank, the IMF – you know, the Davos, Switzerland crowd with its ‘great opportunity’ (created by Covid-19 that’s killed nearly a half million people in the US), bringing the Great Reset, and Bring Back Better. Trump was the bull in the china shop (pun intended). He exposed the collaboration that is ‘the deep state’. But this is now clearly over Trump’s head. If I had to choose from those I’ve witnessed to date, Mike Pompeo is the only person I think can handle this. But then again, who knows for certain? Anxiously awaiting chapter two from Byrne.

        1. Are you working with President Trump at this time? Is there a plan to overturn the election? It seams as though Congress is filled with Communists. On that basis, why should we continue to fund the RNC?

          1. Congress is full of communists? That is a ridiculous statement. You can spell the word but you clearly don’t know its meaning. Have you studied history, political science or anything useful for that matter? Can you tell us 3 things that define communism? Go ahead, google communism. You’ll find out how absurd you are being.

          2. ‘Congress is filled with communists’?? OK, you can spell the word but you clearly have no idea what it means. Can you list 3 things that define communism? Go ahead and google the word. You’ll find out how ridiculous that statement is. Is education compulsory in the US?

        2. I don’t trust J. Seculow, never have. When Trump went through the first Impeachment I felt that Seculow was misinforming him.

          1. Luis is correct:

            An “expert witness list” was filed in court after a Michigan judge ruled that the names of the so-called “forensic investigators” who filed a report about Dominion Voting Systems machines in Antrim County could be released.

            The court document was filed by the plaintiff’s attorney in the lawsuit, Matthew DePerno, and includes five names along with a description about what each person is expected to testify. Included are Russell Ramsland, James Wadron, and Doug Logan. Also on the list are Greg Feemyer and Paul Maggio of Atlanta-based data security company Sullivan Strickler.

            Other witnesses include attorney Katherine Friess, C. James Hayes, and Todd Sanders, according to the Traverse City Record-Eagle, which cited a document from the Michigan attorney general’s office. Despite the release, it is not clear what role each of the witnesses might have played in the “forensic” investigation of the voting machines, which yielded a report that Dominion CEO John Poulos blasted as “technically incomprehensible.”

            “What role each one played in the preparation of the report, my understanding is we won’t know until these individuals are deposed,” said Haider Kazim, the attorney representing Antrim County.

      1. Steve Mnuchin…Sec of Treasury…..Executive producer of over 40 Hollywood films………..go figure. Pure theater.

        1. He was an investment banker and hedge fund manager, worked at Goldman Sachs for many years like his dad. He didn’t become a producer until about fifteen years ago. A fun way to spend all the money he made. Steve Bannon has a similar background I believe.

      2. Patrick seems to forget the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rulings of mid to late Nov. It was all set when they set precedence on one ruling, which should have opened the doors to start seeing evidence. Instead they simply dismissed it about 10 days later, thus showing the world, no evidence was going into court anywhere in America by any attorneys. “THAT’S” who to blame for actual election loss, the courts, now can we put down the poison pen Patrick and focus on the big picture please. How do we tear down this CCP party in DC?

        1. Do you not comprehend what Flynn had sorted out for Trump??? He could have overturned this but Trump is a horrible judge of character and because of loyalty to Rudy he let Rudy run the show and trusted him.

        2. HawaiiGuy,
          Sorry to say your analysis is too limited and flawed… and…
          There is no poison pen in Patricks hand. He is an honest dude…
          Ps. Love Hawaii !! 🙂

      3. After hearing all of the details on election fraud from Sidney, the Colonel, Pulitzer and Byrne it looked like only a matter of time before the great election implosion. As a big Trump supporter, I have to admit, he doesn’t always hire the best and he failed with the top leadership of this investigation but there were very likely higher forces at work that aren’t fully understood and probably will never be.

    1. What a bunch of whiners, not you Peter, but a reply is best positioned. NWO has been decades in the making. The Great Reset will happen, but we need to [s]elect who will represent America and humanity when it occurs. Clearly this is a much bigger issue than one election. United we Stand…. The first thing we must do is unite the left, right and center and create a call to action – restore hope, provide purpose and direction. There are plenty of activists who we can reach out to, inform and unite. I really don’t believe this will be too difficult once people turn off CNN, FOX, MSNBC and other divisive propaganda. This is not just a U.S. issue, but a global issue and should be approached accordingly. There are 7.8 billion of us and at most a couple hundred thousand of them. This could and should go viral in short order for everyone’s benefit and protection.

      I have been thinking about the proposed site for years. Once the site is up and running with emails, countries, states / etc., zip codes tasks can be assigned to those willing to assist for local, state and federal issues.

      We need election integrity, term limits, dark money out of politics – representatives can focus on policies, legislation and enforcement vs campaigning. These are not divisive issues and should be the foundation of any democracy / republic.

      Patrick, let me know if you are interested.

      1. 7.8 billion of us?

        we should vote all career politician out.

        term limits all the way

        unit left and us? what have you been drinking, sir?

        79 million > 68 million
        biden not my president

        1. I can’t thank you enough Patrick and that goes for the bad news bears as well
          When Jenna Ellis bad mouthed Lin Wood I knew the mayors team was awful,
          This story is not over. Most who are paying attention know this as well.
          Looking forward to the end game!

          1. Agreed. I have been waiting to hear Patrick’s insight. As I read every word, so much confusion suddenly made sense. I too am waiting for Patrick’s continuation of this true story. I have hope there are good guys, still fighting the good fight.

          2. I sure wish whatever the end game is would come soon. This has been so disappointing and confusing.

        2. Vote? You must be kidding. I don’t think any vote we ever cast in the future, assuming that the ruse of “voting” will even be allowed, will ever amount to anything at all.

        1. Infowars has an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. She explains what the deepstate has in store for us and it is not pretty. Right now they a re very afraid of us because we have guns. They are going to try as hard as they can to confiscate them. If we let them it is all over for us. Do not take the covid shot!! Its how they are going to be able to track us. Plan is to eliminate most if the population and have robots taking care of everything humans do. we are not needed anymore and are just polluting the world for them. Please watch video and share!!! We must get the word out!

          1. I believe CAF to be on the same par as Simon Parkes; I checked him out when someone told me to, he communes with aliens; I checked out CAF when someone told me to, she talks in spin circles, and if you listen carefully, you can find the end, then the beginning, then follow along because you’ve just heard the same; rely on your own discernment, listen to Jeffrey Prather, he is a super smart guy on government; he tells us what we need to do, not what’s going to happen. Good luck to you.

      2. Saying we outnumber them isn’t a good argument because they hold all the power now. They could literally tank much of the world’s economy if they wanted but only after they warned all their wealthy friends first. Instead, it will be a somewhat slower death for America and the world. This is the New World Order wanting to take over.

        I am personally holding onto one hope. Gen Michael Flynn said recently on his Telegram account in so many words, that they are in control and not to worry.

        I believe we may be under the control of the US Military for which they do not have to disclose this to anyone. To my knowledge, the Pentagon has still not handed over intelligence data to the Biden Administration. There are other things I won’t go into but they have all made me feel the Biden Administration is not real, but they don’t know it. It is a waiting game.

        In the mean time, you need to be prepared with at least 3 months worth of supplies (including cash on hand) and pay off any debt you have by 2022, understandably if you have a mortgage that is probably not possible, because high taxes and probably hyper-inflation is on the way. Those who hold no debt and even have some savings will be in the best position. Start living within your means right now. We can expect $5 a gallon gas for most of the country by this time next year. That effects everything you buy and will make your money disappear much quicker. It’s just the beginning. Biden is killing the oil market as we speak. The Democrats use the environment and climate change as a cover to do their evil deeds against this country. They don’t give a damn about those things.
        They don’t give a damn about immigrants or poor people and just use them for votes. More covers.

        I have moved my money from a major bank to a credit union. I will no longer be supporting the world banks that are at the top of the list of our evil enemies. I suggest you look into doing the same. It is possible the big banks could put a freeze on accounts and use any excuse they want to do it. Nothing is out of their reach and they can break their own rules if they feel like it. We have to understand we do not hold much power over anything right now.

        Biden has wasted no time in helping our enemies and sticking a large butcher knife in the backs of most Americans. The worst is yet to come so get prepared like I mentioned so you can weather this storm as best you can.

          1. I joined after one of Gen Flynn’s close acquaintances mentioned it. If it’s not real then that person should tell us.

          1. Don’t search by there are with over a hundred posts and that is NOT Flynn’s style. This one, if he has one, would be the most legitimate..just 4 posts since he created the account on Jan. 13th.

        1. I do think you are onto something as I have heard from a number of sources that 46 and crew not welcome at Pentagon and ”you don’t need to know” has been mentioned to the new crew. Makes one wonder who is really the commander in chief.

        2. If I recall correctly. Senate has confirmed a new Pentagon Chief who is a retired general.
          By that I meant, they already settled in with all they need! Otherwise, we could have heard a loud scream from Joe Biden and MSM! The question I have is why Trump did not execute Insurrection Act? Based on Patrick, Sidney, Flynn, and Mike Lindell he could have seized all voting machines and ballots for the forensic exams and exposed the pieces of evidence to people of America, but he kept following Judy and Jenna’s legal path to the dead end. The best has yet not to come! What was in his mind? Only Trump can answer!

          1. Well, they can appoint whoever they want into their fake club but I am holding onto the belief that Trump and the military and our allies would not just allow a fraudulent election to stand. Time will tell but hopefully sooner than later something will be done.

            I want to see them all perp walked in front of the world then hunt down the others. I will never be a slave to a One World Government and I don’t believe Trump would just throw us under the bus like that.

          2. My guess is he’s giving the other side a taste of what they voted for.That way they will want him back and the better chance of having real unity.

      3. Based on Patrick’s account the Ds are a bunch of criminals, from D judges to grassroots organizations all the way to the very top, and those who are not just cover for them.

    2. Learning all this is heartbreaking
      Who needs opposition if you can defeat yourself better than a well organised opposition.
      The true patriots are the ones who will pay a heavy price for what is following under the Biden gang.
      Thank you for bringing this mess in the ope n.
      Best wishes from Namibia.

    3. If Q is a military sting operation and they have everything then this would make sense to have bad news bears going through the motions of representing Trump in the election fraud. Trump always appears dumb when he is not -this is good news – they never intended to win any cases only show the fraud in the judges and all the players.

      1. Exactly this. I didn’t even need Patrick’s account to recognize everything he said here as truth. It was run as a side show operation that was never intended to produce the result we wanted and deserved. Still hopeful the military has what they need to maintain control.

        1. I think the entire Cyber Voting Fraud was Information that Trump had the day of the Election and was something that he knew had previously happened, and would happen again 11/3/2020 The Problem is how do you charge someone with a cyber crime especially in a different country in multiple States and prove that in 6 weeks with Corrupt Officials From City officials to State and Feds? its not a case that can overturn an election in the courtroom. The illegal changes in election laws in the states should have been more than enough evidence to render those ballots illegal, however this only works if people are not corrupted. They needed to keep the public’s attention going from state to state to show the American Public the corruption, and exposing the Media Cover up and discrediting in real time. If Trump just tweeted it himself, the people wouldn’t believe it. Look at how much the American people woke up during this process, look at all the corruption that was exposed. What the public doesn’t know is that Trump is in control of the world bank and is The most Powerful man on the Planet and is not even in office. More of that will be revealed. The Vatican signed over their monetary control to Donald J Trump. All Fed Money goes thru him and is why we are hearing he bankrupted the US Corp. You will like the way this ends, regardless of whether Patrick Byrne got his feelings hurt for Daddy not paying attention to his evidence. The Truth is, They already had it, the goal was to show the public. The Media was going to show it to the public, we had to watch it happen ourselves. Rudy and Team’s strategy was do it the old fashion way to show Americans that they took every legal action they could while also giving Govs, Congress and SOS’s opportunities to do the right thing, He knew they were not going to, but We the People thought they would do the right thing! We thought surely the Courts wouldn’t allow this, Republicans wouldn’t let all branches of government be stolen by Dems and at the very end we watched the entire congress stage a riot so they didn’t have to discuss the evidence on national TV and went back to Certify the Fraud Election in the middle of the night. Who do you go to when you realize that the Entire system is corrupted? even most in your own cabinet? The Military steps in. That is how you inform the Public and it worked beautifully. And Man are we Awake!

          1. Wow. Delusional. Wake up people. There is no Plan to take back America. Stop watching YouTube videos and come back to reality. The election was a fraud, trump did nothing and now we have Biden. Stock up on food, pay off your debt, and pray they make this as painless as possible.

          2. You need to stop watching these frauds like Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, and Scott McKay. You are spewing the same BS they spew on their channels. Don’t make a fool of yourself by repeating their BS.

          3. Best analyses. I thonk ypu spit in. Thank you C.R.
            I fortunate to attend DC 1/6 Rally.,10th row from stage. Heard President Trump say at start of speech, it would be boring eapecially to those way back at monument.
            Preaident DJT did not stir up anyone up that day. Unlike his usual rally’s, on 1/6 he plodded through the various states election irregularities then said peaceful, patriotically we would walk to Congress.
            This has got to be orchestrated by brilliant military who love our Country & I believe truth will prevail.

      2. This makes sense! This would be a wonderful plan to win and for the beautiful America to prosper! This plan would open the eyes of many people that accept negative mainstream media narratives.

          1. YOU don’t know shit.

            We could have proved all of this, gotten a second term, began arrests, and drained the swamp, but it was all a con job.

            Trump is a con.

            your’e a moron.

          1. Then why the sam ell are you here waisting precious time trollinh? Lol! Must be paid well by Soros ass! So keep trolling please! Comfirms the author is on target! Thank you!

        1. Mediocrity I believe is Pat Cippolone. He was a partner at Kirkland and Ellis prior to being Whitehouse Council. Based on information provided by Garrett Zeigler, he never really supported Trump.

      3. There is no military sting operation. Apparently something did “stop what is coming”. Please begin considering that what I’m saying is true or you will hit a major brick wall of disbelief very soon.

      4. I believe mediocrity is Victoria Toensing who is Joseph diGenovas wife. She worked in government and Patrick said “she” in the article

    4. Patrick, Can’t possibly thank you enough for All you have done on behalf of our country. So much appreciate your behind the scene view of this last election. You have answered so many of our important questions as to “ what in the heck happened on the Trump team?” I’m still shocked as to why the POTUS refused to grant the EO. So, so perplexing to me. And the to give Sidney the go ahead only to back down from that approach also! Can’t help but be frustrated over his lack of control in his own office. Anyway you can shed some light on that perspective? Lastly, what are your and Sidney’s plan moving forward? Will the guilty parties ever face justice for all their evil? Thank you again. You are a Patriot. May God keep you safe as you continue your/our journey to the truth of this stolen election.

      1. None of us know what was really going on with Trump behind the scenes. The two deaths in Georgia are suspicious, and we do not know if any of those threats were directed at Trump or his family. I think that for Trump to take all of the crap that he did for 4 years, and I don’t know who else could have survived the abuse, and to be able to accomplish so much while being under assault the entire time, for him to lose at the end without implementing or acting under the EO, I believe that it must have been something really big. The DS is evil, and their threats are real. The deaths are real. There was an incident on the 16th, where the live cameras at the senate caught fire trucks, police, a bus, ambulances etc… I watched the video, and there was never a mention, much less an explanation of what happened that night. Trump has put America first for 4 years, at a tremendous cost to his family, his wealth, his name, and I just don’t think that he walked away without there being something really big, like life or death, that we don’t know about. Something really big and evil.

        1. I think you’re probably right but Trump just said on camera to someone who thanked him for his service, that he’s not done.

          I personally believe we could be under the control of the US Military for which they do not have to disclose that to anyone. Time will tell.

        2. Thank you Patrick for all that you sacrificed, your dedication, and your heart that you put into this fight to get the truth out about the election fraud. I am sick to my stomach and truly heartbroken after reading this. I agree with you that it must have been something truly evil, a threat of life or death, that caused him to not want to pursue certain options to continue the fight. I hurt for all of you who fought so hard to expose the fraud and try to get this right for our country. I hurt for my own family and for the American people who stood with you and our President. And I so hurt for President Trump and his family. And I’m heartbroken for what this means for our country, for what we’ll have to endure for a very long time to come. May God heal all our wounds and be with us in the days to come.

          1. I had an occasional sense that they threatened Melania or his kids and DJT had to cave. Plus, they (the left) have things on DJT. He’s got a lot of skeletons in the closet, unfinished business and $ issues. This also could have been used against him to cave. I gave him more credit for being a strong fighter than it turned out. His bark was louder than his bite.

          2. Patrice, if DJT had ANY skeletons in his closet they would’ve been thrown across all of the nasty TV nets the moment they were discovered. Trump is clean. They’ve been looking for five long years. But his in-laws??????

          3. Do u remember hearing bout dirty bombs? I wonder if DJT was concerned they we’re planted across the country. They cud hv held the bombs over his head.

        3. Interesting thoughts Patriot. Ross Perot pulled out of the race in ’92 because of threats.
          I don’t believe Trump backed off because of threats. His ranks were over-run by incompetent government bureaucrats. From the beginning Trump found out how deep the deep state really was. Much of his White House staff and attorneys were either RINO holdovers or
          career Civil service, many appointed by Dems. Especially FBI and Justice. What a mess! The millions set aside for legal defense is not so out of line with
          what happens in campaigns. It is appropriate for the President to defend himself legally in the midst of this battle. He could barely get legal representation as it was!!!

          If you have studied wars and battles, the eventual victor doesn’t win every battle. Lincoln lost plenty. So did Washington. But they won in the end. The way to victory seems unreachable until the pieces and the right people fall into place. When Grant emerged, Lincoln had a winner. Byrne has proven himself….he may become Trump’s Grant in 2024….

