Coming Attraction: Michael Milken, 60,000 Deaths, and The Story of Dendreon

    For some months Mark Mitchell has been working on his next piece. It has grown into something massive, about the length of The Story of Deep Capture. It concerns Dendreon. I read it for the first time a few days ago. It is semi-infuriating. Deep Capture is going to serialize it. The first piece will be going up within hours.

    Normally we encourage people to quote any DeepCapture piece in full anywhere on the Internet. This time, however, I would appreciate it if people would show Mark Mitchell a little courtesy by not quoting his piece in full. Fair Use, and all that. If you like what you read, try to drive others to DeepCapture to read it. Mark has gone way down the rabbit hole, and I think it only fair to thank him by showing him this respect.

    Incidentally, I feel it only prudent to mention that, on the remote chance that anything happened to interrupt the serialization of this piece on DeepCapture (say, for example, a power failure), then arrangements have been made for it to receive immediate publication, in full, in a way that would reach 20 million people, instantly.  In addition, the whole package is already in the hands of some politicians who care.  Lastly, over the last couple of years I constructed a Doomsday Machine (and of course, there’s no point in having a Doomsday Machine if you keep it a secret).

    The reader who gets but a few pages into it will understand why I make this cautionary mention.

    And lastly, to the supporters of Dendreon, including the Care to Live organization, I say: Much honor to you. This piece is much like The Story of Deep Capture, only even better, as it concerns not the travails of some guy in Utah who sells toasters, but those of people trying to cure cancer. It is, you will see, uber-complicated: I hope you print it out, take your time, and enjoy it (if that is possible with so infuriating a tale). It is, I think, the investigative journalism for which you have been waiting, of which our MSM is, by all appearances, no longer capable.

    Regards to all,

    Patrick M. Byrne

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    - who has written 226 posts on Deep Capture.

    I am a concerned citizen who has been focused on systemic instability since 2004.

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    15 Responses to “Coming Attraction: Michael Milken, 60,000 Deaths, and The Story of Dendreon”

    1. dougout says:

      Thank you Patrick!!! I know many of the pieces of the Dendreon story. It is amazing, dramatic, scandalous, and a medical near-miracle, and it deserves to be told. I know if it’s published under your auspices, it will be superb.

    2. clearthinker says:

      Thank you sir….we are all forever in your debt for being willing to stand up and take the abuse of the miscreants….I consider myself lucky to know you.

    3. Tom F. says:

      To DeepCapture, Thanks infinitely for the wonderful work you are doing to expose the truth and, in doing so, ultimately help to pave the way for new cures to be approved against the most horrendous and debilitating cancers. Shame goes to those who’ve profited from the delays to new immunotherapy treatments such as Provenge. The financial, social, intellectual and administrative benefits should go to those who have worked so hard to discover and approve the positive clinical trials of such treatments, not to those who’ve stood in the way of approval of those treatments. As a parent of a leukemia survivor and the son of a dear mother who died from glioblastoma, I am most thankful for your journalism, your integrity, your courage and the hope that you bestow to all who are afflicted by cancer. Your revelation of the failures pervading the FDA should be seen and heard by all peoples of this world. We deserve a more honest and non-partisan, non-embedded FDA. We deserve the right to receive better treatments and should have the choice to those treatments. This is the 21 century, according to my calendar, but there appear to be many forces both inside and outside the FDA that want to keep us in the 18th century. We can’t let them succeed and won’t let them succeed.

    4. tom waits says:

      Thank you Patrick! I can’t wait to read it!

    5. robert long says:

      I have been waiting for this.

      Now its time to get the
      we’s involved in the truth of what is really happening in our country.

    6. kddublin says:

      Way to go Mark!

      Can’t wait for chapter two..soon I hope!!

    7. kelatious says:

      Thank you Mark and Patrick. Your investigation will no doubt be extremely thorough. Surely someone in the main stream media has yet to be bought. Surely a “60 Minutes” will pick up this horrendous story. A travesty. The power damn well better not go out…..but thanks for the “auto-pilot” initiative. I see an award coming your way…..and hopefully some arrests.

