On any other day that might seem strange: Ali Nazerali Wants His Past Sealed in Orwell’s Memory Hole

    In October 2011, Ali Nazerali, a Canadian resident who has operated boiler rooms (though he denies it) and whose business relationships drew the scrutiny of DeepCapture, went to court in British Columbia to obtain an injunction ordering DeepCapture to be vanished.  In an ex parte proceeding (meaning that DeepCapture was not even notified of the proceedings, let alone allowed to present any argument),  the Canadian court issued an injunction against the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. Immediately and also without notification, US corporations Google, Bing, and GoDaddy complied with this foreign court’s order to disappear all trace of DeepCapture like some recalcitrant Argentinian muckracker.

    However, in December, 2011 DeepCapture had its chance to speak in court in Canada. Once it had heard our side, the Court  pulled its injunction, and found that Nazerali’s lawyers had misled the Court.

    As famed Stoic philosopher Nicholas Cage put it in Con Air, “On any other day that might seem strange.”

    But this is, after all, the world of DeepCapture, where dogs and cats dance together and the fire rain falls. So now, the rest of the story….

    Early in 2011 Mark Mitchell began a multipart story exploring the way that various elements of transnational Organized Crime, international terrorist financiers, and foreign intelligence services have entwined, infiltrated the global financial system, and are manipulating and destabilizing it.

    Which sounds like a lot to swallow, I know, until one considers that on July 25, 2011, President Obama signed an Executive Order declaring a national emergency on pretty much precisely those grounds:

    I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, find that the activities of significant transnational criminal organizations, such as those listed in the Annex to this order, have reached such scope and gravity that they threaten the stability of international political and economic systems.  Such organizations are becoming increasingly sophisticated and dangerous to the United States; they are increasingly entrenched in the operations of foreign governments and the international financial system, thereby weakening democratic institutions, degrading the rule of law, and undermining economic markets.  These organizations facilitate and aggravate violent civil conflicts and increasingly facilitate the activities of other dangerous persons.  I therefore determine that significant transnational criminal organizations constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.

    The US National Security Council immediately followed up with this statement:

    “Transnational organized crime (TOC) poses a significant and growing threat to national and international security, with dire implications for public safety, public health, democratic institutions, and economic stability across the globe. Not only are criminal networks expanding, but they also are diversifying their activities, resulting in the convergence of threats that were once distinct and today have explosive and destabilizing effects…. The apparent growing nexus in some states among TOC [Transnational Organized Crime] groups and elements of government—including intelligence services—and high-level business figures represents a significant threat to economic growth and democratic institutions… As they expand, TOC networks may threaten stability and undermine free markets as they build alliances with political leaders, financial institutions, law enforcement, foreign intelligence, and security agencies.”

    These statements from the White House and NSC are precisely on point with DeepCapture’s thesis. In fact, the Executive Order goes on to name four criminal networks which figure prominently in DeepCature’s story

    We knew DeepCapture’s story would raise eyebrows, but we believed, and still believe, that it is important journalism concerning issues that clearly are of global concern and should be part of the public debate.  And as journalists, we at DeepCapture are quite proud of having been so far ahead of the curve, and so shockingly far ahead of the US mainstream media, which (we contend) are (with rare exception) such lapdogs to corporate America, and especially to the financial interests, that they would never have been able to put this story together even if all the relevant evidence were shoved up its nose (which it was).

    Deep Capture believes that it is not incidental that only the British journal The Economist has been able to cover this issue, with such recent stories as:

    America’s dodgy financial plumbing: TOO A FAIL COUNT –The sheer number of unsettled trades is rattling regulators

    Financial terrorism: THE WAR ON TERABYTES – Policymakers worry about attacks on America’s financial system

    NAKED SHORT – SELLING:  A not-so-short story

    In September 2011 Altaf Nazerali, who, while not a central character in the story, is mentioned numerous times, contacted us raising concerns that certain statements regarding him were inaccurate. Mark looked back at his  reporting and, in cases where he believed it was warranted, modified the story: While we believe that facts should be reported, we are never above taking another  look at the story to make sure that we are as fair as possible. Good journalism stirs good debate.  And we are responsible journalists.

    Mark sought further contact with Nazerali in early September but heard nothing further.

    Then without any warning to Deep Capture, Nazerali attempted to silence Deep Capture.

    On October 18, 2011, without notice to Deep Capture, Mark, or Deep Capture’s internet hosts, Nazerali filed a  lawsuit in Vancouver, Canada and appeared the same day before a judge seeking an injunction  taking Deep Capture off the internet and seizing its domain name. Only Nazerali and his lawyer were in the courtroom when he asked for this injunction so the judge only heard one side  of the story. Nazerali got his injunction.

    Ali Nazerali  delayed serving formal notice of this injunction on Deep Capture and its reporters. The first  mailed service was made about 10 days after the injunction was made. The actual personal  service did not occur for several weeks. Nazerali did not comply with Canadian law and  promptly serve Deep Capture with copies of all of the affidavits and legal submissions he put  before the judge on October 19, 2011 at his one-sided injunction application. That only came to  our attention in late November. All of this had the effect of delaying Deep Capture’s ability to  seek relief from the court.

    However, Nazerali’s lawyers immediately sent notice of the Canadian court’s injunction against Deep Capture to Google, Bing, GoDaddy, and other internet companies  demanding that they comply with it, and black out the DeepCapture site.

    Amazingly (to me), these US companies complied, and blacked out Deep Capture. GoDaddy took down the site. Google and Bing both erased all of DeepCapture from the caches. In the most literal sense, we disappeared down Orwell’s Memory Hole.

    On December 13, 2011 Deep Capture and Mark were able to appear before the British Columbia court . We presented our case through affidavits showing the basis for our  reporting. We presented the judge with the governing Canadian law which places severe  restrictions on pre-trial injunctions, limiting them to rare and special circumstances which do not  apply to Deep Capture.

    Ruling from the bench (i.e., immediately), the judge denied Mr. Nazerali’s request that the injunction be  extended beyond December 13, 2011.

    In addition, the judge expressly ruled that Ali Nazerali’s lawyers had misled the judge who heard  Nazerali’s earlier argument on October 19, 2011.

    At that point Deep Capture was free to return to the internet.

    However, Ali Nazerali was not done. He had his lawyer send an e-mail to Rackspace citing to the  original October 19, 2011 injunction order and asking that Rackspace refuse to host Deep  Capture.  He neglected to tell Rackspace that the British Columbia court had already refused to extend the  injunction and that it had ceased to have any force. And he certainly did not tell Rackspace that the British Columbia court had criticized Nazerali’s submissions to the original judge on October  19, 2011, finding that Nazerali’s lawyer had misled the court.

    Ali Nazerali wants to keep Deep Capture and its reporting away from the public.  But why would Mr. Nazerali sue Deep Capture, a Utah company, in Canada? We can only  speculate. As Gary Weiss (himself a shill for criminal elements, as has been widely documented within DeepCapture) noted in his blog almost immediately after the original injunction was  issued, Canadian law provides far less protection for free speech than is guaranteed by the  United States Constitution. In fact, Canadian defamation law differs in so many key respects  from United States law that at least one federal court has held that Canadian defamation  judgments are unenforceable against United States citizens.

    In fact, one key difference is what is meant by “defamatory.” It is true that the Canadian court  noted that Deep Capture’s reporting regarding Mr. Nazerali was “defamatory.” But, importantly, this does not mean that it was not true or that it was not fair reporting. It does not mean that such  statements may not be published. And it does not mean that Mr. Nazerali is entitled to any  damages. Rather, it simply means that the statements regarding Mr. Nazerali tended to harm his  reputation.

    “Carole took the cookies from the cookie jar” is defamatory under the law of British Columbia.  Stating that Carole took the cookies tends to harm her reputation even if she did, in fact, take the cookies. Here Mr. Nazerali has been involved with certain individuals and cultivated certain relationships that may harm his reputation as such connections become known. But this does not mean that such relationships cannot, and should not, be fairly and freely reported.

    Importantly, no court has held that Deep Capture’s reporting as to Mr. Nazerali was “actionably  defamatory.” After the Canadian Court was given the chance to read Mark’s affidavit explaining the basis for his reporting, it denied Mr. Nazerali’s request for an extension of the injunction  keeping Deep Capture away from the public on the basis that the claims and defenses should be  heard and determined by a jury at a trial.

    Most hilariously, I had an idea that seems to have worked. For years a Cone of Silence had surrounded Deep Capture. Once the supine and obedient mainstream press could no longer speak for me, but had to confront me, in my own words, on this website, they revealed themselves for what they are: Barroom bullies who, once called out, stick their faces back in their beers and pretend not to have heard.  But during the time that DeepCapture was blacked out, the Cone of Silence surrounding Deep Capture was finally lifted. Parties that once made great circumlocutions to avoid mentioning us (lest they let readers evaluate the arguments and evidence for themselves) suddenly were pounding their chests.  So I decided to let DeepCapture stay down for a few weeks, to give them a chance to strut. I am utterly confident that, now that Deep Capture is back online, they will return to muttering into their beers, as has been their practice lo these many years.

    Now that we are back on-line you deserve to know what happened, especially since the facts should cause concern in everybody that appreciates the role a free press and free speech  play in a free nation (and the offending story will be republished, in full, and with a great deal of new information that Nazerali’s legal jousting caused to come our way: thank you, Ali Nazerali).

    The US mainstream media apparently find unremarkable the alacrity with which Google, Bing, and GoDaddy would accede to a foreign court’s injunction to black out a US website.  Thus, Deep Capture was forced to tell the rest of this story (which, we maintain, is but a microcosm of the whole story of capture) in order to continue  our investigative journalism within our constitutional rights to freedom of speech and press.

    After all, we are the red pill.

    This post was written by:

    - who has written 227 posts on Deep Capture.

    I am a concerned citizen who has been focused on systemic instability since 2004.

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    265 Responses to “On any other day that might seem strange: Ali Nazerali Wants His Past Sealed in Orwell’s Memory Hole”

    1. Joat says:

      Good to see you back!!

      • bp says:

        DR. Patrick Byrne a true fighter !! in my eyes the greatest man in america, it will be nice in the end to see the miscreants cry when byrne leaves them all lookn like fools. cant wait until you shut up gary weiss that captured wannabe journalist out to make patrick look bad.

        • Robert Kelly says:

          Here is the problem! …. How many Americans, educated or not, would understand or take the time to understand, your detailed analysis of Mitt Romneys’ past business transaction (only one). Furthermore, could you imagine anyone trying to explain these transactions to Americans?

      • tired of lies says:

        Welcome back deepcapture from the many out there questioning what is happening to the real assets and natural resources in our markets? We have given up on most of the media in power giving us needed information to really calculate risk vs. growth. and we thought your independent examinations had its lites turned out for good by some random court decision.
        there’s many of us out here that want to hear what you have to say. that want to find out what happened to so many assets which seemed to have more growth potential than than many of those favored assets hawked by the financial talking heads. yet they get shorted out of existence. and we never know who gets the leftover assets.
        maybe there’s hope again that we will find out how’s these capital markets are really working… these markets that now control all our earnings. if not, let’s close them down before they steal all our savings.