          1. Unless the military TRULY has this situation at hand, it’ll be Kommie Harris being re-elected in 2024. Nobody will TOUCH those Dominion machines before then.

        4. I can not recall where I heard it, maybe Juan, but it was said that there was an attempt on Trumps life that Saturday. I thought they said morning. I have not seen or heard anything else about it.

        5. “I’m still shocked as to why the POTUS refused to grant the EO.”

          There is one person that few people pay attention to that has such an impact on POTUS decision. His name Chris Christie. I think that President Trump sees him as someone in the middle that when he speaks he (POTUS) listens. It happens that he does not like General Flynn, and by the same token, Sidney’s team. You would remember that the moment Christie appeared on ABC advising President Trump that these two people have no place near the White House, the new broke that POTUS changed his mind of appointing Sidney as a Special Counsel.

          1. I appreciate your critical thinking but President Trump actually made a repost about Sidney and the team. Nowhere was aynything ever mentioned that he did not like Flynn. He gave Flynn amnesty, he said some very kind things about General Flynn. He pardoned Flynn and held a conference to discuss it. He showed Flynn true love, never has that been the case to show that sort of admiration for Christie. Going back to having Powell be a special council and his post on Twitter, He reposted someone suggesting Powell and Special counsel, then he mentioned that they have already proven the fraud but the courts refuse to hear it. While I can testify to everything that the President thinks. I do believe he was saying he will be going in a different direction, I believe he was following the direction of Rudy trying to convince the Legislation to fight back. To use the will of the people to save our country. I also believe he knew that would not be successful as Secretary Pompeo had a list of every person that China was in bed with. I believe the point of this election was to show the country and its citizens the truth of corruption. I believe it was successful.

        6. I recall Patrick Byrne making a comment, I think it was on 1/15 or 1/16 that, ‘ oh no, that wasn’t suppose to happen until 1/20, that changes everything ‘. Then he said something like God help America. I have wondered what it was . I wonder if this has something to do with that? It seemed like such a doom and gloom comment when we are all on edge anyway!

          1. That all appeared on a Telegram channel from someone who is using my name. I don’t know who. But I have put up numerous warnings on Telegram.

        7. I have a nagging feeling that “the threat” was to a major urban area, possibly multiple area – a world changing blow that we may not recover from – hence the stories of Naval ships off the coasts and the Gulf. A “back off or face the consequences” from the DS situation. That scenario could force the patriots to disengage. Perhaps the initial solve had to be scraped, and the longer term Plan B has been engaged. I certainly hope so, but who knows, the rot runs so DEEP and WIDE.

        8. I have also suspected that there have been threats we’ll probably never know about and they were bad enough that Trump backed down ….at least for now. They boy whose car exploded, the investigator committing suicide (supposedly), Seth Rich, the girl murdered at the Capitol, the 5 bullets into the bedroom of Jovan Pulitzer’s team member…there is much evil behind all this.

          What is shocking to me is the disarray of POTUS legal team. I’m not sure why he had Guiliani – didn’t POTUS know that he was a drunk and too far over the hill to handle this? I saw Guiliani on TV one evening after a hearing and I suspected he was drunk. And then there were so many “double agents” involved. Maybe it was just hopeless – too many enemies in DC and almost no friends to counter it all.

    5. Peter, Patrick’s savvy synopsis is heart breaking. I appreciate Giuliano’s getting the ball rolling though and I know he took it as far as he could with his lack of forensic computing abilities. So glad Patrick and Pulitzer has their Bad News Bears team to dig deeply. Cannot WAIT to hear about the European interference he has to talk about too! I believe former PM Giuseppe Conte of
      Italy has a lot of explaining to do before the American people and I’ll be waiting on pins and needles to hear this, along with info about Spain, Germany, and a few other European countries, and China!!! Please hurry with your info, Patrick! BTW, the sting operation in Fulton County at the warehouses was brilliant!

    6. It’s a tough and personal account which needs to contrary view but the fact remains as great as the take is Patrick Byrne has missed the point.

      This was a legal battle going uphill, steeply the entire time. Rudy wasn’t wrong to note that the courts would not overturn the election based on election fraud. He was 100% correct on this front.

      Not 99% but 100%. Not a single court heard a witness and evidence anywhere in the United States where an action was filed.

      Sidney Powell is not an election lawyer. She got buried in all kinds of sidebars that could not be proven in court under the time constraints. Certainly, she must have been fed some bad leads. The Kracken fell under its own weight and not a single court has shown an interest in even beginning to examine anything.

      So while Patrick is correct in his insights here, I think his legal astuteness is rather raw to put it mildly. He failed to understand that Rudy for all his shortcomings and they are obvious, knew that there was not an easy route to overturn the election theft of this magnitude.

      It’s never been attempted. Not in Illinois in 1960 nor in so many states since Florida in 2000 had its unique set of issues.

      This was far bigger than that and it began years earlier in a systematic attack by Democrats and their legal firm insiders leading the charge to undo election integrity in numerous battleground states.

      One law firm is the same one that was behind laundering the money for the Russia Collusion Hoax on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

      Aside from that, I certainly appreciate Patrick Byrne’s efforts here on behalf of the country. The idea to find a way, apparently with Gen. Michael Flynn to order an examination and account for the voting in several states was a tough call and in retrospect maybe the only chance to stope Election Theft 2020.

      So, thanks to Patrick Byrne and the “Bad News Bears” for those efforts.

      1. Fraud, particularly election fraud, probably needed a lawyer specializing in that area. Why didn’t they hire one as a consultant? They had the money to do it.

        Sorry to say it, but the whole legal effort looked hasty to me, and, in externals at least, shoddy.
        Both Powell and Wood, with vast experience, apparently didn’t have their filings proof-read.
        But she writes that she had a crackerjack team.

        I don’t buy that. Was this some kind of intentional cock-up to hasten the route to a limited military solution? That is the only explanation I can find that doesn’t make everyone involved look like either incompetent amateurs or saboteurs, which I don’t believe they are.

        Anyway, thanks to everyone involved who volunteered in good faith to do a job we pay our government good money to do. Hope you all get some good R&R and lose the bitter after-taste all this leaves.

        1. It was Rudy’s decision. Post-election battles are by their very nature “hasty.” Mostly, they are limited because courts don’t want to get their hands dirty. I’ve seen it up close and personal. In this instance, we had to do it in more than several separate and distinct states, each with their own complexity and election laws.

          Sidney Powell, a great American and fine Appellate attorney was not the person to lead the charge in taking on such an endeavor. She got stuck on the wrong track. It’s not like she wasn’t trying. She was and she has some fine legal staff too.

          Years from now it may be seen as partially or majority on track but not under the timeframe post-election. It’s an uphill fight against the clock and Patrick doesn’t have that experience but he did battle and battle hard.

          We all owe them a gratitude. So many chose not to fight at all or worse, to try and undermine President Trump and have him surrender.

          Thank God he didn’t, nor did good Americans like Patrick Byrne. Thanks for being in the fight!

      2. Clearly you missed the “solution-in-a-can” part. There was an easy (somewhat) solution. Gen Flynn put it all together and all it needed was the President’s signature.

        1. I think people are missing the point with Gen Flynn’s solution with the EO. Remember, the Joints Chief of Staff issued a letter to Trump saying, Biden will be installed on Jan 20. To me that meant they would instruct any military countermeasure orders to not be conveyed to the troops. I don’t think Trump had top level military support to execute the EO. JMHO

      3. Thank you SJ, a voice of reason. Rudy (for all his faults) has said over and over that when you prosecute a case you always have tons of evidence and more coming in every day. You have to focus narrowly and clearly and make the case about something you can win. Dead people voting and fake ballots is something any judge will understand. Rudy went to all 6 swing states and ensured a separate slate of electors, he presented evidence the public could also understand. The fact that all of the state and federal courts wouldn’t hear a single iota of evidence isn’t Rudy’s fault. The courts would not have heard Patrick’s evidence either, they did not want to hear ANY evidence.The old guy Rudy may be past his prime but he’s a fighter. Thank you Patrick for your efforts on behalf of America and the people.

    7. It’s late and I’m tired and Biden is Presidente. Please state in as few words as possible … THAT ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING … THAT SHOWS HE SHOULD NOT BE. Thank you.

      1. He didn’t win. The election was rigged to make it appear that he did. He’s not a legitimate president.

    8. Although disappointing to read about this, I’m grateful for truth. It seems there is very little truth in today’s world and that we can trust almost no one. So thank you for telling your story and for your integrity.

    9. Dear Patrick Byrne, great account but the second half of the story seems rushed. Did any of the big team of volunteers was paid apart from Rudy? Reimbursed for hotels and travels? Why did you not try to reach Trump through S. Powell or other channels before it was too late?

    10. Rudy is not typical of American Seniors. I am 77 years old and can text with the best if you and have been fighting this even before the election! The Democrats have run this scam since before Clinton when that election was fixed Obama’s election was fixed! Remember when Obama said: “Don’t worry about these early votes coming in, we’ve got this!” It was rigged. Do not put us older seniors in a class where you think you are smarter or better! We will prove you wrong. Also l do not drink and never have and you probably can’t keep up with me in work either.

      1. Amen!

        I had a similar reaction to the repeated mentions of age. My Mom is 73 and sharp as a tack. She runs circles around people half her age, mentally and physically. She’s computer and phone literate, and adapts quickly when tech gadgets are upgraded. She is also far more open-minded and compassionate than any social justice warrior I’ve ever met.

        There are valid reasons to doubt a person’s behavior, motives, actions, capabilities. Being 70+ years old is not one of them.

        1. I’m younger than your mom but do you think she’d come to my house and show me how to use my new mobile phone?

      2. Rudy is very typical of the mostly guys who went to college and then law school. Back then, they didn’t type but paid by the page for term papers and things of that nature to be typed up for them. When they started to practice as lawyers there were secretaries who did all of that sort of work for them. Word processors came on the scene and finally computers but the lawyers as a rule didn’t have typing skills or the interest in doing what they viewed as grunt work. Now in every field this went on for those in management positions. There were always a few that were interested in computers especially when Apple showed up but not many jumped on board.

        Rudy and his peers tend to now be computer illiterate and another one with the same problem really was former President Donald Trump who grew up quickly and always had a top notch secretary to do his correspondence and even to read newspapers for him and cut out articles she knew he would be interested in.

        Times changed but for that generation it went on way too long. And Patrick is younger and also brilliant and would have been one who saw the potential in learning about something new. It made for a problem from the get go and I had noticed it way before this election started. I felt that if Trump had learned at least how to use a search engine he could have found the information that I suspected people were holding back from him. That withholding led to a good deal of mistrust of people around him who in good part weren’t on his side from the get go.

        It’s more of a result of an educational divide and this often happens even today when technology runs in and disrupts work environments. It’s a lesson that hopefully people will learn from. Education is a life long process and that needs to be taught so that this sort of obsolescence is nipped in the bud. And Sydney who has such magnificent legal skills explained why she needed Patrick so much. She admitted that she is a “wordsmith” and not a systems person. Same problem but she self diagnosed and also had Flynn on her side and as things went on, she no doubt stretched and learned.

        To that, Rudy’s personal life was apparently a mess. Married to his third wife and then started straying so his wife demanded and got a divorce. He didn’t seem to have much to hold onto and the drinking which wasn’t going on when he was America’s Mayor, seems to have escalated to a point where he had and probably still has a problem and needs to get on it ASAP or at his age, it will kill him soon. He must have tossed down bottles of mouthwash before he met with the President who abhors the use off alcohol and knows all about alcoholism from the death of his oldest brother. No one commented on television about the profuse sweating that caused Rudy’s hair dye to run down both sides of his face when he gave one of his very unenlightening press conferences. That often is a sign that alcohol is in the picture.

        It’s all water over the dam now but it’s a big part of why Trump was unable to grasp the concepts that Patrick is so good at reducing to everyday language to help people cross that bridge. It’s a tragedy and more people in their 70’s than those here are struggling now to really be enlightened as to why a candidate who obviously had massive support lost a very critical election.

    11. There is and has always been only 1 solution to thia connundrum. It’s in our founding documents. It is there in black and white.

      When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

      As soon as the right gets their head out of their ass. You do not rely on other men (mostly lesser men) to ensure YOUR FREEDOM. We are not forcing insurrection, they have. According to the documents that founded thia nation. Trump? We cannot wait on him. Military? The guys whose top brass are 70% lefties? Nope. It must be us. We need a good leader though. One who can write a new declaration. State our position and the millions behind him.

      1. Watch Santasurfing on Rumble
        Channels not videos. (You have to choose). There is a Second Declaration already created.

      2. I love your comment. I agree that its way past time to THROW OFF our TYRANNICAL bands of the despots. What leader do you recommend?

    12. All this time reading about something you already knew when you could have been buying GameStop shares and become as wealthy as Patrick.

    13. I am writing to Mr. Byrne and not replying to Peter but I did not know how to initiate a commentI directly to Mr. Byrne.
      I appreciate you taking the time to provide your memory and understanding of events. I know that this is only one man’s perception of what took place and that there may be other events to which you were not personally or second-handedly privy. But at least, it fills in some of the recent history.

      I am writing about your comments suggesting that most pro-lifers want to see the mothers who abort their babies pay criminally. I have been pro-life since at least my college days in the early 70’s. I have at times even been an active participant in pro-life leadership. So, I can say unhesitatingly that virtually all pro-lifers have no intention of having mothers who abort made criminals. There are networks of people who seek to help pregnant women with difficult pregnancies. There are many pregnancy aid or crisis centers and homes for such women to help integrate them back into society and provide for their newborns. For instance, Please see the site for Good Counsel Homes, I hope this disabuses you of your perception.

    14. Patrick, thank you for providing this insight. Please keep up the great work. Im disgusted to read what goes on with people. I love our President and feel that often those he trusts take advantage of their close proximity. He was trying to run our country and needed those he trusted to be focused, not 9 shots to the wind. As much as I’ve always loved Rudy, I’m pissed to hear how he handled this situation. While we all know that the fraud occurred,
      understanding what occurred in the background, what role people played is helpful to confirm gut feelings.

      Will we ever get to the truth? Our President deserves vindication and we deserve to have the rightful winner running our country.

      Can’t wait for your next chapter.

      I hope you will be getting this to the President.

    15. And exactly how many cases, including Sidney got there day in court prior to Jan 20, 2021…ZERO? NOT Rudy, Sidney, Lin, Phil Kline who had the most compelling case, not a single case got through the doors. Do you get it now Patrick?

      1. Best comment in this thread.
        “Do you get it now pATRICK?!?!
        Btw Churchill drank like a fish and still won the war.
        Controlled opposition.
        Byrne grifter after fame.
        LIN WOOD
        These three not grifters.
        STOP WITH YOUR BS and this novel half truth nonsense.
        Trump is a brilliant and beloved man.
        Still POTUS btw.
        Military in control.
        Even the lefty generals don’t want to get shot by a CHYNA takeover.
        Tell your story walking Byrne, you are acting like a jealous child.

    16. Can’t seem to find Chapter 2 (or 3)? Have they yet to be written?
      One would think these would not be difficult to find, with so many referring to reading “especially the 2nd part”

    17. Donald Trump had Roy Cahn as his personal attorney for decades, Rudy didn’t do anything that Trump didn’t know of or approve. Let’s get real people, Donald Trump is nobodies fool, certainly not Rudy’s and Trumps legal team. He had everyone around him he wanted, and that includes fbi, Cia, doj, etc.

    18. If the Executive Order was signed in 2018 it seams to me all you need is the military and the evidence, and take them down.just saying

    19. I’m massively disgusted and enraged about the incompetence of the Trump team to blow the whole election theft off and fukked every person in America who really voted for Trump.

      Secondly, how is it possible Trump wouldn’t have a LOT more people out in the states connecting with the whistleblowers and putting the strategy together himself and then EXECUTE !?

    20. can we please be realistic, it is not Jenna Ellis. Nobody is getting irate if jenna ellis fills every dudes fantasy. Stop. its obviously Boris Epstyne. who like Rudy, is a pile of trash. I was nervous from the start when I found our Rudy was involved in this. Anybody who thinks he didnt know what was going to happen on September 11th is lying to themselves

    21. I feel so upset to read this and feel like justice was within reach but yet there was no coordination that could’ve put us on the right track. Now a lot of people are left feeling like we are being ruled by an illegitimate tyrant. The audit in Maricopa county will be done within 2 weeks and should at least prove beyond a reasonable doubt that our cause was righteous and justifiable even though we never got the result in the end. Thank you for everything Patrick

    22. What the hell happened here? Why did Trump gave up the presidency? Why didn’t he deliver? There are so many things he can do as president as long as he didn’t give up. Who advised him to build a media mogul empire? Wtf is this?

    1. Patrick, I hope you consider joining Gab soon where you can speak freely and tell your story. More people need to know this but they don’t because they either clueless or deleted their twitter accounts.

        1. Yes, join Gab please, even unofficially. Maybe delegate someone to copy your Telegram info to Gab so your reputation doesn’t get tarnished by the Wild West uncensored crazies at Gab.

          I don’t want to join Telegram because they want my phone number. It’s a shame that I can’t lurk without actually joining, like I can at Twitter.

          I’m open to being convinced, however.

    2. Whoa. This is nuts. I feel sick learning about what happened behind the scenes. Sadly, I now understand why it seems we didn’t get very far. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your persistence. Thank you for fighting.
      I would like to help. How can I help?

      1. I knew there was no plan about the fraud watching the press conferences with Rudy. The way you described the first meeting with Rudy’s team ( or non team ) was troubling to say the lest. If I didn’t know any better, they were intentionally doing just enough to lose. Money,corruption or maybe part of a bigger plan. Trump knows Rudy wasn’t the right man for the job. With his lack of knowledge on cybercrime and making every drink an Irish one. This is what Trump is known for. Putting the right people in the right places. So if this intentional fail was part of a bigger plan. It’s an extremely darning plan. Thank you for sharing your experience. Remember GOD WINS!