      Thanks again,

    8. Tony F says:

      WOW! and about time that someone has taken up the banner of revealing the saga of Provenge and Dendreon Corporation!

      Many Thanks, Patrick, for continuing to fight against those who want to play the game with it tilted their way instead of on a level playing field.

      I can hardly wait to see if Mark delves into the Conflict of Interests (COI) of one of the FDA Advisory Committee members… Howard Isadore Scher of Sloan-Kettering in NYC.

      Those acquainted with this part of the tale remembers that Scher certified, in writing, to the FDA that he had but 3 COI in order to be allowed a “waiver” to sit in judgment of Provenge.

      Internet research shows that he had 17–14 more than he disclosed to the FDA. Here they are:

      1. NOVACEA: Grants & Research support;
      … STUDY CHAIR of DN-101
      … a DIRECT competitor to Provenge
      … DN-101 failed its clinical trial

      2. GPB BIOTECH: Financial Conflict of Interest per Scher in MedPage

      3. PHARMION: Financial Conflict of Interest per Scher in MedPage

      4. SANOFI-AVENTIS: Grants & Research Support

      5. BRISTOL MYERSSQUIBB: Consultant, Grants & Research

      6. MILLENNIUM PHARMCEUTICALS: Grant of Research Support

      7. COUGAR BIOTECHNOLOGY: Principal Investigator; Advisory Board;

      8. INNOVIVE PHARMACEUTICALS: Principal Investigator

      9. INFINITY PHARMACEUTICALS: Principal Investigator

      10. BIOGEN-IDEC: jointly held stock with spouse

      11. PFIZER: jointly held stock with spouse

      12. GENTA: Scientific Advisory Board (as of March 6, 2007; since removed from web but cached)

      13. CONFOMA THERAPEUTICS: Scientific Advisory Board

      14. DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE: Principal Investigator PC Clinical Trials-P1 and P2

      15. AMBRILIABIOPHARMA INC: Principal Investigator PCK3145, Phase I/II

      16. MEDIVATION, INC: Principal Investigator MDV3100

      … Board of Directors
      … Advisor
      … INVESTED in Novacea—a direct Provenge competitor.

      And, after digging this info up and submitting it, in writing, to the Health and Human Services, Office of Investigations as well as to the FDA Investigative Division, for 2 years now, nothing–not one single bit of investigation–has been done of these allegations against Scher.

      Of course, there’s tons more to this charade and travesty… I’m very anxious to see what you guys have dug up and put together.

      Thank you and Best Wishes!

      Tony F in Virginia Beach

    9. akcje says:

      ” on the remote chance that anything happened to interrupt the serialization of this piece on DeepCapture “….

      How often do you check your closets and under your bed?

      Or perhaps you’ve meant …”sensationalization” of this piece…??

      Of course since certain doctors don’t need their body guards any more, you could perhaps hire them. Apparently they did succeed defending the good doctors…

      If you keep up your sensational style you risk sensitization of your patients, err I mean readers.

      • zino says:


        Assuming you are not paid for… Patrick, has said that it was a “remote chance”. If you’ve experienced what most of us DNDN investors have experienced with DNDN, then you would understand, that it’s an appropriate precaution…


    10. huck says:

      Dr. Byrnes…….. Did you imagine, in your wildest dreams, that taking a call in a cc, from some obviously insane fool, fobbing himself off as bob the bunny, would lead you down this twist in your life??????? Someday, the world will praise you because you didn’t laugh him off.

    11. The Man says:

      The story of Dendreon needs to be made into an hour long Dateline segment…. maybe even a two hour special!

    12. Nancy S, Calif. says:

      Can you go on Alex Jones’ show and talk about it? THX

    13. Nancy,

      Sure, if the show will have me. But Mitchell deserves all the credit, and should tell this tale.



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