    2. Troy Ounce says:

      You were at the bottom of my blog list indicating your last post was 6 months ago.
      But welcome back from Cape Town, South Africa

    3. Terry says:

      Welcome back. I had a friend tell me a funny thing about the truth. You can slow it down, but you can’t stop it. Keep rolling.

    4. John says:

      Ahh, finally some fresh air after the search engines were commandeered by the sewage you so brilliantly report upon. Mega kudos and this time I’ll print it all for posterity.

    5. huck says:

      The truth is available again. Rip them a new one Mark…….

    6. Steven says:

      Mark…Glad to have you and Patrick back. The air is indeed clearer and fresher this morning.


    7. Zulu says:

      As the truth comes out, it’s complete and utter humiliation for Ali Nazerali and that lackey, Weiss. Watch ’em grovel as they further attempt to spin the facts. More laughs than a barrel of circus clowns!

      • bp says:

        well put zulu,but i woulnt say lackey i would use a much more vulgar word. great to see you back up patrick,keep up the fight ,

    8. Mark: I figured DeepCapture was for real. I did my due diligence on all counts. See my past posts! Naked Short is still alive and well and the deepcaptured regulators know how deep into the system the tentacles reach!
      Marv Eatinger

    9. peter says:

      As a Canadian, sorry about that chief. Occasionaly our courts do get it right, although if you’re interested I could direct you to multiple resources which would tend to demonstrate that BC is really quite crooked.

      That said, I’ve been watching RIM take a pounding of late and was curious as to your view on the decline…

      Welcome back boys, been checking blank screens and your teaser for weeks now and I’m happy to see you back.

    10. Kilroy.Killbasher says:

      I know it’s a bit off subject. I’ve mentioned before a person I consider to be a “hit piece” tool of the short-and-distort racketeers. Like Gary Weiss, she also seems to be protective of those who naked short. I speak of Janice Shell, who besides testifying at Elgindy’s sentencing trying to get it mitigated, has connections to Sam Antar (convicted), Hartley Bernstein (convicted), and now another convict connected to StreetSweeper.

      Anyway, apparently she called a person seeming to be an “honest shorter” (I have no problem with honest shorters.) Here’s what he had to say about how Janice and her crew works (very interesting):


      Anyway, Patrick and Mark, I am SO glad to see Deep Capture back on line and your continuing your crusade against large scale market corruption and the threat it poses to our national security. Kudos!

    11. Devastated says:

      Welcome back! I am also Canadian and know a few of the players written about Mark Mitchell and it just goes to show how thick skinned these people are. They think nothing of scamming the investing public of their money and will stoop to the lowest levels to do their dirty dealings.

      It is imperative that Deep Capture not be stopped from shining light on this insidious activity that is allowed to flourish by the captured regulators and bought politicians.

      Keep up the fight!

    12. Gizmo says:

      Mitt Romney a part of the Michael Milken Group

      Valley of the LBO Kings

      It was time for another road show, but the days of soliciting prospects for scarce cash in obscure locales were mostly over. This time Romney and his partners headed to Beverly Hills, California. Arriving at the intersection of Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard, they headed to the office of Michael Milken, the canny and controversial junk-bond king, at his company, Drexel Burnham Lambert. Romney knew Milken was able to find buyers for the high-yield, high-risk bonds that were crucial to the success of many leveraged-buyout deals. At the time of Romney’s visit, it was widely known that Drexel and Milken were under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. But Drexel was still the big player in the junk-bond business, and Romney needed the financing.

      Romney had come to Drexel to obtain financing for the $300 million purchase of two Texas department-store chains, Bealls and Palais Royal, to form Specialty Retailers, Inc. On September 7, 1988, two months after Bain hired Drexel to issue junk bonds to finance the deal, the S.E.C. filed a complaint against Drexel and Milken for insider trading. Romney had to decide whether to close a deal with a company ensnared in a growing clash with regulators. The old Romney might well have backed off; the newly assertive, emboldened Mitt decided to press ahead.

      Romney’s deal with Drexel turned out well for both him and Bain Capital, which put $10 million into the retailer and financed most of the rest of the $300 million deal with junk bonds. The newly constituted company, later known as Stage Stores, refocused in 1989 on its small-town, small-department-store roots. Seven years later, in October 1996, the company successfully sold shares to the public at $16 a share. By the following year, the stock had climbed to a high of nearly $53, and Bain Capital and a number of its officers and directors sold a large part of their holdings. Bain made a $175 million gain by 1997. It was one of the most profitable leveraged buyouts of the era.

      Romney sold at just the right time. Shares plunged in value the next year amid declining sales at the stores. The department-store company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2000, struggling with $600 million in debt, and a reorganized company emerged the following year. So ended the story of a deal that Romney would not be likely to cite on the campaign trail: the highly leveraged purchase, financed with junk bonds from a firm that became infamous for its financial practices, of a department-store company that had subsequently gone into bankruptcy. But on the Bain balance sheet, and on Romney’s, it was a huge win.


    13. lenofus says:

      They can sell all the wolf tickets they want. PB scares the hell out of them, because they know what I know. He is indefatigable, true of heart, loyal to the end. He knows how all of us have suffered. I’ve heard him express it many times, as well as h is belief he has to stop the madness.

      You will not find a better man.

      • Kilroy.Killbasher says:

        Lenofus, Amen to that!. Patrick, Mark and Judd have, in the true spirit of American patriotism and fairness, courageously taken actions against a level of evil corruption that would intimidate most into non-action. May God protect them from those who would have their brave voicing of our concerns silenced. They are not the most law-abiding among us by any stretch. May justice, and not monied crime, prevail in the end. Wouldn’t it be something if the “business as usual” applecart is indeed upset. What if Patrick Byrne were president and Ron Paul Secretary of the Treasury. OK, I’m a dreamer maybe, but as John Lennon said, “I’m not the only one.” LOL! GLTY & the Deep Capture team!

      • bp says:

        i couldnt have said it myself , i also posted something to the varment g weiss saying pb was a great man, gary responded like always

    14. Ginger says:

      Looking forward to the offending story being republished in full.
      A story like this in MP3 format would fit nicely into the Audiobook folder on my Sansa clip.

      Welcome back.

    15. reddog says:

      Bless the Queen and Dr. Patrick Byrne for having the guts and most importantly the intellect to address the huge problem including the cabal of hedge funds the huddled / the club / surrounding GS. The shorted the market, assets etc just to buy them back dirt cheap as fast as they can. Just read Fortune story of JP Paulson, Duane Mgt, JC Flower Hank Paulson top x GS, G Soros who bought IndyMac and changed the name to One West. May the truth of http://www.deepcapture.com live forever. NOVS was one of the victims and is about to come roaring back big time and although NOVS board never joined Dr. Patrick Byrnes fight they have certainly benefited in some way, IMHO.

    16. mean mike says:

      right on deep capture

      welcome back!!!!

    17. buybuybuy says:

      The Canadians I can forgive,, they did the right thing without hesitation in the end. I would like to believe there is a state here in the US that will do the same by hearing the upcoming Rico case. California obviously did not have the required vertebrae. Hopefully NJ will. Great to see Deepcapture back up!!

    18. Misterdotco says:

      I read the document Altaf Nazerali filed in Canada which showed emails between Mark Mitchell and himself.

      Your not telling the whole truth.

    19. Sean says:

      Welcome back D.C. Mark, Judd and Patrick, I have already sent the url to tell everyone about your return. I expected more from Go Daddy, Google and whoever else but I guess they may be part of the captured group also.
      Mr Dotco, I noticed you just dropped one shoe and like your coward miscreant cohorts disappeared, well thats not good enough either crap or get off the bowl. SHOW US PROOF that D.C. is not telling the whole truth.. PROOF!!! Or SHUT UP!!!

    20. deek says:

      Patrick welcome back and keep up the good fight against those who have been destroying america and it’s financial markets by naked shorting and fails to deliver of Americas companies.
      As a shareholders of one of those companies I applaud you.
      If we had had you instead of a Bill Frizzell or Al Hodges for lawyers we may have had a chance of winning against the group of greed.
      Thank You Sir For Standing Up

    21. Fintas_1981 says:

      Welcome back and what should be discussed now is how to stay in touch when the nefarious attempt to stop the informatino flow.

    22. Misterdotco says:

      Why not start by telling everyone what was removed from the Deepcapture web site site and why.

      You can start with the information that Mark Michell made up.

      • Kilroy.Killbasher says:

        Misterdotco, actually the entire web site was removed for quite some time due to the judge hearing Nazerali’s one-sided (is ex parte the way it was worded?) misrepresentation to the court when the DC team wasn’t even there to defend themselves. Once they were able to present to the judge, didn’t the judge say that Nazerali’s team made false representations to the court? Why did Nazerali feel compelled to do that if he’s being honest?

        Yeah, when you do a huge expose on such a shadowy criminal world, I imagine it’s inevitable that one detail or two may be initially wrong. But, I think they are admitting and correcting any inaccuracies brought to their attention in a professional manner. JMHO.

        The bottom line is that the judge felt there was no reason to prevent Deep Capture from continuing it’s very sorely needed exposure of the shady world who have caused so much damage to average investors. Are you saying Nazerali is some honest business man? Just curious. LOL!

        • Misterdotco, instead of just making that “shotgun” (unspecified) assertion of a falsehood in a 15 chapter expose, wouldn’t it make more sense for you just to tell us what the particular statement is with which you take issue instead of us having to find the needle in the 15 chapter haystack? Are you just trying to say you have proof of a misstatement so the entire 15 chapters of all the other specific allegations are complete fabrications? Is this your M.O., or are we playing 20 questions? Please elaborate with your specific allegation of the falsehood bothering you. Thanks.

        • Robert Kelly says:

          Who knows! … we may learn that the judge died in a freak car accident while driving to the airport … although he was headed in the wrong direction (away from the airport) … Still under investigation.

    23. Kilroy.Killbasher says:

      I know this is a subject many do not want talk about, as it was supposedly one of the biggest penny stock scams in history. I’m referring to CMKM Diamonds (don’t tune out just yet please), the long-revoked) sub-penny diamond mining stock that is alleged to have defrauded 10’s of thousands of speculators of 10’s if not 100’s of millions of dollars. In it’s “heyday” the subpenny traded more shares per day than some exchanges I understand. There have been books written about it and over 2 millions posts on Raging Bull alone. One thing I found to be confounding is this.

      Going into the revocation proceeding around Oct. 2005, the lead SEC enforcement attorney was a Leslie Hakala. The SEC had been aware of the suspicious trades for years at that point as the suspicious activity was being reported to them all along. When things began to unravel, some shareholders coerced one of the two alleged P&D “masterminds” (Urban Casavant, Chairman/CEO) to turn over the reins of the Nevada company, along with the whopping $588 left in the checking account, and boxes of information that they could (and would later) use against him in court. That alone is strange.