        1. Rudy is not solely responsible. Remember, he had a “team”…one JE who publicly had nothing good to say about Trump until she mysteriously joined the team. There are others on the team, she just strikes me as an extremely odd fit.

    3. I almost wish I had not read this. Of course I am but this is nothing short of tragic. Thank you for trying, Patrick, and thank you for the firsthand account here. The big remaining question going forward is how we, as a nation, can make the right changes to insure this kind of fraud never happens again. God help us.

      1. I truly believe the military has taken control. I saw a military official being interviewed who mentioned the “peaceful transition of power to the MILITARY.” Of course, we all heard how Biden was not flown in AF1, how the Pentagon not only ordered the NG troops to DC (and a large number remain till March), but that they haven’t released security data to Biden and have told him to not come nor send representatives to the Pentagon. Most revealing however, was the lack of a 21 gun salute for Biden/Harris at Arlington, but rather a gun salute for funerals or FOREIGN dignitaries. I watch the military more, and the politicians/civilians less.

    4. Hi Patrick,
      There are no words that could ever thank you for everything that you have done and the digital soldiers. I’am hoping there’s still something in play with the digital soldiers and the military you’re a great patriot.
      thank you again for everything❤️❤️

        1. Who else would get teary eyed when talked back to usually a female. So yep Jenna Ellis. I always knew she was a snake always said that we are crazy for asking Trump to sign the EO that it was unconstitutional. Thats bullshit cause obviously the constitution was not favoring us at all that you would need to take other paths. Unbelievable they are the ones to blame for everything!!

          1. No way it’s Jenna. I didn’t agree with her on everything, but out of the bunch she was the smartest.

      1. I don’t think “Mediocrity” is Jenna. Her career has been involved in private law firms. Based on the information in the article, we know that Mediocrity had a career in governmental agencies. There was a third female mentioned regularly by the press as being part of the legal team who also had a background working for government agencies (although she received little of the media spotlight).

        1. I think it was Jenna. She is the only other person on the legal team that had direct access to Trump. She used to be an outspoken Trump hater and then publicly proclaimed she had changed her mind and her position. She was also tweeting that Trump would NOT instill Martial Law. She and Rudy were providing Trump with poor legal advice!

          1. I just never trusted Jenna even as she continues to tweet Scripture every day like she’s a pious woman with unquestionable integrity.

          2. If Mediocrity was Jenna, why would Patrick us. e her name elsewhere in this writing? He said Medocrity would sometimes hit on people of the opposite gender, sometimes the same gender. I don’t think it’s Jenna. Did she ever work for a government agency?

        2. TBH, I’m a rather large and imposing dude and I’ve had my teary-eyed moments at work when I get a dressing-down that I deserve 😉

          1. I don’t know who it is but I can say we don’t like to say Pam is from Florida..

            like a repub version of debbie wassermehillary..

          1. Kerik is in there, but is he a lawyer? Well, probably not anymore after he went to jail! What was he, a police commissioner?

          1. It’s not kerik. The person doesn’t have to look like him. I don’t think Kerik was that involved and he would definitely not just sit there and not say anything. it’s one of the attorneys on the team. Justin Clark maybe. Just a complete guess.

      2. Could be Victoria. Toensing. Whoever “she” is worked in a federal agency for decades, I think he said, or decades ago. JE is in her mid-thirties and has only worked a couple of years for deputy district attorney in CO.
        I could totally see Victoria flirting. Jenna seems too straight-laced to flirt.
        Just my opinion…

        1. Totally forgot about Toensing on the scene. Not even a week ago, I was made aware of an old article on Craig Spence. It was an outline of Spence’s blackmail activities involving minor boys, the most notable headlines were of the midnight WH tours given to the boys.

          Lots of names of those who were known for attending Spence’s parties and/or frequently associated with were listed. My jaw hit the floor when I saw Toensing and DiGenova’s name included. I’m not stating the two were involved in the horrors that Spence was involved in, but I was shocked to see their names amongst the others.

          After much research, it seems that Spence was a Jeffrey Epstein on a smaller scale, involving mostly DC/Political types.

          If you go to Craig Spence’s Wikipedia page, there is a list of articles. The article I’m referring to is within that list. The headline is escaping me atm.

          Wow….. I’m inclined to think you got it right! Ugh, I’m going to throw up now.

          1. Patrick did not mention them, what were their roles in this? And what about Jordan Sekulow?

      3. and it’s “sidled up”, not “saddled”
        Great read Patrick.
        Any update on the MI6 dudes escaping from Rome, D’Elia and Leonardo, the US embassy in Rome?

    1. I believe the Mediocrity is Jane Raskin due to her extensive experience working for the Federal government vs Jenna Ellis’ relatively limited experience in the Federal Government

    2. No, not Jenna. Mediocrity is Boris Epshteyn. Jenna Ellis is a good Christian gal. She would never open a hotel room door in her underwear. That act alone sounds like a Boris!

      1. I am guessing it was Jenna. Rudy came off almost as crazy as Joe Biden in the press conferences. Sadly, he was probably just there to collect a paycheck. I never liked or had confidence in him.

        Trump got a heck of a lot accomplished in four years and had to put up with constant abuse from the media and fake investigations. If his staff came off as amateurish that could have been because there were leakers and traitors all around him who weren’t there to help him. He had to drain the swamp constantly as best he could so he may have ended up with some staff who weren’t that knowledgeable or savvy. He deserves so much more credit than he got.

        Trump was either misled or threatened with death to make him walk away, if that is what he has done.

        General Michael Flynn said on his Telegram account recently that we shouldn’t worry and they have things under control. That is truly an odd statement given what we see happening right now but it still gives me some hope nonetheless.

        Maybe we’re under control of the US Military. From my understanding, they don’t have to disclose that to anyone, but that would be one heck of a well kept secret considering how many leakers there are in government.

        Strange and scary times we are living in. We want the military to come in and arrest this fraudulent administration right now and charge everyone who was involved with the stolen election. We want Trump to move back into the White House, get this country back on track and keep protecting us. America first! Never America last which is what we are facing now. I’m afraid there are very dark times ahead. A fascist dictator who answers to China is now sitting in the White House and in charge of our destiny. He does not care one bit how shocking his radical moves look to the people and he’s just getting warmed up.

        America always appeared to me like a big lion out in the wilderness. So strong and powerful. Nothing could harm it. All other creatures feared it. Now America seems like a quivering lost little baby deer standing out in a field and in not much time will be eaten by the lion, which is now China.

        1. I think you have your metaphors wrong. The Lion is Jesus! China is the Dragon!
          In the Bible, the Dragon does terrifying things but the Lion wins! (Right now I’m afraid America is the whore of Babylon. We have sunk to moral lows that match the time of Noah.) only God can save us.

          1. babylon is a city that sits on 7 hills (rome)
            the 3 cities that rule are rome dc and the city of london.

        2. General FLynn posted on Telegram “Dont give up hope. It may seem difficult to you, but we have everything under control” Its his first post on his channel and its dated Jan 18.

          1. I’m on Telegram and the Michael Flynn site I see was established on Jan 23. Not sure what you are seeing.

      2. She would never open a hotel room door in her underwear.

        You obviously have no clue about what you are saying.

      1. I’m thinking Pat Cipollone is Mediocrity. I think he played a bigger role in screening off Potus than others. It was after he, Rudy & Sidney met at the WH that the divorce announcement was made, plus I’ve read elsewhere he ignored & was otherwise dismissive toward Sidney during their meetings. Boris was always in the field during the Bannon interviews, & to my mind he was not high enough in the hierarchy to be a gatekeeper.

  2. Words cannot express the frustration you feel! The levels of incompetence is mind boggling! I figured out mediocrity … it’s too bad he wasn’t removed from Trump’s ear! Praying for you! Be blessed my friend!

    1. First off this is good as it gets for accuracy…first-person right as opposed to “sources.”

      Wow….no wonder the ‘stop the steal’ business went out-of-business…the lack of management framework, the soluttioning & tactical-legal approach, team corrdination, systems that you’d have in place on day one, but before that all, to large extent, were broken as seen by this succesful entrepreneur: PB. Should have been set up like an SOF team…(mgt structure, hichiarcy command-control)

      The people, process and tools, you could point to anyone of them as cite systemic failure. This is reflective of the top…I mean how else do you couch it? Heart-breaking.

      And here Patrick is probably self-funding a cyber swat team with high quals that only want to expose the fraud. Any number of firms around here where I am in Arliington, VA have the cyber and forensics skills to pick apart vunerabilites…they all get contracts with IC.

      Its sounds like the only competent ones in the house were you, your team Sidney and many of the private citizens that testified (SMEs) in AZ, GA, MI ect…

      Tom R
      Arlington VA

  3. That’s really f’ed up that in the end Trump had little support from the people he trusted the most, Rudy and even his kids…this man is selfless fighting the deep state for the last 4 yrs, but the people around him are only for themselves. He trusted the wrong people, that’s really short sighted in my opinion. Despite the clear corruption domestically and interference internationally, Trump still won, but he lost and America is lost because he trusted the wrong people..I’m gonna go cry now. I don’t blame him but still wtf. Also made me wonder about all his last minute pardons..another bad move? Bad people whispering in his ears? We’d never know….but tbh I thought he’d know better, couldn’t he tell by talking to Rudy everytime he was briefed?? How dysfunctional everything was?

    1. Indeed, how could he not tell? And not just w/Rudy, either. With most people he surrounded himself with. Key words — surrounded HIMSELF with. We may have to entertain the hard pill to swallow that is… Trump was in on it (at least to some degree).

      1. I will never buy that Trump was some kind of manchurian candidate. He fought tirelessly, sacrificed so much and says he is still not done.

        Look on YouTube going back 25 years Trump was saying the exact things he says today. America is getting ripped off by China and our own politicians are selling us out.

        Trump is the real deal. I have no doubt about his love for this country.

        1. And yet, there is a lot more Trump could have done but chose not to. Also, why was he not more involved in finding out what happened with the election? Usually he takes the lead in things, but it seemed like he was keeping his distance.

          1. I’ve also wondered the same and thought about that hard pill to swallow maybe being a reality. He has been pushing the America First agenda for decades, it’s just hard to know what happened when the fate of America was in his hands, and now America is taking it’s last breath while the CCP’s grip tightens.

      2. I have never understood why Trump would go along with the Warp Speed vaccine, masks, and the national emergency that was extended and allowed the governors cover to take all our rights away. Plus the people he allowed to stay like Wray.

        1. Yep, I totally agree. I entertained the idea that perhaps he was just waiting for something before making a sweeping move, but nope. Now that I don’t have that thought clouding my vision it all makes sense. I mean, there are NUMEROUS hills that were worth dying on, but the only thing we got (at best) was hot air.

        2. I still can’t wrap my mind around it as well. It simply doesn’t make sense to me, unless Trump was allowed only so much freedom. Why would he want us to take a “so called vaccine” that killed every single test animal?

    2. Pardons: he has to remain protected after he leaves, and his family. The pardonees are part of the seedy underbelly of those protecting him….

  4. Patrick,

    You out the gender of the Mediocrity in the paragraph following the Seth Keshel link, 3rd or 4th sentence from the end of that paragraph.

    Thank you for documenting your journey, it is very much needed by many.

      1. All the detailed focus of this article on the Mediocrity and how unprofessional mediocrity was, sounds very off to me. Like a framing and slander of some sort. All the effort in pretending like Patrick doesn’t want to name names but goes out of his way to make sure that the reader can guess with enough certainty who Mediocrity is. And then using the excuse of anonymity to provide excessive detail on the personal stuff that might or might not even be accurate. It just sounds very off.

        1. I want to vomit. I can feel your anguish and frustration on the incompetence of members on the team. Whilst you know what was on the line, our Democracy it pains me that you had to deal with this. I now wonder what Rudy’s real motives were and what was Trump thinking?

          1. You need to explain yourself. Otherwise, you come across as an anonymous troll who isn’t brave enough to tell us who you are or the details of what you are thinking. You just seem to be dropping hit-and-run doubt grenades. I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but it isn’t working.

        2. We can assume you are a leftist troll here to do what you do best. Go away and hide within your anonymous profile. We need only intelligent debate, not ridicule or distraction.

    1. My head hurts.
      I am beyond furious.
      The fact that this Rudy and others handled something this important like they did, i can’t even wrap my head around it…
      We had to know. I cry every day when i see what the dems have done and are still doing to this country. And then to tirn around and blame us for their bullshit.
      Trump won, we won yet here we sit..
      And they have, again, gotten away with murder, literally..

      I can’t thank you enough for putting this out. We were struggling, so many needed to know something, anything but we were thrown to the wolves and left sitting in the dark.

      1. Have you ever seen Rudy’s Common Sense? I watch it regularly. Have you ever seen Rudy on Bannon’s War Room? I’ve seen him on there many times. He presents things in a logical way, as if he is teaching a class. I know what I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears. Maybe Patrick did see a lot of disorganization, but not incompetence. Rudy is not incompetent. Maybe he does drink, so what? He was dealing with putting together these cases and flying all over the place for hearings and basically working non-stop for months. And at his age! I couldn’t do that, and I am 17 years younger than Rudy. I believe Rudy wanted to present the forms of fraud most easily able to be proven, and those are: poll watchers not being allowed to observe vote tallying; dead people voting; underage people voting; out-of-state people voting; more votes than registered voters, etc. Those are old school frauds but easy to discover and prove. The computer fraud is on a much bigger scale but more time-consuming and more difficult to prove. I think Rudy was on track with what he did, especially the gathering of hundreds of sworn affidavits. The problem comes when no judge wants to hear evidence and when no state election officials are convinced by evidence heard in hearings. Then what do you do? The simple fact is, none of those elected officials had the courage to take the evidence and go forward with it. It wasn’t all up to Rudy, Jenna, Sidney, et al. They were just the starting point. Nobody else took and ran with it for the touchdown. They hemmed and hawwed, took recesses, vascillated about what steps to take, etc. The responsibility for election integrity rests with the individual states, and they failed big time. Now we the people must insist that our own state legislatures get on top of the issue and pass laws to ensure that we can have confidence as voters.

        1. Hermet Dylon wasn’t on the defense team. And wasn’t briefing the president. I don’t believe anwya

          I don’t think it was Jenna Ellis either as has almost no experience in government work and answering the door in her underwear? Not likely.

          And not victoria Teunsing either. She is very competent and highly unlikely would answer the door in her underwear and hit on everyone. No way

          Jane Raskin? That’s not out of the question. Tons of experience in Gov. She would be briefing the President I believe as she was on the White House legal team and helped with both Mueller and Impeachment. She did a good job on impeachment though but this is so far the most likely candidate.

          1. Ja, my money’d be on Jane Raskin. Bondi doesn’t fit “Mediocrity”. Raskin looks like a fit. Hard to picture her (she’s older than I am, and I’m old) at the door in her skivvies, but wonders never cease.

          2. Jane Raskin looks the type. Not very attractive so has to put it on a plate for attention

        1. If you actually read the article more closely the author outs Mediocrity as a “she”. (He does this either slyly or as a slip up).
          Why else do you think he initially made a big deal about “not revealing the gender” because the only way he would want to do that would be because it was a woman and there were so few of them in comparison to the amount of men that it would be much much easier for people to figure it out.
          (Although Patrick Byrne has recently publicly stated that it is not Jenna Ellis).

      1. “sidled up”, not “saddled”
        latest on the MI6 dudes escaping Rome, status of D’Elia and Leonardo, the State Dept dude in the embassy in Rome? Why hasn’t all of that and the captured servers in Frankfurt come forward?

      2. Please don’t give up!!! You were chosen to reveal what happened. You know, and because of you and your team, we know.

      3. Hey Patrick

        You are going to have to out Mediocrity. Everyone is guessing and we will be implicating the wrong people. That’s much worse then outing the right person. She needs to be outed anyway.


      4. Victoria Toensing seems the flirtatious type, I remember seeing her overtly flirting with Geraldo on air years ago.
        Many say military is in charge, I find that hard to believe, top brass didn’t approve of Trump, just seems out there, although I would love to be wrong!

  5. That makes total sense. I got that sense by watching this from overseas. How frustrating and really, WTF? Great read, Patrick. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  6. Thank you for your work for America. As a bystander, I suspected that their was a riff; that the President was being given bad advice. Please forward thanks to Sidney and your team. You are American treasures…Perhaps I am naive, but I do not believe the illegal Biden Administration will stand. God will deliver America. My prayers go with you, Sidney and your team.

    1. Ultimately, trump bears responsibility for the whole fiasco. Anticipating Patrick’s next segment on his White House oval office meeting with trump, trump was informed about what was going on and WHAT HE NEEDED TO DO.
      Trump did nothing.
      Why? Because he is a coward & a CHARLATAN. I don’t know, maybe his family was threatened or maybe trump’s puppet masters instructed him to stand down and take a knee. Or, bend over and take it with K-Y Jelly!

      1. Yup. Totally agree. It’s all but impossible to continue to make excuses for DT. Either he is THEE worst judge of character in who he listens to and who he constantly has around him… or he was in on it / let it happen. The latter is far more likely, imo.

          1. Jared Kusher reportedly tried to get Trump to concede earlier on. I think he and Ivanka played a big role in Trump bailing out. Huge disappointment to the point it has changed my opinion of DJT.

  7. Oh my god I am completely blown away! I wish the President knew guy were the go to guys earlier. Thank you for your hard work!

