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The Story of Deep Capture, Part 3

(return to The Story of Deep Capture, Part 2) But America’s leading financial journalists have been busy. In January 2006, just days after The Wall Street Journal’s glowing profile of David Rocker, Tim Mullaney of BusinessWeek emails Patrick with a list of “Just admit it – you slit your girlfriend’s throat” style questions provided to […]

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Gary Weiss, Psychopath & Scaramouch (Portfolio Magazine)

Summary – For over 10 years Gary Weiss (once a reporter with BusinessWeek, and recently, a columnist with Forbes) has been posting under fake names to confuse, distort, and hijack Usenet groups, stock message boards, and Wikipedia, using social media to prevent the public from understanding criminal activity. I now turn to Gary Weiss. Last […]

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The Story of Deep Capture

You can download a printable version of The Story of Deep Capture here. By Mark Mitchell, with reporting by the Deep Capture Team Introduction – by Mark Mitchell  Published May 4, 2008 I began working on a version of this story in January 2006, while serving as an editor for the Columbia Journalism Review, a […]

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Finding the laugh in a Wikipedia slaughter

Nobody aspires to have “enemies.” I suspect, even the super-villainous would probably prefer to go about their villainy unopposed. But just as the Yin and the Yang are opposite ends of the same stick, when one acquires a new friend, one often acquires that friend’s enemies, too. Over the past month, it has become evident […]

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NEWSFLASH – A Secret Revealed

There is something that I have permission to divulge, but have refrained from doing so. As you will see, there are reasons I must do so now. There are among the Bad Guys some with conscience. Months ago, one from within the network of Bad Guys got in touch with me and turned over 8,000 emails from […]

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