      This was a huge promotion operation about 9 or 10 years ago, including NHRA funny cars, racing trucks, racing cycles, billboards, etc. Robert Maheu (former right-hand man of Howard Huges came on as co-chairmain) and noted ex-SEC, author of corporate compliance books, etc., D. Roger Glenn came on board as another attorney for the company. It is speculated for some reason Glenn risked his prestigious position with WS firm Edwards & Angell (spelling?) just to write an opinion letter to raise the A/S by 300 BILLION more just to abet in furthering the pump and dump. He’s since gone to court over it and for some reason the judge found no fault, the company attorneys seemed ill-prepared or apathetic about proving what seemed to be a slam-dunk case. Also, shareholder Bill Frizzell stated he had proof the company was naked shorted, and a task force was formed with co-Chairman (former FBI, CIA, Hughes buy) Robert (Iron Bob) Maheu. They coordinated the largest cert pull in market history from what I understand, but things go really cloudy and confusing toward the end of Task Force’s efforts.

      We won’t even discuss at this point the $3+ TRILLION dollar Bivens action lawsuit filed against former SEC commissions by a shareholding attorney named Al Hodges, it it seems to immediately shut everyone’s interest off at the mere mention of such an amount and lend credibility those proposing pure lunacy.

      But, here’s the really weird kicker to me.

      Shareholders demanded an answer from the SEC as to why they did not freeze the accounts of the perpetrators who the SEC said stole at least $64M from investors. Leslie Hakala responded that the SEC decided not to freeze their account 6 or 7 years ago “for strategic reasons”. What “strategic reason” could they have for allowing Urban Casavant (apparently sitting comfortably in his Saskatchewan home still un-arrested to this day and still spending after all these years the money he stole from investors?

      This smells to high-heaven! Isn’t it the SEC’s job to try and protect the investors’ money by freezing those accounts? Why let them freely spend the money FOR YEARS that they say was stolen from investors? How can they read their own mission statement and justify this guys roaming free and still spending the loot they refused to freeze “for strategic reasons”? It just blows me away how Orwellian the world has become.

      If I’m not mistaken, the SEC has recently been given some kind of immunity from the FOIA, so there’s no sense for me to try to get answers from Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth”. 🙁 What a indefensible mess these bureaucracies have become.

      • TaxLoss says:

        There has recently been discovered information exposing bashers of revoked stocks (CMKX) as racketeers attempting to cause massive tax losses for shareholders. Convincing shareholders that no payment or settlement is forthcoming on CMKX and other stocks with pending litigation and shareholder asset distribution is a method they are using to reduce risk and cancel billions of naked shorts positions. Cries for the SEC to step aside and allow the IRS to investigate are growing on message boards. Now it is clear why bashers are relentlessly attacking shareholders on revoked securities (CMKX).

      • Robert Kelly says:

        WOW … Could you imagine what would have happened, by virtue of our court syatem, if Private Securities Litigation Reform Act (PSLRA) had never existed? … pushed through Congress by Christopher Cox (aka: Coxsucker). Cox was appointed by George Bush to Chair the SEC… Very interesting??

        • Robert Kelly says:

          Furthere Comment: Although its alleged purpose was to eliminate frivolous securities-related lawsuits its net effect served to eliminate the ability of any public company or investor from successfully filing any RICO lawsuits. You would have thought that Mr. Cox would have realized, over many years, the damage that he had wreaked on investors and more importantly America’s backbone being immerging companies and related technologies. Instead, Mr. Cox eliminated the uptick rule, shrunk the size of the SEC’s enforcement divisions and closed his eyes to millions of complaints filed with the SEC, regarding Naked (illegal) Short Selling, which, no different than the crash of 1929, was counterfeiting achieved electronically as opposed to paper.


          “On March 7, 1995, Rep. Cox rose in the House of Representatives to offer up an amendment tohis own bill. The bill was a measure to make it much more difficult for investors to sue companies for investment fraud. His amendment, meanwhile, would tighten the screws further
          still, by barring suits under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. RICO, which can produce treble-damage recoveries for those suffering losses, has, among other uses, been a valuable tool in corruption cases stemming from the 1980s savings and loan scandals. The House, flush with Republican gains from the 1994 elections, approved Rep. Cox’s amendment.

          At the same time Rep. Cox stood before his colleagues, a number of school districts in central Pennsylvania were investing money with two Pennsylvania investment firms in a scam about to go bust. But due to Rep. Cox’s bill, the school districts would find their options limited as theysought to recover an estimated $70 million in losses.” http://www.citizen.org/documents/PC_Cox_Rpt.pdf

          How many other members of Congress had funds vested with unregulated, unsupervised and non-transparent hedge funds?

    24. Ginger says:

      Having read the story I doubt Ali Nazerali is of Pakistani origin. He’s more likely an Ismaili of Indian ancestry who emigrated to Canada from East Africa during the Idi Amin era. But is his origin relevant to this story? I doubt that it is… rotten apples fall from any tree.

      • Ginger, I agree. I was not making any kind of Anti-Pakistani reference or anything like that. I’m sure there is good and evil in every country and religion (didn’t Hitler consider himself a Christian, for example?). I believe the Bible says you can tell good tree from a bad tree by the fruit it bears. As long as one bears “good fruit” then they’re a good tree in my forest, LOL!

        I saw this and was shocked to find out that Canadian brokers do not have to play by the same rules to participate in the American markets and that naked shorting is legal there. Do you know if that is true. I think this is a link about it:


        Several years old, but if still true, it explains a lot to me. GLTY!

    25. Alex says:

      such a blow to our friend Garry for his article posted the same day

      Thanks very much


      • Kilroy.Killbasher says:

        Alex, LOL! That was GREAT! Gary had to really feel like the dope he is with his timing of his “expert analysis” of the situation. ROFLMAO!

    26. Alex says:

      What happened to all the chapters??? I can’t find them anymore

      • They are coming back up, one at a time, starting in a few days. We will be re-publishing them at a rate of one per 2 days. Even if you read them the first time, you should read them again as we re-serialize them.


    27. Anon says:

      Welcome back! I knew you guys won’t back down easily!

      I can’t wait for more expose!

    28. Sean says:

      Hi, Patrick.. it would seem another friend of ours got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.. AGAIN!!!! No cute sweater in this article. LOL!!!


      Mrsdotcom.. any comments on this maybe???

      • Robert Kelly says:

        What a joke “David Einhorn’s reputation as one of the hedge fund industry’s most respected investors took a bit of a hit on Wednesday”

    29. Sean says:

      p.s. I had’nt read the article, just posted it, but is it remotely possible that this criminal might be doing this to U.S. companies? Not that the SEC would ever investigate one of their own future employers. But it could be possible right. RRRIIIGGGHHHTTTT!!!

    30. Rich says:

      Great to have you guys back online! Keep up the good work.

    31. DCN says:

      “…you knew I’d come out of this slump rise from these ashes
      Come right back on they asses and go Mike Tyson on these bastards
      And I’m a show em blow em out the water slaughter em homes”
      – Eminem, “You`re Never Over”

      Welcome back Deep Capture!

    32. Welcome Back DC! says:

      It’s not Republican vs. Democrat. They both report to Wallstreet. Obama sucks up to them, but if Romney wins president, then who is next? President Milken?

      Is there any chance to wake up the Occupy Wallstreet crowd to who they really need to focus their anger on? I don’t blame the criminals. I blame the regulators that refuse to arrest them, the captured media that refuse to cover the story and the politicians that accept the criminals’ money to get elected.

      The problem is really not that complicated. People are being ripped off via fraud. They are charged warehouse fees on stored gold that doesn’t exist and they are sold IOU’s for shares that will never be delivered. The scam is a classic Ponzi scheme, only at the level of the entire DTCC clearing system and the lie is too big for most people to accept that it could be a lie.

      Prices are not set by supply and demand. They are set at levels that transfer wealth from the 99.999% to the .001%

      All they have to do is take an asset like silver, drive it way below true value, then open up their catcher’s mitt to catch all of the cash from the buyers. When the buyers demand delivery, then they just say “you know, if you read the fine print of SLV, you don’t have a right for delivery unless you are big – this is a paper scam and you are only buying paper and ink”.

    33. Sean says:

      Not sure where I have heard the name Diamondback before but it would seem that that it may have been on this Website. LOL!! They’re in the news again for insidertrading. Now does it seem like a pattern is forming here. D.C. does an expose on these miscreants, then boom the authorities finally comes down on them. I see dominoes falling. What say you mrsdotco?


    34. clayton says:

      glad to have you back up! I came here in november needing to reread information about loebs and einhorns days at new century financial to share with some colleagues. Fortunately I was able to find that chapter cached in another corner of the web, but it took some digging. You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone sometimes. Are you ever planning on releasing the miscreants bust out as a book or complete pdf? It’d be a convenient way to hold onto it for posterity.

    35. Sean says:

      They know that the SEc is “Captured” and some of its former attornies still have “Juice” with the so called regulator and still they continue to ignore the crimes that were peptrated and continue to be…


    36. Kilroy.Killbasher says:

      The MSM should be ashamed to portray themselves as the stalwarts of honest and objective reporting of the issues most important to the American public and the American way of life. Without the exceptional, small (yet brave and growing) CRITICAL group of true, Patriots, objective and free-from-the-ball-and-chain-of-wealth/power-controlled news conglomerates (determined not to upset their “business as usual” applecart), we would just continue deteriorating into a failed experiment in total freedom vs. the rule of law and freedom of the press along with responsible reporting. JMHO.

      Our forefathers were wise men of an enlightened period who were intellectuals that carefully studied all forms of government (with their strengths and weaknesses) before laying the very sound foundation for ours. They were careful to establish a “democratic republic” as opposed to the failed pure democracies history had revealed.

      Ben Franklin once said (I may be paraphrasing): A true democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed lamb. A democratic republic on the other hand is built upon a Constitution that protects individuals’ inalienable rights bestowed upon us by our Creator, e.g., life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So the wolves and the lamb will have to go out to Mickey D’s instead, LOL! OK, I digressed considerably.

      The point is that the MSM is going to protect the opinions of those paying the majority of their bills. They’re always going “shortsheet” Ron Paul and paint him as a “lunatic” since his brilliant ideas, like perhaps we should audit The Fed since our debt to them is one of our greatest costs and for some strange reason no one (other than Ron Paul) has felt that it might just be a good idea to audit the quasi-governmental private corporation to whom we owe most of our debt, has mysteriously printed up trillions of extra dollars and handed it out rather freely to some banks who took risky gambles as well as some ungrateful countries who would probably like to use the money for weaponry to wipe us off the map.

    37. Great to see you back online… since you don’t attack normal short selling, I’ve started my own blog to start the discussion of the ethics of “securities lending” and its infrastructure(margin account,secured lending programs, tax evasion, institutional prudent man rules, etc. ). I think its time we take a closer look at the “securities lending” side of things not just naked short selling.

    38. Nextplaneout says:

      True to your word and true to your cause, your back! A welcome site indeed!

      The Greeks had a race in their Olympic games that was unique. The winner was not the runner who finished first. It was the runner who finished with his torch still lit.

      Patrick, Mark, and all other true Patriots, keep the torch lit. As these low life miscreants look over their shoulder, they see the light of justice bearing down on them.