    1. You hope there’s a disastrous team monitoring the next election? They did such a bang up job with this one.

  8. Oh God Patrick… I truly feel sick after reading this last excerpt. Our WORST FEARS REALIZED. There is no”plan” unfolding or coming is there? We have truly lost, not just the White House, but the Deep State Demonrats now have the House AND the Senate—no doubt ALL by hook and by crook and Rudy & his shit show let it all slip through. Almost like intentionally!?! 🤔 or just too much of a drunk and too old. But military is not in control, there is no “plan”, Even that, I’m beginning to suspect the whole “Q” things was all just a huge Operation Trust psyop by bad actors — foreign or or domestic from the Left, even “dark hats” in our own military. And President Trump was kept in the dark about a lot. I’m surprised to fear the whole 4 years seemed to have been run like that tho…but then, what do I know about DC politics except that it all seems corruption on top of corruption by people who have been in their positions & jobs way too long, addicted to the power, wealth & status & willing to do ANYTHING to keep it….who stopped working for We the People AND our Country a long time ago. I just wanted to believe President Trump really was on top of things, wanted to believe there was this “Q Team” helping him root out and go after all these Deep State Globalist swamp cabal folks for US & our Country. Our FUTURE! Bcuz their Agenda 2030 plans for all of the world, all of humanity, is horrific. I wanted to believe that. Now what I’m realizing on this 3rd excerpt is none of that was true…patriots have been cruelly played & misled and all does seem lost at the moment. Unless of course your story turns around…. Either way you do not know HOW GRATEFUL I am that you are sharing it, even if it seems to be confirming my worst fears & what I’ve been sensing for a while now. And I am SO GRATEFUL for ALL OF YALL WHO DID TRY and who all devoted so much time, effort and expense to TRYING to make a difference, to save this election AND root out all the corrupt players in our country & foreign countries involved. Y’all are the true patriotic heroes who were sadly sabotaged it’s sounding like….by the President’s own men/women around &/or near him. How AWFUL is that??? He trusted the wrong ones it’s looking like, in Rudy & this other difficult person. But still, as I await your next excerpt…to see how the story goes, you/y’all do have my undying gratitude and prayers bcuz y’all TRIED for US/USA. True Patriots—all of y’all! ✊

    1. Well,
      Apart from the fact that you have all been played ( and are still being played), one thing we can distill from all this is that Trump was an incompetent President who couldn’t organise a knees-up in a brewery

      1. Honestly its kinda a blessing. The Great Reset is upon us, there is no more pretense. Everything we know about the government is a lie. Its a lesson going forward, our uni party is a bunch of crooks who have sold us out to the globalist. The veil had been lifted, their intention is clearly to destroy the West and put us in a technocratic totalitarian one world order. Independent producers are bring destroyed, racial tensions are being stoked and the currency is being obliterated.

        In my mind we are ahead of the fools who still think an entire global economy was destroyed to save grandma. The world order is being reorganized , rapidly, and depopulation and gutting of the middle class are on the menu. Time to wake up to the Dark Winter.

          1. Don’t drink doll. John Kerry yesterday ” The Great Reset WILL happen”. What I bet Q sent you hahaha.

          2. Jean is right. And i recommend you buy some alcohol because things are about to get worse than you ever imagined.

        1. Yep, additionally reminds us that God is our only refuge. In this waste pile that they try to immerse us in. Stinks to high heaven. Not that there isn’t true beauty amongst the trash we’ve created. One of the best thing about all this is that it reminded me that getting caught up in this worldly crap is a dead end.

          1. Couldn’t have said it better. The world is full of beauty amongst all the wickedness. We must embrace the good and appreciate it. Still we are not of this world, God is our home. No one promised us the journey would be easy. We should welcome the challenges and fight the good battle instead of worrying about mindless pleasures and worldly comforts. This can be a tremendous opportunity , an awakening if one chooses it to be. Time to lick our wounds steel our spine and forge ahead.

        2. Very accurate I’m afraid but there maybe something in the works and we just don’t know it yet.

          Trump loves this country. He loves his people. He has been saying for over 25 years America is being sold out by China and the politicians. I can’t see him walking away especially when we can all see what the Democrat/ China party has in store for us.

          Gen Michael Flynn said recently on his Telegram account to not worry and they have thisnunder control. He is notna man to mislead us and give us false hope. We want answers and we want arrests now and DT back in the White House where he belongs. It’s a very difficult, scary and confusing time right now.

          1. Yup. I still have hope that whoever Q is or was, has been at the helm for many years now, planning and carrying out some grand plan to take back our Republic. We shall see — I am patient to wait for a while longer. If by end of March things are still looking bleak, I will consider other options. One option is moving to a “red” area of the country and then fighting for secession. I think that would be our last hope of preserving the original concept of the Declaration and Constitution. If it comes to that, it will get bloody, no doubt, because the communists do not tolerate disobedience.

      2. imagine, trump incompetent. what will happen with biden?

        1. 79 milion > 68 million.
        2. NOT MY PRESIDENT.


    2. Thank you Victoria. I too am crushed. I watched one state hearing after another, I watched Sydney and read everything I could find. I could never understand why it was never received in a manner that made sense, all that we watched, unfold. I do believe our nation is lost. And I am lost in depths of dispair.

      1. Felicia,
        Please don’t be in despair. While it’s an extremely difficult situation I think a great many people world wide have woken up to what is going on around them (with still many more to jolted out of their slumber over the coming weeks and months). We can see the injustice you have all suffered in the US with the stolen elections and the maddening policies that the new government is scrambling to put in place. But there’s one thing we all have the ability to do, and it’s to make choices and take action, no matter how minute, and the united effort together will cause that change that is needed. It might be slow at first but we can start on the local level and influence the immediate environment around us. The way we shop and utilise services can all be made with conscious choices to avoid supporting the companies, corporations and institutes that are trying to destroy ‘the right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness’. Patrick has pointed out in his article some of the people who have shown true leadership… those who have the ability to get things done. These are the people who need to inspire us. These are the kind of people who we should support. While I understand how disheartening it is to read how much of a chaotic mess was going on in the background it’s better that we know the truth. That will allow us to rely less on any external movement or idea that we have any control of and put the fight back to where it should be… with each and every one of us… but working together to keep and fight for our freedoms.

        1. Ugh. I hate alcohol. Ruins everything. What a waste of a once vibrant brilliant mind. Is that his norm or was it just that stressful? Wth was potus thinking hiring someone with an alcohol issue that strong? He loathes alcohol. This irks me to no end. Is there anyone around potus with any competency? Have mercy on us all.

      2. This truly isn’t over! Wait until the Biden administration gets all of the COVID-19 hoax reversed (they started it and only they can make it go away) and then Trump will step back in to take his rightful position. And the swamp will be drained! It is all playing out as needed! ONLY Trump knows HIS plan! He knows he can really only trust himself and kept many secrets. He is good at that.

    3. Q was never real. It was just a grift that got too big to contain. Many Patriots were taken for lots of money who could ill afford it. FYI Q is Jim Watkins, a pig farmer in the Philippines. He made millions off the Q game. There was never a plan. Nobody has been arrested, but Trump’s people. The Swamp is thriving now that they stole the election.

        1. Suzette very clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

          I don’t think she knows that Jim Watkins runs a free website.

          And she’s got no idea about the unique images Q posted as verification.

          1. Exactly. Everything IS going according to plan. Please everyone just stop jumping ship. Trump is silently running things that will put all back into order, and I mean an order that hasn’t been seen since 1871.

          2. Saw an interview recently with Jack Posobeic and one of the guys who started the Q thing. It was started as a joke really, they never thought it would get to where it was. The guy got out when it was getting too out of hand. There is no military person behind Q. The president is not connected or behind Q in any way. Y’all have been played. There is no plan to trust. Trust yourself, that’s all you can do.

      1. Money? Suzette? You just wrecked yourself.

        You’ve been reading about Q from CNN. And what money did Watkins make?? He runs a *FREE* website.

        If you’d actually looked into Q, you’d have know that *original* images came from inside Marine One, inside Airforce One, Inside the Oval office. All original and non-reverse-searchable to anything else on the Internet. You are completely out of your element in your statement.

        But, you wouldn’t know any of this, because you didn’t look into Q yourself. You read a CNN/MSNBC/FOX news mashup about a guy who’s been running a website for 15 years, for free, where ANYONE can go and post.

        You’ve just outed yourself as a moron.

        1. Well the Q made money from the app he created also made money from the super chats from the Anon’s and the Autists running it. How they got the pictures was that the service Q was using to monitor Twitter got information first published then it took time to spread to the rest for the site. Q posted those pictures seconds before if showed up on the main Twitter feed. Q then said look at the time stamp. It was because of the service they were using go the information first, that’s all. Still maybe its real maybe maybe not. But on thing it did provide was getting ordinary people to start questing things and looking for answers.

      2. Q existed in the 50’s. You are spreading disinformation. Why?

        Nobody made any money off Q. There wasn’t enough power to bring their desires to pass. OWG is installed.

    4. Well , let me tell you if we are honest this doesn’t speak well of Trump at all. How in the world did he not assure a well managed coordinated professional effort was put forth …. Its the dang US presidential election, the crime of the century ….if well executed this could have buried the Democrats and exposed our foreign adversaries.

      So we must conclude one thing or the other is true:

      Trump knew the extent of the fraud and didn’t want to aggressively pursue it for whatever reason perhaps not wanting to expose the criminality as it would undermine faith in the country’s leadership OR

      Trump’s abilities as a CEO are wildly inflated and he ran the White House like a shit show and had not the desire or ability to run a competent, complete , professional examination of the voter fraud and foreign election interference. It that’s the case, he should stay hidden . He had an obligation not jyst to his supporters but to the Constitution to use every resource available to protect the integrity of the election.

      This is truly astounding.

      1. That’s my takeaway as well. Here is the money graf:

        Over these weeks there were a number of excellent White House staffers whom I got to know. Smart young men and women in their late twenties, generally. Some (but not all) were huge Trump enthusiasts. They filled me in on details here and there, snippets of what was happening behind the scenes between the campaign, Rudy, and the White House. One evening, once we were close enough, I let down my hair and said, “This is a shit-show. Is this …. normal?” One of the staffers (and, mind you, a very pro-Trump one) said, “This is it. This is the Trump White House. This is how everything has run for four years.”

        1. But this doesn’t explain a couple things:
          1. How could Trump accomplish so much in such a little time- while under constant attack- if he was so disorganized? Is there a higher level of organization and planning we aren’t seeing?
          2. Why haven’t we heard about any military or three letter agency intelligence yet? We know there are good people in some of the highest positions in some of those organizations that Trump can trust. You can’t tell me the President didn’t have people he could talk to who would know about the intel.
          3. What if there is a third or fourth reason Trump did not act like we expected? Perhaps he was threatened in a way he could not fight against? Perhaps someone high up turned on him? Who truly knows what his plan or thinking was except maybe 5-10 people?

          1. he accomplished those things because no one else even tried doing anything

            he failed us when he had ot act

          2. On reflection I have to really agree with #1 — SOMEONE somewhere WAS organized.

            #2 — that NSA Admiral Mike Rogers should have been helping, yes, not sure how many others.

            #3 — Obviously Pence told him he would . be 25h Amendment’d if he pulled the trigger on the recounts, if not something more sinister, who knows.

      2. is it possible that, once the media called Biden the winner, that DJT made a decision to expose the voter fraud, challenge the election only to go on and create an alternative news network? That would sound far more like Trump than him just slinking off. That would also explain why his children were out of the picture post election.

      3. Don’t let the apparent incompetence of the anti-fraud effort–according to Byrne–obscure the accomplishments of the Trump administration. They were many and significant.

        1. Nope, they were nothing more than distraction fodder. Like someone mentioned above, when the time above all times came for him to stand up and do the right thing (at any cost, under God), he fed us to the wolves the first chance he had. It would be like someone who time and time again (say, totaling 100 times) had raised for us $1. Well, $100 is good right?? Indeed, it is. But not when compared to turning us over into the hands of the devil.

    5. Yes, this is the worst of it. No ‘Plan’ No Military to save us. We have been had. How to accept that? I think in my heart I knew it all along. I am emotionally overwhelmed & paralyzed by what to do next. Have been since the election. Add to this the financial toll this last year has taken & I do not know how to survive. Thank G-d I am not young. But I have a son to worry about. So many stories off life destruction. The worst of it is I didn’t realize how precious FREEDOM was until it is now gone.

      1. Just because we don’t see the military op on MSM doesn’t mean it’s not happening! Can we see the cyber war? The space war? The underground war? The battleships and planes on high alert? things are definitely happening. Well find out sooner or later.

  9. Oh, no. NOT at all what I imagined and certainly not what I wanted to hear. It’s going to take a minute to reconnoiter, process, and reconcile. At the risk of being petty, I wish I could get my contribution back. OMG.

    1. Demand your contribution back NOW. A lot of the Patriots at have successfully clawed back their contributions, esp. to

        1. I don’t know if you ever visit, there is thread upon thread of folks getting ALL their $$$ back from Winred and perhaps other places.

      1. So what happens now? We just accept our fate? Communism? They have the media, Big Tech, the courts, intelligence agencies and the military. We have no one to lead. Trump seems content to ride it out in Florida. I believe in You, Lindell, Flynn and Powell. But if nothing is done, even your team will be swallowed up.

        1. Communism is not the plan. China is not in control. TPTB want feudalism. North America to be reverted to wilderness. That means we all die. Or live like Daniel Boone. Great reset is misunderstood by many. Taking the vaccine will not be enough to be able to work or travel, unless you also sign onto the great reset. This will forfeit all right to own any type of property for the rest of your life. Those of us who refuse the vaccine are to be rounded up into gulags / re-education camps / FEMA camps. Look at the history of this part of the coup and realize do NOT go. Hopefully you realize how we win at this stage. We missed all our previous opportunities.

    2. Understanding your concern of being cheated, by what everyone thought was an honest campaign to stop election fraud, is duly a great concern. If this is true of what was done with the money donated, that Hard working Americans donated, I believe they need to held accountable for the expense of each dollar donated.

    1. Why was Steven Mnuchin brought on board as Sec of Treasury? Uh, didn’t he Executive produce over 40 major Hollywood films? Enjoy the show????

  10. Holy shit! This changes the way I have viewed things for the past 3 months! Hell, I probably did more research than Giuliani! I have spent every single night researching everything I can, and this man is being paid 100k/week to get sloshed?! I feel so bad for you Patrick, Flynn, and Powell, I really really do!

    1. Tonya I feel you, me too. I studied election fraud like it was my job. Really from the beginning when I stayed up into the wee hours of the forth, my geeky charts in hand , updating the swing states as the night progressed until the inexplicable 4am ballot drops. I woke up everyone I knew saying the election is being stolen right before our eyes. At one point long after voting was halted in Pennsylvania, a single ballot drop was recorded, 64k votes for Biden , zero for Trump, not a single vote. The Fox commentators didn’t say a word. I really wonder who knows what in the media.

      1. I did as well. I had faith that everything I was discovering was ammo the team already had. The fraud was obvious to any fair observer who spent 15 minutes to research it. Now, after reading this account I realize my faith in the Trump team and especially Rudy was misplaced. I still believe in Sydney, Gen Flynn and Patrick and his Bad News Bears. But I think now the die is cast and this battle is lost.

  11. So who will be playing you in the film?! Beautifully written, Patrick. I had popped a melatonin, ready for bed, and figured I’d read the first couple of paragraphs, finishing the rest tomorrow, expecting a rather dry tale. But it kept me engaged, fleshed out characters, vivid events, I read the whole thing. Well done!

    You did ‘out’ Mediocrity as a woman, though. In the paragraph where she was sending your team to Michigan and you wanted more details. At least I think that happened. Melatonin kicking in so my memory is a bit fuzzy.

    I misread a sentence where at first glance I thought you and Gen. Flynn communicated ‘telepathically.’ Funny!

    I look forward to the next bits, even though I know how this (shit) show ends. Sort of like watching “Titanic.”

    1. I hope everyone will keep in mind the millions of people who are now financially ruined by the shutdowns and I predict many more will be out on the street before this is over, if it ever does end.

      The excitement over what Patrick is writing is pretty tone deaf when it comes to our fellow Americans not to mention those around the world who have had their businesses and lives destroyed as well. These were hard working and productive citizens who didn’t deserve what happened to them.

      It’s pretty easy to tell who still has a paycheck or retirement coming in and who is living off their last dollars by the comments I read.

      Just be respectful of others. That is all I am asking.

      1. also, we are not asking anyone to sacrifice loyalty.

        we are expecting a ceo to act like a ceo. it was about getting a thing done.

        trump was so stupid that he went along with the senate election in ga and we lost 2 seats.


  12. This is exactly what I was worried about when I was watching it from the outside.

    Donald Trump will go down as the worst president in the history of this country. On his watch, the entire US election was blatantly stolen and he was too much of a coward to save it.

    I voted both times for him for what he represented: a president selected by the people of the country, not a President selected by Washington DC as an option for the people of the country to vote for.

    But his failures are greater than his accomplishments. His greatest failure will be, that on his watch, with the might of the American Military and the Armed Forces, with 79,000,000 supporters, he turned his back on his path of office and allowed a foreign adversary to steal the election from the American People.

    I have nothing but contempt for him now. What a coward.

    1. This makes me wonder if Trump was in on it, controlled opposition? He clearly had the ammo if he wanted to fire and yet didnt…. they wanted to keep the proof of election fraud given to the public as innocuous as possible. It really was just a show trial. I feel people like you and Flynn and Sidney may have been tricked into pouring your hearts out for a person who may not have 100% honest intentions.

      There is a much larger, more organized, and dark game going on above this surface level stuff and I believe we’ve only gotten glimpses of it.

      1. I don’t think so.

        Donald Trump took advice from White House counsel instead of The American people fighting for our very country.

        When he could have saved us, he realized how much he had to lose, and turned and ran.

