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    Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 1:19 pm
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    Hey Friends.Two years ago I began a campaign to expose a massive circle of corruption on Wall Street involving something called “naked short selling.” The financial press, which had previously been quite generous towards me, immediately began devoting a tremendous amount of energy to misrepresenting, dismissing, and downplaying my allegations. It began to seem as though they were taking part in a cover-up, especially given that I simultaneously became persona non gratis on Wall Street, so that the entire discourse about whether or not I was right went forward with precisely one person precluded from taking part: me. The lengths to which this cover-up was prosecuted astonished even me: for example, last year a large conference (“Value Investors’ Congress”) invited me to speak, but some powerful hedge funds threatened to boycott if I were allowed to tell me side of the story, and the invitation was rescinded.Times are changing, however, and a few weeks ago I was invited to speak to an even bigger conference of hedge funds. I did so, and was finally able to connect the dots for the public. Please view this by clicking the red button above, and, if you like it, send the link to a dozen friends (or better yet, post links elsewhere on the Internet to this page and

    Patrick M. Byrne
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      You are a true American Patriot!

      Thank you,

      Don Shields


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