    39. g2nosis says:

      Great to see you back online!

      Illegitimi non carborundum

    40. Keith Manning says:

      Investors hub set the precedent for dealing with overreaching commonwealth country courts. Use the Speech Act and have a US federal court to invalidate the foreign court’s judgments and orders that do not comport with US law. Case closed.


    41. TaxLoss says:

      I came across this forum on deep capture. Extensive mention of internet message board bashers attacking shareholders with attempts to motive tax loss selling of worthless securities. These posters look to be on to something.
      Have you involved the IRS in your investigation?

    42. iStandUp says:

      Great to see you back online!! And great to see that Truth prevailed in the Canadian Court!!!

    43. Johnnyic says:

      Welcome back DC, word on the street is OWS was inspired and conceived from this site.

      Well done

    44. Wolf says:

      Welcome back, Team Deep Capture.


    45. “…word on the street is OWS was inspired and conceived from this site.”

      Tell me more. And send them my regards: tell them the problem isn’t capitalism, it is oligarchy.


      • buybuybuy says:

        Speaking of the OWS, I got a kick out of this girl, who was there in NEW YORK since the beginning. This video was made long before OWS started. I would love to hear Hannity or Rush explain to her how a person`s scent or personal hygiene is somehow indicative of their moral character or political inclinations.


      • Naked Short Selling says:


        Have you made a case with the Department of the US Treasury? Banks, Hedge Funds, etc moving illegal profits off-shore from naked short selling are costing Billions to Trillions in damages to the US Economy. For argument sake assume a million dollar loss reported on an individual’s tax return (30% rate). That would mean the Treasury is giving back $300,000 to that taxpayer. Now imagine that same taxpayer reporting a million dollar gain (30% rate). That taxpayer is giving the Treasury $300,000. The difference between a million dollar gain and a million dollar loss is $600,000 collectable funds for the Treasury.

        This is the impact of naked short selling and off-shore funneling of proceeds. Please bring this fight to the US Treasury Department.

    46. Anonymous says:

      The Occupy Wallstreet Folks represent the 99% (actually the 99.999%) that know that criminals at the top are stealing from them. The reason they don’t have any demands is they don’t quite understand how the crime is committed.

      That’s where this site comes in, to expose how everything that people think they own (gold, silver, commodities, currencies, bonds, shares, grain, etc.) is only fractionally backed and the market is manipulated, not set by supply and demand.

      A criminal cartel controls the financials regulators, politicians and media and since it’s their casino, they feel perfectly entitled to cheat.

      It boggles the mind the bonuses going out to banksters when their firms are to this day still technically bankrupt because of their off balance sheet obligations. They are broke AFTER tarp and trillions in stealth Federal Reserve bailouts.

    47. Anonymous says:

      Patrick is a true sheepdog

    48. sean says:

      And they said this was’nt occurring. Ya right!! Thanks for the heads-up Patrick, Bobo and D.C.


      I got this from Leofus on Investorvillage OSTK board. Thanks.

    49. speechless peep says:

      The sounds of obnoxious rooster clucking hens intend to make a pit so 
      People will fight against each other. 

      It is not about color or rich or or poor or nationality.
      It is about dishonest tactics being used for personal gains. 

      We all make mistakes and can be sucked into shit because good liars
      are hard to spot when the nose is up your ass and your income is growing. 

      We need to understand good people sometimes do bad things
      and focus our efforts On exposing fraud that hurts
      All of us. 

      The mind of the audience is
      Becoming greyed. 

      Good always wins. 
      No room for doubt. 

    50. ron doc says:

      Just found out frm a buddy you were back.
      This is better-n a birthday present!

    51. bbhindyou says:

      I am glad the site is back up. Give them a intense education on the rights and freedoms expressly given to the PEOPLE by the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.Expression, property,ect.
      I am to busy for now to be here too often , but it makes me feel better to know you guys are on the job.

    52. iStandUp says:

      Naked Shorting of Silver via SLV..

      Here is a quote from Silver analyst Ted Butler about naked shorting of SLV and the SEC’s involvement:

      “What is very upsetting to me is when the SLV short sellers are not even trying to buy a few days’ or weeks’ worth of time in order to round up the physical silver to deposit, but instead have no intention of ever depositing silver into the SLV. Having no intention of ever depositing silver on shorted shares is pure fraud and manipulation. And that intention is easy to prove – all you have to look at short interest data for the past year. The short interest in SLV has averaged over 25 million shares for all of 2011 into today. That means 25 million ounces of silver have not been deposited and the buyers of those shorted shares do not have the metal backing their shares as dictated by the prospectus. This goes to the heart of my argument. Because the short sellers of these shares clearly have no intent to deposit the metal (otherwise they would have done so by now), they are defrauding whoever owns the shares with no metal backing (perhaps my wife). Further, if the 25 million ounces of silver that should be backing the shorted shares had actually been purchased and deposited into the SLV, the price of silver would be substantially higher. That’s where the manipulation angle comes in.”

      “Before the SLV started trading in 2006, the Silver Users Association petitioned the US Securities and Exchange Commission to prevent its introduction because the SUA claimed there was not enough silver to supply it without causing prices to surge. The SEC took the unusual action of formally reviewing the matter and decided that the SUA’s fears were unfounded and approved trading in SLV. Despite the SEC’s intense review (complete with a public comment period), the matter of short selling in the shares was hardly considered. The only reference to short selling in the final rule was on pages 13-14 under the topic of liquidity of the shares. An objective reading of that reference connotes an understanding that any short selling in shares of SLV would be temporary until the short sellers could quickly deposit silver. The link to that ruling is here.”
      ( Link: http://www.silverusersassociation.org/pubpol/Final_Ruling.pdf )

      “No one, including me, contemplated the effects that a large and permanent short position in SLV might have on shareholders and the price of silver. Today, six years after the SEC’s final ruling, the effects have become clear. In addition to potentially defrauding large numbers of SLV shareholders, the large and permanent short position has enabled two massive 35% takedowns in the price of silver in 2011. Make no mistake – these takedowns would not have occurred, in my opinion, had there been no excessive short position in SLV. Despite all this, I am still convinced that this fraudulent and manipulative short position in shares of SLV will be rectified in time and that shareholder and silver investors will be amply rewarded when that time of rectification comes.”
      ( http://www.caseyresearch.com/gsd/edition/bill-gross-explains-why-gold-becoming-default-store-value )

    53. jimbo says:

      Sue Nazerali for lost ad revenue!

      • Kilroy.Killbasher says:

        LOL! Now wouldn’t that be funny. Nazerali and his attorneys misled the Canadian court, who not only ordered their U.S. website to be shut down, but he also caused Google, et al., to strike them from the search engines, then used the original court order (which had already been overturned to hamper their 1st Amendment rights with Rackspace. I’d say Nazerali has a bit of exposure himself. I’d love to see him explain to that judge why he approached Rackspace with that overturned order is a fraudulent attempt to cause harm to Deep Capture. Good one! LOL!

    54. SAC of Capital says:

      Wait until the World hears what happened to DEEPCAPTURE on the TV show 60 Minutes.

    55. Feel most is said, just wished to welcome you back to Norway, as well, and keep ut the good work.

      Morten, Norway

      • Anonymous says:

        Link to SEC complaint censored, hopefully this works.

        These violations occurred as a result of the Respondents’ routine practice of engaging in a combination of three types of transactions in threshold securities. The first type of transaction, known in the industry as a “reverse conversion” or “reversal,” involves selling stock short while also selling a put option and buying a call option that each have the exact same expiration date and strike price. The option combination creates what is known as a “synthetic long position” that hedges the short stock sale. All three of these transactions are executed with the same counterparty – which is engaging in a “conversion.” The position is “delta neutral” to any change in the underlying stock price because whether the equity price rises or falls, the position remains hedged until the options expire, when one option will expire worthless while the other will be exercised or assigned, causing the stock to be received by the original seller and closing the short position.

      • Robert Kelly says:

        Why didn’t the press pick up on this current news event … LOL!

    56. jgh7 says:

      Gary and Sam were pounding there chests like monkeys when your website went down writing smear articles left and right. Gary and Sam are both scumbags.

      Welcome back guys!! You have made my year!

    57. jgh7 says:

      Approx 34% of Gary Weiss articles on Seeking Alpha slander overstock.com. Simply a crooked scumbag.

    58. Mark Mitchell says:

      Update: I will start republishing the “Global Bust-Out” story, chapter by chapter, in just a few days. I have added a lot of information–need to polish and fact check, but should be ready to go soon.

      Just letting you know that the story has not been killed, that the delay is just me putting in more work, and that the story will be back soon with more, not less, information.

      Many thanks to all,

      Mark Mitchell (DeepCapture)

      • Wolf says:

        I very much look forward to reading the story again, including the new chapters. And I am certain I am not the only one by any means.
        I am very glad to see that the website is back online.
        I wish you and your team all the best in your future work.

      • Green Lantern says:

        You wouldn’t know a fact if it hit you in the face, leave alone a fact check. Read a Tale of Two Cities. I’m sure you understand.

    59. jgh7 says:

      Thanks for the update Mark. I have the up most respect for you and Patrick. Your Deep Capture website should be a must read for all of
      congress. They should spend 1 week reading it out load in the house and senate. Once finished, determine how to correct the naked shorting issue.

      On the other hand, I think the issue is so DEEP it maybe unrecoverable. Hopefully my thought is incorrect. You guys would know this much more then me.

      Once again, thank you guys. Your both incredible to attack this issue not only for Americans but for the entire investment world.

    60. Anonymous3 says:

      I have an idea I wanted to run by the DC crowd.

      The xprize foundation has been successful in jump starting space exploration with the Ansari xprize.
      Now the google lunar x prize, archon genomics xprize, and qualcomm tricoder xprize are set to revolutionize medicine and exploration.

      How about financial x prizes to revolutionize the finance and banking industries? Put these criminal outfits out of business.

      I am not well versed in the specifics of prizes, here are some thoughts:

      1) prize for the first team that brings 2 companies public on main american markets by dutch action with total fees (includes green shoe rubbish, and kickbacks) for $1,000.
      2) prize for the team that successfully raises additional funds for 2 companies by selling shares on overstock (odotco…) / amazon / walmart’s online selling platform.
      3) prize for the first team that brings 2 publicly listed companies off the main USA exchanges and to sharespost or other alternative markets.
      4) !
      5) ?

      Also, Ron Paul has a very passionate and large following. If the election is won by Romney or Obama, it would be a huge loss if fans disperse and become disenfranchised. If losing, and if winning, I think having these financial “x” prizes would be a great way to refocus all the energies of the individuals supporters onto noble goals.

      1) contributing to “money bombs” that raise money for the prize itself, or enlarge the prize. Typically prize money comes from rich families. If the people come together to write a prize, then raise money from the masses to fund it with a money bomb ($100 from 100,000 people) it would be awesome. By the people, for the people. Bottom up (xprize is top down).
      2) forming and organizing teams to win the prize
      3) volunteering to help teams that are trying to win the prize
      4) contributing to any team that takes the open source approach to winning the prize (Team Frednet is going this route for the google lunar xprize)
      5) !
      6) ?