        He asked us to fight for him as he was packing his things and going back to his life as a narcissistic billionaire.

        Donald Trump is a coward.

        1. I disagree with your assessment. I don’t believe he’s a coward, in any sense. If he was, he would have resigned a long time ago. He was/is surrounded by grifters who misguided him. And yes, while he’s ultimately the one in charge, the people in his inner circle failed him. Until you’ve walked in his shoes, you shouldn’t judge. Remember, the information he was given, determined his reality. You really have no clue, about the information he was given. No one does, but him.

          Regarding Q.. most logically thinking people knew this was some sort of misinfo op that had nuggets of truth sprinkled in to make it seem plausible. But it was an operation with a mission. I believe it had a different purpose and was successful. In my opinion- this operation was designed to build a grass roots Patriot base (pro America) and to spread information. The Q warriors are the anti-propaganda. I think the op was hijacked by anti- Trumpers and more grifters who had hoped to pull them away from Trump and into the treasonous arms of Republicans. The magical thinking like JFK is alive, traitors have all been arrested and are at GItmo stuff was designed to discredit them in the end. Just my opinion though.

          In the end- Trumps inner circle failed him. That’s obvious. The question is: what are “we the people” going to do about it? So rather than post negative bullshittery like this, what are you willing to do to help? I’m not advocating any violence or illegal acts. What can we legal do to correct this injustice. They work for us, right? This is still a Republic, right? One thing is for sure… the less people like you in this movement, the better. I don’t want you to be beside me in the foxhole, that’s for certain. Perhaps you should ring Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, or Mitt Romney and bitch/ moan to them. You can point fingers, mock, blame, and do nothing with them. For the people who are genuinely concerned about saving our country, aren’t finished with this story. We still have work to do. So.. step aside.

          1. You’re welcome to disagree.

            Joe Biden is President of the United States.

            Donald Trump knew for a year they were stealing it, and managed only to Tweet.

            Donald Trump could have replaced Wray, Barr, Haspel, and all upper management of the agencies. He didn’t. That was his failure. After four years, those are HIS agencies, and ultimately HIS failures.

            You may disagree, but those are the facts.

            Donald Trump tucked his tail, told his supporters to keep up the fight, and took the early flight to Mar a Lago.

            He left Sidney, Mike, and Patrick to publicly fight for our republic, and hung them out to dry.

            I have nothing but contempt for someone that weak.

            I say all of this as someone anonymously commenting on the internet. The irony doesn’t escape me.

          2. I agree. Reading these comments, a lot of them are either troll who wish to bash trump and convince you to label him the worst president ever and discredited everything he did. Even if he didnt do everything you wanted him to do, let me remind you Trump put America First, despite constant and instant attack from the Democrats piranhas for the last 4 years, it wasnt just Trump, everyone EVERYONE who was helping Trump or involved in helping him got bashed, mocked, canceled, deplatformed, the president got big corps canceling on him and his business, they are calling on revoking licenses, degrees from every lawyer and congressman/woman who fought for Trump (lin wood, stefanik..) so whoever doubts trump was part of the swamp, these facts say otherwise. So whoever put doubts in your head about Trump, you should rethink the last 4 yrs. All his policies were bringing America back, for too long Obama and the swamp outsourced our everything to CHYNA and we finally bring the jobs back, he was the ONLY ONE CALLED CHYNA OUT ON THEIR BULLSHIT! HE NEVR TOOK A DIME FOR HIS SALARY either. How many previous president has actually done that?? And it could be the guy was just done with all the attack, on him, his family, his business, the people worked for him, maybe in the end he took that road because he dont want them to get hurt fighting for him, maybe he thought it was a losing battle and the swamp is too big. You can see all the alphabet agencies are corrupted, even the DOJ, who can bring justice to light if not the ppl we trusted with in the government. Trump proved that we can’t trust them anymore for justice or truth. They all have their own agendas. Trump was misguided, and to be honest useless but do you know why?? He needed a team, he needed people he can trust, he had faith in Pence, Rudy, his family, Pompeo, Ratcliffe, but in the end they are all for themselves. Trump always trusted in God, he was the first president who was PRO LIFE and passed an EO on that as well. If anything Trump brought God back into the WH, our lives, and taught us to trust no one but God and yourself. There are foreign influence cant wait for him to be gone either, they take forms as online disinformation, bots, much like we see here or every social media platforms to shift your thinking and perceptions. Dont be fooled..think for yourself, think clearly on the things Trump did that previous presidents didnt. The tragedy here is again, TRUMP WAS ONE MAN VS THE SWAMP. Patrick was not in the picture before the election, maybe things would have been different, so if you were Trump, who would you trust? The infamous mayor Rudy that you have known for a long time or some guy you just met, maybe he was installed to sabotage you by the enemy? Trump cant do anything without having doubts and the chances of democrats stopping him. THINK FOR YOURSELF, information warfare is here and to save America, WE THE PEOPLE have to think for ourselves. Group think is what they want, its easy to manipulate and it will be our downfall.

          3. I agree with you 100% !! These writings are fishy and do NOTHING to help fix the problem, instead he is attempting to make Trump look bad. WTH? Something he says early-on in the comments made me question his integrity, replying to a Trump supporter who asked if he is currently in contact with Trump as she wanted him to relay a message of shipper to Trump. Patrick answered, “ No and I doubt I ever will be.” I thought to myself, hmmmmmm. Why would he not EVER speak to Trump ever again? What happened that would not give him access to Trump now that the Dems have taken over? Too much ego in the way? I also remember his overly zealous attempts to make everyone believe he was really at the White House with selfies. But he never had any selfies showing he was there with Sydney and Flynn, he was completely alone. Commenters mentioned his selfies at the WH looked fake. Hmmmm. I think Patrick expected more recognition than he received and he is now trying to smear Trump and gain public recognition through this one sided storyline. I think this is bullshit and is not helpful but is spiteful for some egotistical reason. His story lifts himself up, attempting to look like a hero. It’s a smear campaign coming from a guy who self-told about his affair with a Russian and so he therefore stepped down from his position as the CEO of Overstock. What does sleeping with a Russian have to do with being the CEO of Overstock? It’s not like Overstock is even important, it is a “mediocre” company itself! Who cares?! Was that his pre-show to make him look trustworthy? For all we know, he is compromised on some level! Shame on you Patrick for painting such a heartbreaking story! Shame on everyone who believes him!

          4. so you are saying trump didnt know what was going on? he even knew thata mitt romney was harrassed on teh way to dc.

            he failed to UNDERSTAND what was going on.

            failed to process and believe in it. and in that he failed as the ceo but alo failed his constitutional obligation. a sin of omission, not of commission, most likely.

          5. Yay!! Well said 👏 thank you for the positivity, the story is not fi ished. So much negativity in this world it’s time to take a stand and defend our country and our people this is about good verses evil, we need to come together and fight, this isn’t over yet. Trump is a genius and he is not and idiot taking these people down is a process and if you do your research our constitution was rewritten and so our so called new president puppet Joe is not our president but the president of the United States Inc. We are the United States of the republic! RESEARCH and quit whining and take a stand!!!

          6. Some researchers studied the language and said there were definitely two q posters.
            Without having studied the movement or followed it in detail, it struck me as some insider’s bright idea to build a movement to educate the normies without triggering any crazies.

            Largely very successful, I think, and that’s why it got infiltrated and then taken over in part by some grifters and saboteurs, whose anon posts are mixed up with Q’s.
            I will post something on my blog after I do more research.
            FYI I got both Assange and Snowdon right, from the start…. in fact provoked a response from the PTB after a long deconstruction I did of the former… I am hip to intel ops and not naive.

          7. ‘This is still a Republic, right?’

            THAT is the question hanging over all of Patrick’s pieces here.

            Consider this: 2020 is the 2nd election in a row in which the President selected by the process did/does not enjoy the consent of the governed.

            Trump won an election generally regarded as having been counted fairly, but his political opponents and the Establishment ‘Deep State’ did not acknowledge him as a legitimate President and worked to undermine him and thus also the Presidency from Election Day onwards. He governed without the consent of the Elites.

            Biden has been installed with the consent of those same Elites but without the consent of a significant majority of voters, if the 79,000,000+ for Trump figure is correct (along with the 65,000,000 or so for Biden). Further, they have chosen to seize power despite about half the population regarding them as illegitimate. As the Dark Riders cried about hobbits raising the alarm: “Let the Little People Blow!!”

            We now have a government by and for the Elites that doesn’t care that a significant percentage of the population regards them as illegitimate.

            Question: is America still a Representative Republic?

            I think not.

          8. “This is still a Republic, right?”

            THAT is the question.

            Consider: this is the 2nd election in a row after which a President will govern without the consent of the governed.

            In 2017, Trump began without the consent of the Elites.
            In 2021, Biden begins without the consent of the majority of the People.

            Consent of the governed is the foundation of the edifice that is a Representative Republic.
            That is now missing.
            So: do we still have a Republic? Perhaps in theory, yes, but in practice, No.

            Personally, I’ve felt that is the case since JFK’s assassination and subsequent cover-up. But what happened between November and January is a whole different level.

            Unless there really IS some military option in the mix, the Republic is officially over.

            However, this is what would have to happen anyway if you want to restore or reform it since fixing it from within – as many hoped Trump would do – is clearly impossible.

            I am interested to see what unfolds in Texas.

      2. Well I hate to say it, but while Flynn and Sydney are impressed in a positive light in this story, don’t forget that Flynn encouraged people with ‘Q’ and Sydney with the “It will be biblical” and “release the kraken”. She tweeted “Who knew?” along with an article claiming Kraken was a DoD cyberwarfare division monitoring the election. Flynn stated multiple times 10/10 Trump would be stay President. Lindell said something similar. #ItalyDidIt went nowhere? How could they make these statements? I don’t know what to believe. I agree this all makes Trump seem like an incompetant wartime President, but what of the people who deliberately fostered the impression that he wasn’t?

          1. The thing with 45 is you always knew where you stood with him. He spoke to you and I individually, consistently. When this is all said and done where do you stand.
            Semper Fidelis

        1. My thoughts exactly…something doesn’t add up. A guy, a democrat, leaves his multi-million dollar corporation, claims he put up over a million dollars of his own money to help Donald Trump. He had made himself out to be the “hero” while L Lin Wood, Sidney and General Flynn are idiots. WHY WOULD HE DO THIS?? WHAT’S HIS GOAL? My gut tells me this is off – there is something driving this beyond his story!

          1. I think we read different stories. Sidney Powell and General Flynn come across as patriots in this story.

          2. Exactly!
            Someone who expends so much energy to write a 9000 essay describing the people around him in such a negative light has a reason for doing so…

            What’s that reason?

        2. I know… it’s all super freaky and suspicious. One potential thought I have, to defend those who may have been duped, is that maybe they were making those statements based on the crazy levels of obviousness that there was RAMPANT levels of blatant fraud — IN CONJUNCTION — with some kind of honest belief that DT was for the people, as he had been spouting. In which case, they, as many of us, could have been simply conned. Believing that truth would prevail. Which it will. Truth WILL prevail. Just maybe not in the garbage form that many of us are hoping for (myself once included). I, for one, and in a way, am now glad that Truth didn’t lower itself to this level. Might as well save itself for something even bigger!!! May our hope be in God alone.

      3. I’m with you, clearly a well organized, extremely wealthy group of globalists with multiple spheres of influence are behind what seems to be a reshuffling of the chess pieces at best and a communist takeover of the West at worse. I think they not only stole an election , I think they wanted us to know it was stolen. Surely Patrick can share some insights here and I hope he will.

        The piece I am not understanding was Trump’s role in organizing a nationalist, America first movement , when the goal is truly the opposite. Was it merely to demoralize, demonize and marginalize Patriots when the movement was crushed? What purpose fidvit serve? Was it a distraction to burn time and energy when our sole focus should have been to rebel against the covid lock downs? You are correct this is only a piece , a much larger agenda is behind this charade. This is merely the window dressing

        1. Communism is not the goal of OWG. (One World Government) They want feudalism. That makes all of us serfs, paupers, or dead. With no real preference which. Except they want North America to revert back to wilderness. So all of us dead is their longer term goal. Unless you live like Daniel Boone.

          In the shorter term the great reset is designed to round up those of us who refuse the vaccine into gulags / re-education camps / FEMA camps. Those who take the vaccine will still not be allowed to work or travel unless they also sign onto the great reset, whereby they forfeit all rights to own any sort of property for the rest of their life. Take this seriously and consider your options. Do NOT go! All our other opportunities are now in the rearview mirror because not enough were awake to what was happening.

          No, DJT never went along with any of this. He was beaten by a superior foe. The term here is both coup and color revolution. Read up on that. blm will be armed with machine guns and RPGs if history has anything to teach us.

        2. ‘A communist takeover of the West’?? You cannot be serious. The Democrats would be considered right-of-center in most European and other developed economies. Jean, have you ever left the United States? I recommend you do. I got talking to three very nice American ladies on the train platform in Munich 6 months ago. They thought I was German and were complimenting me on how wonderfully everything seemed to work in Germany and how satisfied people seemed to be. Of course the subject of the election came up. I said I thought Bernie was the best, the most honest of the lot. They looked surprised and said, ‘Oh, but he’s so left’. I said, ‘What Bernie says, is what Germany does’. They looked at each other and no one really had an answer for that. Quietly I guessed they were thinking that ‘left’ might work in other countries but it wouldn’t in the USA. Because that’s the mindset. In fact, the US is so ready for some serious income redistribution, security for those sitting on or below the poverty line (millions), healthcare that isn’t going to bankrupt you and access to universities without carrying debt for the rest of your life. Such a miserable system you have created for yourselves. The days of others (who aren’t fleeing violence or despotic regimes) envying the USA are definitely over. Your country is in a mess and that has serious implications for the rest of the free world. If we want to keep China at bay, we need a strong and united USA. I’m glad Trump went hard on China, it was about time. But he divided so much else, including the post war alliance of democratic states, and that was a gift to China and a shot in the foot for the rest of us. Trump is one of the most polarising political figures in modern history. Some see him as a deity, a saviour who can do no wrong, others see him as a self-seeking, self-serving, corrupt idiot. There is not a lot in between. But he is gone now, a victim of his own incompetence. Time move on. The United States is not about to experience a Marxist revolution or a communist takeover. Good God. Please save these pieces you have written and have a look at them in 4 years time. My guess is you’ll be asking yourself how you could have been so wrong.

          1. Hey Perplexed. You couldn’t be more wrong. Happy to save your little pos piece for 4 years so you can eat your words.

          2. American conservatives will never face the reality that they have been fooled into being feudal subjects in an oligarchy. They have stood by while their working and social conditions have remained static for half a century and not even noticed all other democracies have long passed them by in progessing the quality of life of their citizens. Few if any can be convinced to look beyond their shores at Canada, NZ the EU etc. They are stuck like glue in their myth of exceptionalism.

          3. Marxian revolution? Not exactly, but close. America is undergoing its own Cultural Revolution via critical race theory. You will be labelled a Racist (Mao’s Counter-Revolutionary) or an Anti-Racist (Mao’s Revolutionary), and Racists will be slated for “re-education”. It’s not yet clear who will serve as America’s Anti-Racism shock troops (think Mao’s Revolutionary Guards), but that too will come in good time. Unlike Chinese peasants, however, American citizens are well-armed, so America’s Anti-Racism shock troops may face some challenges in their re-education enrollment efforts. I’m guessing that they may simply have to fall back on cancelling those Racists who refuse re-education. After all, with a sufficiently low social credit score, those Racists averse to re-education will never be heard from again.

      4. The Trump’s certainly didn’t do this for the donations rolling in. That claim is absurd. Seems to me Trump was put in an impossible situation that we can’t see. I’d bet on his family being threatened over him failing his supporters. Trump is no quitter and no coward – they can get to his family and he knows it. Maybe this is why Rudy drank so much. He realized he was in a no win situation that would make him ultimately look like a failure. If he proved his case and Trump won re-election, someone close to Trump or Trump himself would die. Who the hell knows! I do agree that there is much more to this story, and unfortunately our entire government, than we know.

        1. The notion of DJT being threatened over failing his supporters makes no sense. He failed his supporters, ultimately. Therefore that didn’t weigh in on events. Something else did.

      5. DJT is the real deal. Overpowered, beaten. You’re stating you have no idea what he was up against. You are only now starting to fathom that something larger is involved.

        I knew all about that 30 years ago. No, DJT was never controlled opposition. He won the election by a landslide. One World Government has taken over, and they want you demoralized. DJT’s head on the wall as the last real US President is a trophy they want. They were willing to wait until 2025 to get it, but didn’t have to.

        This is not the time to turn your back on everything you have known so far, but to forge ahead

      6. Yes, much deeper. Even into the spiritual realm, imo. But yes, my opinion is that he had to be in on it to some degree. Standing up to this in some way is the kind of thing you lay your life down for. Unless one doesn’t know God or something. In which case, one has everything to lose in this world.

      7. trump blew it. but trump is honest. listen to his talk from 30 yrs ago. same stuff. maga…. etc

        had he been dishonest his corruption would be proven by now. they found nothing on him

        1. 79 milion > 68 million.
        2. NOT MY PRESIDENT.


    2. Ultimately, trump bears responsibility for the whole fiasco. Anticipating Patrick’s next segment on his White House oval office meeting with trump, trump was informed about what was going on and WHAT HE NEEDED TO DO.
      Trump did nothing.
      Why? Because he is a coward & a CHARLATAN. I don’t know, maybe his family was threatened or maybe trump’s puppet masters instructed him to stand down and take a knee. Or, bend over and take it with K-Y Jelly!

      1. People are STILL blaming everything on ONE MAN, instead of taking personal responsibility? We should be asking ourselves if WE have done everything we could have done! Sure, we don’t have any power as ONE person; however, WE DO HAVE POWER AS THE PEOPLE WHEN WE ARE NOT DIVIDED. We ALL share the responsibility, to patch up the division. Anyone still tuned in to their television set watching CNN or MSNBC (etc) is likely very brainwashed with propaganda. We should be helping out everyone in our country to get our heads cleared from all of the propaganda by both parties. If you HATE Trump, then YOU are part of the problem! Hate is NOT the answer to anything.

    3. Hey, it could be this was his role all along no? If I take more generous stance, perhaps he thought he could free the country, build a true nationalist, America first movement and win, but the swamp proved too deep, the institutions too corrupted. The West seems likely to go down to globalist tyrants. We can be thankful of one thing, the pretense is over, the globalist’ veil is lifted, the Great Reset is upon us. Trust no one in government or media, they are duly compromised. There will be no one to save us, its up to us to bond with like minded loyal true friends and forge a path forward. I think building small cohesive self sustaining communities will be the key. The cities are toast, no more than prisons. Its back to the basics. What an amazing time line.

    4. I can’t believe how easily people will turn on Trump with only part of the facts in their hands. Maybe he was too loyal or trusting. That is hardly a reason to throw him under the bus.
      In a five year battle with the deep state it was possible to make only limited progress. Winnowing out the chaff was going to require more time. Despite the persistent persecution, he was able to accomplish a lot in his four years as president. Enough to win the election despite the opposition and interference by the media. He did his job to win by his record and his tireless campaigning. Was he also supposed to fix the problem of Democrat corruption? Indeed, if he had the support of the Republican leadership and GOP money, he could have had more ammunition in pursuit of the election fraud, both before and after November 3. But no.
      Instead, he was truly alone, chosing to believe a few people he thought were loyal. I suspect that circle was even smaller than normal, reduced by the lack of interest and involvement by his family, which may have been the untimate explanation for the way things turned out.

      Thank you, Patrick Byrne, for your valiant efforts.

    5. You are an idiot. Stop spreading your idiocracy.

      You have sided with One World Government.

      You have to be really stupid to do that.

    6. Wow. You should print out your comment and save it until the time you have to eat it. You couldn’t have displayed more ignorance than had you disclosed that you left school in the fourth grade. TDS is a terrible affliction.

  13. TBH this was so tedious a read, it is a small wonder that no one will listen to you.
    Sir you seem to be on point with your assessment of the election but PLEASE get yourself an editor to condense your message.
    I say this with guarded respect. I’ve followed, promoted and defended you across many platforms, tagging #KrakenSkulls on Parler until that fizzled out.
    I admire your courage a hell of a lot. I pray for your safety. I truly believe your story but, like the Clinton story…you are going to have to practice some brevity, sugar.
    Be blessed, be safe and thank you.

    1. No way.

      Patrick, this is a smooth and interesting read. It is obvious that you are pouring your heart and soul into these writings while still managing to get them to the American people quickly. Considering the sense of urgency, publishing without perfection is an act of humility on your part. Thank you. God bless you for that and for your sense of duty. Please keep writing.🌻

    2. Not everyone has the attention span of a gnat and many appreciate the unfolding of the
      story written with spellbinding elegance. And perhaps you would prefer it to be condensed to one page with bullet points and perhaps a graph or two?

    3. Patrick –
      I don’t think I need to add here, since Melanie is thankfully “outvoted” by 9 to 1 in a quick read… Please keep your current writing style, the piece is excellent, and deep thinking and re-reading of this latest (and best) piece is what I am going to do in the days ahead… thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Sir !

      ps. Melanie – no disrespect to you or your opinion whatsoever, I just disagree with your opinion on this particular point that you make here.

    4. He is describing one of the biggest and most pernicious frauds perpetrated on the AMerican public and you don’t have an extra few minutes to read the fine print on how this all went down, from a person that was on the front-lines. Take another aderol, put your big girl pants on and try to focus.

      The details is what makes this not only authentic, but allow the uninitiated to learn how it was done in order to educate ourselves on how to prevent this from ever happening again. You should be thanking Patrick for the real treatment he is providing the public, instead of treating us like gerbils who aren’t able to take on complex facts & storylines.

      If you won’t say it, I will, Thank you patrick, you are a patriot and doing a true service to We the people! Keep Going!

  14. OMG, you make me truly fear for our country. There is no plan, only chaos. There is no leadership, only a bunch of headless chickens running around trying to amass as much wealth as they can before everything goes to shit.

    Thank you for your integrity, for having a moral compass, and for engaging in right action instead of sitting paralyzed and hoping someone will save us.

    1. Yes, good comment Colleen although it should have been written in the past tense. The shit-show has left town and thank you for exposing it for what it was, Patrick. Now let’s get together and give the new administration the support it needs to put the pieces back together after 4 years of chaos. To me, as a political agnostic, that is the only patriotic thing to do. Trump blew it. Let’s move on. Our country depends upon it and upon our participation in the political process. We can’t hide in a corner and lick our wounds for 4 years. Nor would 4 years of conscientious obstruction be in the national interest. Hey, if you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you’re with!

      1. You are seriously confused, the shit show is still in charge. In fact the shit show is back to the same shit show that had played for 8 years prior to the last 4. The shit show now has a temporary different puppet head that will soon disappear and then we will have another puppet head like the one that played the part for 8 years that is constitutionally illegitimate. I love the way these communists shove their law breaking in our faces and it goes unchallenged because we have no one willing to stand up and defend the constitution in congress.

        1. You haven’t taken even a superficial glance into the backgrounds of this recently returned psycho circus, have you?

          I’m not speaking as a Republican. I learned a long time ago that Democrats and Republicans are just two cheeks from the very same ass of global corruption.

          Look at them, they should look very familiar to you. They’re all recycled puppets, assigned as new characters playing new roles and old roles on this wicked world stage of which, we the audience are forced participants.

          If you think President Trump was a shit-show, you ain’t seen shit yet!

          We’re dealing with true psychopaths, psychopaths that have bred with psychopaths for many generations. I invested the past 8+ yrs identifying and learning about these enemies of humanity.

          These enemies don’t hold an allegiance to any political party, let alone to any nation. The globalists’ allegiances are to each other & the dark secrets they keep between them, bound thru an ancient religion.

          Our Nation and Constitution has zero chance of recovering from this depth of evil unless everyone invests time to learn what we are collectively dealing with. Right now, there are too many Americans who have absolutely no idea what powers this world, how it operates and who operates it.

          Unfortunately, pride and ego combined with a lifetime of programmed reactions keep people stuck in the same spot.

          1. I haven’t done the research that you have done, but I believe what you saying is true. I used to respect the Bush’s, but I’m convinced that they were/are as guilty as the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Biden’s and others. I’d be interested in hearing more of your perspective. You really think that there is zero chance of recovering?

      2. Dear Agnostic:

        I would like to respectfully disagree with you – the shit show is still in charge. Joe Biden has the integrity and intellect of a gnat !
        (But I like him as a person – no way should he be President of the greatest country the world has yet seen in 5000 years of recorded history).

        Best wishes,

          1. Mr. Anonymous…

            Read the phrase that follows — “…… as a person”… it also goes onto state clearly that NO WAY should he be President…

            but clearly, your attention span is limited ;)…. no disrespect though 😉


  15. “Again, she [Mediocrity] would answer no questions about where they were going exactly” lol

    also, rudy is sus…


  16. Mr. Patrick,
    I read and wanted to continue past December 23. Your recap of the things that took place have me sad to the soul. I think how different it would have been had you been in the ear of our beloved President Trump. My question is with all this chaos taking place why did you not just go public enough to get the President to call you to the White House. You guys were doing all this work, you see it going for not and let it get that far without a public display. Sir, you had it all. You had Michael Flynn. General Flynn could not get a phone call with the President? I believe that could happen within a few hours. Flynn: Mr. President, we have a problem. This election investigation is out of control. First, Rudy is a drunk. Now that I have your attention. Second, AKA Mediocrity is a sabotage. I would like to meet with you along with Patrick Byrne. It’s a National Security issue. And Mr. President, You won the election.
    I believe that would get them an invite into the Oval Office faster than you could spell Mississippi. I can’t wait to read the next chapter. However, at this point, if felt so strongly about where you were heading, you had to get to the President one on one. You didn’t!
    Frustrated in Alabama
    I’m a Trumper!

    1. Dear Alabama- if you had read the preface preface to these articles you would know that Mr. Byrne did speak with PDT for 4 hours in December 23. He has not released that account yet, but it seems that nothing came of it. Someone also asked Mr. Byrne if he was still working with Trump and he said, “No” and I doubt I will ever hear from him.

  17. Well, we’ve been led down a path, haven’t we? Shocked at the incompetence. Appalled by the RNC. My heart breaks for Sidney and Team. I refuse to believe all this hard work to be in vain. I am going to continue to pray and do my best within my little circle. Praying for you, Patrick. Thank you so much. ❤️

  18. Patrick, what was suppose to happen or be revealed on Jan 6? Was there even a plan that day? Why was 1/2 America told to be there? Nothing new was revealed. Flynn night before said Trump was 10/10 be President.

    1. Flynn did say that..but not on Jan 20th. The military is in charge under Trump….just gotta wait it out. Biden is basically pretending…its all tv optics.

  19. Please do not leave us on a cliff hanger … please continue on. My hope is fading. My heart goes out to you. I hear and feel your frustration. I sure hope this has a good ending. So many people around the world are counting on Trump and the Military to take over and win back the Country from this horrible fraudulent election and the Deep State. Thank you and your group, including Sidney for all you have done.

  20. Thank you. I met Rudy a few times in the dust of the WTC pile. A shame how he disregarded you. But not totally surprised and it all makes sense now…

  21. Heartbreaking to read. Thank you for your diligence and dedication. I think you would have succeeded had you been given the chance. I am wondering about the President now, and I’ve been a Trump supporter from the beginning. Trump is supposed to be a very smart man. It seems like he gave up. Apparently he found a better way to protect America from a NWO takeover. One can only hope.

  22. I can’t wait for the sequel. So did you speak in the end to the Donald Trump ? Did he listen to you and is there still a chance to prove the election fraud on the basis of foreign interference ?

  23. Addendum: I would consider editing out the comment about his children. Unnecessary context. Nothing good will come of it.

    1. People deserve to know the whole truth, including The truth about Trump’s children because it is NOT only about him and his family, it is about the fate of the USA!

      His daughter and son in law were working in the WH! People need to know.


      1. Valid point, of course. I guess I am, perhaps naively, hoping it is HIS truth and not THE truth. Perspective is marvelous. Even if there is an alternate reality of which he is not aware (e.g. they were directed to steer clear or devote their energy elsewhere), he is more than able to handle any reaction(s) to his reporting. Note to self: listen more. Speak less.

        1. There is no “his truth” there is only THE truth”.

          Facts don’t care about various people’s perceptions.

          That kind of talk (ie. different “truths”) is what the mindless Leftists spew and we all must be vigilant in that we don’t let it infect our brains as well.

    2. There’s no way to skate around the Jared Problem, which continues to hang over DJT as he and Ivanka have moved also to Florida and will be Part of the Scenery.

      1. True. Every time he and Ivanka showed up at a meeting or conference, all I thought was what the heck is she doing there? It was obvious Merkel and others thought the same thing. Also inexcusable that they thought donations from the public were their own personal slush fund.

    3. I think it is important to include to whole spectrum of what is going on. I did think it was odd,…. the people closest to him did not talk out against election fraud. Pence, his kids, …. staff ??? It’s something we should think about

      1. What is your source of news? Don Jr. was just on the Rush Limbaugh show again a few days ago talking about voter fraud. He’s been on other shows and online as has Eric. Subscribe to get future messages or buy his books. I’m reading Triggered. .

        Pence and Trump’s staff were revealed as disloyal narcissists worried about their next job and DC social status.

      2. We must keep in mind that the part about the President’s children is hearsay. This was the story going around DC, but there was no evidence given. It sounds more like a suspicion to me. If it is true, then it is true. But we can’t say that yet.

      3. I agree it IS odd. If I ever write an executive order detailing how an event will be handled more than 2 years BEFORE that event happens, I hope people will give me and those closest to me the benefit of the doubt. When loyalty is SO highly valued by a man, publicly reporting that his children don’t possess or exhibit it…

        1. The sad part is other lawyers took the case and were threatened. If the left knew there was NO FRAUD why threaten lawyers and judges. I dont think Trump could get a good lawyer. Its sad! I read even if someone took office by election fraud you can still continue to pursue all legal avenues as long as they are still in office. Maybe lawyers or judges will step up now seeing the mess that Biden is making..or maybe us 75+million legal voters file a class action lawsuit.

  24. Thank you. A truly heartbreaking and maddening account. The president’s long relationship with the mayor notwithstanding, I can’t understand how somebody else close to him… his daughter or a son… could not have been approached early on and been advised of such facts in order to advise the president that his appointed manager was not managing. I would think President Trump surely would have, at a minimum, sought more information and made a change in Rudy’s role. But then, I understand what happened in the next chapter already when you, Sydney and the General tried to do just that, albeit late in the game, revealed by your post meeting tweets which I found hard to believe but now find to have been true. I am so saddened by your account as I am sure the president will read it with extreme regrets. Thank you, I guess.

  25. Well, that was unpleasant to read.
    Not surprised about Guiliani at all.
    Fortunately, I’m too much of a cynic to ever send a dime in to a politician.
    DJT, like many rich powerful men, is surrounded by people who are clownish, corrupt, fawning, and back stabbing… some all at the same time….and yet he trusts them…
    And probably distrusts the one or two who are competent and loyal. I’ve seen this movie before.

    1. He trusts them because he can see something, perhaps a lot, of himself in each and every one of them. Let’s face it, the guy is an intimidating bully and the only people who will last in his nasty little orbit are those with the qualities you so eloquently describe. Maybe it’s time to wake up. Maybe Trump himself was a lie all along. People here are prepared to condemn everything revealed in this piece of writing EXCEPT the President himself. HEY, WAS ELECTED TO LEAD. And yet he showed, without a shadow of doubt, that he doesn’t have what it takes to lead. I also suspect he had a deal with Rudy that Rudy’s ill-gotten ‘pay packet’ be split once DJT is no longer in office. Or why else would he have sat back like some sort of helpless, clueless nincompoop letting non-elected, unpaid minions do the hard work and listening only to a drunkard who he should have been able to recognise was way out of his depth? If we are looking for conspiracies, or at least things that smell like skunk, I reckon this relationship needs investigating (Patrick, are you listening?). As for Ivanka and Jared, is anyone surprised? Rest assured, though, the ornamental Ivanka will garner many millions of well-intentioned, ill-informed, votes should she seek to run for office in 2024 or beyond. And for those who saw fit to donate to the ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign, I can only say ‘Duh’. Fools and their money are easily parted. Maybe buy shares in a whisky distillery? The buck stop with Trump (double entendre intended). The election MAY have been stolen, that money definitely WAS stolen Any outrage here?
      That Trump did not call in the National Guard to have a re-count of votes in the counties in question is simply a crime. As I say, let’s investigate the relationship with Rudi. Now much of the broken United States is left to wallow in doubt and suspicion. That has to be laid fairly and squarely at Trump’s feet. Everyone has the right to seek the truth. Trump had the key and chose not to use it. Perhaps this is the outcome he was looking for – a chance to get back to his businesses and the golf course while never having to say ‘I lost’ but rather ‘it was stolen’. Perhaps that was The Plan everyone has been so desperately seeking. Patrick’s piece confirms Trump’s office was a ‘shit-show’ for 4 years. Was that any way to run a country? I understand that Patrick and his team want to uncover the truth about what happened in those counties. That’s a constitutional issue -‘free and fair elections’. It’s just a pity the guy in question is a nasty incompetent who ‘grabs women by the pussy’ and mercilessly mocked a disabled reporter on the campaign trail in 2015 (that still brings tears to my eyes, not only because I have a seriously disabled child myself). Hardly the behaviour of a statesman. Anyway, in not signing an order to have those counties reexamined, a simple flick of the pen, he has delivered the incoming administration what could be 4 years of internal warfare and has left a very, very large number of people frustrated, angry and, in some cases, rebellious. What a great outcome for ‘We the People’. Although I know it takes a massive shift in mindset, I frankly think it’s time we started to hold Donald J. Trump accountable for his inaction.

      1. I think a lot of the bad press about Trump is just that, bad press.
        Wonder why any one person should be so hounded ? The obvious answer is he gets in the way.
        So although I thought Trump was a Trojan horse in 2016, I don’t think so today. I think it is a much more complex situation than that.
        I don’t buy that Trump accomplished nothing. Just the rhetorical assault on the media and the creation of a huge following of people fully aware of the evil nature of the ruling cabal is an achievement worthy of memorializing and outlives any political office.
        He did move Jerusalem [didn’t agree with it] and played hardball with Iran and China, didn’t wage wars….and much else.
        Those who built him up too much are now tearing him down too fast.
        At that level everyone is compromised, and even those who are not are pinned in at every turn by the swamp. No single person can act like Superman.
        And the election story is far from over.

        1. Agree, almost 80% or more (in a rush right now), Lila…

          As another of your fans on this site might say, Res-pect ! 🙂

        2. trump started a lot. accomplished less as in completed.

          but he started the MAGA movement/belief that has legs to go on for 4 yrs even without djt as our pres.

          if we get trump back, i dont know what he can do … but if we get someone like rand paul… we could get a lot done. rand paul is a doer. cruz probably too.

      2. There are reasons to be disgusted, but the reasons are adult reasons, concerns over integrity and nat’l security, NOT infantile, snowflake crap. I’m all for holding trump accountable, but you need to develop a mindset before throwing the word around.