      Any thoughts on prizes and how to make this work?

      Glad DC is back up and running!

    61. Kilroy.Killbasher says:

      This is funny. Janice Shell is the moderator of the CMKM Diamonds board on IHUB (old revoked CMKX trading symbol), but still a board there called “CMKM Diamonds”. They will erase your messages and ban you permanently from their board if you speak of ANYTHING put pump and dump. If you speak of short-and-distort, poof… you’re gone. If you ask whether or not individuals such as Timothy Sykes made a fortune short selling OTC stocks, poof… you’re gone.

      Today, all I did was post the following link to a court documents, and, once again, poof… message was gone and I was permanently banned apparently just for posting a link to a court document proving they were wrong with their agenda of promoting that abusive naked short selling does not exist. Here is the link which they WILL JUST NOT ALLOW TO BE SEEN:


      Not not argue it, dismiss it, make fun of it, or whatever. However just to immediately make it disappear as if it never existed, and can never be allowed to exist in a financial discussion forum is complete lunacy or collusion with market offenders on a large and obvious scale IMHO.

      • Anonymous says:

        Janice Shell is the spokesman for the pros of counterfeiting stock at profit to protect investors from pump and dumps. Slimeball.

      • Short Shell says:


        Getting to the naked truth

        A regulatory probe sheds light on manipulative shorting

        Feb 11th 2012 | NEW YORK | from the print edition

        Bear raids can happen

        SHORT-SELLERS perform a valuable function in financial markets, exposing managerial incompetence, corporate fraud or plain overvaluation. Their reward, all too often, is calumny. Witness regulators’ rush to ban shorting in 2008 in response to sustained political attacks on the practice.

        Like any form of trading, however, shorting is open to abuse. Some firms claim to have been victims of illegal “naked” shorting, where the seller does not arrange to borrow the shares in time to deliver them to the buyer within the standard settlement period. This, they say, has long been a favoured tool of unprincipled traders looking to launch bear raids—usually on small stocks but also, in times of turmoil, on bigger fish like Lehman Brothers. Hedge funds and the prime brokers that serve them have tended to counter that such accusations are smokescreens put up by bosses to mask their own failings.

        After years of sitting on their hands, regulators are starting to side with the companies. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has brought several cases over the past year. The latest alleges that two brothers, Jeffrey and Robert Wolfson, and a firm they traded through made at least $17m naked-shorting numerous shares, including, cheekily, the New York Stock Exchange’s parent firm. (A lawyer for one of the Wolfsons says he intends to fight the charges.) The filing shows how the dark art may have been practised.

        The SEC rules require traders to locate shares they wish to borrow before selling them short; they must then deliver the borrowed securities to the buyer by a specified date. If delivery has not occurred four days after the trade, it has to be settled, if necessary using securities of like quality.

        The Wolfsons’ alleged scheme involved a thicket of complex transactions, according to the SEC. One type of trade, a “reverse conversion”, involved taking out options that appeared to offset the short position, making naked shorting look like bona fide marketmaking. Another stock-and-option combination, the “reset”, created the illusion that trades had been settled by having an entity buy the same type and quantity of shares that had been sold short. But the shares were always sold back within days, often in trades between the brothers, which the SEC claims were “sham”. The reset trades meant they could roll over naked-short positions indefinitely.

        The SEC says its investigations will continue. Naked shorting is precisely the kind of gaming of the rules by sophisticated insiders that, it fears, could sap the average punter’s confidence in stockmarkets. The role of prime brokers in particular is under scrutiny. According to the SEC complaint, unnamed large prime brokers engaged with the brothers in conversion trades that allowed the brokers to build entitlements to hard-to-borrow shares, even if these shares had not actually been located or delivered. The brokers could then lend this apparent inventory of stock to short-selling hedge funds for fees that were several times higher than those from lending freely available shares.

        Whether prime brokers knowingly benefited from naked shorting could become clearer as the SEC looks more closely at the links in the chain of the lucrative securities-lending world. Private lawsuits could help to lift the lid further, if they make it to trial. Last year, a host of Wall Street firms, including Goldman Sachs, UBS and Morgan Stanley, settled a naked-shorting case with shareholders of Taser International for an undisclosed sum.

        A case brought by Overstock against Goldman and Merrill Lynch, for conspiring with clients to allow naked shorting of its shares, was dismissed in January on jurisdictional grounds. The online retailer, determined to see four years’ worth of discovery and depositions receive an airing in court, is appealing. The banks have vigorously denied that they actively took part in an illegal scheme. But it seems clear that abusive shorting is not just the figment of a few executives’ imaginations.


    62. Scottbro2 says:

      Was hoping to get a ruling on allowing the SanFrancisco Overstock lawsuit pleadings available to the public. Is the judge deciding on that effort now? Anything you can tell us? Let that dog loose – He will hunt!!!


    63. Anonymous says:


      It’s like the police cornering a bank robber who says, “I’ll give some of the money back and walk away a free man. You have 5 minutes to agree to my terms, or else.”

      If a bank robber told the cops those terms, they would laugh in his face, arrest him, and take all the money back. And that’s what should happen to the banksters as well.

      From http://www.whatreallyhappened.com

    64. I wrinkle says:

      What makes humans think they know what is best for another person?
       The know nothing advisor/ anal-list. 

      Can kiss my iAss. 

    65. jimbo says:

      Mary Schapiro sez ‘water it down!!!!!’

      WASHINGTON—U.S. regulators are altering plans for a multibillion-dollar computer system to monitor trades on stock exchanges and other markets to blunt criticism that the project would be expensive and to speed the system’s implementation.

      The Securities and Exchange Commission won’t require firms to report comprehensive trading information to the agency in real time as originally proposed, a concession that is welcomed by the financial industry and that experts said would make the system significantly cheaper. Regulators believe that even with a slower system than their original proposal, they would be able to better understand market disruptions such as the May 2010 “flash crash.”

      “We’re going to be rational here because it’s really important to get this basic structure in place sooner than later,” SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro said in an interview.

      The SEC first proposed the system, called the consolidated audit trail, or CAT, about a month after the May 2010 “flash crash,” which saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average collapse more than 1,000 points before rebounding. The system is designed so that the agency can reconstruct stock trades but could be expanded to fixed-income, futures and other markets and would make it easier for regulators to identify insider trading.

      Ms. Schapiro, who could be entering her last year as head of the SEC, said completing the system is one of her highest priorities. The SEC originally estimated its costs at about $4 billion upfront and $2.1 billion annually, borne by the financial industry. SEC officials declined to provide a specific estimate for the scaled-back system.



    66. Anonymous says:

      why don’t you guys answer the salient questions about ALy and his connections..

      Why fight jurisdiction instead of standing up for the so called truth you published?
      Why offer Aly a way out by saying that you will erase his names in your writings provided he becomes a source..is that journalism or bribery?

      • DCN says:

        Deep Capture is hunting big game and Nazerali is (relatively) small game.

        Deep Capture is part journalism; part asymmetric warfare.

    67. Anonymous says:

      ANyways looks like you guys lost.. Canadian courts have ruled today that you need to defend your statements about Aly in Canada..now this should get interesting

    68. noisy hair says:

      Thank you. *smile*

    69. sean says:

      Yeah Anon, we lost big time.. but this won’t help you and your miscreant causes will it? LOL!!


    70. jimbo says:

      Why the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of American investors mean NOTHING!


    71. iStandUp says:

      Here is an update on recent developments in the naked shorting in SLV shares (35% decrease) by silver analyst Ted Butler, who received a threatening legal letter from BlackRock:

      “The first big development this week is one that caught me by surprise, although perhaps I shouldn’t have been completely surprised. I’m speaking of the new report on the short position in shares of SLV, as of the close of business January 31st. Where I was girding for an increase in the short SLV position (since we climbed nearly $4 in price for the two week reporting period), instead there was a very big decline in the short position of more than 35%. The short position in SLV declined by 9.4 million shares (ounces), from 26.6 million to under 17.2 million shares. This is the biggest two-week reduction in the SLV short position in my memory…and the first I can recall when silver prices were advancing. The decline in the SLV short position brought it down almost 50% from the high-water mark of over 36 million shares in the spring of 2011. Here’s the link to SLV’s short position over at shortsqueeze.com.”

      “I admit to doing a double-take when I first glanced at the numbers. As I previously reported, towards the end of December, I received a very threatening letter from lawyers representing BlackRock, the sponsor of the SLV, demanding that I cease defaming their client on the shorting SLV issue. By coincidence, on the same day I received the letter, I got a call from a fellow subscriber and friend (who is a European money manager) and when I told him about the letter, he told me that it probably meant that BlackRock was taking this very seriously and would move to get the SLV short position reduced, despite the threatening tone of the letter to me. I told my friend that I thought (and hoped) that he was correct and we would see if we were correct in future short reports as they were released.”

      “I can’t help but feel that the most plausible explanation for the dramatic reduction in the SLV short position (especially on rising prices) is as my European friend predicted, namely, that BlackRock came to realize that the shorting of SLV was fraudulent and manipulative and they were working to eliminate it. Of course, I don’t want to be overly optimistic…and if we witness future big increases in the short position of SLV, that would indicate [that] we were back to the old fraud and manipulation in the shorting of those shares. But let’s take it one day at a time and reserve judgment on whether we go back to the bad old ways of short selling in SLV.”

    72. jgh7 says:

      Notice that piece of shit Gary Weiss has not written an article about Patrick since he is back on line with Deep Capture? I hope so. He is
      shit on the bottom of my shoe…. Hope I can say this… LOL!

    73. meddling stinker says:

      who would install a hidden version of windows OS on my mac?
      windows ini boot change the mac boot.efi file and alter the SUID file?
      change the permissions on the com.apple.alf.plist and system configuration?

      ‎”One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don’t mean shit.”

      • jimbo says:

        stop with the meth, ok?

        • descriptive marker says:

          Are you stupid or a desperate criminal?
          why do you attempted to make other people look like scapegoats
          for liars? or are you the liar? somebody is scared and it sure is hell is not me.

          you are a sad label maker me thinks. digital tracks can be traced easy.
          so stop with the name calling and threats.

          I am betting on honest. I think Patrick is. regardless of the liars he has around him.

    74. Odd says:

      I am poor and not real smart     
      However, I can not believe that a governor would tell someone to shut up and be proud of that reflection. I know nothing about him but it sounds like a 10 year old comment to me. 

    75. Phineas Whipsnade says:

      If all this has you cncerned about preparing for a potential disaster (natural, military, or financial-economic), then you will need a year or so of prescription drugs. Most docs are reluctant to give out bulk prescriptions. Check out the “Surviving Healthy” website — no controlled substances, but all other meds. I am not connected with them except as a happy customer, having gotten meds for my wife and myself so we could go a year without having to purchase more.

    76. Kramer and Fartaroma says:

      Does anyone think that “Deepcapture” is becoming a common topic in Washington DC?
      There is a reason for the silence lately and CNBC may have to report on in someday.

    77. JGH7 says:

      The Shocking Statistic About Psychopaths On Wall Street


      Let the truth be told….

    78. James says:

      It is good to see that justice was finally rendered, even though it was Canadian style.

      However, most still don’t “get” it, including unfortunately the Deep Capture crowd. Most problems of a financial nature, including the associated criminal activity, would disappear if we had Constitutional money (which can’t be counterfeited). The last time this was brought to Mark Mitchel’s attention he claimed lack of knowledge in this area. Really? How can anyone base their arguments for legal financial transactions in the securities industry that are based on counterfeit currency. That is absurd. Does anyone here know the size of the national debt? Or is that supposed to be off-topic, or it is until Congress passes TARP legislation, and the FED engages in QE to the nth power. It all sounds like the current crowd running for office, Ron Paul excepted, that can’t seem to answer the question, “Will you get rid of the FED if elected?”. This particularly applies to Romney who was asked precisely that question and gave a flat “NO” for an answer.

      • bbhindyou says:

        Dear James,
        Some of us here do ‘get it’.
        The civil war created a nation of wage slaves. It did not need to happen the money and plan were in place to free the slaves without war and it was rejected by our top government officials. They needed the slaves to be a reason to have the war.
        After the nation was in debt from the civil war then the central banks again stepped in and enslaved the People of the United States who had been free since the American Revolution.
        Many do not know the freedom to control our own money supply was one of the most important reasons for the revolution.I read Jefferson and our other founding fathers works. I have studied history extensively and I believe the game plan does not stop at making us wage slaves.The people behind this want no less than a return to a time when the PEOPLE had no rights whatsoever, pre- Magna Carta.
        It will take destroying the worlds economy to do it , but they are O.K. with that as long as they get back their ultimate power over all.
        We need our military to step up and refuse to serve this unconstitutional government we now have in place.If not then a whole new war over oil this time not slaves will happen. Like the Civil war it will be totally unnecessary they are better ways to solve the oil problem , but our top government officials will make sure we do what is in the best interest of the central banks not the PEOPLE. What freedoms will we lose then?

        • James says:

          Hi bbhindyou,

          Overall there is agreement with your historical assessment on financial and social issues.

          The Civil War was an unfortunate part of our history. You are correct that it was needless. Further, it is historical fact that Lincoln supported the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. A number of similar laws were passed prior to that, but Lincoln’s support for this version clearly was hypocritical, and he only issued the Emancipation Proclamation after the start of the Civil War. Had the Fugitive Slave Act not passed those that wished to be free could have escaped to the North, and the South would probably have had to adopt the practices of the maturing Industrial Revolution, which would have effectively ended slavery without the bloody conflict that came later. Surely the South would have opposed any efforts to stop the 1850 implementation and all previous similar enactments, but the South would have had no choice but to modernize their agrarian operations.

          Those who would point out that the ending of slavery was primarily an economically driven event fail also to recognize that, as a social issue, there was strong opposition to it by Abolitionists in the United States and internationally prior to the Civil War.

          However the point of all this is that counterfeit unconstitutional money has been, throughout history, the demise of nations, and is at the very heart of efforts to enslave all peoples. And the obvious strategy, as you correctly point out, is the complete and total control of populations worldwide. Like all previous attempts it is doomed to failure, only this time worldwide communications are unlikely to provide the opportunity of the usual suspects to escape unscathed. There are just too many who will be able to reveal the guilty parties.

          It is curious that a website, such as this, that exposes fraud in the securities industry, has had nothing to say about a return to money as it existed prior to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. It is highly suspicious that those who have prospered at the upper ends of the economic ladder have had nothing to say on this issue. In fact they seem to run from it. Further, when/if this website is restored to what it was prior to having been removed by edicts of a Canadian court, with the cooperation of US corporations, like Google, a search of this website will reveal that there is practically no mention of the effects of counterfeit US currency as an enabler of securities fraud along with the “capture” of regulatory authorities who obviously sympathize with our system of counterfeit currency.

    79. chris says:

      What happened to republishing the articles?

    80. BuffaloBilly says:

      “SHORT-SELLERS perform a valuable function in financial markets, exposing managerial incompetence, corporate fraud or plain overvaluation.”


    81. Nextplaneout says:

      A Goldman Suchs moment!

      Timmy Giethner adding another wrinkle to his forehead.

      Thank You Marcy Kaptur!


      • James says:

        The point is that… YOU CANNOT, to repeat, YOU CANNOT reform a system based on counterfeit currency. However, that crucial and basic issue NEVER is part of the discussion. Maybe somebody here has the answer as to why this elephant in the room goes unnoticed. If this simple notion flies over the heads of all, then we truly are sunk as a species. It has all the appearances that those who put forth their public reviews of the fraud committed by money center banks, in particular Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan by their manipulation of what used to be the basis of our money, fear to tread on that most basic of issues. Why then even bother, except perhaps for those involved to put themselves in the limelight in furtherance of self by presenting themselves as public spirited individuals.

        If any of this seems completely irrelevant to the topic of your post, then, to some extent, it explains why most are unable to understand the root cause of the domestic and international economic problems we are faced with. And yet again … YOU CANNOT reform a system based on counterfeit currency. All of the proceedings attempting to root out fraud by attempting to ignore the obvious rot and root cause exemplified by world monetary systems based on counterfeit currencies go even beyond Alice in Wonderland court proceedings.

    82. tenacious says:

      Patrick has A disposition of consideration for others. 
      My nickel bet is on him.

      • James says:

        Another way to do this is to build a sound absorbing EM tunnel that encompasses the sound frequencies of the human voice. This prevents the speaker from even hearing their own words. It has the effect of un-nerving the speaker to a condition resembling acute laryngitis or total inability to vocalize. Perhaps this should be used in the US House of Representative against liberals like Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi, just as they were want to shut up those with whom they disagreed.

    83. Anon3 says:

      Great news from Dr. Patrick Bryne on the Overstock earnings call!

      “…..we now have five years discovery. We know soup to nuts what happened. We have the whole story in a way we did not even a year or two ago. So it’s not supposition. We have the whole story.”

      PMB also calls Goldman Sachs a serial killer (Q&A section of the call, hilarious!)

      Notes for anyone considering buying shares:

      Overstock is pursuing GS in court; owning shares means the company you own is pursuing GS. This is a noble, admirable, virtuous. If overstock returns to successful ways, you would make money too.

      Calling bottom now, and flat through march 17, then up.

      Disclosure: my balls itch

    84. scottbro2 says:

      DCN: Why are you not republishing the story articles?

    85. Kramer and Fartaroma says:

      Does CNBC have any comment on Deepcapture.com?

    86. Denis says:

      I second the OP’s comment: I was awaiting for all the chapters to be published so I could spend an entertaining WE reading them. And when I finally remembered to come back, you were down. With no trace of it in archive.org at that.

      I’m now left drooling for the full story.

      Might anyone have cached versions of the full story before it got deleted?

      If so, please compile it into a PDF and seed a torrent. You know, to give this canadian bozo a taste of what artists, media companies and software programmers go through. 😉

    87. Anonymous says:


      Counterfeit stock and counterfeit money.

      Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) is the last US President to pay-off the national debt. He did so only after ending the Federal Reserve of his day, the privately-owned Second Bank of the United States. As did Thomas Jefferson, Jackson understood the subversive act and perpetual national debt with banks creating money to lend to the government. He did not understand the positive policy response of the government creating money directly for the payment of public goods and services. Jackson critics would respond that he was proficient in killing, and indeed less than capable with constructive policy. In 1836 President Jackson issued an Executive Order called the Specie Circular that required payment to the government for land to be only in gold or silver. This increased demand and emptied the banks of the day of the fractional gold and silver backing their bank notes, causing bank runs. Jackson and Congress could have issued money directly, and then accepted this fiat currency for all payments:

      “The bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me, but I will kill it.” (referring to the Second Bank of the US) . – Said to Martin Van Buren (July 8, 1832), quoted in The Autobiography of Martin Van Buren, published in Annual Report of the American Historical Association for the Year 1918, vol. II (1920), ed. John Clement Fitzpatrick, ch. XLIII (p. 625)

    88. JGH7 says:

      Overstock.com Announces Court Declines to Seal Evidence in Goldman Sachs/Merrill Lynch Case


      I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    89. JGH7 says:

      Congrats to Patrick and company. This is great news not only for Overstock.com, but for the entire planet!

    90. sean says:

      This should be great news and we will see what is divulged but did you notice how Bloomberg writer got the definition of naked shorting wrong..intentionally I think to confuse the masses.

      “Salt Lake City-based Overstock claims that large portions of its stock was the subject of naked shorting, where investors sell shares they don’t own in anticipation of making a profit by paying for the stock after its price has fallen.”

      When last I checked, was’nt this the definition of legal shorting? These criminals/miscreants never paid for any stock. THEY SOLD AIR SHARES to unknowing customers and created and excess of no existing supply. What a CAPTURED media outlet. I hope someone corrects them or calls them to the carpet on this. Otherwise, this revelation of info. could not be welcome news for the bad guys.. right fellas? LOL!!! Let the chips fall where they may.

    91. JGH7 says:

      Patrick, let me know if I can help your cause. I would like to do something where I can bring naked short selling to the attention of the average american.

      With that said, they can support your cause by buying Overstock.com products.

      You deserve some help. I’m willing to help your cause. You have my email address.

      God bless.

    92. Anon3 says:


      Another option for supporting Overstock.com is buying shares. Call the company every day:


      The earnings call is bollocks with very short sighted analysts. Overstock can become the champion of the “99%” by rallying main street behind them in their quest to save America from killers like GS.

      Patrick Byrne, The People’s CEO

    93. Anon3 says:

      Some more opinions of mine:

      The deepcapturethemovie is targeted at an audience of fund managers and analysts that are already well versed in how the stock market works. Rewriting this presentation (“movie”) for a main street audience then posting on Youtube would be of great help to informing the citizens about the crime of purposely failing to deliver shares and capturing of Wall Street.

      The “Deep Capture Analysis” on the homepage and the story that has yet to be reported are all WAY too long for me to read. I suspect other people do the same thing as I do: see the length of the articles, read about a page then give up. Patrick and Mark have mentioned that they like the format they use despite the fact they lose a large audience in doing so. Reformatting their entries into: page long blog type entries with more pictures/diagrams, then posting on a separate blog would attract more readers. Also, the writing is completely unstructured, having some “cliff note” type blog for DC articles would probably help too.

      The fact that the comments were erased might indicate court trouble, so downloading the current DC page is a good idea too. Finding someone to mirror the site is also a good idea.

      And the “why don’t you do this Anon3?” Because, like Patrick mentions, I am one of the people who move their lips when reading people magazine, and do not have the brain or talent to do any of it.

    94. sean says:

      Just another way to try and stop the movement..

      Occupy OKC Filmmaker Mark Faulk “FaulkingTruth” Lands on “No-Fly List”
      An Oklahoma City writer and filmmaker active in Occupy OKC has been placed on the federal No Fly List.