      3. Here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a perfect example of a Leftist troll.

        He continues to spew proven lies (eg.”Trump mocked a handicapped reporter (FALSE), and he “grabbed women by their pussy’ (FALSE)).

        Pretty well every slander against the President made by the media was a made up (or severely twisted) lie.

        eg. When Trump was caught on that secret mic about “pussy grabbing” he was actually talking about stupid Gold-digging women who only care about money and power and that if you have it then THEY WILL LET you do anything to them, including grabbing them by the pussy. He is stating the depravity of gold digging bitches, yet the Leftist liars (yet I repeat myself) have twisted Trump’s very truthful statement to claim that “Trump grabs women’s pussies”.

        The Leftists are evil people and have absolutely no shame and will lie blatantly in your face. Yet when you confront them with facts that PROVE that their claims are false they completely ignore you because you are now an obvious “white supremacist” or something.

  26. Thank you for sharing the story. It is making me feel more relieved than sad. I now understand better why you said you wanted to squeeze the shoulders of the President at the oval office in an instant, because you wanted to scold him but also cry with him…

    I don’t blame Mayor Giuliani, which I know you will not, either. He got way too much on his shoulders to deal with. He not only had to defend one man, the President, who had been viciously attacked and smeared by the ruling class and half of the country for four years on a daily basis, and had a landslide election win stolen in front of him, he also had our country’s fate at stake. He already saved it twice, the New York Mafias, and the 9/11, and it simply was too much to ask him to save it the third time at the age of 76. I feel sorry, but I am relieved that you were there both as a team member and a witness, intelligent, honest, and kind-hearted. It’s a blessing to be able to read something like this after everything that has taken place. I’m not going to blame anyone for where our country stands today; it is just fate, or better, history that is inescapable.

    1. I do blame Giuliani who failed bigly when he needed to step up. He seems to have been in it for the money and the drunken restaurant jaunts.

  27. Ok Patrick: I am trying to find some hope after reading your article. My heart is very heavy. Is our glimmer of hope … the information about Italy, the Vatican, the Vatican Bank money being taken to the US and so much more. Is that all a fabricated lie also, just like the Q story? I just am having a really hard time believing our President … Trump … and our Military … would hand our great Country over to Communism. I mean really? Please don’t leave us hanging on the cliff.

    1. Italygate is not fabricated. Too much context supporting it.
      Things are not over. Just got harder. Plenty of legal manoeuvres remaining.
      Q is most likely a benign psyop intended to spread awareness. I don’t get cointelpro at all.
      Biden/Harris can and should be removed and the winner installed.
      Just needs someone with will and savvy.
      Dr. Byrne is very disarming in his frankness, the keyword being disARMING.

  28. This is heartbreaking- and so difficult to understand. The President knew that voter fraud was going to be an issue. I can only imagine he signed the Executive Order against foreign interference for a reason and truly felt like he might need to use it one day. He placed Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Chris Miller in strategic places after the election. He had the report delivered that proved there was foreign interference.

    President Trump never seemed to be worried about what the Democrats thought of him. He loves to win. It would seem to me that Flynn’s plan would have given him the opportunity to save America and the vote – and possibly win. His fight would have gone down in history books as one of the biggest wins for a President ever. I do not see the downside and I can’t understand his hesitancy.

    President Trump knew about Q. He even seemed to tweet on command a few times to prove he and Q were communicating. What was that all about? Why would he not spare his supporters all the pain and disappointment by denouncing the Q drops if they weren’t true?

    So many questions remain unanswered. Not to mention that something is clearly not right with the new administration. It is almost like they are performing in an elementary school play and have forgotten their lines. It all seems so surreal.

    Thank you for all of this. We the people really need to hear what happened.

  29. Wow, Patrick, this tops the Robert Brazell story we discussed in your office a few years ago. You may recall me including that one in a college course — well, this has at least as many valuable lessons. I look forward to the polished total compilation when you catch your breath down the road. Meanwhile, my prayers are with you. Stay safe!

    1. Jenna Ellis is 37 years old. It is highly doubtful that she would have been working in a government at the tender age of 7. Mediocrity is written to have been a lawyer in a recognizable government agency. DOJ. Joe DiGenova. Does it really matter?

        1. Oh geez, how long is this stupid guessing game going to go on for?
          If you would have read the article more closely you would have seen that Patrick Byrne revealed the gender when at one point he referred to Mediocrity as a “she”.
          (Or at the very least, read the the endless comments that point out this fact).

  30. I have been following everything that has happened with the election steal. I had asked if anyone had heard what was happening with you and I was referred to your site. I read all of what you wrote and we are so damn blessed to have you fight for voter integrity. I am feeling hopeless with the possibility of the end of this story. I want to know what if anything is going to happen? Has Sidney, Flynn and Trump thrown in the towel? Is there hope to expose the fraud? What happened to the all the lawsuits?

    1. Victor Davis Hanson said very early on in the DJT presidency, that he would be a one term president. He described DJT as very similar to the character Clint Eastwood played and directed in the movie “Pale Rider”.

      VDH described DJT as the disruptor, someone who like the character in the film would ride into a town that was corrupt from top to bottom expose everything and for the people to take back control.

      This is still playing out IMO.

  31. This was heartbreaking to read. The other side made no mistakes, they stole the election with precision, with months of planning and had everything in place for the steal on Nov 3&4. However, knowing that Trump definitely won the election, is there any chance that this fraud might still be exposed? For example if they can prove that Arizona was won by Trump? You can’t have an illegitimate president that wasn’t chosen by the people in the White House! Surely something can still be done. Give us some hope Patrick.

    1. No, they did not.
      They way overestimated what they needed to win.
      Then they committed blatant treasonous fraud out of desperation.
      As for this story, yes, on one level, most of it is believable.
      But this is not a soap opera. It is information war and no one can be transparent.
      Deep politics is full of head fakes, feints, red herrings, traps, diversions. Take that as you will. PB knows what to say in a public forum when his team faces a major defamation lawsuit.

      1. Hopefully you meant to say they way UNDER estimated what they needed to win. That is why the counting was (supposedly) “stopped” in the middle of the night. They didn’t have enough votes prepared to steal it. They had electronics in place, connected across the Country, to determine that.

        And they kept “counting” until they had enough. Then suddenly stopped. And destroyed evidence, which is proof of guilt in any system of justice. “Procedural methods” should have gone straight to that!

    2. There were and are mistakes all over the place. Obvious and easily found ones.

      The problem was the incompetence and cowardice of Donald Trump to go after them beyond lip service.

  32. Mr. Byrne,
    Thank you wholeheartedly for the ring side seat to the 2nd greatest story ever told… you & crew are all HERO’s.
    Hard to believe these days there are truly good guys, like you and your associates, willing to risk it all, just so WE THE PEOPLE can hear the truth about the current State of our Union. God bless America.

    May life’s journey continue to show you peace, safety and happiness.
    Thank you!

  33. Wow. I had no idea that Trumps own lawyers were slow rolling the clock. This whole thing could have been stopped had Rudy not been in charge. I wonder who was the Mediocrity. I know that Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is still working on scanning the ballots. Those are public property and his program will tell 100% if they fraudulent. The States are stonewalling those also. Nobody will let him get near the ballots.
    This whole situation makes me ill. To think that Trump won in a landslide & his own people dropped the ball. Now our country & it’s citizens will pay a horrible price due to ineptitude.
    Thank you Patrick for letting us know the truth. Bless you.

    1. Realize that in 2002 there was testimony before Congress by a person working for the company furnishing electronic voting machines that they could flip results to be 49 – 51% in favor of whoever they want, and nobody would ever be able to tell without counting every paper ballot by hand.

      Judges repeatedly made it so there are no paper ballots in many jurisdictions, and that’s just in 2020.

      We have no idea how much fraud there could be that is 100% untraceable, but a LOT. Don’t forget all the paper ballots found, shredded in landfills. With most crime, only 10% gets caught. In Wisconsin only 2 cities were contested, but mail in ballots were sent to everyone. Twice.

      There’s simply no telling how much fraud took place. This is right out of the color revolution handbook. So “telling 100% if paper ballots are fraudulent” is a great idea, but still can’t possibly catch all the fraud. And that’s just for one race. EVERY race is suspect, in every precinct; right down to school boards.

  34. Wow, what a shit show indeed! You have more patience than I do that’s for sure. I’m sorry to hear this is what you and your team were up against from the beginning. I always wondered how Rudy had the time for his stupid podcast. I remember saying to myself back then “Rudy don’t you have a country to be fighting for”. Stupid drunks!
    Keep up the good fight and I appreciate everything you and the team are doing. God bless you all!!

  35. Thank you Patrick for posting these in rough draft form. As a writer myself, I would find it difficult to do that in a public forum. I appreciate the information and your candidness. I am left pondering though, where do we go from here? How do we rescue our country after all this chaos, hubris, and selfishness?

  36. I remember hearing Mike Moore from True Pundit saying, lawyers he was in touch with in November were baffled at the lawsuits that were filed, just weak and pathetic and he was unsure what the strategy was. It certainly didn’t look good. How absolutely nauseating. What the hell? Makes no sense at all. There certainly wasn’t a plan.

  37. Patrick,
    First, let me thank you for confirming the impressions that We The People have of you, your team, Sidney, General Flynn and Jovan. In these times of misinformation, disinformation and no information, it is comforting to know We have you as a resource for a no-nonsense account. As a fellow Irishman, I feel your pain. I know reliving that experience has your blood up, again. So, thank you. I was able to catch an interview you had done within the past few weeks, at the early stages of your bout with COVID. In that interview, you gave the impression that there was still a path out of this mess. I am not one to pick up a book, read the first few chapters and immediately skip to the end. But, my interest is less about the intricacies of the playbook than the morale of the team leading the charge. Are you as confident today as you were, then?I think We all are anticipating a fairy tale ending to this travesty. Yet, I won’t ask if We should still hold out hope! Hope is what you do when everything else fails; I do not want this country to find itself in that position. Please keep up the good work and stay in the fight; may your antibodies be bountiful.

  38. Thank you Patrick Byrne for stepping up and fighting for Trump and our country. Ignore the trolls, I thought we left them behind on Twitter and Facebook.

    1. The sheer number of trolls here is amazing. They must really hate the truth.

      Yes thanks to Byrne for standing up for truth!

  39. I am heartbroken and shocked. President Trump signed the Executive Order on Foreign Election Interference for a reason, right? Didn’t he plan on using it if he had to? And why did he place Ezra Cohen-Warnick and Chris White into such important, strategic positions after the election? As a President who loves to win, it makes no sense that he would choose not to go down in history as the one who fought voter fraud and won. And why not disavow Q If he felt the drops were spreading disinformation that would ultimately hurt his supporters?

    So many questions left. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

  40. Patrick, as much as your writing to let us hear the truth, the comments and written replies are equal to the deep emotional investment you have had in this. I know I am not alone in this. We who so believe in this man who made us every day love our country more than we ever had. I can not describe how painful it is to listen to the media this past week let alone anything from the new administration. It simply defies logic. Even other countries such as Australia are in disbelief as to the insanity of these ridiculous EO’s along with the individuals that have been chosen for his appointments. I am at a loss.

  41. So,, you mean, no contact with Trump by You, Sidney, Mike Flynn or Mike Lindell since the WH Meeting??
    Trump has not contacted ANY OF YOU?? Hmm..
    No details from That meeting Forward?
    Has anyone confirmed Trump is still in Mar Largo? (seems that would tell us a good bit)
    Was it 100% clear to Trump In the WH Meeting, that we have the proof?
    Does he have that Evidence??
    Did we get what we needed from Italy, and is Trump aware of that?
    A few more answers for me to be able to make up my mind.. At least without waiting a few more weeks..

  42. If you didn’t figure it out yet. We live in a Monty Python matrix simulation with a groundhog day variant twist.

    I’m German but love and live in Texas. I can just shake my head about how things are getting “organized” in the US. I could fill libraries with my experience. Beginning with rental car operations lol.

    What you described sounds very familiar. You didn’t expect anything else, did you?

    Still I love America. Texas, for the most part. With my wonderful wife born here.

    Please Patrick, if you mind sir: did all y’all wear those funny diapers over your faces while conversing? Or just some and who? Lol.

    So what are we going to do about the Glozis taking over the planet? Waiting for the Goolag train tickets or doing something to stop it?

    I mean in terms of months and not decades or centuries. Wink wink.

    Apparently the government is already 120% compromised.

    1. Well being that they are building covid ” dissident” camps in of all places Dresden, I’d say we are pretty much screwed.

      Enjoy every day wth knows when the hammer comes down. I don’t sed what can stop it, but I’m open to ideas. I’m not sure if there is anywhere to run to. Monty Python was fun, this is a nitemare. But it sure ain’t boring

      1. Stay safe over there Jean! The battle of Athens shows a solution regarding election theft. Not sure if it’s already beyond that. I guess we need a more forceful response. The playing with words game seems to come to an end.

        There are no Querdenkers, Eva. Just thinkers. Then sheeple on the other side. The latter more common. That’s why 80% wear silly diapers on their face and 20% don’t. The 20% can think and it doesn’t take much thinking to come to the conclusion masks won’t help squat. Believe it or not. Or start thinking.

    2. Sehr geehrter G Did you not read Patrick’s piece outlining the close shave he had with death thanks to Corona? Bloody Querdenker.

      1. Thank you.

        Texit would be great if nothing else. But not the best solution. Best solution would be to ARREST all the traitors and criminals. Without that, they will just sneak into Texas. Austin is already pretty blue.

  43. Dear Mr. Patrick

    Like many – we’re all so GRATEFUL for all your great efforts helping President’s team together with Gen. Flynn & Atty. Sidney Powell.
    It’s HEART-BREAKING to know that the president had the wrong team who would be able to STOP THE STEAL. I’m sure if you, Gen. Flynn & Atty. Sidney Powell were able to get near him – no doubt that the steal would had been stopped.
    It was very frustrating and disappointing indeed and again, thank you for all the things you did & Gen. Flynn & Atty. Sidney – truly appreciated.

    1. The press conference that Byrne references in which Giuliani was sweating hair dye was NOT on a Monday. It was Saturday, Nov. 7. I am leery of believing everything I read here when such an easily verifiable detail is incorrect.

  44. I can’t say that I’m surprised hearing this about Rudy. I saw that press conference live where he was sweating so much, his hair dye was pouring down the sides of his face. He was probably experiencing alcohol withdrawal at the time. It was embarrassing to see. Rudy was the greatest Mayor in the world on 9/11, during the worst attack on our country in my lifetime. I understand why he turned to booze after that, having lost so many friends & colleagues, not to mention witnessing the horrors of that day; but that’s no excuse if you’re currently leading the President of the USA’s legal team now. Why didn’t anyone tell President Trump what a shit-show most of his defense team was, especially Rudy? During that time, whenever Rudy appeared on Fox, I would cringe. It was obvious something was “off” about him. He’d be wearing eyeglasses & then rip them off as soon as he realized he was on camera. He was repetitive, while waving a bunch of papers (affidavits) around. Having worked in the private sector myself in Manhattan for 30 yrs., these people would have been escorted out of the building by security within minutes. Trump should have fired every single Obama appointee from day 1 & filled those positions with his own top-notch executives from the Trump organization. He’s a business man, not a politician. He was being ill-advised by swamp creatures who were content with the status quo & wanted him gone. I’ve heard he was being insulated by his own staff, who wouldn’t let people get anywhere near him. We The People voted him in to “drain the swamp,” & he did an amazing job against all odds. Now it appears we’re screwed, just like Trump was. Fortunately, we never had to go through the hell he did, constantly being attacked from every angle by those he trusted most. To hear that he was undermined by his own children is heartbreaking. We lost our champion. Right now, it’s in God’s hands, so all we can do is pray for His grace & a miracle. Thank you for your insight into this debacle, Patrick. I just wish this was a draft for a fictional book you were working on. God bless you.

    1. agree with you danielle.

      but feel that trump failed us @ the end. he, as ceo, had to not only fire poor performer and obama people, he had to manage. actually manage projects

      the wall should hve been done. could have been completed

      “stop the steal” should have been done. nixon would have done that. trump … failed us

      79 million > 68 million
      biden not my president

    2. Great comment Danielle!

      Know that how, trusting God means realizing evil has gotten stronger in the world and will continue to do so until it takes over everything, for a short while. As long as we are here we are to prevent that from happening!

      Yes, it is a paradox; but no more than “be ye perfect,” knowing we won’t ever be perfect in this life. Can be seen as both mundane and apocalyptic.

    3. Oh please. Gulliani was “the greatest mayor”? He was the mayor in NYC during the 9/11 “attacks” and he knows for a fact that the official story is nothing but fiction, yet he said nothing during the subsequent cover up that is still ongoing to this day.

      The fact that so many dumb ass 24/7 propagandized Americans have put up with the obvious and blatant media (and politician) lies about all those fake media narratives (eg. OK City, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Seth Rich, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing etc.) is why you find yourselves in this predicament now.

      You now act suddenly surprised because they stole an election right in front of your face and there’s nothing that you can do about it?

      This has been going on for decades. It really got ramped up once they took out JFK, then RFK, then MLK. Since then the deep state could do anything they wanted.

      The good thing about Trump (among many others) is that he’s finally waking people up to how far gone the country is now.

      The fact that the same people who are now STILL quoting Q (a well planned PSYOP) and are believing in a military “rescue”, just means that no matter what happens in reality, there are always those that prefer to keep their eyes closed as to what is actually happening around the world, and hence, around them.

      It’s most likely that Trump had to bail because of some very severe threats that he would be “JFK’ed”, along with his family, or possibly that previously installed dirty bombs (or regular nukes) were installed at a few places around the US that could be detonated at will which the media would blame on Trump himself.

      (I know this sounds insane, but the vast majority of people on here simply do NOT comprehend the evil that Trump was fighting against).