      Mark Faulk was surrounded by TSA agents at the United Airlines ticket counter at Will Rogers World Airport on February 29th, when trying to obtain a boarding pass to travel to New York City to attend the March 2nd premiere of a anti-Wall Street film he worked on.
      Faulk, who has researched and covered financial fraud since 2004, said that he tried to check in online, only to receive a notice that said “Unable to Complete Check-in. Your reservation requires special handling. Please check in at an airport kiosk.”
      Said Faulk, “That’s the first red flag that you’re on the No Fly List. The second clue is that you can’t check in at the kiosk either, and the clincher is that the associate at the ticket counter can’t issue you a boarding pass either.
      The airline computer systems are programmed to block anyone who is flagged by the TSA as being on the No Fly List from obtaining a boarding pass.”


      Mark Faulk was the writer and directed interviews for the documentary “The Wall Street Conspiracy” (www.thewallstreetconspiracy.com) , a film about financial fraud that is also critical of the SEC and Congress’s lack of enforcement to stem corruption that triggered the current economic crisis.

      • n-tres-ted says:

        Thanks for the report on Mark Faulk. I saw nothing of it in the news. I knew “The Wall Street Conspiracy” was being premiered, but saw no coverage of that either. One outrage piled on top of another.

    95. Common Sense says:

      Are short interest shares included in a company’s market cap?

      If not, wouldn’t it be more fair to a company under short attack to include the short interest in the market cap?, as [legitimate] short interest basically represents artificially created
      supply. One share borrowed and re-sold, is the same as creating a share, since there are now two owners and only one share.

      So a company with 100 million shares outstanding, and a pps of $4.00, has a market cap of $400 mil. But if there is a 20 mil short interest position, then basically what we have is a company with a $480 mil market cap.

      Wouldn’t that extra $80 mil of equity be valuable to a company under short attack… maybe wield them a little more borrowing power, and negate some of the effect of a bear raid.

      Wouldn’t an accurate re-valuation of companies market cap by adding short interest positions provide a more accurate reflection of the company’s value in the marketplace?

    96. Anonymous says:

      Following Occam’s Razor, the simplest explanation is that it’s a criminal cartel similar to the mafia.


    97. sean says:

      I think this pretty much sums it up.. And its not coming from Patrick, Mark or Judd. LOL!!

      Ex-Goldman Exec Comes Clean On How A “Toxic And Destructive” Goldman “Rips Its Clients Off”
      Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/14/2012 – 07:32 Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Mars Matt Taibbi Middle East
      Stop us when this confession from Greg Smith, a now former executive director and head of the Goldman’s United States equity derivatives business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, sounds exactly like everything we have said about the firm over the past 3+ years (and why we just can’t wait for the next trading “recommendation” from Tom Stolper). “Today is my last day at Goldman Sachs. After almost 12 years at the firm — first as a summer intern while at Stanford, then in New York for 10 years, and now in London — I believe I have worked here long enough to understand the trajectory of its culture, its people and its identity. And I can honestly say that the environment now is as toxic and destructive as I have ever seen it.”

      “Nuff said!!”

    98. sean says:

      Ginger, I think the more pertinent question would be.. Where are the indictments? (Sorry I could’nt resist LOL!!)

      • Ginger says:

        Yes. where are the inditements!!

        The surprising thing tp me is that one of their top executives could turn out to be an honest man.

    99. sean says:

      Ginger, I am hoping that is the case, but I put nothing past these criminals. This could be a “setup” note the operative would COULD. I don’t believe anything happens by accident with these guys. Lets just HOPE this is real. And we need to keep our eyes wide open for what happens next.Good luck to us all!!

    100. sean says:

      Jim, I would like to change your post to read “I think that Wall Street has taken over the Mafia”.

    101. sean says:

      I wonder why they did not want this to go to trial??? Things that make you say hhhhhhmmmmmmmnnnnn!!!


    102. Anonymous says:

      I can’t post the link to the book this quote comes from, as Deep Capture censors me if I do (tried many times). I’m guessing WordPress or whatever software DC is using automatically censors this author.

      “I suddenly realized I had joined the wrong mob.” — Lucky Luciano, comparing Wall Street to the Mafia

      But, this article is good, too.


    103. Anonymous says:

      So I guess the Global Bust out stories are not coming out as planned?

      How about a update Mark? Patrick, anybody?

    104. bbhindyou says:

      What it was really all about.
      Crash the system step in and buy all assets while refusing to lend money, then sell those assets back to population at high interest and profit rates.


      Our founding fathers were right about central banks.

    105. Anon3 says:

      On the earnings call Patrick said that he hopes someone comes out with the story — surely not a celebratory tone. Overstock has 5 years of discovery and the whole story, it would be unfortunate if the pursuit stopped. Listen to the call, but some shares.

    106. Alex says:

      It would be nice to have an update of where Deep Capture stands at the moment! It is the least you can do for your readers…

    107. Anonymous says:

      There’s a pattern that goes back years. They have some secret method of shutting up their critics.

      Every single anti counterfeiting site goes quiet from the 1970’s “richard” (put some random text so WordPress doesn’t censor) “Neys” to the shortselling wars groups, investigatethesec, faulkingtruth, the NFI groups, thesanitycheck, etc.

      They all go silent.

      I don’t know what their control mechanism is, but now that we recognize that deepcapture is dead, us activists should form a new site where we can talk amongst ourselves. Deepcapture censored 90% of the posts in this current thread without explanation. We need to find a new spot where we can talk amongst ourselves without censorship.

      I’m not in a position to take the lead, but if someone sets up a new website or group, I’d be happy to post and join.

    108. Anon3 says:

      Not combining overstock with DC makes absolutely no sense to me. The “99%” is a large market, an online real estate for main street would be good business, and right now the 99% are coming together looking for solutions to the current injustices. Overstock could act as that solution. Yet no talk about that on earnings calls… Bringing down, or attempting to bring down garbage like GS gets huge support from main street… They would get Ron Paul fans (5-10% of the US population) ?

      Hopefully this newly hired marketing executive does something about this quickly.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ron Paul is more than 50%, attracting both Democrats and Republicans because he talks common sense. I don’t agree with much of what he says, but it is obvious to me there is massive vote fraud and the media (including mainstream alternative media like the Daily Show or Colbert Report) completely censor anything positive about him.

        My working hypothesis is that the banking families that control Wallstreet, both the Democrats and the Republicans and all media outlets can’t let someone like Ron Paul, who wants to shut down the Fed and have the treasury issue public currency instead of private currency get elected. (Think how ridiculous it is that the US dollar is a “Federal Reserve Note” or an IOU from a private company and that the government borrows from this private company and pays interest, rather than paying their bills by issuing currency directly.)

        You can’t talk about naked shorting, without talking about the other corruption, from the suppression of gold and silver to the plunge protection team, that speaks to a few elite families controlling both parties to achieve goals for the .1% (I suspect many of us, including Patrick are in the 1%.).

        • Seadog99 says:

          Ron Paul actualy talks like an adult to adults, the others talk baby talk and there will be no real change with any of them just more of same. Whether you agree or disagree he’s been saying the same things for 15 years, the others are owned by the system and talk as if they’re running for class president…IF change is what we need then cuts have to come across the board or just forget abut it and buy precious metals, land, oil, etc…

          The market corruption is mestatic and has infected all the major organs of this country and the world and has been orchestrated by our finacial engineers on Wall Street who have no borders or allegiences except to self…

          It is a daunting task taking on the entire system.

    109. Mark Mitchell says:



      My apologies for the delayed response. I don’t read the comments every day, but I do periodically check in and read them all.

      The “Glbal Bust-out” story has not been censored, and we do still plan to publish all of the chapters again.

      I have not yet republished because I am doing a lot of extra work on the story, adding a ton of new information, refining the thesis, all to make the story stronger.

      I want it to be difficult for anyone to deny the facts, so I am adding more supporting evidence for most of the old facts, and also adding many new facts to demonstrate that we have a serious problem–and that it needs to be addressed.

      It’s a book-length story, so it is extremely time-consuming (sort of like writing a book), and all the new facts have to be checked and re-checked before publication.

      Bottom line is that the new story is going to be a lot better than the original. It will go deeper, and give a clearer picture of the problem. But I need a bit more time to get it done.

      After this, I will go back to writing shorter blogs on a more regular basis, but it takes full-time investigation and a book-lenth story to show the scope of the problem–and the problem is lot bigger than I orginally thought.

      I plan to start publishing again sometime in April. It will be worth the wait, I think (though it won’t be cheerful reading, unfortunately).

      Stay tuned!

      Mark Mitchell

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks Mark. You’re a true hero.

      • OutofDate1980 says:

        Mr. Mitchell, consider taking a few days off to get some rest prior to publishing. It’s very possible after publishing you will be involved in many interviews, talk shows and related travel, which can be quite taxing.

    110. John says:

      A true hero indeed: stay well and continue the good fight, Mark.

    111. Anonymous says:

      Hi Mark,

      I just read out post. Is the new story being called “Glbal Bust-out”?

      Also “lenth” is not a word.

      orginally? What is this word?

      What school did you graduate from?

    112. sean says:

      Mark, as usual thanks for the update and efforts. With all the clamoring for the stoies I know that anyone with common sense would have to know that you have to dot all i’s and cross all t’s so that these miscreants can’t go crying to “Mommy’ again because you are not being nice to them and exposing them for the criminals that they truly are. Some of these anon characters are here just to occupy bandwith but please take note you presence here is “well” noted. Nervous are we? And you should be. We are coming to get you and there is no stopping what is about to hit you.
      Also Mark another major bank telling the “Captured” SEC to STICK IT!!


      The dominoes are falling. Hey Anon.. did I mispell any words here? LOL. JAIL. Bail, Criminal, Miscreant,RICO!!!!

    113. sean says:

      JH, you beat me to the punch. Here is one of my favorite excerpts..

      “Goldman has sought to seal the transcript of Mr. Cohodes’s deposition, which is part of a case brought by Overstock.com, an Internet retailer, against two of the biggest Wall Street firms. Overstock contends that the firms — Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch — failed to borrow company shares that they or their clients sold short, a practice known as naked shorting. Overstock says that the firms essentially evaded rules intended to prevent stock manipulations, and that its stock came under outsize selling pressure as a result.”

    114. sean says:

      WOW. Now this is news to me. The SEC brought “Several cases” when did this occur? What planet does this writer live on?

      “While few investors understand or care about the mechanics of securities lending, the area has come under increased regulatory scrutiny. The Securities and Exchange Commission has brought several cases in recent years accusing market participants of failing to borrow shares they or their customers had sold short, improperly creating a supply of additional stock to sell.”

    115. Anonymous says:


      You are truly amazing! Take your time to polish it up. I know many people are anxious to read you updated version but sometimes good things comes to those who wait!

      Thank you for sticking your neck out for the those of use who are still in the dark!

    116. oldepro says:

      http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/03/26/business/20120326Goldman-Documents.html?ref=businesPlaster this everywhere. The jig is up. Congratulations to ALL at DeepCapture. A job well done. Thank you for your courage and service to our country!!!!!

    117. JGH7 says:

      New Evidence Reveals Goldman Sachs Engaged in Secret Re-Titling Into Goldman’s Name Alone of Over 20 Million Shares Owned by Marvell Founders



    118. hangthemall says:

      This dope weiss is some retard, who gave him a pencil. Lord what a dope, hey we need people like him to buy swamp land..

    119. Anon3 says:

      Has everyone read the court transcript with Marc Cohodes?

      The transcript can be used to update the wikipedia article on David Rocker. The last paragraphs states why the Copper River shutdown. If someone can add Additional commentary, that would be great. Such as adding this to the last sentence under the “Rocker Partners” header:
      “Co-manager Marc Cohodes, under oath, believes he could field evidence that Goldman’s Proprietary trading desk was front running Copper’s trades; Copper would have profited upwards of $1 billion had not Goldman recklessly taken over their accounts [17].

      17. http://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/328064/transcript-of-depositions-in-case.pdf


    120. Anonymous says:

      If you pull back the curtain on Oz, you’ll see the old wizards can be arrested.


    121. Anonymous says:

      Canada is one of the only countries in the world where the central bank is owned by the taxpayers, but the banksters still pulled a coup and took over Canada in 1974 by refusing to borrow money from their own central bank.


      Whether it is stock backed by nothing or debt backed by nothing, this criminal mafia conspiracy of bankster families is able to use their fake wealth to control who gets elected around the world.

      In my mind, they are twenty families run by 80 year old yesterday men that need to be removed from the equation. These twenty parasites are holding the rest of mankind back and need to be peeled from our society.

      • DG says:

        Corporate wall street trash, get down on your knees….
        Its time for cake and sodomy.

        Its beyond my comprehension as to how these criminals are still getting away with murdering us from the inside out.

        Please by all means, criminals, grow a conscience and do the world a favor and blow your brains out. Its really the only honorable thing left to do with your pathetic, oxygen thieving lives. Go ahead paint the rooms red boys……

    122. Anonymous says:

      The trial with GS is going on right now? Does anyone think that earlier comment sections were taken down due to GS attorney BS? If so GS is using similar bullying tactics as with the Marc Cohodes transcript.

      http://www.overstock.com/50257/static.html (this one?)

      • n-tres-ted says:

        If you are thinking OSTK’s suit vs. GS is in trial right now, no it is not. The CA court dismissed OSTK’s suit on the eve of trial on grounds of lack of proper venue (insufficient evidence of connection of the dispute to the State of California), an entirely bogus conclusion IMOO.

    123. Anonymous says:

      Question for Mark Mitchell

      When will Gibal Bust Out stories be released again?

      Why the never ending delay?

    124. iStandUp says:

      Naked Short Selling Case Ensnares Ex-OptionsXpress CFO, Customer

      April 16, 2012
      Tom Steinert-Threlkeld
      The Securities and Exchange Commission Monday charged the former chief financial officer of optionsXpress and three other officials of the online options and futures brokerage of engaging in “an abusive naked short selling scheme’’ involving billions of dollars of sham trades.

      Charged in the case were one-time CFO Thomas E. Stern of Chicago as well as head of trading and customer service Peter J. Bottini and compliance officers Phillip J. Hoeh and Kevin E. Strine.

      Also charged in the case was customer Jonathan I. Feldman. In the SEC’s order against Stern, Feldman and optionsXpress, the SEC cited violations of Regulation SHO, which prohibits naked short selling.

      OptionsXpress and Feldman engaged in “reset transactions” that gave the illusion that the brokerage had purchased the securities that it needed to deliver in the trades involved, but which the federal regulator said it had not.

      Attempts to locate Stern and Feldman or their lawyers were not successful.

      Bottini, Hoeh and Strine settled the charges against them, in a separate administrative proceeding with the SEC.

      OptionsXpress engaged in “continuous failures to deliver,’’ during a period that lasted from October 2008 to March 2010, according to the SEC.

      That pre-dated the acquisition of optionsXpress by The Charles Schwab Corporation by roughly a year and a half. Charles Schwab completed its $1.0 billion acquisition of the options and futures brokerage in September 2011.

      “We believe the evidence at trial will demonstrate that, 1, optionsXpress covered all assignments consistent with Reg SHO; 2, there was no downward pressure on prices; 3, no one was defrauded; and, 4, the trades were not shams,’’ said Stephen Senderowitz, a partner at the Chicago law firm of Winston & Strawn, on behalf of optionsXpress, now a Schwab subsidiary

      All the traded were arm’s length market transactions. “They had economic risk, they had economic purposes. They were not novel or exotic,’’ Senderowitz said.

      The SEC’s Enforcement Division alleged that the transactions — shams or not — impacted the market for issuers of securities.

      For instance, the regulator said, optionsXpress customers including Feldman accounted for an average of 47.9 percent of the daily trading volume in one security, from Jan. 1, 2010 to Jan. 31, 2010.

      In 2009, optionsXpress customer accounts engaging in the activity purchased approximately $5.7 billion worth of securities and sold short approximately $4 billion of options.

      Feldman in that year purchased at least $2.9 billion of securities and sold short at least $1.7 billion of options through his account at optionsXpress.

      Failure to deliver securities when due is a violation of Regulation SHO. Regulation SHO requires the delivery of equity securities to a registered clearing agency when delivery is due, generally three days after the trade date

      Page 1 of 2.


    125. hangthemall says:

      If naked shorting is against the law. where is the justice dept?

    126. hangthemall says:

      Schwab should be hung for letting this go on.. they own option express

    127. Peggy says:

      I’m confused ……. Why post the last message when upon reviewing the court document it says:
      “25]           THE COURT:  I think the appropriate term is this:  the injunctions will expire on December 2, 2011, unless extended by further of the Court on notice to the defendants, subject to the right of the defendants or any of them to apply to set aside the injunction on two clear days notice; because it is given ex parte, so they should always have the right to apply.”

      We’re the injunctions extended?

    128. DG says:

      Dear Mark,

      Thank you for all you and deep captures hard work. It is paying off, as people are waking up, albeit slowly.

      Now if only there was a way to “shock” all the criminals at once into a jim jones kinda event……hm. Chibo x pensare.

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      SEC Kowtows to Fortune 500 on Corruption, Whistleblower Says

      SAN DIEGO (CN) – The SEC allows the nation’s richest firms and financial institutions – and only the biggest and richest firms – to handpick the lawyers investigating them for corruption, a whistleblower claims in Federal Court.

      Rodolfo Michelon claims that the SEC runs an exclusive “outsourcing program” for Wall Street, neutering incentives and protections for whistleblowers under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

      Michelon sued the SEC and FBI in his federal FOIA complaint.

      In November 2010, Michelon sued his former employer Sempra Global, an energy company, in San Diego Superior Court, alleging wrongful firing, retaliation and fraud.

      One section of his new complaint is headed: “How Sempra Energy got a Whistleblower Complaint of its FCPA Violations Outsourced to its Favorite Law Firms.”

      Michelon claims that federal law “requires that Justice remain blindfolded at the SEC,” but that the agency operates under “a double set of laws: one for the wealthy and well-connected and another for everyone else.”

      U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy this year closed an investigation of Sempra under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which apparently was sparked by Michelson’s previous lawsuit. Michelson claimed that Sempra paid kickbacks to Mexican officials to win bids for energy projects in Baja California.

      Sempra fired Michelson in March 2010. He claimed that while he was controller for Sempra Global in Mexico he was told to bribe government officials, according to the San Diego Union Tribune. Sempra denied it.

      In his new complaint, Michelon claims the SEC allowed Sempra to hire the Jones Day law firm to lead the investigation against it.

      A Washington Post article, cited in the complaint, reported that Sempra’s executive vice president and general counsel were once Jones Day partners.

      In his FOIA complaint, Michelon states: “(S)enior officials in the SEC Division of Enforcement routinely outsource their investigations of whistleblower complaints of suspected violations of the securities acts by Fortune 500 companies, large financial institutions, and their senior executives to large and prestigious law firms retained by the subjects of those investigations.”

      After the SEC receives a tip from a whistleblower, it summarizes the complaint and sends it off to the subject company, Michelon says. The firm is then permitted to “retain a large prestigious law firm,” with the SEC’s explicit or implicit approval.

      “The approved law firms are routinely paid millions of dollars by their clients, the subjects of the whistleblower complaint, to investigate whether their clients violated federal securities laws,” the complaint states.

      Michelson claims the enlisted firms are more accustomed to defending Wall Street firms than investigating them and have an obligation to “act as zealous advocates of their clients.”

      “Given these ethical and financial incentives, the law firms and the attorneys who conduct the outsourced SEC investigations routinely issue reports and make presentations to SEC staff in which they purport to prove, find, and conclude their clients committed no violations of the securities acts,” the complaint states.

      The SEC ignores those incentives and acts as though the firms’ findings are impartial, Michelon says.

      “Plaintiff is informed and believes, and thereon alleges, that the SEC only makes its outsourcing program available to Fortune 500 companies, the nation’s largest financial institutions and their executives. The criteria employed by the SEC in selecting the privileged few who benefit from the SEC’s outsourcing program are unknown at this time, but, at a minimum, the service is only available to those who can afford to retain the most prestigious and expensive law firms to represent them. In this way the SEC has made a mockery of the Code of Federal Regulations which requires the SEC to be impartial in its administration and enforcement of the securities acts,” according to the complaint.

      Michelon claims the protections for Wall Street are perpetuated by incestuous relations among senior members of the SEC, the Department of Justice and members of congressional committees, who “rotate in and out of Wall Street law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and large financial institutions.”

      “This rotation to and from agencies that prosecute securities violations, congressional committees with oversight of said agencies, the financial industry, Fortune 500 companies, and the law firms that represent Fortune 500 companies and large financial institutions is commonly known as the ‘revolving door,'” the complaint states.

      “Plaintiff is informed and believes, and thereon alleges, that the SEC’s outsourcing program has effectively nullified the whistleblower provisions in the Dodd-Frank Act. Plaintiff is informed and believes, and thereon alleges, that the SEC’s outsourcing program is a major reason the SEC has not made a single whistleblower award, or at least not disclosed such an award, since the whistleblower incentive provisions in the Dodd-Frank Act became operative on July 22, 2010.”

      Michelon is represented by Gary Aguirre of San Diego.

      Aguirre told Courthouse News: “This is simply one of several ways in which the SEC continues to give deference to Wall Street – the same folks who gave us the 2008 financial crisis.”

      The SEC and FBI said they do not comment on pending litigation.

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      Please Confirm.

      Wonder if that is something Pat Byrne would like to be aware of?

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    1. […] DeepCapture https://www.deepcapture.com/ali-nazerali-wants-his-past-sealed-in-orwells-memory-hole/ […]

    2. […] The guys over at GATA and Deep Capture have been screaming about the corruption inside of the regulatory system for years now.  If you aren’t familiar with their story,  you should make yourself familiar.  Two great resources are the SGT Report and let us never forget Bix Weir and his Road to RootA theories.  Damn comic books.  Like Patrick Byrne over at Deep Capture says on the front of his website,  ‘on any other day,  that might seem strange‘. […]

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