      I suggest you Americans get the hell out while/if you can before the Leftists decide to complete the wall which will be meant to keep you inside.

      Best of luck.

  45. Thank you, Patrick. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing where your, Sidney, Mike, and the Bad News Bears efforts take us.

    Tell us (the people) directly what needs to occur and we will do it.

    1. Hard to read. But not a surprise to someone following all the stuff closely. The Swamp and the Snakes not withstanding, it is also consistent with what I suspect about DJT and his family and some reputed powerful allies: while our best and perhaps only hope to MAGA, it’s been an inept amateur hour for possibly several years. It achieved some progress largely on the steam of People Power insistent that good guys win and bad guys be damned, but basically was a little engine that couldn’t… and despite best efforts of able Patriots like yourself, is probably irretrievably derailed. SIGH.

  46. Thank you for filling us in on the TRUTH, Patrick! This has to be the saddest chain of events that I could have ever imagined happening around a man like Donald Trump who was moving our great Country forward no matter what happened around him. One has to wonder how he could be so smart and yet so naive as to the motivations of these horrible people surrounding him.

    Please tell us that there is a plan that is still moving forward with people like yourself, General Flynn, and Sidney Powell running the show! As everyday Americans, how can we help?

    1. trump gave us the idea MAGA

      he forgot that as the CEO he was supposed to manage too

      79 million > 68 million
      biden not my president

  47. Mr Byrne, your heroic efforts are very much appreciated.

    What you describe makes perfect sense and confirms my worst fears.

  48. This is a very interesting story, but some of your references (e.g. Dr. Shiva, Jovan Pulitzer, Benford’s law) detract from it.

    1. well, only if you dont realize that theey actually are scientists who prove their point.

      interesting story with awesome scientific reference buttressed by very strong [email protected]

      1. 79 milion > 68 million.


      1. Has anybody considered that Mediocrity was Linn Wood?

        Notice his name is never mentioned in the entire article?

        1. Mr. Wood has never claimed to have any kind of influential relationship with Rudy nor Pres Trump. Clearly not Lin Wood. My thoughts are Pat Cippollone as I have also read he is the one who blocked the President’s pardon of Assange.

  49. WHOA! Thanks for tying up so much of the pertinent information that’s been dribbling out especially since I live in one of the disputed counties and knew at 1030pm election night that something was greatly amiss. Now, I feel like I can more readily speak to what happened that fateful day! Thank you!

  50. This explains what happens, but I am still amazed HOW it could happen. How can such amazing incompetence in the inner circle of power be allowed to happen?

    After the election, it was clear for everyone with a minimum of intelligence that fraud, cheating and corruption had happened. I tried to keep myself updated on a daily basis, and was just waiting for the big bomb to go off. None of that ever happened. The Kraken that would tear the facade down never showed up. And I was amazed, and very frustrated. Why didn’t Trump use his power? Why did nothing happen?
    What we are seeing here is a system in a big crisis. The democrats seems to have gotten away with their steal, but that was only possible because of the mess inside the white house. If it is possible to fix this, preventing election steal is not enough. Something must also be done to prevent incompetence to take charge in the white house ever again.

    1. kraken was released only to be ignored by the courts

      and trump was too stupid to get off the twitter and to really fight for what he made us believe

      hopefully someone else takes over MAGA

      79 million > 68 million
      biden not my president

    1. Maybe.

      “who had once made a career at one of the better-known government agencies”

      Not sure if Florida AG jibes with the above snippet.

    1. Ah Susan, a gal after my own heart! One thing I have learned in the past 4 years is trusting my gut. I kept reading the comments, hoping to find ONE person who didn’t buy this BS story. Has any one here beside Susan ever read Sun Tsu? Whether Patrick is playing a part, for which side I haven’t a clue…but this story doesn’t pass the sniff test peeps.

      1. PREPPY G… go blow your nose.

        get out of your basement.

        79 million > 68 million
        biden not my president

    2. Susan, Hi –
      Does PreppyG interpret your comment accurately ?
      I have a vastly different interpretation of what you wrote… Look forward to hearing from you,

  51. Wow That’s a LOT of I ‘s good lord..

    Thank you for all your time that went in to this. That was one heck of a read. Hope to never be on your bad side.

    1. I made a comment that has yet to appear on the page and I saw in another commenter say above that “Comments don’t always work.” So there is apparently some problem or people are using forbidden words that cause a comment to go to a holding area for review.

  52. Fascinating read, thank you!!! I do recall a brief message that you posted a week or two before the inauguration 🤔. You said you didn’t expect SOMETHING would’ve happened and DID at your White House meeting on Sunday January 10th on Telegram???? You said you would reveal it after the 20th and just eluded to it at the end of this piece. You’re killing me Patrick 😁. Be like Paul Harvey and give me the Rest Of The Story!!!

  53. Patrick, thank you for devoting so much time to this effort. I can’t imagine the frustration you must feel, albeit, one doesn’t have to read between the lines. I’m not sure you will ever read this but I wanted to share it with you. First of all, so that you know I am not a flake, you can check out my company and while I’m just a small business, I have educational credentials and have personal relationships with some top political leaders of my state. Nevertheless, I want to share a story with you. I have a friend who has been a deep cover operative for one of the three letter agencies for over twenty years. Most recently, and his last mission before retiring three months ago, he intercepted a very large illegal arms deal that involved selling to a certain Islamic terrorist group (it happened right here, on our shores, involving a group many of us have heard of in the media most recently). He was having a conversation with one of my closest friends about his retirement. This operative has traveled all over the world to stop major terrorist events. In this conversation with my friend, this retired operative told him that he has long known that someone or some entity has been controlling every aspect of our government for decades and that he could never figure it out, but knew instinctively that it had to be organized. In a nutshell, he told my friend that no one will ever be able to get to these controllers, so he just did his job the best he knew how and returned home after each mission. In other words, he felt like the corruption and puppet mastery would never be brought to light. I hope this is not true and I certainly hope you keep trying to bring these corrupt people out of the shadows. Thank you.

  54. I wonder why you haven’t been sharing all this with the public as they were happening at the time through twitter to use the pressure of the public opinion for getting things forward.

  55. Ultimately, trump bears responsibility for the whole fiasco. Anticipating Patrick’s next segment on his White House oval office meeting with trump, trump was informed about what was going on and WHAT HE NEEDED TO DO.
    Trump did nothing.
    Why? Because he is a coward & a CHARLATAN. I don’t know, maybe his family was threatened or maybe trump’s puppet masters instructed him to stand down and take a knee. Or, bend over and take it with K-Y Jelly!

    1. You’re one of the “Fly By Night” Trump supporters who fail to comprehend the purpose of President Trump’s presidency. I’d never want to be in the foxhole with you.. a negative quitter.

      1. Insults are easy. Why don’t you give us your explanation for Trump’s intransigence. He abandoned us. And why was he on the phone to Georgia demanding more votes be found when he had the solution in front of him? Stinks of skunk, or abject stupidity.

  56. I feel like this story is actually incomplete….you’ve outlined your view and experience of the incompetence of specific characters and operations; but have not provided an “ending” to this story. When you say “Mike, Sidney, and I decided it was time to take a chance. With no invitation, by hook or by crook, we were going to Jedi-mind-trick our way into the White House, get to the Oval Office, and talk to the President ourselves”, nothing follows.
    It seems very strange to me that Mike Flynn (who Trump is supposedly considering for his VP) and Sydney Powell who have meetings with Trump, have not informed him of these goings on.

    1. “is considering?” what have you been drinking?

      trump is out of office. we lost because he didnt stand up for us when he had to. STOP THE DISINFORMATION. EDUCATE YOURSELF. FIGHT FOR FAIR ELECTIONS. VOTE FOR SMALL GOVERNMENT.

      79 million > 68 million
      biden not my president

    2. Patrick has explained that he’s in the process of writing this account and is releasing it in rough-draft segments as he completes them. His next release will continue from the point in the story at which this segment ends, similarly to how this current segment is a sequel to his Introductions numbered 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3.

  57. The whole ‘You’re Fired’ Trump quote is beginning to look more like a used car tire sitting by the side of a road, ignored, over-driven & now just a useless piece of worthless rubber…..egads!

    1. that was a show, … he had a good big idea: MAGA and eetc

      but he had to micromanage. and he didnt

      now, if he didnt i wonder whatt goes on when a career politician takes over../
      79 million > 68 million
      biden not my president

  58. Heartbreaking to read. Thank you for your diligence and dedication. I think you would have succeeded had you been given the chance. I am wondering about the President now, and I’ve been a Trump supporter from the beginning. Trump is supposed to be a very smart man. It seems like he gave up. Apparently he found a better way to protect America from a NWO takeover. One can only hope.

  59. I sort of knew I might be kidding myself about “white hats” when 1) Trump pushed an untested vaccine on the population, which shows willingness to commit genocide and he went along with the lock-downs. 2) Giuliani was involved – and he is a 911 co-conspirator. I am surprised that Patrick thinks 911 was legit.

    At this point, I think Trump was hired as an actor to play the ‘people’s president’ and give great hope to the patriots – but only to draw them out to be surrounded with enemies and directly in the cross-hairs to achieve their genocide. For this reason, Trump is the worst president in history.

      1. who pat? pat is a libertarian. and you are a STUPID peace of shit.

        79 million > 68 million
        biden not my president

    1. With you on both points. Seems obvious that Trump was either miseducated about
      Covid, or had been cautioned (threatened?) not to rock the boat, because his response was inconsistent and downright laughable at times. As for Giuliani and 9/11, people sure do have short memories, or maybe they just can’t bring themselves to accept the truth about what happened that day. They should check out James Corbett’s documentary, “9/11 Suspects” at

  60. This all makes more sense to me now. I am in Michigan and watched the hearing that Rudy led. I thought he did a poor job. I also saw the speech where he was sweating profusely and wondered why he never let Sidney talk. I assumed it was his ego and that she would overshadow him. God bless you, Patrick.

  61. Your frustration was the frustration of many as the clock was running out. Thank you for stepping into the fray. The ingenuity and resolve of you and your investigative team is a great service to Americans who do not want to see our nation simply succumb to the steal. God bless each of you. .

  62. Patrick you are a gifted word smith. Your essay was the honey helping the medicine go down. I’m heartbroken for my President, for my country, and for the men and women who left it all on the battlefield for him. I was praying for God’s mercy knowing America deserved judgement. Even the most devout citizens have allowed our institutions to turn our children’s faces away from God (myself included). I take comfort in the fact we have people of genius such as yourself and Ms. Powell fighting for our Constitutional rights. My broken heart has taken away my ability to look very far into the future, but experience has taught me time will heal my wounds. For now, I concentrate on the kingdom of God and my place in the Body of Christ. MAGA has been pushed to the corners of my heart. Thank you Patrick Byrne. God Bless.

  63. Please let us know how we can help to further the cause of proving the election was stolen. Also, we must stop this from happening again. We must get organized . The election thieves were organized from top to bottom and kept it hidden. Now people are dreaming of some kind of miracle. We want to save our country. What can we do?

    1. the only thing that would save us is 1) rescue by aliens 2) the earth pounded by asteroids or some other catastrophe that scatters the nest of demons ruling us. The govt is wholly corrupt and the people – half are corrupt and most of the rest are too stupid. You can judge the % of conscious beings remaining on the earth by the split of how many wear masks vs not.

      1. Harsh but accurate I’m afraid. Time to prepare as best with can with true like minded people and try to be ad self sustaining ad possible. Get the Hell put of the ever more toxic cities and enjoy even day cause wth really knows hoe many more we will have. Great Reset comes with great big ovens , count on it.

        1. Figuratively true. I can give you the specifics of what is planned, but you get the idea. We have only one recourse left.

  64. I began to suspect P Byrne when he named Warren Buffet as his “rabbi’. Buffet is globalist satanist and gave 3 billion to promote abortions globally – so he is on board with depopulation agenda. Perhaps Byrne’s role in all this was to help expose the evil – but not for the good of the patriots. Just as the cabal agitated the left protestors in 2020 – Byrne helped them agitate patriots for 2021 – and also lead them out on to a ledge and leave them there – they are now clearly the targets.

    1. Your reply has lead to some questions: 1. Is Patrick Byrne connected to Warren Buffet? 2. Warren Buffet is the reason that Biden halted the Keystone pipeline …. the completion of the pipeline would cost Buffet to lose millions and Buffet donated a lot of money to Biden’s campaign. If Byrne is connected to Buffet .. then I don’t believe a word from Byrne.

    2. If you took advice from someone you were raised around who was good to you and treated you like family, who happened to be a globalist, would you consider yourself Cabal? Get real! We all make our own choices. If you don’t like Patrick’s truth, then stop stalking his site.

    3. You guys are two years behind. What you don’t understand is the timing on Buffet suggesting Patrick come out about the Russia gate farce. You see OSTK was weeks away from issuing a digital dividend in the form of OSTKO, which currently trades on a block chain. This would have cause a massive short squeeze much like what we are seeing with GME as I write this. BUT!!!!!! with Patrick’s revelations about his involvement with the FBI came his resignation from Overstock. The the SEC convinced JJ, the new CEO, to issues 144 restricted shares for dividends and to settle trades through the DTCC. The banks allowed the hedge funds and institutions to cover their shorts with cash, not having to replace the share they NSS’ed, thus letting them cover their losses with minimum outlay of cash.

      This is why the battle of GME and wallstreetbettts is epic. Patrick has spent well over a decade setting up this stage. Buffet fooled him into stepping down as leading man two years ago. Now someone else has written a new play for the same stage and the consequences will be monumental.

      There is no other person who deserves to be leading this current wall street battle, but I have a feeling Pat has no problems watching this one from the audience.

  65. I’m with you Mark. This brings up more questions than answers. I believe Patrick is sharing truth, but I also feel there are missing pieces intentionally not being shared (and I trust his intentions and reasons for this). This story has an overall tone of “we had a plan, but other people screwed it up, oh well”. Anyone with integrity wouldn’t be able to live with themselves if there wasn’t still a plan underway to fight for truth. I can wait for the full plan to be revealed, but I would just like to see Patrick acknowledge that there is a plan. The plan must accomplish these two goals: 1) Publicly reveal the complete truth and 2) Serve justice. These are righteous, honorable goals, based in God’s word, and He will accomplish these, in His timing, using His obedient servants. Thank you Patrick for your obedient service to God and to our country.

  66. Wow…. Just wow. Thank you for the incredible work you have put into making our country what it needs to be, and writing these incredibly detailed accounts to scratch the itches of curiosity that are driving millions of us crazy – as nothing we were seeing was making sense. Who does all of this chaos serve? It truly feels like an epic battle of good vs evil. Your efforts and sacrafices are painful and appreciated beyond words. So frustrating, and such a sad, sad, sad state of affairs. Who would have guessed that the only transparency we would see came from a volunteer patriot – thank God for you. You are also a beautiful writer.

  67. I just assumed precautions were in place before the election knowing there was going to be cheating and fraud. Everyone knew it. So I along with the rest of us just assumed President Trump was to smart to let it it happen without safeguards in place.

    I kept waiting for the bomb to drop. Then when Rudy was split from Sydney, I kind of scratched my head and thought their must be some bigger strategy at play.

    So I am disheartened that it really was a shit show and one hand wouldn’t listen to the other. This should have been a mission through technology and Dominion. The fact that nobody could get to President Trump but Rudy is alarming.

  68. Thanks for that…a lot of us out here thought something like this was taking place…best wishes to you on your “coaching” career and to your merry band of rascals 🙂

  69. This is a fascinating read but would it surprise you to hear that I never imagined the whole thing was run any better than this? The only real shock to me has been the bad quality of the interface between teams and the President. We know now it all has in fact been a Chinese psy-op bearing down on our nation, complicated by the CCP virus which numerous of those mentioned here, like Rudy, had suffered from recently yet they still had to work and to perform in state legislative hearings, courtrooms and before the press. But the levels of frustration you’ve experienced, Patrick, do come through loud and clear and I hope it in some way eventually it turns out to have been worth the effort.

  70. So many deep state including big time lawyers, I read Joel Skousen and World Affairs Brief, he seems knowledgeable and straight shooting.

  71. Thank you for sharing. The whole thing feels surreal. I couldn’t believe Trump gave up and walked away. He trusted too much in Rudy as much as we did. Our heart breaks.

  72. Reading this, those months after the election finally make sense. Am reminded of Ted Cruz being asked during an early November interview, “Does Trump have the right legal team in place to fight this fraud?” Cruz sighed before answering that he wasn’t sure the legal team was up to the task, but there were a few top lawyers involved. I still believe that Trump has great political instincts and tapped into the hopes and concerns of a broad swath of the electorate, but always worried that a guy used calling all the shots in his previous businesses would struggle working with his cabinet, advisors, and Congress. Rudy made me nervous every time he gave a live interview. Trump knew that this fraud was likely, and should have put measures in place to ensure it couldn’t happen. Florida did it, after many years of fishy elections. But I guess federalism would have something to say about that. Oddly enough, reading this gives me some closure about the whole election debacle.

    1. cruz is a smart guy. but no libertarian. we need a hawk who would save us. STOP WASTING MONEY.

      cruz doesnt care.

    1. we dont care about the president in the sense you do. we are not against trump. most of us, certainly i did, voted for him. it’s about this: did he do his job managing the country well.

      why was he not involved in this personally. was was this ceo of the usa thinking, when giving rudy this job. rudy seems to be a smart guy. but an 80 yo smart guy

      trump wasted too much time readiing twitter and not enough managing

  73. I think the President let his loyalty to a friend get the best out of him. I wish He will give the two team same power to fight the election fraud. I thought Mayor team was just running the time and yes Podcast was bothersome. I believe in your team with Sidney Power and General Flynn. Btw,I though Mediocri